The Flight Tracker

The Flight Tracker


The Flight Tracker is the Most Convenient Flight App You Will Find on The App Store. It contains in-depth Information About all Available Flights and Airlines; Arrivals, Departures, Terminal & Gates, Delays, and Much More. FLIGHTS • Track flights all over the World • Detailed Departure and Arrival Information • Terminal and Gate Information Updated in Real-time • Detailed Aircraft Information & Seat Maps • Automatically Synchronizes with your TripIt Account • Plan your Flights in Trips • Layover Information is Automatically Displayed • Save and Share your Flight Information via E-mail, Text Message, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp • Sync with Your Calendar • Save Personal Notes, Label your Flights or Store Flight Information of Any Flight you Wish TEXT ALERTS FOR FLIGHTS Take advantage of The Flight Tracker’s Text Alerts. Receive information about your flights delays, cancellations or other changes before your departure. Be able to adjust your plans on time. The Flight Tracker’s Text Alerts are essential for your travel preparations! Don’t Worry if You Have No Internet Connection, We’ll Deliver Your Alerts Anyway ; ) ALERTS BY PUSH NOTIFICATION FOR • Scheduled & Actual Departure or Arrival Time Changes • Gate and Terminal Changes • Flight Status Changes • You can Also Schedule Departure/Arrival Reminders (Don’t Forget to Pick Up Your Friend!) AIRPORTS • Find any Airport Worldwide • Flight Board of all Departures/Arrivals per Airport • Map of all Flights to and From an Airport • Terminal Maps for Major Airports • Extended Weather Forecast per Airport for Up to 10 Days AIRLINES • Find any Airline Worldwide • Detailed Airline Info • Flight Board and Map of All Flights per Airline MAPS • Zoom-able Maps With Live Flight Track Info and Weather Service • Live Weather Maps: Check the Current Rainfall or Severe Weather Like Hurricanes on The Map's Radar Layer (Premium Only) • Offline Viewing Features Enabled for Use in Airplanes GET THE FLIGHT TRACKER PREMIUM Upgrade to a Premium Membership and receive the following ongoing value: Choose from different subscription options: 1-month, or 6 months subscription • No-Ads • Live Weather Map • Premium Customer Support 12 months subscription • No-Ads • Live Weather Map • Premium Customer Support • Text Alerts for 120 Flights The subscription is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Choose the subscription for a period of 1 month, 6 months or 12 months. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel your subscription in iTunes settings. Subscription payments will be charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. You can cancel your subscription anytime through your iTunes account settings. This must be done 24 hours before the end of your subscription period to avoid being charged. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service. For full access to all features please allow The Flight Tracker to use: Location - Receive flight information from/for nearby airports and the weather conditions Notifications - Receive your flight updates Terms & Conditions: Privacy Policy: Don’t See Your City or Airport? Don’t Worry. We Are Adding More Regularly. Go to and Send Your Request! -- WE LOVE FEEDBACK! -- As Always, we Appreciate Your Feedback. Please Keep Sharing Your Experience to Do You Love our App? Please Rate and Review us In the App Store! -- ENJOY YOUR TRIP --



  • App quit when it mattered most

    By Lotus Green
    The app stopped updating when it mattered most and took over 20 minutes to show flight data for an arrival. There always seems to be a glitch or issue with this app leaving me to search the web in a waiting lot trying to find airport arrivals. Should have done that in the first place
  • You shouldn’t charge me and then make me watch ads also.

    By AfghanMedic
    It works great, give me all the updates I need, but it’s irritating that you pay five dollars for it which is a high-end for a nap, and still have abs…
  • Cool tracker

    By Canon465
    Best tracker application to get actual stays of the plane
  • Notifications

    By Mad mom of 2
    I got notifications every like 1hr that was annoying everything else was amazing I’ll use this in the future
  • Keeps an eye on loved ones

    By Elmfarm
    Peace of mind for those at home.
  • Best way to track a flight

    By Althea852
    Easy to maneuver app and overall fantastic way to track a flight
  • Mommasews

    By Mommasews57
    I love being able to keep up with my family as they travel. It gives me peace of mind when I can know where they are!
  • Davey

    By never fly them again Sam
    Why can't you refresh information? You're telling me delayed I went to the airlines site and it said landed.
  • Grade App

    By Sodeadly
    Use it all the time for myself family and friends!
  • Great app!

    By Kingsville@Texas
    This is the thing I’ve been waiting for! Live flight status, easy to use and has great features! Great job
  • Easy to use!

