Seeking Alpha Portfolio

Seeking Alpha Portfolio

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2012-09-05
  • Current Version: 3.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 87.01 MB
  • Developer: Seeking Alpha Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 993


Be the first to know about news and market moving analysis on the stocks you follow. • Instant alerts of news and analysis on your stocks. • Real time, concise news created for rapid reading. • Market moving analysis from investors and industry experts. “SeekingAlpha predicted stock returns, as well as earnings surprises, above and beyond what was evident from Wall Street analyst reports and financial news articles.” (Wall Street Journal) Seeking Alpha’s community of contributors and commenters provide deep dive fundamental analysis and discussion that uncovers market opportunities. Seeking Alpha’s news team provides institutional grade short form investor news, for free. The app gives you everything you need to stay on top of your portfolio on the go. For more information, check out Digital Subscriptions PRO - Provides virtually unlimited* access to Seeking Alpha content for $29.99/month Ad Free - Suppresses third party banner ads from appearing in articles for $9.99/month. * Does not include access to Marketplace, or PRO+ top ideas. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription automatically renews each month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription, where applicable. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: If you are experiencing issues or have suggestions to improve the app, please email:



  • Trying to gain an edge

    By WmFF
    I think you guys do an outstanding job. It’s not always the content but the quantity of information that’s available is second to none. Wm F Fusco
  • Great content, horrible app implementation

    By TreyAtl1
    Been emailing Seeking Alpha for a little over 2 years now about app crashes, and still never received a response or seen the issue fixed. Simply put, you have to put up with the app and it’s development team to gain access to an otherwise great platform. Seeing the quality of SA content, I’m pretty shocked senior leadership still employees the person/team managing this app. Usually an app’s tech quality is on par with its underlying value. Not so here.
  • Peddles in fake News

    By John Wu 4 u
    This site i a platform for fake and misleading stock information. Stock shorts often use it to push often false info in attempt to influence trading. User comments are moderated and often only sympathetic comments are allowed.
  • Don’t bother - deleted it

    By jaychev
    Quite simply - doesn’t work. If you enjoy charts that don’t load, news that doesn’t refresh, and ticker prices that are a day old - you’ve found your perfect app.
  • Valuable information in a simple format

    By conversepoint
    I have had my problems with this app over the years, but I haven’t found any other app the competes with it. There is a huge range of information, navigation is easy and straightforward and the data is easily visible. I highly recommend this app.
  • Good but still way too buggy

    By RiggedRiggedRigged
    I love the app but the constant crashes make it nearly unusable. I’ve given up trying to reply to any comment due to the 90% crash rate when I do. There is also no good way to get back to a comment, specially on long comment strings. Please fix the stability issues. I can’t imagine why such a popular app could be so unusable.
  • My review

    By T.K. In N.M.
    Enjoy the analysis you folks provide
  • Constant bugs

    By Fgjdkddssi
    I don’t understand how this company can be so inept at creating an even moderately useable app. Every update has issues. It’s pathetic.
  • The buggiest app ever

    By Hellosummer991
    It crashes every 5-10 minutes. This app is clearly broken. They should have tested this before releasing.
  • Very glitchy but good interface

    By Swag1987
    App is very glitchy. Hangs sometimes. Double messages. Very frustrating. Lots of bugs. But when it works it has good interface and content. In this day and age of apps, this is ridiculous.
  • App is Spotty on Performance

    By FK45
    For over a month app would not allow me to see any articles for the portfolios. It would just snap shut. Now it opens and then freezes like its stuck updating articles. I'm better off reading content on a desktop or my android phone which don't freeze. Used to work 6 months ago.
  • Excellent service and a great app

    By ammarmalhas
    I highly recommend SA and their nice app. I use this app daily and for hours on end. My only wish is if they could add the ability to bookmark and save certain articles I want to refer to in the future and re-read sometime later. Please look into this. Thank you for the helpful site and app.
  • Buggy

    By beedubya45
    The app crashes anytime I try to leave a comment.
  • Keeps showing me articles of deleted stocks

    By Bortoni
    Generally I like this app. I wish it would stop showing me articles for tickets I’ve removed from my portfolio.
  • Good.. almost great

    By Jep155516
    A few suggestions for this app, if these first two things were there I’d give it 5 stars. - Night Mode!! It’s 2019 and nearly every app has a night mode option. This app is so white and SO bright, please make a night mode toggle. - Navigating comments. Boy it’d be nice to minimize comment threads by hiding the top comments. Sometimes you’re stuck scrolling through a HUGE comment chain that I wish I could tap once and have the whole thing minimized so I could move to the next comment thread on that article. - This one isn’t that impactful but saving or flagging articles. Some way of saving or categorizing articles that I want to come back to would be nice.
  • Great variety of content

    By kerjh
    SeekingAlpha provides not only a wide variety of content from author is an analyst, but from those commenting on the articles as well.
  • Great content, unusable app

    By Ski4Gold
    Title says it all: I consistently get an in-app “No Internet Connection” error when I click on a link that then triggers the app to open...WiFi, LTE, doesn’t matter. Been this way for awhile- when will this be fixed?
  • You guys friggin broke the app

    By Bbbbwoqqkansj
    What did you guys do. Why am I not getting any notifications??
  • Latest update breaks comments on iPad

    By Annoyed in cyberspace
    Seriously, every story shows “comments have now been disabled?” Fix your bugs.
  • Critically informative resource for investing in cannabis and related markets!

