Tiny Scanner Pro

Tiny Scanner Pro

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2012-10-18
  • Current Version: 5.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 40.13 MB
  • Developer: Appxy
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 879


Tiny Scanner Pro - The little app that scans everything * Scan documents, photos, receipts, or just about anything * Lightning fast and gorgeously designed for both iPhone and iPad * Batch mode combines multiple scans into a single PDF IS THAT A SCANNER IN YOUR POCKET? Tiny Scanner turns your iPhone/iPad into a portable scanner. Scans are saved to your phone as images or PDFs. Name and organize your scans into folders, or share them by: - Email - Airprint - Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, or Box - Wifi directly to your computer - Fax using Tiny Fax Tiny Scanner has all the BIG features you need: * Scan in color, grayscale, or black & white * Page edges are detected automagically * 5 levels of contrast for crisp monochrome texts * Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more) * Thumbnail or list view, sort scans by date or title * Quick search by document title * Protect your documents with a passcode * Universal – a single app that works on iPhone and iPad too! GOT QUESTIONS? CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO SOMETHING? Please email us at tinyscan@appxy.com, and we’ll help you figure it out.



  • Use to work great now it doesn't

    By Tj80799
    When scanning multiple pages into a pdf the pages are not sized properly. The final pdf is a mess with one big page and one small page. Horrible unusable now
  • Receipt scanning

    By Denschless
    I love this app! I use for documents and all the receipts I need to turn in for reimbursement. I love that you can use it without having a printer or scanner. It makes it easy to scan things with a mobile device.
  • Amazing but email feature doesnt work

    By klcc2239
    User friendly and creates amazing pdfs The email feature isnt working. Once the pdf is created, you have the option to send the pdf via email, bit once in the email window, the “send” button is a light grey and unclickable... so yea.. cant send via email. I love the app so much i decided to keep it anyways and send the pdfs to my computer via airdrop. ***please fix the email feature, then your app will be perfection!
  • Saves my butt everyday

    By JSPreview
    I used to lose receipts all the time. My employer didn’t make it fun to submit an expense without a receipt. So the app has forced me into the habit of photographing every receipt I get (just in case) So thank you for making my life easier. 😁
  • Terrible

    By Chadbuckeye
    How could you screw up this amazing app this latest version 5.0.3 what a screw up
  • Love This App

    By MikeFromConcord
    I used to be a microfilm cameraman for a legal records reproduction company. I wish I had this app in those days. So easy to use and files can be saved to numerous apps and locations on your network.
  • Latest update is flawed!

    By sio_la
    Much to my dismay, this formerly five star app, which saved me so much time over the years, has become very finicky to work with. The update caused a complete change to format, look, and functionality. With the update, I am constantly having to retake all of my photos because the photographic color quality that I’m looking for only applies to the first image I take. Or, conversely if I am looking for black and white line work, it only applies to the first image. Also my file organization is to completely confuse now. It used to be so simple and user-friendly! Please bring it back!
  • Great app for expenses, must have for anyone in Sales or Consulting

    By supearnesh
    The single best app for converting paper receipts and other documents into pdf format for sharing or uploading. The 'Email me' feature makes it possible to upload every receipt immediately after checkout in under 30 seconds. The quality is crisp and there are features to improve contrast / lighting if you need to. The auto flash feature is also great since it helps take accurate images even under poor lighting conditions and shadows. This has made my life a hundred times easier since I started traveling for work, I configured the 'Email me' address to my work email so all my receipts are in my inbox when it comes time for me to do my expenses at the end of the month.
  • Frustrated

    By Ashveepra
    App crashes if more than 10 pages of scanning
  • Convenient.

    By Israelax
    It's a decent scanner in a pinch. I suggest you put whatever you are scanning on a much darker or lighter surface when taking the picture. The app will be able to distinguish the edges of your scanned item better if the background is very different in color.
  • Disappointed in Color/Quality Settings and Support

    By femme_artiste
    I’ve been using this app for quite a while and have liked it…BUT. I used to be able to scan a document in full color, just like the original. Now there's a problem with the color in the last couple of versions of the app, at the least. I scanned a green piece of paper that I had taken notes on in black pen. After I scanned the page and selected the color option, Tiny Scanner made the black writing on the page green and the page itself was now white. Not what I wanted! I went to the website to look it up, but they don’t even have my app listed on the support page. My app is called Tiny Scanner Pro, but they list Tiny Scan app with a different icon and it has different screens. It doesn’t appear to have nearly the quality and color controls that it used to have.
  • All of my prior documents are gone!

