YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2012-09-11
  • Current Version: 15.38.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 230.79 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 16 471 776


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  • PiP support needed for Premium users

    By kw2957
    Unacceptable that PiP functionality is still disabled for iPad and iPhone YT Premium users running iOS 14. Literally every other video app supports this.
  • Thought police

    By Freedom*4*All!
    Sensor Tube would be a better name. It used to be a good place to go. Now they sensor Freedom of Speach.
  • I love YouTube

    By stepht111111122
    YouTube is the best
  • STOP

    By Gamerguy224
    STOP the political censorship. STOP changing everything unnecessarily. STOP the blatant favoritism. STOP the hostile policies towards small channels. STOP the corporate butt kissing. STOP weaponizing the algorithm. And lastly, S-T-O-P shoving late night hacks like Trevor Noah down my throat! I hate having to see his smug face everywhere I go! The man is about as funny as a fatal car accident.
  • YouTube

    By donald chavis
    I love YouTube so much I been on YouTube for 13 years 17-4=13
  • Cmon man

    By Feelindabrees
    U made ur living through other people. Now u push this YouTube prime or whatever so we don’t have to watch 65 commercials during out 6 min video we want to watch. I get it we all want to get paid. No, I don’t want ur free trail. Your killin me Smallz with these commercial and you have monopolized the game to I’m really wasting my time an this will never get seen by anyone who matters. That why I’ve submitted the 1 star am wrote my first review( even though u get questions like this all the time as well)
  • Plz solve as soon as possible

    By hafsa jeon
    Bug problem
  • YouTube went out of their way to break PiP

    By AAAkabob
    They break PiP just to force you to buy premium.
  • Need a reliable way to contact support/help

    By TobuscusFan565
    I have had a problem of my exact google searches appearing in my Youtube search bar history. I have never searched for these thing on youtube or went to Youtube to watch videos on them. Pausing and clearing my Youtube search history does noting to help and the "Help" section has nothing for my problem. I see no way to contact either company reliably to get any answers so I am stuck on my own
  • Constant crash

    By pickle geuse
    I’ve been watching the same 15 Min video for a half hour now. The app continuously crashes. It has been going on for a week now. My OS and my app are both completely updated.
  • Great

    By rosie🌈
    Love ❤️ it
  • Congratulations

    By literaly god
    Congratulations to the new oversized thumbnails for being the thing that took YouTube from being my most used media app to my least used one. I have disliked updates In The past, but after a day or two of getting used to them i usually don’t even notice the change anymore. But every time I open the app now I’m immediately reminded about how much I hate this update. The oversized thumbnails Are overwhelming and make it significantly harder to find new content and the content I actually want to watch as it puts less emphasis on the title and the creator. It’s called a thumbnail for a reason. The new oversized thumbnails feel like it’s pandering to children who can’t even read and it’s annoying. The comments are the main way I interact with the communities built around the creators I love and the update makes it harder to do so. I love you YouTube but it’s getting harder and harder to enjoy your mobile platform.
  • Limiting functionality so they can sell it to us

    By Prometheus6601
    Please stop limiting basic functionality so you can try to upsell us to YouTube premium. I will never pay for YouTube. Ever. Picture in Picture is built into iOS. So is background playback. Stop disabling these basic features. If people want to subscribe to the paid version so they don’t see ads that is their choice. But crippling the app to make the experience terrible for those who don’t pay is terrible. How does Apple even allow you to put restrictions on feature of their software? That’s like trying to charge extra for push notifications, they are built into the OS. The only thing YouTube premium should include is a ad free experience. And since you put a 15 second ad 12 seconds into a video that began with two ads, I can almost see why people would pay for this. I won’t, however, be paying for features that should be free.
  • YouTube

    By Cja4580
    Love this app so much useful information I go to it everyday.
  • All ads should be able to be skipped.

    I know YouTube really doesn’t care, but they go to extremes to capture every cent of advertising. I don’t go to YouTube as much now because of it.
  • Picture in Picture mode plz

    By Tychomusic
    Picture in Picture mode plz update!!!
  • Ridiculous to nickel and dime users

    By 10bre10
    YouTube has never shown any interest in adding Picture in Picture support to its native YouTube app, forcing iPad users to resort to opening YouTube videos in Safari if they wanted to take advantage of PiP. This also appears to be a deliberate decision by YouTube and not merely a bug, since Picture in Picture actually still works perfectly fine on the iPhone if you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber.
  • No PiP

    By SadSamus
    add PiP already! the freaking steam app added it quicker than y’all lol
  • Keeps crashing

    By zeroplayer1
  • Constant crashing since update ios14

    By Bo-Nice the Great
    Every time I close the screen, the app crashes. Also, youtube keeps recommending channels that I'm not subscribed to, while burying the channels that I am subscribed to. It doesn't make sense. I'm paying for premium and I'm not getting a premium experience. You are still finding a way to advertise multiple things in my home screen. Because of all of these "suggestions" my desired subscribed content and interests get buried so bad that I forget that I'm even subscribed. If it's going to constantly crash every time I close my screen or multi task then the app isn't very much use. I'm paying for this feature. Please help.
  • The app is crashing on iPhone XS

    By Missbparker
    The app is terribly crashing on iPhone XS OS 14.0. Please fix it!
  • 1 Star While PIP is Disabled

    By Adobevex
  • It was just a glitch

    By BabyDumpling18
  • I like it

    By mewplaz
    It gets interesting gacha that is all stay safe😷
  • Obvious political bias

    By Gin2074
    The restrictions they put on legal gun channels are ridiculous
  • Can’t live without YouTube!