    By kesmcomm
    My go-to-first for most recent news and market trends, as well as company and leadership overviews.
  • Absolutely the worst app ever

    By Mr T 1588
    Locks up, crashes, doesn’t include the chat view for subscribers...a real piece of s...t. Go to the web site instead and save yourself mega-aggravation
  • Paid Customer - Great Content, Brutal App

    By nee slang
    The company has invested significantly in its content, but the app continues to lag by a wide margin. Just everything is hard to use and buggy.
  • App on iPad is a disaster

    By ChuckDrake
    Freezes frequently. News for stock symbols will not load, just keeps spinning. App has gone downhill....wrong direction folks.
  • Crash Crrash Crrrash

    By S1165
    Bad worthless app
  • iPad app is useless

    By TravisScales
    Crashes or, when it works, no comments load.
  • Great App can be even better

    By R0ckS0lid
    Please add Search capability so I can find my comments. I often get email alert about other comments but can’t find where I left off.
  • used to be great

    By jpp02468
    this app used to be great (maybe about 2 years ago) but apparently they haven’t fired the developers who destroyed everything so now the app is essentially useless
  • Horrible app

    By pniesen
    No longer works the way it use to...if content is from a news service like CNBC only the title appears, no content. Wish it worked better, I enjoy reading the comments.
  • No push notifications anymore!

    By Gregg Chau
    I don’t know what happened. Afrer Jan 14th, there is no more push notification of my inbox anymore.
  • Deteriorating

    By TG1956
    This used to be a great site. Now everything is behind a paywall. Even comments won’t load after the update. Always something buggy on this app.
  • used to be my go to app for stocks

    By ApplePayForever
    now it breaks often hardly gets updated and doesn’t work well on ipad
  • May Need an Update

    By CTRAD
    When I click on a link in the email updates I receive, the app opens up but then quickly closes. Seems to only do that on my newest iPad. Please fix.
  • Don’t click free trial!!

    By Nonamesareleftsothisisit
    I tried and was charged immediately to my credit card. Plus the premium content is still not accessible. Big scam, watch out!
  • Diversified, One Stop, Contributions

    I have been following SeekingAlpha for several years. This site supports contributions that are well researched, fact based, diversified, and well written. The educational value of the individual contributions is huge; their opinions diversified. Readers must still make intelligent, well researched investment decisions. In my opinion, SeekingAlpha is a tool that is focused on that end.

    By JSantmyer
    This mobile app used to be stable and reliable. Then they went on am improvement strategy that had rendered it almost unusable. I now login when I have access to a PC. The app freezes up every time I try to use it on my IPAD. Don’t waste your time with the mobile version.
  • Techinical Issues / Beware of Content

    By Pavo Real 64
    The app randomly crashes and freezes. Many of the articles appear intended to pump up stock that article authors want to sell. A lot of the analysis is just bad. I would not pay for this content.
  • not reliable on apple profuctd

    By Fmark60803
    freezes and crashes on iphone and ipad. No response from them as to why or a fix. Used to work.
  • Buggy as heck!

    By RageAsteR
    My god fix these bugs already app won’t stop crashing. This is ridiculous.
  • Arbitrary censoring of messages

    By nsbm
    Apart from the low quality of the iOS apps, the biggest problem is the inconsistent censoring of user messages. Apparently, challenging people who post nothing but anti Trump content is not acceptable. Nor is attempting to inform other users of the arbitrary censoring! *UPDATE* - after posting a negative review, my account on Seeking Alpha has been completely censored, such that none of my message get posted. This is disgraceful censorship.
  • Site locks up

    By Amm19
    Since the latest upgrade site locks up...tried contacting this team but they do not respond...UGH...most times when I go to notifications and click on a story if freezes ....😡
  • Inefficient UI

    By Ohfficial
    Great simple layout but because there are lots of information posted daily, I wish there was a bookmark section just like News so that you can go back anytime that is convenient for the user to read instead of going back 100’s of new notification or scrolling through pages and pages until I find my designated article.
  • Keep crashing after update.

    By Hanh2005
    Keeps crashing after the new update.
  • Updates not working for ipad

    By m6766
    The updates of the first week of January have just about destroyed the app functionality on my iPad. Can't connect half the time and very slow
  • every single update introduces a new way to crash & freeze

    By h.k.198
    where on earth is your QA engineer?
  • iPad app crashes

    By CMG regular
    Not much to say, it crashes every single time I click on it.
  • Constantly Crashes!!!`

    By 99%er watch Secular Talk
    Just a crash every time you open. You might get in for a few clicks, then you’re frozen. Then back to home screen. Next!
  • Keep crashing!

    By Daveyzus
    I have never used an app that crashes that much
  • iPhone 8+ user

    By Band41
    My initial impression of the app is positive; however, after using for a short time my phone became extremely hot and battery power was being drained almost visibly. I’ve tried the app on previous occasions and have, for various operational reasons, had to delete it. Keep trying, you’re bound to get it right eventually.
  • This app is horrendous

    By 684:898(
    The functionality is extremely limited compared to the website, but the website doesn’t work on my phone at all. The limited content that is available through the app rarely loads. It’s kind of ridiculous just how bad this app is. It’s just so awful that I, for the first time in my life, felt the need to leave a written review.