• Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2014-04-06
  • Current Version: 2.6.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 18.21 MB
  • Developer: Real Estate Portal USA, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 383


Explore maps of the US with overlaid parcel boundaries and attributes of over 149 million properties in over 2,900 U.S. counties covering over 97% of U.S. population. Hover over a property to instantly discover details, including owner, address, and APN. Simply tap any property's description to display even more parcel attributes, such as acreage, market value, and land use code, where available. Search Real Estate Portal USA's national parcel dataset using owner, address, or APN keywords. Track your location in real time over property boundary lines using your device's GPS. Drop pins on the map to save your favorite locations, then add notes and export them for further analysis. Try LandGlide free for seven days! At the end of your free trial, choose to subscribe monthly for $9.99 or yearly for $99.99. If you choose to subscribe, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew 24-hours prior to the end of the current billing cycle of your choice (monthly or yearly). Manage your subscription settings on your device's Account Settings. Watch and learn more about LandGlide: Privacy policy: Terms of service:



  • Great App even better support

    By Hossg
    As a real estate lawyer I am constantly trying to draw pictures in peoples heads. This app is fantastic. The data is only ever as good as the data sources, but the speed and visual appeal are worth the money. When the iPad version locked up, I corresponded with the support email, got a friendly and personal reply immediately, and a patch was posted to the App Store in less than 48 hours.
  • LandGlide

    By Rosegate
    This could be so helpful if kept Ownership updated. Definitely misrepresented Info App provides.
  • Worked great once

    By jacktatum
    Now I can type in a name for a property and it always takes me to some God forsaken place in Louisiana.
  • Update maps

    By garyb18
    Why does this app cost so much and the map hasn’t been updated since 2009
  • Property lines way off Lincoln CA

    By Julie Juliano
    So I live in Lincoln CA 95648 in Placer county out in the country and also a real estate agent and sell A LOT of country properties and heard about app from my septic contractor. I know where a few of my monuments are marked from survey and the app is horribly off as I just checked walking the property. I just downloaded and wanted to check and not sure how can be remedied and thought would alert you. Sorry for the one star but since I know where monuments are can see app is completely wrong since I paid for survey and have monuments set.
  • Falls short

    By Damagedgoods333
    Doesn’t exactly work so well. I stand at one point and it shows me that at the corner of my property, then a second later it shows me standing in my front yard. I’ll blink and then shows me standing across the street. And you want me to pay for this app. Consider it deleted.
  • Almost as expensive as Netflix!

    By Ajdournekslox
    Good app with quick access to property ownership - but WAY OVERPRICED!
  • Not accurate...

    By rjw3024
    Would love it, if this app was 100% accurate. It would be great !!
  • About time!!

    By ThatGuy305
    Had app for less then a day and I can tell it’s amazing!! I Have been praying for someone to come out with this app years and as a real estate professional it’s A++ Only issue I see so far is the link to county website doesn’t take you direct to property but to the main search page :( not sure why.. if the county website is not giving good API support please add a way to auto copy the address from app so you can paste to website.. (FYI I'm referring property’s in miami Dade) not sure about other Area’s Thanks again and big 👍🏻👍🏻
  • Need help... Charged for year, only wanted a month

    By TMB77!
    Help Please
  • Not working after paying subscription

    By ellokotron829
    I pod the 9.99 a month after my 7 day free trail and now the app is not working.
  • Other People are Using This App Wrong

    By ItsMilesWard
    This app only displays property lines as they are defined upon purchase of the property, that’s not fault on the apps end, although, shifting due to error that is out of there control is possible. WHAT EVERYONE IS MISSING ~ This app is a fantastic real estate app and is a must have. This essentially is a skip tracers dream and is absolutely free. This app goes hand and hand with DealMachine (WHICH COSTS $49 A MONTH) only downside is this apps focus is on depicting property and the owners of said property. This tool is extremely useful, and if it costed $10 I’d buy it and recommend it to everyone.
  • Owner Name incorrect