    By amCHIC
    Love flight tracker! I hate to fly but my kids fly all the time. I’m able to keep up with their flights and know they’ve landed safely. Thank you for this app!
  • Útil

    By ceslain
    Esta aplicación es muy útil, fundamentalmente cuando se rastrea un vuelo de un familiar o cuando estamos por viajar ver si el vuelo está en hora y su itinerario
  • Inaccurate

    By RobertV2
    Showed the flight was a quarter of the way when it hadn’t even taken off yet and then when it did take off made it look like the plane had left and then gone back and then left again which was very confusing
  • Flight tracker

    By Waiting to hear
    This app keeps me up to date!
  • Accurate accounts

    By Madamecj
    Each time I’ve used this app, it’s given accurate, timely reports. Gate assignments are usually up-to-date. Delays are reported quickly.
  • Fight Info

    By 4593s
    Beat real time flight info.
  • Works really well

    By Spvice
    Are use it to track all my clients when coming into town. Works really well for knowing when their flight is going to get in.
  • Review

    By kitter49
    Very reliable
  • Flight Tracker

    By johnjr387
    Excellent service!
  • Ads with some flight info

    By PhantomPhixer
    This is an advertising delivery app that gives very little extra for the effort. The information is little better than what is available on the airline sites, but the app is littered with ads, most of them time based. You can’t click through them, but have to wait for their timers. Thankful I did not pay up front.
  • Use to be better

    By AlbinoGames
    It was a much better app, until the put an ad banner right over the top of the one place you can choose between arrival and departure. App deleted.
  • Flight data

    By Wazarink
    Cud use data ETD / ETA / alt headings squawk calls ... in new to app so perhaps these exist... I’m just not seeing it...
  • Terrible app

    By hateflighttracker
    Does not work at all. Doesn’t tell you how it should work. Wasted my time.
  • Delayed flight and got no notification

    By gp4123
    What is the point of a flight tracker if it doesn’t track your flight. Worthless.
  • Utter garbage

    By granymere
    This tracker has been showing flights almost arriving at the airport and I just got a text from the person I’m waiting for and the plane hasn’t even taken off!
  • Needs live map

    By TodiTode
    I thought it used to allow you to see the flight progress on a map? I can’t seem to find that anymore.
  • Trash it

    By lajefaes
    Trash it
  • Very Good

    By Sofakingamazing
    Highly recommended.
  • Fly Tracker

    By Old Cajun Boy
    Always nice to have when picking up or dropping off at airports and also to check on friends and relatives traveling
  • Can’t get the info I want

    By 1207: (
    I am looking for 1 flight, the one my daughter is on. I am typing in the correct info from the confirmation sheet yet I get nothing close to the flight. Your app is giving me info for a different airline! Not worth the money
  • Not accurate

    By Hgdgjhj
    The app showed the flight was halfway across Florida when the plane hadn’t even taken off. Not real accurate!
  • Flights

    By clmorgan94542
    Nice job. Keep up the good work.
  • Flightradar24

    By croninj89
    Great real time data. App is great!
  • Tracking flights

    By liketobontime
    I have been using this app for several years, and have come to rely upon it to keep me on time for flights I or friends and family take.
  • No users friendly and not accurate

    By gold_finch11
    complicate to use, not straightforward. Most importantly, the flight info are not accurate for those delayed flights in most of the cases.
  • Great app

    By Dave Linja
    Good info and easy to use.
  • Good App

    By NeedAndWantMore
    Works very well
  • Very difficult user interface

    By SuperGeniusMonkey
    Always have hard time naming flight etc...too much other stuff with other flights, unnecessary
  • Don’t trusted This Apps

    By Bengal Tigers
    Don’t trusted this apps. It’s shown wrong information about flight.
  • Awesome app

    By Brianole8278
    Awesome app!
  • Good appa

    By Mcbr75
  • Flight Tracker

    By Grace # 8
    Great app , love it !
  • Good

    By Navig97
  • Tired of Ads... With subscription

    By SKYW0LF
    Without the constant ads to purchase the weather maps, I'd rate it a four. But with a valid subscription (12 mo good through November) it's still a constant barrage of "buy our weather map" ad. Not cool. Although they say the maps after included in the premium, I don't even care that I don't have them.. I paid to get rid of that ad. So... Remove the ads or refund the subscriber fees. Update: although I was initially contacted and told the problem would be addressed, it still pops up adds selling weather map and alerts. I'm giving it 10 days and if it's not fixed, I request my subscription (which is still valid through November) be fully refunded and I'll seek another app for travel. Alerts and weather DO work, but it still constantly advertises to purchase.
  • Not user friendly

    By pink flier
    Not user friendly. Do not recommend
  • Alerts don’t ping and baggage claim are always wrong

    By vinnyrossi

    By fed up with improvements
    I’d like to like this app, but I can’t. It is frustrating to use. Once selecting a flight, trying to get the same flight on another day is impossible. Navigation is useless. Search doesn’t find specific flights. The simplest and most obvious ways to find a flight are totally lacking. It should be so obvious to just see the same flight TODAY, but No. don’t wast your effort.
  • Might be great for everywhere else. I do not know.

    By Pang23
    Sorry for the one star but there literally is only two flights from PAL out of Manila to LAX. Flight Aware sees it. Why don’t you?
  • Great

    By KatyRocky
    Great app for tracking a flight.