    By The_Man_T
    I upgraded to the new version now all of my documents are gone. HELP!
  • My favorite App

    By White1736
    I have used Tony Scanner for the last four plus years. I love how I can put a weeks worth of receipts in one pdf file. Makes it so easy to use. Great for doing my expense reports
  • Life Saver!

    By TW@WCM
    I don’t know how I got along without the Tiny Scanner app. It has made it so much easier to get my work done before I get back to the office. Before I had to be sure to get printed copies of everything while attending appointments and then wait until I got back to my office to scan the copies into my computer. Using Tiny Scanner is very user friendly and saves so much time!
  • Works every time and ++ better than Adobe, etc.

    By BlankStairs
    I use this regularly for T&E back to my office. The capture is crisp and readable. And perhaps even more aggressively, I used Tiny Scanner to negotiate and close on buying a car last December 31 from vacation in Puerto Rico (on the date you can really squeeze dealers for discounts, but that is another story). But yes this is an excellent app.
  • Conpletely satisfied!

    By SibylO
    This is got to be one of the handiest apps I have. Easy Peezy to use. Lifesaver for the self-employed or the foster parent dealing with tons of crazy paperwork.
  • Love this app!

    By Joseph McGavern
    I’ve been using this app for a few years now, and it has been great! Helps me stay organized, and saves me a lot of time and money! I’m a truck driver, and I send all my receipts, bills of lading, DOT forms, etc., into the company I work for all through this app. So convenient and easy! :)
  • Not thrilled

    By hkfdyhuhggg
    I had a different Tiny Scanner in past that worked great. This one is too touchy. Also couldn’t download into my documents which seems very unprofessional.
  • Terrible

    By Robots r us
    Terrible. Doesn’t work. Can not connect to email (there is no option- it only asks for your friends mail name, that’s it. No setup option). Can not save to photos. Cannot do anything. No visible way to get support. Total waste of $5 and no way to get money back. Do yourself a favor and download a different app.
  • Pleased for Years

    By John Occhi
    I don’t remember when I first started using this app....4 to 5 years is my best guess. It’s never let me down or given me any problems. I have referred many colleagues and clients to this app, in the past, and all have raved over its simplicity and usefulness.
  • Love my tiny scanner!

    By HiArt!
    I can’t imagine who wouldn’t love this app. It’s super efficient.
  • Amazing App!!! Best Ever!

    By Susie699
    I love this App! I use it everyday, in my business, my personal life... it’s so easy and convenient! Solves immense problems with documents and storing documents and dispersing ... thank you for such s great product !!!
  • Great for Teachers!

    By BRMathTeach
    My go to scanner app as a teacher. I use this app all the time. It scans answer keys, documents, and student work so I can quickly and easily share it. I tend to share it via email and Google Drive. This allows my students to check their work against mine easily, or find errors and other student work. Love it. Thank you for this wonderful product.
  • Updates are a big improvement

    By AWW6
    I turn to this little app more and more to avoid using my scanner connected to my computer. Quick and intuitive with adequate document quality once you learn how best to scan (plenty of indirect light and straight from above).
  • Good app

    By Ttoad13
    Works great
  • Most useful app ever.

    By MSW_WI
    I never write reviews but this is the most helpful and useful app. I suggest it to all my students and it’s has saved me countless trips to a distant scanner.
  • I love it...

    By SEscalante
    I am a Tax Prep and this is so so handy when doing mobile services. A++++
  • app needs update

    By xes8
    when you unlock with Face ID - passcode is still needed to clear the screen & initiate the camera
  • What a Timesaver!

    By yochumjr
    No more visits to Office Depot, paying to have documents scanned when I cannot make it to the office! Clear crisp pdf’s made w/out a hassle. So glad someone turned me on to this great app!
  • A lifechanger

    By Shanksthecat
    I love this app. I use it very basically, but all the time. It has literally made my life and law practice better!
  • It does upload to Dropbox

    By MyBirdBrain
    Previous reviewer was disappointed because they couldn’t get their scan to upload to Dropbox. As with many other apps, you just need to find the right path. You need to choose”share”, “open in”, then “save to Dropbox”. Many other apps interact this way with Dropbox as well. I love this app. Excellent excellent value!!!
  • Been using it for years

    By Crabattack
    Trusted go-to for me. I sometimes use the Dropbox or drive integrations, but mostly just crop and collate scans before exporting them to A. Camera roll B. Emailed pdf C. iBooks pdf via share sheet.
  • Perfect for iOS scanning.

