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Prepare your kid for success in class & beyond with our complete learning course for AGES 2 to 10. 5,000+ activities: GAMES, VIDEOS, WORKSHEETS. PERSONALIZED learning plan! ---------Recommended by The Guardian--------- Over 25,000,000 kids around the world learn with Kids Academy apps! Talented and GIfted learning academy was created to help identify and nurture the talents of every child from the earliest stage! Hone writing and reading skills, develop a mindset for math, sharpen visual perception and hand-eye coordination - all through engaging gameplay! PLENTY OF LEARNING ACTIVITIES Over 5,000+ educational games, videos, and printables developed by experts in early education: * Math, writing, phonics, and reading games * SORT, MATCH, and CLASSIFY games * Animated flashcards and mazes * Augmented reality-based worksheets and off-screen activities * Topic-related educational videos COMPLETE EARLY LEARNING COURSE (AGES 2-10) The app provides step-by-step learning pathway that lets toddlers develop early skills by moving from elementary concepts to more complex attributes. Kids will start with learning to trace letters and numbers and will gradually move to tasks that require deeper visual, fine motor and problem-solving skills. All games within the app are divided into age groups and can be played as a consistent Learning Path: - Toddlers (2-4): the games within this age group are available only on iPad - Preschool (3-5) - Kindergarten (4-6) - Grade K (5-7) - Grade 1 (6-8) - Grade 2 (7-9) - Grade 3 (8-10) OFF-SCREEN ACTIVITIES Learn on and beyond the screen! From math to writing, your kids will complete worksheets and get assessed within a few seconds. Use your finger or Apple Pencil (for iPad Pro only) to complete the tasks. Practice off-screen activities in two modes: * ON SCREEN MODE: complete the worksheet on the screen and get it checked and scored right on the device. * BACK CAMERA MODE: get a printable from your device, complete it and let the device scan it and deliver the results right on the screen. The app not only makes learning more interactive for kids but also keeps up their motivation because it engages them in a new exciting way in the offline world. DESIGNED WITH EXPERTS IN EARLY CHILD EDUCATION At the core of this early learning app lies vast expertise of acclaimed child psychologists and educators. Based on rock-solid approaches to preschool education, such as Montessori and Singapore Math, all the activities help to crank up kids’ innate thirst for knowledge and let them experience learning as an exciting process of discovery. FEATURES * Two types of content presentation: across age groups and as a Learning Pathway * A rich, exploratory environment filled with surprises * Effective motivation and rewards system * Fancy animated characters and objects from the child’s world * Easy-to-follow professionally voiced hints -------------------------------- SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS: * While the app is free to download some of the content is only available as part of subscription-based membership. * There are several subscription options: Monthly ($19.99/month), Quarterly ($39.99/quarter), and Yearly ($129.99/year). * Some subscription options come with a free trial period, which will be indicated before you subscribe. It gives you an opportunity to test the app and cancel before you're charged if you don't like it. * All payments are charged to your iTunes account. Subscription starts and renews automatically after the trial period ends unless canceled at least 24 hours before the next billing period. * You can manage and cancel your subscription at any time via your iTunes account. * You can read our Privacy Policy here: * You can read our Terms of Use here: * If you have any questions regarding your subscription, don’t hesitate to contact us at



  • preschool learning games for kids

    By Vinod Raj
    Kids Academy Talented and Gifted app was created to help identify and nurture the talents of every child from the earliest stage! Hone reading and writing skills, and grow your child’s number sense, poising your child for educational success through exciting and engaging gameplay! The app provides a step-by-step learning pathway that lets toddlers develop early skills by moving from early learning basics to more complex subjects and skills. Preschoolers start with sorting and matching, and progress to recognizing patterns, reading simple sight words, and more! All games within the Talented and Gifted program are divided into grade levels and can be played as a consistent Learning Path: Preschool: (Ages 2-4) Kindergarten (Ages 4-5) 1st Grade (Ages 5-7) 2nd Grade (Ages 6-8) 3rd Grade (Ages 9-10) Kids Academy offers dozens of professionally created curricula for different grades and subjects. All learning plans and materials are created by a team of certified US teachers with years of classroom experience. All curricula are fully customizable. You have complete control over the learning course. Edit, expand, rearrange or create your own learning plans from scratch. The topics include: Sorting, matching, and classification games ABC’s, numbers, and counting Tracing letters, numbers, and shapes Subtraction, Addition, Multiplication and Division Geometry, fractions, money and measurement Sight words, phonics, and grammar basics Reading comprehension and vocabulary Targeted studies in social studies and science!
  • Decent Customer Service

