Invoice 2go Invoice & Estimate

Invoice 2go Invoice & Estimate

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2012-08-07
  • Current Version: 10.65.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 144.37 MB
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 073


Small business owners in more than 160 countries trust Invoice2go to send professional invoices and estimates to their clients. Create great-looking, professional invoices and get paid faster using one simple app. Accept all the ways your clients want to pay online. Capture your expenses as you incur them. We are the on-the-go invoicing solution for all types of small businesses: from contractors to dog walkers, web designers to musicians. All of your information is automatically synced and available on your iPhone, iPad and computer. Invoice2go has been the #1 invoice app for 10+ years and counting. Here’s why people choose Invoice2go: LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL * Streamline your look. Choose from 8 professional invoice templates optimized for easy use. * Add a logo for your business. Upload your own or create one using our custom logo designer. * Match your brand. Sync the color of your logo to your invoice. * Showcase your awards and honors. Include additional images on your invoice to elevate your look. INVOICE with EASE * Create and send an invoice in under 1 minute. * Jump right in without any training. If you can send an email, you can use Invoice2go. * Experience updates in real time. Review your edits before you send an estimate or invoice. * Convert an estimate into an invoice in seconds. * Set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly invoices for repeat business and we’ll remind you when they’re ready to be sent. GET PAID FASTER * Send invoices on the spot. Improve your turnaround time and save yourself the paperwork. * Accept payments instantly. Add the payments feature so clients can pay your invoices using American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal, and Apple Pay. * Never miss a thing. Keep an eye on overdue invoices and send automatic payment reminders. MANAGE EXPENSES * Easily track your expenses. Simply snap a photo of your receipt to safely store and claim business expenses. * Save for next time. Add expenses directly to your invoice and save recurring expenses for future use. * No more overflowing shoeboxes. Organize all of your expenses and print expense reports with one tap. STAY ORGANIZED * Stay up to date. Know what happens to your invoice after you hit “send”. See when customers have viewed your invoices and who still needs to make a payment. * Schedule appointments and organize your day. * Keep track of your receipts. * Keep track of time on the job and bill accurately. * Run reports on estimates, invoices, expenses and more. * Get all the information you need in one statement. Just select a client and we’ll take care of the rest. Invoice 2go the ultimate invoice maker: Send simple invoices using professional templates, invoice generator, PDF invoices and quotes, online payments, bill organizer, receipt and expense tracking, and business reporting — all rolled up into one easy-to-use app. Whether you need to create a construction invoice or quote, business receipt for your side gig or track receipts for your small business, Invoice2go is the #1 invoice app. ** Ready to get started? Download our free invoice app today. You can try the Invoice2go Pro Plan for 14 days free (no credit card required) before choosing the plan that best suits your business. ** Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Invoice2go doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS Subscriptions automatically renew unless turned off in Account Settings at least 24 hours before end of current period. Payment is charged to your iTunes account. Unused portion of free trial is forfeited after purchase. Read more about our terms and conditions here - Read more about our privacy policy here -



  • JD

    By JDHawkEye1
    Simple, fast, efficient, and very professional! Better than the other guys.
  • As good as it is, it’s still terrible!

    By Simp2coo
    I’ve worked with this application since 2012, even though I’ve already had to pay $399.00 for 2019, this will be my last year of pain. Thank goodness Quickbooks Online as finally come along to the point that I can dump this application. Every time I’ve had an issue with the application, they group blamed my device or my connection. Now my items list is playing games with me as it shows the item in lookup and if I have to scroll down on the items - the item I’m after disappears into thin air and can not be found. Invoice2go, I really don’t have time for blame or games. I go to look up my items and all I get are a bunch of empty spaces. These items I’m looking up are items I’ve been putting in since 2012, there are 100’s of items. Every time the company does an update, expect issues. Last year they did such big update that all their clients had to redo their invoice templates and try to get there items to repopulate, OMG what a total pain in my... ! It took me over 6 hours on a Saturday to get things back together and relearn the system to the point I could go in front of a client and look professional. I’m super sad to be leaving such a crappy review this many years later. When the application works, it’s amazing, but unfortunately that’s not very often. And for goodness sakes, do not process bank cards through this system, I haven’t, but I’ve considered it. Check the reviews, they’re not pretty. I’m not sure how they have a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, maybe they are offering money back guarantees to take down bad reviews, count me in, I’m out of here!
  • Plans need rework

    By Manny089g
    I’m on the Advanced Plan (formally Enterprise), the amount of invoices needs an increase from 400 to at least 800-1000, 400 is not enough. The increase in price does not justify what’s offered along with constant bug issues. Or even offer a plan between Advanced and Unlimited, please listen to your customers.
  • It used to be good

    By Leopard79
    I had a great experience the first years, but in the las couple of years it got so annoying to find invoices or estimates under clients names, or address, also you can copy from estimate to invoice only one time, so that is very annoying, i hope they can work to make it better cause this updates aren’t working for my business.
  • It is not reasonable to raise money by making it available only for this purpose.

