The Flight Tracker

The Flight Tracker


The Flight Tracker is the Most Convenient Flight App You Will Find on The App Store. Keep Track of Your Flight’s Details. Receive Text Alerts and Quickly Get all the Info You Need. Check Easily When It's Time to Go Pick Up A Friend. Travel Smart & Enjoy Your Flight! FLIGHTS • Track flights all over the World • Detailed Departure and Arrival Information • Terminal and Gate Information Updated in Real-time • Detailed Aircraft Information & Seat Maps • Automatically Synchronizes with your TripIt Account • Plan your Flights in Trips • Layover Information is Automatically Displayed • Save and Share your Flight Information via E-mail, Text Message, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp • Sync with Your Calendar • Save Personal Notes, Label your Flights or Store Flight Information of Any Flight you Wish TEXT ALERTS FOR FLIGHTS Take advantage of The Flight Tracker’s Text Alerts. Receive information about your flights delays, cancellations or other changes before your departure. Be able to adjust your plans on time. The Flight Tracker’s Text Alerts are essential for your travel preparations! Don’t Worry if You Have No Internet Connection, We’ll Deliver Your Alerts Anyway ; ) ALERTS BY PUSH NOTIFICATION FOR • Scheduled & Actual Departure or Arrival Time Changes • Gate and Terminal Changes • Flight Status Changes • You can Also Schedule Departure/Arrival Reminders (Don’t Forget to Pick Up Your Friend!) AIRPORTS • Find any Airport Worldwide • Flight Board of all Departures/Arrivals per Airport • Map of all Flights to and From an Airport • Terminal Maps for Major Airports • Extended Weather Forecast per Airport for Up to 10 Days AIRLINES • Find any Airline Worldwide • Detailed Airline Info • Flight Board and Map of All Flights per Airline MAPS • Zoom-able Maps With Live Flight Track Info and Weather Service • Live Weather Maps: Check the Current Rainfall or Severe Weather Like Hurricanes on The Map's Radar Layer (Premium Only) • Offline Viewing Features Enabled for Use in Airplanes GET THE FLIGHT TRACKER PREMIUM Upgrade to a Premium Membership and receive the following ongoing value: Choose from different subscription options: 1-month, or 6 months subscription • No-Ads • Live Weather Map • Premium Customer Support 12 months subscription • No-Ads • Live Weather Map • Premium Customer Support • Text Alerts for 120 Flights The subscription is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Choose the subscription for a period of 1 month, 6 months or 12 months. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel your subscription in iTunes settings. Subscription payments will be charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. You can cancel your subscription anytime through your iTunes account settings. This must be done 24 hours before the end of your subscription period to avoid being charged. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service. For full access to all features please allow The Flight Tracker to use: Location - Receive flight information from/for nearby airports and the weather conditions Notifications - Receive your flight updates Privacy Policy:
 Terms & Conditions: Don’t See Your City or Airport? Don’t Worry. We Are Adding More Regularly. Go to and Send Your Request! -- WE LOVE FEEDBACK! -- As Always, we Appreciate Your Feedback. Please Keep Sharing Your Experience to Do You Love our App? Please Rate and Review us In the App Store! -- ENJOY YOUR TRIP --



  • Very useful app

    By Zero G Girl
    Being a road warrior, it is imperative that I have a flight tracker available to switch flights at a moments notice. This app provides that capability and works smoothly. I recommend it’s use.
  • None

    By Sualc1944
    Access to app doesn't work easily
  • Me

    By Ilbrooks
    This app used to be so much better in the past easier to use and clear. On my iPhone the words come out scrambled almost impossible to read.
  • Nice!

    By MartinAplus
    Very helpful apps.
  • Calender update needed

    By calender update 2019
    Calendar 2019 is incorrect. Please do the update .
  • Exactly what I needed

    By Dorian Rhoten sr
    This app is very reliable.
  • Best Tracker

    By Kwasi D
    Love it
  • Flight Tracker

    By D Cali Girl
    I love the app. It’s great for tracking your loved ones.
  • Buggy

    By VeryPleasedIndeed
    I try to add a few flights but each time they replace each other. I added 2 flights to a “trip” and they aren’t there
  • Ads are awful

    By skifahrerin
    I purchased this app for $10 when it first came out. Now I’m expected to pay a reoccurring charge to be ad-free? Very upset.
  • Knowing where they are!

    By Billdaw3
    Love the ability to track the flights of loved ones while they are traveling!
  • 0084

    By Piotitj
    No gate info?
  • A must for travel

    By carolb 1212
  • Terrible App

    By Lati7McKenna
    No help, can't find my flight or anything the pages are just blank!
  • Good App

    By Ugvktxj
    Ads are annoying but tolerable
  • New versions horrible!