    By dlberger
    I have used this app successfully for years before getting a dedicated scanner, but I still find myself using this one because of the ease of use.
  • Just works

    By MarkCashMoney
    This app is dependable and has been able to pull razor sharp renderings out of horrible lighting.
  • Tiny Scanner

    By STLlovemusic
    One the best apps I have! It helps with my job and at home! Makes it easy to email or text documents for anything! It was well worth the download! Thanks~Beth
  • Crap after update

    By famoz p
    What a great app this was. Ever since the update a few months back the UX is totally unintuitive. Instead of scanning the app is taking photos. Story of how to mess up a great app.
  • Love it

    By Odett1
    I use it for everything. Super convenient.
  • Easy to use, works great

    By texan25
    This app works great for a portable scanner, we are always out of the office and can quickly scan almost any documents, notices, etc., and send them directly to the office, co-workers, family, to anyone with a smartphone or email address. Awesome!
  • Easy to use with good results

    By Jim's Incisive reviews
    I just have occasional need for a scanner and I’m not particularly adept at using these technology devices. But I find The Tiny scanner intuitive and thus easy use to scan a document and then save it or send it to another person who may need to see it.
  • What a breeze

    By lauradavis723
    Love this app— so simple to snap a pic, adjust the results to right size, and send it along as a PDF.
  • Disappointed in how little functionality there is

    By jlbend
    I am disappointed that you can only pull the documents from your camera or photos. I would think that you should be able to pull a document from anywhere, Dropbox, iCloud, email. Seems like some development is needed. Also surprised that since I have the exact same thing downloaded on my iPhone and iPad but they don’t talk to each other. Any documents I’ve created on the phone do not show on my iPad! Hmmm. Again where are the developers?
  • Best. App. Ever.

    By ani7734
    Makes travel expenses a snap to take care of. Highly, highly recommend. Especially helpful for my FSA account, which requires PDFs to send documentation of actual medical expenses itemized.
  • Not even average

    By Mjc1982
    The lack of integration with OneDrive for Business causes a loss of two stars. Your app for a competing mobile OS offers this, so I emailed you and basically was told too bad. Tinyscanner for iOS has a worse interface and poor ability to find edges of the paper being scanned (minus another star).
  • Great app

    By Bigman1972
    Life saver I often use it instead of a regular scanner. Easy to use, store and send
  • Been using for years!

    By Palmerjeanine
    I’m only sorry that I’m now writing this review. Tiny scanner has save my life more than I can count. It is the most wonderful app out there! When you can’t get to an old fashion fax machine, or your computer, you can upload a PDF from anywhere! Also take pictures of sheets right in front of you and upload them to make personal notebooks, folders for records, back up documentation, and more! Thank you guys so much for this app and continue the good work.
  • Has made life so much easier!

    By nagchompaxo
    You can scan anything anywhere and email it. It has saved me many trips of running to the office just to fax a document. I like to work from home when I can, but don’t have a fax at home, so the option scan and email documents is a time saver.
  • This "upgrade" to Tiny Scanner is NOT a Disaster on my iPad

    By davidMRI
    I liked the App BEFORE the upgrade, despite the minor inconvenience of using it on my iPhone SE with respect to moving those four corner boundary markers (not a problem on my iPads, though.) BUT NOW, especially on my iPhone, if I make one TINY MISTAKE when moving even one marker, I am sent into a tedious mode of pressing soft keys in order to try again, rendering this App WORTHLESS. Off to the competition I go! ADDENDUM - Unlike how this App stinks on my iPhone, it does work okay on my 10.5” iPad Pro.
  • The Best Ever

    By Mybigape1
    This is the best scanner available(tried 3 scanners so far and this is the best)
  • Absolutely vital

    By patkap41
    You shouldn't be without this app. Turn important documentation into pdf/digital instantly. This app has saved my butt many of times. If you get this app, make sure to get the paid version. You can't send those important documents to email, airdrop, or any cloud service without paying for it. So glad this exists