    By CoolMatthew
    I do not recommend any one!! Frist time free and i purchased android app! now are using iOS and charge membership Every year rise membership I do understand charging but not over price It is not reasonable to raise money by making it available only for this purpose. my memberships is expired I can not look my own Previous invoice or estimate or paid invoice I’m not continue the membership because this Invoice2go is over price!!!!!!!!!! And I seem to be playing with the users!!!!
  • I love it

    By Alski1
    Get the full package. It’s so convenient for my construction/flooring business. It’s the best invoice App so far and for the money it’s five stars for me.
  • Yes

    By minnir and mickey
    Love it
  • Invoice

    By cfskylights
    Like this app keeps me organized just need ur help trying to change the color format to solid blue lines where the info is in white letters in the blue line I have right now skinny blue straight lines
  • Easy to use

    By Modlite 862
    This app is a great app to create professional looking invoices in a few minutes.
  • Needs a lot of improvement

    By Cathylacolombiana
    Too many things to improve. I don’t understand why After I subscribed it’s asking me for more $$ just to add a signature
  • Great to horrible to good and now bad

    By Achilles The Invincible
    Been with Invoice2go for several years, it used be great then they updated and it was horrible. As time went they put out bug fixes and it turned out to be good. Now they updated again, search function is junk, think they took a huge step back. Sometimes I search for an item, using the exact words, and it doesn’t pull up, junk.
  • Fantastic!

    By home again miky bak
    Helped my business!
  • Getting pricey...

    By Lt Col Chris
    December of 2016 I paid $21.19 including tax. 2 years later I pay $38.15 including tax. That is an 80% increase for the lite version after only two years of use. Also, while “expired” I have no access to my current invoices or app contacts, so O can’t copy them into another note reasonably priced app. Function is good, but not happy with the price gouge. Will be looking for a new option before next renewal.

    By give me my moneys worth
    I’ve already payed for a 12 month subscription. Now it doesn’t want to work I’ll send the invoices to my clients and they’ll send me a message saying that either they cannot view it or that the balance says 0.00 PLEASE FIX IT
  • It’s not what I thought

    By wwwsesdcvghytfc
    I download this app thinking I could take care of my very small business with logging expenses and billing. Unfortunately once I bought it they did not allow me to log expenses and I have to upgrade to a better package to do that… I only Bill about 25-40 invoices a year and I thought the smallest package would let me do that… I was wrong
  • Great simple easy

    By 504chevyboy
    Works great for me, does everything I need , saves invoices so I can go back and check them.
  • More headache than help

    By Cowboybkr
    I have had this app since it was a one time fee of $10 and I’ve made over 6000 invoices on it. Nearly every update that comes out causes me a boatload of headaches. If it’s not broken to begin with, please stop trying to fix it. In general, I’ve been relatively happy with the customer support. What I can’t stomach, though, is going from $10 to $399 in just a few short years. Getting people locked in and then increasing the price 40x seems like unethical business practice to me. After all these years, I’m jumping ship and not renewing.
  • Due date - in a month?

    By TBM419
    Please allow users to change this date. When I sent invoices in the past I would get paid almost immediately. When I changed over to this program now I’m seeing a delay. Im pretty sure it’s because the due date is set to be due in a month. For small businesses this is a problem. I love this program, I just wish I can change the due date.
  • Greedy subscription plans