    By MoDoc2005
    Initially had some problems, but in the end Customer Service resolved the issue and went above and beyond with the resolution!
  • Was not easy for my child for navigate

    By stewarts2010
    She didn’t enjoy the content and could easily navigate the program.
  • App is freezing while clicking some sections

    By yosh@ipad
    App is freezing while clicking some sections, there is no science and social for grade 3 kids
  • Seems to be good, if it worked

    By Sabrina_90
    Downloaded the app, and tried the free trial, but the app keeps “downloading” the videos and never plays the video. Can’t seem to get it to load anything and it freezes to often.
  • Can’t get it to login

    By Zerz
    After the free trial, they billed me and then despite attempts to restore purchase it wouldn’t allow me to log in. Bummer.
  • Horrible

    By FrustratedParent5
    I have been trying to use this app for my daughter and I paid the monthly subscription but it keeps telling me I don’t have permissions not loading content etc. horrible. App please refund me
  • Good

    By thejohunter666
    One of the best Kindergarted games out there. My niece who’s currently in preschool absolutely loves this app! It’s a fun approach to learning.
  • Delete from my iCloud

    By whtever it me
    I want to delete this from my iCloud an wnt no part in the app please how can I do so
  • Keeps closing

    By Jezzka the great
    My kids love this app but it continues to close when loading or in the middle of activity. Please fix
  • How do I cancel this app?

    By Reed 01 Reed
    There’s no way to cancel this app and I continue to get charged! I’ve emailed custom service twice and haven’t gotten a response AT ALL! Beware of this app!
  • No sound

    By Ncldkwj idkw
    Literally no sounds even though volume is turned up
  • Customer service is awful

    By sjdienjdid
    Tried this app for a free trial, as I want to find a good learning app for my boys. My oldest didn’t love it and there were a lot of glitches, so I canceled before our trial was up. I was still charged and I have now emailed them three times with NO response back. It’s extremely frustrating.
  • About preschool

    By mina5446
    This app is attractive for preschool. By learning lots of things to children in kindergarten, they can be useful person in future.
  • Excellent

    By kamata_1987
    Great learning kids app with a lot of interesting exercises and mini games. My son love it’s
  • Junk

    By TeacherTom1
    Junk. No thanks!
  • Awesome kids game

    By ramsismiald12
    I really like this amazing kids game we can say it works like preschool for learning kids a new things.. I really recommend it for everyone
  • I want to cancel this

    By this better not cost me $40.
    My 5 year cannot read the messages to maneuver the app! I was told to purchase to get the free app trial. Cancelling tonight after 4 hours of headaches. Took all day to download. Back to Khon academy for real learning.
  • No stars

    By Moyemoney
    My 9 year old wasn’t impressed with this app.. very slow loading not user friendly. Answers were correct & the app would tell her she’s wrong,, & months later I’m charged a $40 fee for an app we don’t even use. Don’t waste your time.
  • a good app for young children

    By zhangbin0609
    It's an interesting way to learn whether it's preschool or kindergarten students.
  • Below expectations

    By jdesp89
    Got the free trial,realized immediately it wasn’t what I needed, went to cancel, had issues with that, so I had emailed the company, have not heard anything back, and have now been charged for something I don’t need....
  • Great content, but too many glitches

    By Gelicaia
    I’m so disappointed to write this review. I’ve been a fan of “Kids Academy” and their material. My son has always been really interested in technology so a platform such as this one allowed me to expose him without feeling too guilty about screen time. We started purchasing exercise apps from the group (which was a huge success) and later decided to give a try to the subscription option. Unfortunately this app, the one they develop to support the “academy path”, is full of glitches. From the long time it takes to download content, to the constant (soooo constant) clashes, to exiting out of the classroom section,... they just can’t keep my sons attention for very long. After 10 min, having to restarted 2 times and waiting forever for the video to download, and the elephant saying “watch the video” that never starts, my son just throws a “I don’t want to do this anymore” and we are done. Oh well... I guess I don’t want to do this anymore either. We are locked for 2 more month in the quarterly subscription but plan to cancel after that.
  • Fun game