    By Foodee4u
    5 stars until now... I have used this app for 3 years and it is very helpful, but now it doesn’t work as it did before and it is way less useful. 1) I noticed the 'owner name' that is displayed is not the actual owner of the parcel/land, but instead the owner of a business entity (tenant) located at the property's address. I have tried to change the display in the settings but it does not let me go back to the old setting. For example, instead of showing an owner of the land, it will display the the owner of the existing tenant/business on the land. Please fix!
  • User friendly app with stale data

    By Oilfield trash man 1209348756
    I loved the ease of use for this application. I was hoping to implement this into the business unit within the company I work. I fell short of providing current and accurate data. I purchased a home and after 3 months it is still showing the previous owners which reassured me that the data is old.
  • It does its job.

    By Gerdmode
    I am a Land Survey Crew Chief, sometimes I do expand my search for property corners. Sometimes there is an emergency job, info is not available to me at the moment, and this app resolved my emergency needs at the time. I just need to see the parcel shape. Then I do what I do, and try to find the corners as I see fit, between the app, and looking for occupation lines. Sometimes you can see some property lines that are off. But definitely it helped me out the most looking for sectional corners (I am in Florida) that are not Certified, by just looking at the map and getting me close to the area. 4 solid stars. Thanks!
  • Good, but tends to freeze and won’t reopen

    By Quinn4309
    App works most of the time, but tends to have a freezing issue that closing and reopening does not fix. Had to uninstall and reinstall to reuse app.
  • Crash

    By smyleforme
    App keeps immediately crashing out on my 2018 iPad Pro. I’m also updated to the latest iOS
  • CRE Must Have

    By politico101
    This app is a must have for any land broker, topo maps are a huge bonus too
  • Owner Data Not Up to Date

    By TN7Realtor
    The app is ok for guesstimating property boundaries, but is often many years behind on accurate owner info. I found one this morning that is at least 5 1/2 years behind on ownership.
  • Expensive :/

    By SinisterSmith
    Far too expensive for us :/ 9.99 a year? Yes. 9.99 a MONTH? No. If you change that, I’ll be a member for a while for sure.
  • Awesome app but..

    By Darkllama23
    It’s an great app for determining lot lines, they may be off by a bit tho. But when you first install it, they don’t tell you it’s a trail and randomly one day I went to open and it won’t open until the buy the subscription. I think it’s a tad high, but I just wish I was informed that it was a trail when I first opened the app.
  • Horrible

    By Freddy618
    First the app keeps crashing. Second the property lines on the app are not close to my real property lines.
  • Update

    By money 2328
    I’m not sure if the app or the information is up to date! App needs updated
  • Outstanding

    By jabs4827
    I buy land and this allows me to quick view parcel areas. I can drop a pin and see google earth cords.... seriously outstanding. I didn’t expect it to work well after seeing low ratings but some people are using for weird reasons I guess. Thanks for making this!
  • CarPlay

    By deereoren
    It would be great if this was apple CarPlay I would use it more if I could have up on my vehicle display Thanks
  • Needs updating

    By tommyv985
    Very useful, especially for those in real estate. However in my county the app information is years out of date. Please support your users by updating more frequently, especially if you are going to be charging as much as you are per month. I would rate this much higher if the parcels would update on a frequent basis!
  • Trying to use

    By hpmme
    Only off by ten feet in my yard? How does this work? Am I doing something wrong? I have an iron pin and no where close?

    By lynne.2
    Information needs updated more often!
  • Garbage

    By Yatjen
    Doesn’t show crap!
  • Help

    By skiddersally
    I use this app all the time. I got on it and some of the townships in my area are not showing up(landowner names). I just renewed my subscription. Please help me figure this out. 5 star when I had all the landowner names.
  • Doesn’t work

    By jc_from_lb
    Even after the purchase it continued tp stay on the subscription screen so now I have to wait until Tuesday and dispute the charge with my bank. Also, to find the “cancel subscription” in the new operating system requires quite a few non intuitive steps. Going back to android....or nokia
  • Not Current Listings