    By Kley2009
    01/05/2019 After countless issues which were never resolved finally as a long time customer 4 years +, I have thrown in the towel. I received an email today to renew: there are 3 options to renew. The cheapest option gives me 200 invoices and 200 clients for $9.99 a month. That won’t work with me so they are forcing me to upgrade to their second plan 400 invoices unlimited clients for $19.99/month. I am done with these greedy people and the very unreliable service that they offer! Limiting people how many invoices and clients they can have is simply unacceptable. If you want to compete with other companies, innovate and do it with features they dont offer. Dont take away the basics of an invoice app: create invoice and add clients 05/12/2018 Forget about customer service support with these people. After 42 minutes of holding on the phone, they just greet you with a nice message saying that they are unable to find a I am trying to integrate Stripe as a form of cc payment and nobody that I have talked to at Invoice2Go knows what the heck is going on. I was sent to Stripe for God’s sake because according to Invoice2Go rep it is Stripe’s fault. Invoice2Go is the one who implemented the hookup and now is blaming Stripe that their integration is not working. Do you see what kind of madness is going on in this company? ———- 02/28/2018 DO NOT UPDATE TO THE LATEST BUILD!!! Have you lost your mind? Are you in the business of frustrating people? This app keeps getting worse and worse. All of the invoices that have been partially paid, all the partial payments have been reset. If you were depending on the app to keep track of that you are done. DO NOT UPDATE TO THE LATEST BUILD!!! ———— 10/01/2017 Update None of my issues have been fixed. Now they are also forcing people to have a PayPal account to pay invoices. If you are sending an invoice that you want to get paid with PayPal, the person receiving the invoice must have a PayPal account to pay you. ————— 08/22/2017 - Update build 10.8.0 I added a new expense. I sorted by "Date" and selected "2017" and now my expense is nowhere to be found. If I sort by "Category" and year 2017, it shows up. I am sick and tired of doing free QA for these people after they charge me $110 a year. I have already decided I am not going to renew my subscription again and I am not posting anymore bugs for them. Also none of my other issues have been addressed. 08/03/2017 - Update Build 10.7.0 None of my issues have been fixed. I have already lost hope that they will. 07/27/2017 - Update Build 10.5.0 I have had it with all these incremental updates. None of my issues have been fixed. Terrible, terrible experience so far. I would not recommend this app to my worst enemy. This app changed from being absolutely the best in the industry to being the worst overnight. ---- Who was that idiot to implement such an update and ruin all the functionally that made this app amazing? - Marking an invoice as fully paid makes the invoice read-only. What if you wanted to add the check number or a comment after you mark it as paid? - Remittance note is bundled with a credit card payment coupon. Make the CC optional for people that don't have a CC terminal. - It takes 10 extra steps to do anything at all in the app, simply horrible user experience! - Duplicate entries in the "paid invoice" section
  • Really?

    By ItsGMan21
    Ok I just tried to open my This app and I can’t! What do you guys just want more money? I use this app! You guys keep screwing it up! Just to make money? Smh! This is a joke!
  • Cancelling subscription is a B word

    By AnnoyedChixk
    I didn’t need this app anymore so I wanted to stop them from trying to take money from my bank acct to renew the plan. Their website isn’t much help and neither is iTunes with cancellation so I had to get a new bank card. Don’t go through the hassle!!!!
  • Scam

    By Forestgenerique
    After a year I am asked to pay $120? I originally paid a lot less for the previous year. Now they hold all my clients info hostage until I pay? I cannot access anything. Nice way to treat a paying customer who’s been with you a year.
  • $17.99

    By hjgonzalez38
    i just pay $17.99 for the plan i starting my bussiness i dont need a big package right now so the plan says 50 invoices for the month i dont even make 5 and the app dont let me do any more invoice because it says that i reach my limit so what thats means is 5 or 50 invoices the plan because if is like that i just want my money back because the plan says 50 invoices no 5
  • Used to be better

    By Aledrell
    I own a small service business and have been using this app for 2 years. The upgrades have made everything more and more cloud based so when I’m in the field in an area with little to no data stream I can’t access my invoices or estimates. It’s frustrating and since I paid more money for a phone with 128gb of storage I’d like the option to store the invoice data on my phone. I wouldn’t mind cloud syncing at the end of the day but everything on the cloud makes this product less valuable to me. But yet the annual prices keep going up, may need to find a more simple alternative because it isn’t worth $250/yr.
  • Joke

    By Bob47;:?)
    Criminal money making company as usual. Wouldn’t honor a 75% and customer service wouldn’t help fix. Business 101 give the customer the discount for the 1 year and then they are locked in revenue for Invoice2go for years and years to come. Kind of a joke that they can’t understand this simple concept. I am highly disappointed in this company and I would recommend you spend your money elsewhere or face getting the shaft like I have. There are many more companies out there to use for invoices or just us paper ones like I will do now. Save your money and your time and avoid this company!!
  • Great App

    By Reat App
    Easy to use.
  • User friendly!!

