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Quizlet is the easiest way to practice and master what you’re learning. Create your own flashcard sets or choose from millions created by other students — it’s up to you. More than 50 million students study for free with Quizlet each month! With Quizlet you can: - Get test-day ready with Learn - Put your memory to the test with Write - Race against the clock in a game of Match - Share flashcards with friends, classmates or students - Listen to your material pronounced correctly in 18 languages From foreign language, history and science classes to standardized test prep, Quizlet can help you get test-day ready. Upgrade to Quizlet Go to unlock ad-free studying, Night Theme, and offline access or get Quizlet Plus for even more premium features, like image uploading and scanning to create sets. What our students say when they leave 5-star reviews: “Best study app ever!!” “The only app I use when I need to get down to business.” “Quizlet is by far the best studying app I’ve downloaded. It’s packed full of different ways to study for upcoming tests!” We love feedback! Please email us at quizletapp@quizlet.com or find us on Twitter or Instagram @quizlet. If you enjoy the app, please leave a review. It means a lot! *The fine print: Quizlet Plus and Quizlet Go subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will renew automatically every year unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscription cancellations will take effect following the current active year. Manage your subscriptions in your Account Settings after purchase. Please visit https://quizlet.com/tos for our terms of service and https://quizlet.com/privacy for our privacy policy.



  • Yesss

    By lizzy lay
    Quiz let helped me so much love it!!!!
  • Awesome!

    By Jakesonebattlecatq
    This app really helped me get ready for big tests and quizzes! In fact I’m working right now Ha ha Vocab!
  • Gdtxtcptfycyfyyfyfyftf

    By xxgchgdgd
    This is amazing
  • Love it

    By hvidbvisbfiwnduf
    Helps me study a lot 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Awesome but...

    By Crappylappy
    It's an amazing tool and It’s incredibly helpful and overall an amazing app it just has one incredibly annoying flaw. There is no button that says add “x” amount of terms. It’s so aggravating to have to repeatedly click add card over and over again. There should just be an option to type in the amount of terms u want and then the terms would just appear. If this feature was added then this app and website would be perfect. I’ve used it forever and I do almost all of my studying with its help.
  • Awesome app

    By hrosdonut
    I love this app so much it has helped me do very well on my AP exams!!!!!!
  • Quizlet review

    By bilybob12345678910
    Awesome way to learn and study
  • I love quizlet!!

    By PFleet
    I love quizlet because it helps me study a lot better and get great grades 👍😉😉 I am actually using quizlet right now because I have to study for a science test and a social studies test. I definitely recommend using quizlet because it will help you a lot. My sister told me about it and ever since then I pretty much always use quizlet for my tests!
  • 5stars

    By XxDream20xX
    I like it cause it help me learn.
  • Get this app

    By Ufyuchugvuhifiu
    This app is amazing!! It helps you learn things in a fast fun way!
  • Quizlet

    By e.ferrada
    This app has helped me a lot to pass all of my test and has helped me learn new things better
  • Amazing

    By Trenton0709
    Amazing Amazing Amazing 😀😀😀😀😀
  • I love this app

    By 8th-grade student 🎒
    This app is like a lifesaver whenever I am so stressed I just hop on here and test myself then after I feel so much better and that I know what my topic. And I also am on track just love quizlet Thank you so much you help me through school ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • Makes studying much easier

    By HolyDoggo 22
    So I have been using Quizlet for a while now and it has made it easier to study for testes since it is organized and has many more ways to study.Im not a fan of studying to be honest but this app makes it less boring than studying any other way.This has made passing tests much easier and has helped me become a straight A student.
  • Quizlet is awesome

    By mastermike7181
    I needed to do more work for Battle of The Books, and this app was just right for me. You can do my own Battle of The Books set at Fortnite4eva1
  • Helps a lot

    By Beverlyrguhrgh
    I went through 3 semesters of college before I decided to try Quizlet. I’m wondering why I waited so long. It is 100% better trying to study for tests when using Quizlet. I highly recommend it for any student.
  • Keep Up the great job

    By chaznhank
    Happy birthday
  • Quizlet is fun!

    By vandiemen007
    Is helps me learn and I rapidly improves my languages
  • Great App!