    By bule. bird
    It. Was sooooooooooo fun
  • $20/month is ridiculous

    By Mimi LisaJ
    And I can’t find where you can cancel within the app (I’m sure that is deliberate!)! VERY FRUSTRATING!!
  • Joyce Caetano

    By joycecaetanno
    loved this app! great for kids in preschool and in kindergarten, the learning gets much more effective
  • 13 Phoenix Arizona

    By Bondkhm
    This app is very good it’s like kindergarten it’s better than preschool you can find good learning in this app
  • Help!

    By JenniferBoriqua
    I only signed up for the free trial but now am being charged $19.99 a month I have tried emailing but have no success in trying to cancel all this!
  • Cancel

    By mihopower
    I been cancel my app but still why I’m still paying through my credit card , I cancel seen December 27 until now I’m still paying ? Kindly check cancel? And stop getting money on my Credit card ? I’ve been paying for two months ,
  • Do not waste your money!!!

    By JRQB
    I paid more than I wanted to have what seemed to be a great learning app. Most of the time it does not work! Sometimes the videos will load, but the worksheets and games will not. I have emailed support and received no response, so I am hoping support will contact me now! The website won’t even come up now, nor will app support?!! Fix this or refund my payment!!!
  • Login problems

    By Naty.natasha
    I am interested in using this app for my son but I can’t get past the login in screen. I subscribed and I’m trying to use the free trial but it keeps bringing me to the subscription window. Please help with this.
  • Good Try. Bad Implementation.

    By sjkwapien
    The app itself is cute and seems to have a lot to offer. I particularly liked the short teacher led videos that brought concepts to life. However, past that the digital components of the app fell severely short. The games are minimal, and the one we could find was just picking a letter and watching a word come up... that isn’t even a game. By far the worst component were the worksheets. The concept they were going for behind the image isn’t always clear (how is a bridge a ramp?) and we often had to re-try a check mark 4 or 5 times before the game recognized an answer. Finally, we gave up after trying and failing countless times to get past a worksheet on pulling. Beyond that, the concept of cancellation is nowhere to be found. Obviously, we will contact the company, but after realizing this “free” app is 100% locked until you sign up for a disgustingly overpriced service, I’m not surprised they’re being intentionally difficult in this way. I’m frankly blown away this is rated so highly. It’s nearly impossible to believe.
  • Not great

    By Happy happy.
    It’s a lot of print this off or try and do it on the phone. It the content is lagging and not as good as ABC Mouse is. For us it just wasn’t worth it.
  • Not that useful

    By Tthighshm
    I’ve seen better apps that are free
  • Simply brilliant

    By iiskan
    I’m admittedly one of those parents that prefers to limit my toddler’s “screen time.” This has been a nice compromise as it is teaching my kids so much, they are having so much fun with it, and yet they are occupied without having to play video games or watch TV. My daughter Aspen is obsessed with math and loves learning new things! And my daughter Addilyn loves to write and spell her name! My twins are learning so much and their preschool teachers as well as I, are so impressed with their growth! I owe it all to Kids Academy.
  • Something to show my nephews and Kids

    By Grimmsworth
    I tried the game on and showed it to my younger nephews and they liked and enjoyed it. Its a bit pricey but I think that it will be a great outlet for children to use as an alternative learning medium.
  • Excellent

    Complete training.Great app for learning.Great graphics.
  • Not accurate

    By lambsshop
    I bought this for my 2yr old and 7yr old. I’m rating this a 2 because when my children do the worksheets on the app the app marks the answers wrong even though they’ve gotten them right. This makes me furious because I bought this app and needed to track what my 7yr old needed work on due to her having slow processing speed. If the app counts the answers wrong when they are correct how can she learn? How can I help her? Why am I paying for something that isn’t correct?? Please fix this issue.
  • Keeps crashing

    By CayPhotog
    My kids love this app and when it’s not crashing it works. My device is currently up to date and so is the app. But it just closes anytime my kids pick an activity to do. I’d give it a 5 star if this was solved
  • Promising fun educational experience for kids

