Google Chrome

Google Chrome

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2012-06-28
  • Current Version: 76.0.3809.123
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 70.77 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 109 941


Get more done with the new Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad. Now more simple, secure and faster-than-ever, with Google Smarts built-in. • FASTER BROWSING - Chrome’s address bar uses Google Search to make any fact-finding mission fast and simple. It also searches your Google Drive, so diving into next week’s vacation plan is just that much easier. • ARTICLES FOR YOU - Chrome surfaces articles, blogs, and content that we think you might like. The more you use Chrome, the more personalized it gets. So you’ll always have what’s most relevant to you at your fingertips. • GOOGLE TRANSLATE - No matter where you are on the web, or the globe, Chrome lets you translate an entire site in a single click with Google Translate built-in. Chrome also automatically prompts translation when you need it. • MANAGE YOUR TABS - open as many tabs as your heart desires and manage them in the new grid shapes to easily view and compare websites. • SYNC ACROSS DEVICES - Signing into Chrome automatically syncs across your laptop, tablet, or on your phone. You get the same experience – no matter where you go. • AUTOFILL FORMS & PASSWORDS - Remembering p4$$w0rd$ is a thing of the past. Chrome can store your address and payment details, so you can fill out forms with just one click. • VOICE SEARCH - use the magic of Google voice search to find answers on-the-go without typing • PRIVACY - use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history (learn more at



  • Chrome

    By keemkudz23
    It’s been annoying for me , I just downloaded it for the second time , I can’t use the chrome , keep saying no internet connection why ? Please fix that
  • Nice

    By just frosty
    All i have to say is its pretty good
  • Google is Watching You

    By TGautney
    This is a review on Chrome as a whole rather than just the iOS Application: Privacy is a joke with Google. Their grubby tentacles snake all through the internet and they’ve created multiple monopolies such that they practically own the internet. On Email Google dominates. On mobile Google Dominates. On web browsers Google Dominates. And Chrome, like Android, is just a gateway for them to track users way more accurately than if they were using a privacy respecting web Firefox. Apparently, being implemented in 70% of websites doesn’t give Google enough personal data to sell. At least Chrome is relatively easy to develop websites for...unlike Safari.
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  • Solutions

    By Abolore123
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  • Messed up payment method

    By Jmhj20
    Please revert back to the old auto fill payment method. It used to automatically insert saved card information and expiration dates with a simple click when prompted and simply require the cvc number by the user. The new method requires the cvc number to insert the card number and then makes you manually insert the date and cvc once again. Way less efficient and so much slower now.
  • This app w the worst app ever

    By liayayay
    Lol I don’t know nssuyenvigajacma
  • There is a white bar at top of the search bar

    By tompkinsville1820
    I’ve used Google Chrome ever since I had an iPod Touch 10 years ago, I now updated my iPad Pro 12.9 to IOS 12.4 and there is a white bar at the top above the search bar on Google Chrome, what is the cause of it?
  • ♦️🔮⛵️🌈 *£OᎦ☦️ 🔹 🅰️R☦️ *🦋🛩 🎭 ♦️

    By Holy lGhpst
    Too bad it doesn’t work

    By Praxitiles
    When i log on it tells me i need to update my browser but then i go to update its apparently already updated CHROME but it wont let me use it
  • It’s Awsome

    By Mohsen-7901
    This browser is great and very helpful. You can access all your pc bookmarks and add to my opinion chrome is the best browser.
  • Slow, awful, broken

    By HollyDay
    Gets worse with every update! How embarrassing for you, Google. You're the next Yahoo, obviously.
  • Issues

    By phylsmith
    I use chrome all the time and in the past month I have had to uninstall and reinstall on my apple phone, it keeps shutting down for no reason
  • Pewdiepie

    By Tddtoyuv
    Every time you use google u sub to t series
  • เกลียดมาก

    By 937393)293)383902729272
  • Swiping Issue

    By ilk bakışta
    It’s good UX but swipe feature to switch between tabs doesn’t function well. You have to swipe too much, so I usually fail when trying to swipe through. If you can optimize it that would be perfect
  • Zero stars-

    By the review sender
    This app is horible and works for nothing as soon as you get it you will regret it so fast! Never get this app its insanley horible and its a bad waste of time and if you get it it takes some of your money out of your account and for me it took $50 So defintley dont get it
  • Hard Reload

    By M.Koochaki
    Please add hard reload to mobile version. Tnx
  • Made me download

    By Angel&Cris
    Look I always use safari when I click a link and it gives me the choice between safari and google only cause I didn’t have google chrom downloaded but now everytime I tried clicking safari it would take me to the App Store to download google. I’m sure it’s a technical issue on apples end (IPhone user) but still got annoying and decided to write a 1 star review as it downloads
  • Nudes!!!!