    By yer mo'
    Very helpful to learning. Although it needs more games matching.
  • Quizlet

    By thomasdenha
    Awesome helps me study in an easy and fun way
  • Quizlet

    By ,yfuylfsuylfsuylfuyf
    I like it because like when we have a test I can just go there and study and I think that this app is really great for kids
  • Amazing

    By buddy mullins
    What a great app. Helps you study lots!
  • Perfect Study App

    By Luke Anders
    I have used Quizlet for the past 5 years and can say that it is developed to perfection with little to no flaws. Quizlet is a great platform for studying individually, together, and class wide. Flash cards are only as effective as flipping front and back, however, Quizlet offers a modern flash card studying technique that allows deep processing of the content being studied. The Quizlet App allows me to study whenever and wherever I want. Perfect for my busy high school schedule. If you haven’t already, start studying on quizlet. You won’t regret it. Cheers to Quizlet!
  • Great

    By CTVNJ
    Nice app
  • Great

    By Erica G. Thomas
    It saved my live lol it helps a lot when you need study!!
  • Love this app!!!

    By Emma Grace H.
    This is a great way to help me study in high school! I praise Quizlet! It’s fun, yet it helps me study at the same time! And I can beat all my classmates at it! It’s such a useful app!
  • Great practice

    By Tjumps1217
    This is a great app to get to study in a fun way!
  • School

    By ThatMusicChic
    I am homeschooled/private school, so my studies are a bit different from the norm. But I can still find sets that help! Quizlet is a great tool. I have the free version, and wish I could upgrade. If you are a student and you are just studying, then there isn’t really a reason for you to upgrade. If you are a teacher, save yourself the headache, upgrade, & save yourself in the long run. You can create sets & classes & and even see what your friends are creating! You can take a set someone already created and adjust it or correct it so you can use it. I tell everyone about it. This app is a must! Doesn’t matter where you are in school, this is a life saver! There all kinds of sets here, everything from Latin (my personal fave, #nerd) to Math & klep sets. I use this for all of my subjects. I love this app!!
  • Very hany!

    By Janell Sedney
    I find quizlet very handy. When I forget to study in time for a test I would just go on quizlet and still get a good grade after all. 🤗
  • Great Help!

    By Alarm clicker
    This app is the BEST! I enjoy all the different ways it teaches. The flash cards, fill in the blanks, and the tests. All such a big help!
  • Good but,

    By Meshuggah003
    I wish you could edit cards while testing, studying, or learning on the fly. This is usually when I notice small errors in my cards. Right now I have to either leave the session to edit them or make a note of the error and go back and correct it after. Also, I would be more willing to pay for a one time purchase of an app that allows me to save all my decks offline as opposed to a monthly service for features I’m not interested in.
  • It helps

    By gtygvyhuj
    Nice app, controls are intuitive. I can know things better afterwards. Not much else to say.
  • Helps me a lot!!

    By Dr_Beta
    I am a student, and I got dropped into Latin class in the middle of the second semester, and this is helping learn a half years of work in a couple of weeks. I also use Quizlet for some other subjects. Thanks, Quizlet! 👏👍
  • This app is great

    By Marvel v.
    This app is really great to study vocabulary and help you understand and memorize vocabulary better

    By GG4579!
    Quizlet had helped me so so so so much in school. I do wish that the night theme was free. Other than that, quizlet is awesome!!!!
  • Not good

    By It will make you mad
    It’s just not that good
  • #AwesomeSauce

    By JLG2JLG
    Really helps me study for exams!
  • Best study strategy ever‼️

    By 😇😋🤩🧐
    I learned how to spell and learn the definition of my vocabulary words at the same time!
  • LOVE IT !

    By Tahdhdsncx
    I don’t have to write and create flash cards. I can study easily by this app
  • Sooooooo awesome

    By wkskshd
    I really like how we can match prefixes and suffixes and root words. But #iloveitanandanazing
  • Quite Surprised

    By The Andulorian Grackler
    I went into this app looking for flash cards but this really will help you practice and improve with your accuracy and fluency. I’m quite impressed. Quizlet Rocks!!
  • awesome

    By dmbgirl
    i love the app!!! it helps my child
  • Apple Watch support?

    By MichaelJayBills
    Where is the Apple Watch integration for on the go studying
  • Life saver

    By Chilly203
    Helps a lot with studying and organization. S/o to the guy that made this you’re amazing!
  • Quiz LIT

    By Anonymous2148379
    Saved my GCSE’s, who ever made this app is definitely one of the boys and should come for a drink some time
  • It is good

    By The Perfect P
    This app is good for studying for a test but in the app version there are some different things like you can’t have the matching technique.I love studying on this app and it helps me a lot at school.
  • 🤓

    By P. Ham
    Very good program
  • Texas Real Estate

    By dwjax
    I’m loving this app. Great prep material
  • Very helpful

    By emilyr541
    I love this app! It’s helped me study for many tests and has proven to work well.