    By Scoop4two
    I started using this app a few years ago and I like the ease in creating and editing invoices. The updates have made it that much more easier to use.
  • Trouble

    By Fay E B Kozink
    Can’t get the first invoice out
  • Ruined app

    By Wood Baron
    I have been using invoice2go since 2012. The update totally ruined the app. Don't download this app! It use to be very functional but no longer that way. If it was possible to give 0 stars I would. Well it is now September 2017 and the app is still not functioning well. Some updates have been done which have helped make the new app a little like the old app. It is still very difficult to add items to invoices and estimates. I used to be able to whip out an estimate or invoice on site very quickly. Not able to do that any longer. I've sent notes to the invoice to go blog and the only response I got was " we are working hard to make this invoice to go the best it can be and we will send your list of concerns to our developers". So I have been reviewing a few other apps and there are a couple that are similar to the old invoice to go. I will probably go to a new app. I can't waste time any longer. So to sum up my thoughts on this app....don't use this one. There are others out there that will function better plus they give you more client and invoice space. There is nothing on invoice to go that other apps don't have. Most have a lot more. Too bad, I loved this app and recommended it to all my fellow tradespeople. They really messed it up ! Update10-3-2017 Well it has been a few months and there have been quite a few updates to the "great" update. The app is still not back to the functionally that the old app had. It is still hard to add items to an estimate or invoice plus the amount of lines on the invoice has not been fixed. Too many steps to get an estimate or invoice done. Reports are better but not as good as old version. Now I get an email that the stripe credit card fees are increasing unless I update to the most expensive version of the app. The stripe "credit card processor" web site does not state any type of fee increases. So I am assuming that invoice to go raised the fees to offset their loss of clients from the "great" update. Too bad. I am still not happy with the app after the update and many fixes. So if you looking for an app to do invoices or estimates look at the other apps available. Update 12-19-2018 Some functionality has returned. But they have also added some stuff that is just not useable. The stripe credit card payment processor takes up to a week to get your money. Plus invoice to go gets a percentage of your payment. PayPal is much quicker. Now they are dropping PayPal Here....probably because they cannot get extra money from them. The window to type up the item descriptions is very small now. You are not able to set item up as labor or parts without doing it each time you write up an invoice. Now for my biggest beef! The pricing has gone up again. They’ve lowered the number of invoice/ estimate and customers you can have. They no longer offer a standard version. Renamed everything and raised the price. $120 a year for the now lowest version. 200 invoices and 25 clients. Yes that is right 25 clients. You have to upgrade to get 100 clients and 400 invoices for only $240 year!!! Unlimited is $420 year. And to think back in 2011 I purchased the stand alone app for $9.99. One time price and unlimited everything and I could backup, download a client list ,do reports. Export to excel. So in 2018 you get a whole lot less for a whole lot more. Plus don’t even try to call customer support they cannot answer your questions. Do you want to print off mailing list. Cannot be done. Want to back up your stuff? Nope they hold it hostage so you cannot go to another app. So to sum it up don’t get the app. Yes I know they make it sound like it is the best thing since sliced bread. But it is not. They spend your app money on PR so everything will look good. Again try some other app otherwise you will end up paying more each year for less space.
  • Cant cancel membership

    By JD 195583865
    Careful, they don’t allow you to cancel your membership. Once you buy the app, you cant cancel it, meaning they keep billing you yearly even if you don’t use the app and try to delete it or cancel your membership. I mean, its not expensive, but still.
  • Great App

    By Jekjr57
    I have my books in this APP back to 2012. It was an incredible app. Then was totally wrecked in the middle of the Summer of 2017 by an update. This was devastating to a Lawn Service. After that mess they have worked tirelessly to make it work right again and to their credit they have it functioning flawlessly again. However. Going on 2 years later they still have not fixed it where you can tell how much you paid a vendor you buy from. Personally I feel it is a shame and a disgrace that this feature can not be added back into this system. As many years worth of material as I have in the app I cannot afford to drop it but really feel slighted by this feature being taken out and not put back in.
  • Handy app.

    By Dude cuz
    I like it so far
  • Slow down

    By SS-MM-00
    Design used to be great but while I was actively using it I would notice little features added frequently. Lots of things that seemed needless or as if they were just trying to cast the widest net possible on customers. The design has since been updated to look like Snapchat and Instagram and Facebook Messenger with annoying bubbles pinned to the top of the screen like a “Story”. There is no greater red flag to me as this indicates whoever is steering the ship thinks it’s wise to follow trends and fads. The design choice makes no effort to use the same language as the rest of the app’s design. Font sizes are all over the place. The home screen is a cluttered mess. Attention to detail is lacking, user experience is being confused with having as many features as possible, and worst of all the design is annoying enough now that I simply don’t like using the app. I’m ending my subscription.
  • Flawless!!!

    By KJP2U
    There were a few glitches in the prior version of this app. I dealt with customer service and they were very patient and helpful! The newly written version of this app is fantastic, actually perfect for what I do! I also love the search options. Love it! Love it! Love it!
  • Double the price in a year.