    By Viviandl2016
    Thank you thank you thank you!
  • Honest - GREEDY

    By Andersonjray
    Apple finally supports PIP and YouTube doesn’t allow it. This is an absolute joke and so incredibly greedy on YouTube’s side I want to be very clear, I use this app all the time. Probably more than I should. I don't imagine I will ever stop watching youtube. I actually love it and it's probably my favorite app. Why I am currently annoyed. When I purchase a video from YouTube I want to be able to download that video and watch it later.
  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    By Chito007😎
    Just another app that infringing on our 2a rights and freedom of speech. Sad this is what is becoming of things.
  • I love it

    By kilioe
    I love YouTube I’ve had it for 5 years already and I love love love it
  • Great

    By jooemann
    Thanks for everything
  • App won’t stop crashing lately

    By Englishamerica
    It is terrible. I can’t view a video without the app crashing at some point.
  • Good overall, needs some bug fixes

    By A kiddo that wats
    So I’ve had YouTube for a long time and it’s enjoyable, I’m able to find videos I like and watch people play games without an account. Then, it happened, my history randomly deleted and I’m asking google help to well, help with no luck, just help with people with accounts and YouTube channels, while I’m here without an account and my history messed up and lost on my device only for it to be remade with whatever I remember. YouTube, if your really fixing the “bugs” then fix the random history deleting and updating system, it’s really annoying to search up every youtuber I wanna watch instead of having it ready on home screen. Thanks, and I hope this finds the developers so they can fix this.
  • Please remove bots from commenting on ever video

    By tbhajfisndj
    I love YouTube and all but every video there’s always bots commenting weird stuff and random links it’s kinda getting annoying
  • No PiP support

    By TitusMk2
    How much money do you want to bleed out of me Google?? I literally bought YouTube Premium and you block PiP support! This is monopolistic behavior and I hope you lose a class action lawsuit
  • What happened!?

    By Mrs918
    My favorites are gone! I click on you tube every nite to see what’s up with my favorite videos. They are all gone! I now have Asian men cooking and lots of Asian music. Goofy videos I would NEVER watch. What did you do? Give me my videos back!!!!
  • Home page is completely ruined

    By G2726
    It is riddled with adds and 10 year old videos. Not to forget that over half of it is music playlists. The algorithm also spams one channels videos before moving on to the next channel to spam. I’m forced to only use my notifications or sub box without being forced to scroll for 10 min to find a single video I want to watch

    By 🤧👌👺👾👺🤮✋🏻👾
  • Home Page is Ruined

    By RP 💯
    I have to give the app a 1 star rating at the moment since the latest update to the app has rendered my home page basically useless. Like most people, I’ve come to rely on my home page as the way I discover new video content. But ever since the rollout of the updated YouTube Music, all I see if music on my home page rather than the usual content I expect to see. Please bring back the home page or I don’t think I’ll be spending much time on this app.
  • Home

    By Mr Octubre
    Home only shows videos from channels I’m subscribed to. What happened to recommending videos from channels I’m not subscribed to? YouTube is only getting worse
  • New update ruined the homepage.

    By keylan7
    Much harder to find videos now because the homepage refreshes to the exact same videos it was just on. Absolutely useless part of the app now.
  • Once a good app now trash

    By im a dude
    The Home Screen is now completely ads, you have to swipe down a considerable amount of ads before you reach recommended videos. Makes you question why this is better than tv.
  • This New Update

    By Neri Saiyan
    This new update is stupid!!!! I love YouTube. I’ve always loved YouTube. My favorite feature was suggesting RELEVANT videos.... now I’m getting video suggestions from videos I’ve wanted in 2012??? Are you kidding me? That’s wack!! Fix it man.
  • Devs, whatever you just changed ...

    By Recreational Guitarist
    ... in the recommendation algo, please undo it. Feed is garbage now.
  • Homepage has gone to crap

    By Snow leopard
    My homepage used to be filled with stuff I actually liked. Now it looks like you guys screwed with the algorithm again and half of what I’m seeing is whatever makeover or teen lifestyle videos are trending. Get this garbage out of here. I just want to login like I have for the last four years and see my Dungeons and Dragons and History videos.
  • Should name it left wing media group

    By J. O'C
    More tech censorship taking down of conservative videos striking of videos by conservative voices B.S.! Anyone who says youtube is neutral and unbiased is full of it
  • Wth

    By g0t0hęłłgōøgłė
    Whatever dumb update you just did take it back I don’t want it.
  • Great

    By gilhilygykgfmygfhmgf
    Yes yes this is great and amazing
  • Recommendations frozen

    By pacrat1
    My recommendations are not changing I’ve tried everything the app is unusable like this fix it
  • Alonzo

    By Dougiefresh just wrote this
    YouTube is amazing & you can watch all your favorite videos but I do have one complete. It’s the play speed customizer I can’t get to the right pitch it was working at first but than it didn’t hear the high & low pitch music or sound of the video.