YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

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  • Current Version: 15.26
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
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  • Every video has 3 or more ads.

    By jetfueljuliette
    I have had a long relationship with YouTube. I grew up watching the numa numa guy and Fred. Sadly, YouTube 2020 is filled with a digital litter of ads. A 6 min video will have 3 or more ads...most unable to skip. I have no patience now for a 40 min video with about 14 interruptions from ads, often times causing glitches and ruining the video. I don’t care about curology or the newest multivitamin. I just want to watch the video I searched!!! I love YouTube, but I think it might be time to let it go. IGTV is more convenient now, and if I want to watch specific videos I just go to the independent websites. Bye YouTube. Thanks for everything.
  • Best dam app

    By bossmoney2700
    I love YouTube
  • Need more competitors

    By Combloc
    Molyneux shouldn’t have been banned!
  • 😍❤️💕👑😍❤️

    By pretty girl ny ny
    I love YouTube
  • too much advertising

    By @5uperleo
    when the only thing that matters to you is to get money anyway you can't go well in life
  • Hi

    By Danial Williams
    Why can’t I live streaming
  • I want u to be ok with my dad :(

    By Zomg562
    So I once asked my dad about something. It’s YouTube premium where u can listen when out of the app, and I wanted to tell YouTube that why are u mad at my dad? He has three jobs, spends money on me 😅 , and is somewhat poor. Can’t you trust him?? :( he works so hard and that’s what u think of him? I am kind of disappointed.. :/
  • Hate ads

    By Adrianagsi
    One thing is to pay for skipping ads but another thing is seeing an ads every 2-3 minutes video. Interruptions are really annoying.
  • Re

    By huugjdhehxvgyd
  • Bts

    By kpopmultistan🌚
    Why delete their VIEWS we work so hard why Explain YouTube explain😡😡😡
  • Make sure to subscribe to YouTube and rate it 5/5

    By Christopppoooooohhhhh
  • I love YouTube

    By havywho
    I have it on my switch and I watch tiktok
  • It keeps crashing

    By josh7cole
    As the title says it crash so much every time you switch apps for a second it crashes and the Mobile updates are crap
  • Used to like YouTube.

    By 80's 4 life
    I can’t stand all the political bs on here. It’s like all other social media platforms. Live happy, delete it.
  • Comment Section 🤢

    By Aleeeewww
    The new comment section is gross
  • YouTube is great

    By youtubenolube
  • Rating

    By boc racer 1
  • Why is YouTube the best?

    By pro duck2015
    Because it is!Its surprised trillions of people! It’s amazing download the app now! And I think everyone downloaded it. If so then that’s a relief!
  • Kicking out

    By lanardleopen
    Whenever I click on YouTube, it kicks me out of the app for no reason.
  • Way too many ads...

    By Faoa
    Does google need to make any more money? You have almost a monopoly on this and are ruining user experience with ads and restrictions... it’s all rather disappointing...
  • Incredible

    By hxhhxhdhwubxnebzisnpanidhizkkd
    I have spent so long on this app I think I am going to start YouTube channel ya

    By coool girl cam
    So every time I tap on a vidoe it is just a black screen and it was working like three minutes ago and I am like really frustrated and when it was working i could not see the comments and I can only watch it on my iPad witch is dead most of the time because I can never find it!!! Like ok I am 10 and it says you are ToO uNdErAgEd like it is a amazing world of gumball vidoe like what?! Like litterly why like keep things like they where?! It was so much better and now I can’t watch vidoe because I am “to underaged” and I can’t WATCH ANY VIDOE I have tapped on like 1000 vids and it does not work I am like really maddddd 😡😡😡😡😡
  • Please change the layout back

    I hate the comment section where it is
  • Live Concerts

    By ejmusicbestever
    I love live Concerts REALLY REALLY enjoyed Elton John today from 1976 show Please show more of Elton Johns old concerts Thank you
  • Good app

    By Allyson70744
    Good app just HATE we’re the comment section is
  • Cool

    By jfjdjtivjek
    Very coo yes
  • YAS

    By bella pluse aroura equls BAD
    Awsome content
  • Hey Snake..