    By wfceecfw
    I loved using this app, yes some things have changed and made it a bit annoying, but I could still manage to use it. Had it over a year i think and paid my membership, price was fair, But now the price has more than doubled for the same plan that I had that is ridiculous how are you going to increase the price twice as much in a year I don’t think that’s a good way to create long-term business. At least that’s just my opinion which is the reason why I’m not renewing.
  • Awesome

    By Madhustle77
    Best invoice on the go I have ever used!! I was paid fast and easy to use!!!
  • Completamente desepcionado

    By WiloSantiago
    Comenzaron con un costo muy razonable y luego el precio subió exageradamente alto, el servicio del chat es pésimo y son unos mentirosos, me ofrecieron un descuento que luego se negaron a dármelo realmente hay muchas aplicaciones mucho mas económicas y otras hasta gratis, son unos estafadores.
  • Great App

    By NLCoaching
    The app is easy to use and integrates some great Payment Apps (Apple Pay and PayPal). However I am Not a fan of the fact that funds are taken through stripe so I probably won’t use it much. I have a great merchant account already and Stripes time delays for transfers is less than desirable.
  • Zero stars

    By Cruzeman
    Undated 12/18 And now they want 19.99 a Month for the median version. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I’d like to say it’s been fun but it hasn’t. Rime to find something else. This app has turned to total crap. The app was perfect, had no complaints, except the price went from 9.99 for basic app one time fee. Now is $99.00 a year. But that is not the problem. The latest update is totally unusable. Cannot even enter an item on the fly. Good luck finding out how to make a statement. It used to be a pop up menu. Now you have to go looking for it. It is just a real shame. Now have to find a new app and manually enter almost a thousand invoices, because some people can't leave well enough alone. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS APP People are using this program to run their business. I wonder how much money people have lost due developer incompetence As the old saying goes " if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Update 9/21/18 The app has become much more usable. They have worked out all the bugs, since last review, and I will say is a much better app. Still has issues but is totally usable now. Still, does not make what they did for the last major update ok. App was unusable for weeks. If is wasn’t for accurate record keeping, Dozens and dozens of invoices and in turn, money, would have been lost and I’m sure some was. This is a reminder to all developers. We are not your play testers!! Also my one recommendation for the app would be a mass print for individual clients. I know this is prob not possible but it’s nice to dream
  • Terrible

    By lison05
    I’m hoping to delete and reinstall seeing as I paid for a year upfront and it crashes within seconds of my opening it... Update: So I deleted and reinstalled and haven’t had any problems since. It’s a good, easy app so I’m happy this fixed the issue.
  • Used to love it

    By Livinthrdream
    I have had this app for 8 years, ever since I started my company. In the beginning, the free app was good for the freelancer, but I needed a larger look for a smaller price. I got the paid version, and it was glorious. Over the past year or maybe a little longer, I have had nothing but issues. I linked my bank to it, and I would have to wait 4-5 days to get my deposit. It’s terrible now, I rarely use it. The customer service said for the inconvenience on the last issues I had, I was supposed to have the top plan to see “how much potential the premium package gets you”. I never even got it.
  • Ripoff

    By DisappointedinEbayApp
    I was with a new customer and quickly needed an invoice app. Also, going forward I’d be able to send invoices and receipts from my Iphone on a daily basis. The App charges an additional annual fee to prepare receipts for customers. There is also a set number of invoices allowed. Once that amount is met, the customer must pay another fee. I want a refund! NOT HAPPY!
  • Huge Fan...

    By MrGlen
    I have used a lot of invoice generators for my small Floral Design business. This is by far my favorite. Easy to use. So professional. I will forever be a client!
  • Buena experiencia!!!!

    By @rusty15
    Muy buena con su explicación de uso y fácil de utilizar.
  • Great Program

    I love this invoicing program and I recommend this invoicing program for business use, great mobility and makes you professional on the move.
  • More hidden fees with every update

    By bshea1123
    Hidden fees too many tiers of service. Kept turning on accept credit card payments even though I turned it off multiple times!!! Client paid through card app charged me $11.50 on $300 that I never authorized! Uninstalling will never use again
  • Good

    By baritas
    Goood app
  • Disappointed

    By brandnewwguy
    Been using it for years.. it was free at one point. Now it’s $239 a year just to use. Time to find a cheaper option.
  • 5 Star Review

    By YarbroEmpire
    We enjoy using the Invoice2go App. The Invoices are easy to use & edit and look very Professional. We are forever a Customer.