    By agleung
    Downloaded the app but it seems that every worksheet and video is locked. Instead I viewed their YouTube channel and got a taste of the app. No doubt there is a lot of engaging content that covers math, reading, writing, phonics and more. Hey they even have chess lessons! That said I think there is a missed opportunity as many interested parents are hesitant to start a subscription with only a short free trial. Maybe you can figure out a way to implement free preview from time to time a la SiriusXM. That way you can spread good will and promote your app at minimal cost.
  • so bad

    By alhamd lallh
    so bad we didn’t use it and they need money for nothing
  • Good

    By Mmmmoookghhh
    This app is good for kindergatan and preschoolar kids Its a good app for learning them
  • False advertisement

    By 1pi
    Very difficult to cancel and I kept getting random charges long after I have cancelled the prescriptions! The material is also dated and repetitive. Not worth what they charge!
  • near perfect fot kids

    By lsomborska
    One of the best learning application for kids,very educated and easy for kids use!
  • Very good app

    By bkn heart
    This app is so amazing and I really love this app. My little brother also like it He always use to play this game. Great job.
  • kids

    By ip4sweather
    Nice learning app for kids! thanks for update!
  • Deceptive app

    By nddesai
    Was Just charged 19.99 for a month of use but I was not sent any email either prior or after the charge. Also there’s no way to tell we have an active subscription or when it is up for renewal. Neither is there an option in the app to cancel the subscription. This is not right way to do business.
  • One of the best app for kids from 2 to 10

    By Pkhmyl
    I was skeptical about this app because of the price, but when my little one started using this app 3 month ago he was so happy even doing math and writing cause it's organized through playing. There are some simple games for children to play as they reinforce their understanding. These are usually a variation of drag and drop or multiple choice questions and, while not being games in the truest sense, brighten up the player's learning. This program is an investment, find a way to get this! It's is worth your child's future! Talented & Gifted is worth every dollar, you won't regret it! I have recommended this to all my family and friends!
  • great app for kids

    By Mark Rh.
    Upd: loving the latest update! I got the app 8 months ago and I can’t stop admiring it. My three- and six-year-old are so enthusiastic about spending time with the tablet that I sometimes worry I’ll have to impose limits on screen time) My smallest one loves Raccoon Treehouse and Adventure Land set of games enjoying shapes, sorting and even trying to sing nursery rhymes while the oldest prefers English and arts and crafts, and I think her love of reading stories and painting has grown even stronger then before! I like the way you can choose activities for your child. There is a set of ready-to-use tasks in the Classroom according to the grade of the child so you don’t have to guess and make up the learning plan from scratch. Everything is done for your convenience. There is a list of ready-made plans divided by subject and each of them contains a bulk of entertaining and interactive lessons that’ll keep your child engaged. One more feature is that you can change the grade for your child almost everywhere in the app. Even if the kid gives up activities in their grade they can tap any random game to play, but probably it may be difficult for them since they are not sorted by grade precisely. I am not a very tech person, but I enjoy the way the app is built. Even if you don’t know what particularly you want the app won’t leave you alone and offer you to spin the drum and start to play. It’s really intuitive and easy-to-understand for a kid what to do next. It’s structured by subjects and lessons for parents but there’s a simple spin-and-go option for the kids. Bright but unaggressive colors, cheerful background music, readable commentaries and engaging animated videos. It is a plus that the videos are compiled with the participation of live certified teachers who explain more difficult things for a child to grasp. I believe that app will remain a great asset to my children for a long time. I looked through previous comments and I don’t understand why people are so negative about the app. The only thing that may cause doubts is that it is a bit expensive, but anyway, it worth your money, seriously. You can hardly find the same well-thought-out, full of substance app (believe me, I tried every single app meant to educate both toddlers and pre-schoolers) for such price. By the way, there are several plans, if you don’t want to pay for a year, you can pay for a smaller period. However, you can take a look at their offers on the website. I personally was lucky to use their 50% discount offer on the yearly plan. So if you want to save money on the subscription be sure to regularly check their website for discounts.
  • Charged, but never subscribed

    By kaylee555
    I put this app on my phone for my daughter, however she never once used this app. So I removed it. Now I have a pending charge for a $21 subscription I NEVER subscribed to. Nor did my child, as she would have to have my password in order to do so. If I could give negative stars I would.