    By TwoSetDork
    Give our views back, so you know how many to give back: 7,305,736 views were deleted from BTS “Fake Love” MV. BTS’ Idol MV views were frozen for about 24 hours, and when they unfroze none of those views were added back on. Loosing more than 30 million views. Then You (YouTube) deleted another 4 million views from BTS’ “Boy With Love” MV, after adding up all the views that were deleted from BWL it came up as a total of 14 million views deleted. More views have been deleted from stay gold adding up all those views, 80 Million views were taken away from the “Stay Gold” MV. Y’all took down around 10 millions views in a minute. Please give our views back, Black Swan and ON the MVs have serious chances at getting serious awards and we’re trying hard to get them to their dreams, we love our boys and we’ll do anything for them. Give us a break. -ARMY, Adorable. Representation. MC. for Youth..or an ARMY that stands next to our bulletproof Boy Scouts. P.S we’re not giving up on this anytime soon.
  • Comments cause video freeze

    By jfuruness
    Changed a well working system into something that is almost universally hated. Nobody likes the new location of the comments or how they are structured. What’s worse: for me, when I click the comments, the video literally freezes! Ridiculous. Also, I normally scroll with my right hand, and yet to back out of the comments I have to reach all the way to the other corner of the screen. Put the comments back to how they were.
  • YouTube

    Not enough content
  • Nothing but adds !

    By Lyftjunoviagett
    You are forced to the ridiculously adds that play like every second if you don’t pay for monthly fees . If I can give YouTube zero star I would . Nothing but a business app more than anything else..!!
  • Convenient but please don’t sensor

    By trishostlund
    Don’t sensor scientists and studies that don’t fit your narrative. Let we the people decide what we will believe thanks
  • Good

    By chessgurugod
    YouTube is very nice but people waste it most of the time.
  • Fantástico

    By chapina66
    Me encanta todo la información!!!
  • Amazing

    By TV toxd tv gv fang granted
    It is way too good
  • 😇heaven!!!!!

    By Beehive34
    I ❤️ you tube!!!! Awesome!
  • Changes to my channel

    There is a purple ban a above my channel art and because of the way YouTube has the channel settings set up I can’t change the color or remove it which is very frustrating(PLEASE UPDATE - FIX) as soon as possible.
  • Please help

    By hpar14
    It won’t let me go in the app after I updated it... can u do something about this?.
  • 👎🏻

    By Eythar💋
    I hate YouTube, it is unfair. You froze BTS's views, deleted the likes, and made Black Pink succeed that BTS got tired.
  • Banning videos

    By LWagenaar
    I assume the guys behind YouTube must be scared because they ban something they don’t agree with. The only reason something would be banned is it is true and they don’t want you to know about it. Nothing else that is not true is banned, so why this one. And why all of a sudden this concern about so-called false information. The internet is full of misinformation, but this one is so bad that it has to be banned. I’m not falling for it
  • Hinders freedom of speech

    By joeshmodontyaknow
    I’ve seen multiple cases of videos being removed or demonetized due to infringement of YouTube policy. The content was/is completely above board. I suppose they have a right to remove what they will, but they often go to extremes.
  • The

    By ffggnfbf
    It was great
  • An Idea

    By Digit426%
    Add an age rating and content for each video to make it safe for viewing.
  • Thank you

    By Paul Mohn
    I’m enjoying this very much
  • Greg Mcgary

    By fred mcgary
    I love YouTube except for the constant advertising commercials. I can’t afford the premium version so can you least show them before the videos so we can watch them uninterrupted? Thanks
  • YouTube has censored some nice Channels

    By Mariavillosa
    No Censoring channels. That is not nice! Please
  • Adds

    By jose5274
    Too many adds!!!!!
  • Senseless update

    By HadleyHill
    Why move the comment section?? Senseless and inconvenient placement. Poor choice.
  • Deleted views

    By a concerned bts fan.
    Hello Youtube, I think this message shouldn’t be foreign to you as others have also realized this issue. BTS released their new album around 4 months ago and their MV views have been deleted. I do not understand why you guys are doing this, since you guys certainly didn’t do it to Blackpink, who recently also released their new music video. My fellow ARMYS and I only want justice for BTS and for you guys to stop freezing and deleting views of BTS MVs. Regards, An ARMY