    By Mongrel Jones
    The idea of this app is slick, I like the scrolling feature and instant info. But the execution is subpar. Look, I see I’m not the only person recognizing this problem either. There are people all across the US reporting this same problem. For the record I’m in Ohio. What’s happening is owner info is WAY outdated like years. The developer responds and says where are you we’ll update your area. Well dude the information in the app is unreliable the only reason we know it’s outdated is because we aren’t taking your word for it and cross referencing what we already know about the area. I’m not paying to have to ask you to update my area every time I go to use this app. The developer needs to step their game up here especially because this is only available as a PAID subscription. It is NOT worth my money. Sorry. I’ll just go check the old fashioned way for free. County auditor webpage.
  • Owners name

    By Junski
    It’s not showing the owners name
  • Bummed!

    By Hmstrat
    I was hoping I could’ve just typed in my property c’ordinance to find my line.. pretty cool app other than that.
  • Close, but no cigar

    By Kwhit0315
    This app has a lot of good info on it, BUT the values assigned to each parcel of land/buildings is not even close. I’m not sure where they get their market value from, but I’d sure hate to use them to value anything I own. Other than that it’s pretty good.
  • Great idea, but...

    By TAKindle
    I love the idea of this app, I’d love to give 5 stars but for whatever reason I can no longer load the app. I’ve deleted and re-installed 3 times now. And it stays stuck on the opening map of the US. With just the search bar. Can’t zoom in or click anything. Will rate better when this is fixed
  • No Information

    By CharlesREI
    Good app, but no information on how to use the pin feature to save properties. A “how to” would be helpful.
  • Some better options

    By richink6
    This app is too expensive to be so wrong. I was using another app that was much cheaper but wanted to try this app because it was recommended. Thinking because it was more expensive that it would be correct. I know that it's incorrect because I check my own properties that I have owned over a year yet they still show the old owners. If you are wanting to get some info it's ok but there are cheaper options
  • Does not work once you pay

    By TruncatedTheory
    This app fools you - it works in free mode and nothing once trial ends and you pay for a subscription -no phone number to contact - just nothing - stay away
  • Rip off

    By foxusmc
    $10 a month is too much, way too much, app is worth about 3 dollars a year!
  • Love It!

    By #thisappkicksas$
    I love how everyone gets on here b&@$?&!? And moaning about it but no one has anything better?! I think it’s the best app like it out there. May be a little high but not if you use it daily like I do! Love the app keep up the good work guys!! Signed: One Happy Customer
  • Maps need updating

    By Delta Appraiser
    These maps are old, property has changed ownership. Also need more counties added. Sunflower County, Mississippi is needed it’s the only county missing in the delta.
  • Disappointed

    By SCfarms
    I’ve had a LandGlide subscription for almost 2 years and use it regularly. Haven’t had any problems before but now I click on a parcel and the info connected to the parcel including the acreage, info and address is completely wrong. Even my own land it states is under a different name and the acreage is wrong. Very disappointing.
  • Fix please

    By breener187
    Loved the app. Now all property names are wrong. Been this way for a few weeks. I have had the app for over a year and its worked great until the past couple weeks.
  • Very cool but over priced

    By Erik er
    I enjoyed the 7 day trial, but there’s no way I’d pay $9.99 a month... I’m sure there’s a lot of work that went into this app; however, I can’t see my way to paying that high a price. Would like a free version with banner ads.
  • Wish you could lock the orientation to more easily follow properties

    By D-trub
    Interesting & useful but I wish you could lock orientation as you would like.
  • App Wuestion

    By ToyBoyJoy
    In my area owners has several properties. When searching can you make this app highlight their properties without searching one at a time? Also can you connect this to maps to show directions to the property or drop a pin to show direction to the property?
  • Split screen

    By Mjcaa123
    Please add support for Split screen view on iPad. Also, the app is loading personal property data not real property data for multi-tenant commercial buildings in Dallas TX.
  • Great app! Very useful, but would be much better with up-to-date owner info.

    By ggough
    I live in Middle Tennessee. Owner information in my area is several years out of date. App is useful for finding property lines, but if you want Omer info, look elsewhere. It is VERY out of date.