    By Gogojoe1
    Now it worthless... 5 minutes ago it updated my flight and said that we’d arrive 4 minutes early it guess what?? The flight was was canceled 30 minutes ago! This app used to be rock solid. No more.
  • Mr. g

    By Lone time player
    Works great to keep me up to date of flight info, I know when to leave for the airport to pick up guest.
  • Just great

    By miguemessi
    A successfully application to find all flight online and specific information you want to know perfect to travel or pick up a friend
  • Clunky interface and annoying ads

    By dralph01
    This app has so much potential but it’s got a terrible interface where it’s hard to add a fight and the ads pop up everywhere and you wind up clicking on them by accident.
  • New is no Better

    By Air Square
    The new looks and functionality is not user friendly at all. Deleted
  • Comments

    By Loyola Grad
    Needs to show if other flights in similar flight pattern are delayed or separated.
  • Nice

    By sedgar68
    Text doesn’t adjust to the font size on my phone
  • Really

    By Ocean595
    This is a vey good application with one huge exception, if you want to remove the ads you can’t buy a one time upgrade but are forced into a 3 month plan.
  • Flight tracker

    By RamkiAI
    Highly recommended & very useful to get updated.there could be a prompt to be followed as otherwise difficult for new users.
  • Great service

    By mauricemd
    This is a highly useful,technical product. It’s like having your own personal control tower.
  • Does not work

    By Weimar9742
    Paid for the app which I had on my old phone and this version does not go to world map with live routes. I got the one for &5.99
  • Saed

    By SAEDl
    It’s the best, I have been using it for long time. It found very accurate
  • Terrible

    By Coolin48
    Loaded with ads and tried to get me to switch to a paid version at every turn. The flight I tracked was delayed and every 5 minutes after the scheduled arrival time the app notified me the plane had arrived even though it had not. This went on for about half an hour until my brother called me to tell me they just landed. Useless app.
  • They trick you to subscribing

    By joekerwin
    They trick you to sun Subscribing
  • No real time status

    By mikagrubinen
    This app doesn’t have real time flight status, so it’s useless.
  • Me Tovar

    By Mr Tovar
    Works great to prepare for delay or cancellations.
  • Flight tracker

    By cycoach
    Unfortunately this site does not show the airplane on a map as the flight progresses
  • Terrible!!

    By de-daw
    I downloaded this app after reading the reviews and I wish I hadn't- it's terrible!!! It's extremely inaccurate and hard to use. Gave very little information as to the flight status and when it did it was hard to understand. First it said landed, then it was back in the air, then landed, then back in the air again, then I had no clue what happened to it! I'm going back to Flight Aware. Had that one on at the same time and it gave me all the information I needed!
  • Great app

    Great app. Notifies me on everything. If your selling your house or need to we will buy it guaranteed.
  • Difficult to use.

    By Ron D Gard.
    I can't locate area to track a flight from Newark to Orlando.
  • Obnoxious ads

    By punda314
    I have quit using this app because loud, flashing ads pop up and can’t be turned off by any means that I’ve discovered until they run their course. I don’t fly enough to make it worthwhile to pay for an ad-free version.
  • United

    By glencrest
    It’s not showing the flight I want to see
  • Perfection

    By Bond0072121
    So great to have an app that actually does what it purports to do
  • My Goto Travel app

    By oldesteddie
    I’ve been using this app for years. Domestic or overseas, it is the BEST!
  • Not a fan

    By Jimmy's password
    Very difficult to maneuver, another seamless and functional as other applications to track flights
  • Most inaccurate flight app there is...

    By kmcintire81
    Map shows the plane departed DTW and is currently west of Columbus, OH. Uh... plane is back at the DTW gate. #FakeApp
  • Just correct!

    By zeegh
    An excellent app giving all the pertinent information about a flight you are interested in. Easy to use, and to the point. No frills or gimmicks.
  • Cumbersome & Not Intuitive

    By bkretvix
    Operation is not intuitive, and it's hard to figure out how to just check flight status without adding Trips, etc.
  • Flight tracker pro

    By ulflei
    I have an airport transportation service and rely on up to the minute exact information Unfortunately compared to the old flight tracker that can not hold up Several times I noticed that future flight are gone from " my flights",often it shows me a delay and then it ends up in a 10 Minutes early or it shows me in the air when in reality it was landed 10 minutes ago I hope the developer will improve the App on the other hand others are worst
  • Super Fun App!!!

    By BusyDiva3
    I have a friend who is a Mr. Gadget and he tuned me in to this App! I love it! Was waiting for my sister in Las Vegas and her flight got delayed and rerouted. I was getting updates on what was going on with her flight before she even knew. I could see what airport she was rerouted to. When she landed and when she took off again .... amazing!!!
  • FF

    By Jersey Zee
    Flight tracker is concise while covering all essentials. Choose flight from all possible and get data at a glance. Wonderful!
  • Meh

    By TCS(813/727)
    I downloaded this app to track family flights. The main reason was to see the flight progress in real time on the map but unfortunately the map just shows the plane icon at the origin airport even though it has been in the air for some hours. It seems like the app has potential but this is a major setback. I resorted to using flight trackers on the internet instead since their maps show the real-time progress of the flights on their maps.
  • Fail

    By Drunk zombie
    Fails to add flights to calendar. Fails to open on latest (2018) iPad Pro.
  • Adds adds adds

    By myfitnessapp
    Think I'm looking for flight status for a flight today. No, this app wants to SELL ME A TICKET.