    By Mschilling10898
  • Chrome is the best

    By carlos&zory😍
    Chrome is the best because it helps you a lot specially for an special event I love it
  • Update me information adding a new vehicle is it easy? Roxane Bartley Call

    By jackie hartley truck
    Please call me in the am before 9:00am. Ty Roxane Bartley
  • Googl

    By godwin1066
    When I try to open NY TIMES up pops this ‘choice’ . Going to change carriers I think
  • Freezes

    By Wes too
    I really like Chrome, my go to browser but it freezes after 30 seconds. I’ve reinstalled it numerous times but that doesn’t seem to help. I’ve also searched online but I don’t see any suggestions that work.
  • Jeff

    By Jeff Hillier
    I really enjoy Chrome, would never go back to Explorer!
  • Love it

    I was super amazed
  • Evil

    By drphilatl
    Google is out to control the world. Do not use this app!
  • Add a bookmark bar

    By Peter M...
    What is so difficult about adding this?
  • Great app!

    By SpongyFan1
    I have been using Google Chrome since 2014 and it is a very good browser. I use it on ALL my devices. The only thing I wish it had is a data saver mode. But apart from that it's a very good browser! (using an older version on iOS 10)
  • Memory

    By Chad penington rox
    I don’t know why but my chrome app keeps saying it’s taking up over 500mb of storage the a week later upto 1 gb then I deleted reinstalled and it did the same thing please help!!!
  • Safari lite

    By AC_guy
    Been using Chrome since my first smartphone (Motorola Droid) and one of the attractions was that it was visually different than Safari. Another was that Chrome was simple, intuitive and easy. Now I open Chrome and have to double check I haven’t tapped Safari by accident. The old design was intuitive and easy to use, this one not so much.
  • 🤦🏾‍♀️ .

    By Babygurlivy
    I use this app for everything but ever since the last update I haven’t been able to use the app . I tried deleting it and downloading it pack but it has been saying its already installed , I turned my phone all the way off and it was back on my phone but it’s still not working . It’s basically installing by itself 😂 but not sure what I am supposed to do .
  • Had to delete it on all devices

    By BooHooCrash
    Totally USELESS now. The last update caused Chrome to freeze seconds after launch on every device I own except my PCs.
  • Downloaded and quickly deleted

    By teaneedz
    Besides being slow it is a UI/UX mess like many other Google products these days. It feels like product managers don't even eat their own dogfood.
  • Crashes

    By Junko Jones
    Just downloaded, tried twice to open a site and it crashed. Deleting.
  • What The...

    By gingercake43220
    Everytime i use it shows what i use for a split second and the goes black fix this bug p.s i used it yesterday and worked
  • Wow

    By Haysam Kurd
    It’s a best Browser i see it in my Life
  • It’s good but one small tweak would really be nice!

    By Vũ Trần #2
    It’s really good and convenient, I really like the design and small Easter eggs (e.g. 100 tabs = :)/;), dinosaur game), but one thing that’s super annoying, and led me to leave this review is that when you click the close all tabs button there’s no warning or anything. I know that the history and go back exist, but it’s a bit annoying to go through your history when you had 100s of tabs open from different times, and 99% of the time I accidentally click it when the app is open and I also click on open new tab (which is inconveniently next to the close tabs button) at the same time, getting rid of the go back button. So 1 change that’d be really appreciated is to go back to all the times you closed all the tabs. EDIT: Nvm I found out the recently closed page is a thing. 5/5 then.
  • Freezing

    By EG61zz
    The last update has caused nothing but headaches. The chrome browser keeps freezing on my iPhone no matter what I try as a fix. I finally had to install Firefox and have not had any issues. Hopefully Google will fix this problem. I really like Chrome, with it’s sync feature across devices. But privacy concerns has made me worry about Chrome lately.
  • Latest Update is Crashing on my IPAD

    By Drhandy
    I’ve not been able to use this app since the latest update, despite uninstalling and reinstalling several times. I hope it can be fixed very soon, as this was my favorite browser.
  • Bad update

    By traytye
    downloaded the new version and now it keeps wanting me to download new version again. Won’t load most of my regular sites, hoping for a fix really quick, I don’t want to have change to safari
  • Latest build crashes almost immediately during each use

    By DaveMorrell
    Check back for a newer version before you install.
  • Pot

    By Jsnssnbs
    I love watching por
  • Stop with the aw snap

    By urnitso321
    I don’t like the aw snap thingy! Remove the aw snap thingy
  • Google went to "update hell"

    By Impressed but frustrated
    Was gonna download Chrome to my iPhone. Then I read the reviews. Now I won't. App developers can never just leave a good thing alone. The quest for newer, better typically leads to features, look & feel, and operational methods that degrade the functionality and experience that many (most?) prefer. Once we "upgrade" we're screwed because you can't go back. If you ignore upgrades, you eventually lose support or functionality. The tech industry is brilliant, but too often developers go off the reservation. Let ME chose the features and level of service I want.
  • Crashes Constantly in iOS 12.4

    By Jblenterprises
    The title says it all.
  • Excellent apps for new generations

    By Sprozario
    I like it, what about you?
  • Bad Chrome

    By Mehrouz
    Wast my time Does not work Too slow
  • Worthless and impossible

    By PRHooker
    That is my description of this app!!