Splashtop Personal for iPhone

Splashtop Personal for iPhone

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2012-10-16
  • Current Version:
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 43.37 MB
  • Developer: Splashtop Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 122


Limited Time SALES!! (retail $9.99 USD) "Both a breakthrough and a bargain." – NY Times "Splashtop -- Meet the most popular app on iTunes." – USA Today “Apple’s Top 25 best-selling iPad app of All-Time” -- iTunes #1 iPhone business app in 62 countries Over 35 Million Users -- #1 Remote Desktop App for iPhone & iPod! Splashtop is the easiest and fastest way to access your Mac or Windows PC from your iPhone & iPod! Use Splashtop to access your computer on the local network with best-in-class video streaming performance. View and edit Microsoft Office and PDF files. Browse the web using IE, Chrome, and Firefox with full Flash and Java support. Play 3D PC and Mac games. Access your entire media library and documents. Put your PC or Mac in your pocket! To access your computer from across the Internet, subscribe to Anywhere Access Pack via In-App Purchase. * Use your iPhone or iPod to access all of the programs and files on your computer with 100% compatibility, including PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, IE, Chrome, Safari, and all other PC/Mac applications * Use your full desktop browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) with Flash and Java support, with all of your bookmarks and your favorite plug-ins * Enjoy the full video and music libraries that are playable only on your computer, whatever formats they’re in * Play all the 3D games (World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Skyrim, Diablo III, etc.) and all the Flash games (FarmVille, CityVille, etc.) * Enjoy the most vibrant experience with Apple Retina display support (when using native resolution) =================================== Optional In-App Subscription Get Anywhere Access Pack to access your computer over 3G/4G or from across the Internet, via our global network of secure, high-performance servers: -- Access across Internet over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi -- Optimized streaming performance under varying network conditions -- Fully secured via SSL with 256-bit AES encryption -- Subscribe monthly for $4.99 or yearly for $16.99 Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. Manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase. See our Terms of Service and Privacy policy at http://www.splashtop.com/terms/splashtop. =================================== =================================== License: You may access up to 5 computers via your Splashtop Account. Splashtop Personal is for non-commercial use only, i.e. use it to access your personal computers for non-work related purposes. For commercial use in a professional environment, please use Splashtop Business which is specifically designed for the workplace offering enhanced manageability, security, and compliance (www.splashtop.com/business). =================================== Notes: 1. Install Splashtop Streamer on your PC (Windows 7/8/10, Vista, and XP), Mac (10.7 and higher), or Linux (Ubuntu 12.04). Download for free from www.splashtop.com/downloads 2. A computer with dual-core CPU is strongly recommended for best performance



  • Great App

    By MTNclimber 2014
    Must have app. Easy to work with and connects with the home network. App is very secure just ensure a strong password for the app that you create.
  • Scam

    By Master Creeper The Diamond One
    Please don’t download this as for it tries to scam you and get into you account
  • It’s good

    By Baxutsy
    It won’t let me see my screen like it was frozen also I can get it fullscreen
  • When it works

    By vince62494
    Sometimes it works. Other times both devices are connected to the same network and it tells me to purchase the access anywhere pack. This was supposed to be fixed in a updated version of the desktop app. Downloaded the version and it keeps happening. Lol.
  • Huge waste of money

    By Gracevf
    I signed up for Splashtop personal to access my computer. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times and I cannot log into my computer. If you want to waste $17 and have no chance of getting your money back this is the app you want to buy. Stay away and save your money, Remotepc stinks too. Spend the extra money and get a real app like gotomypc.com
  • No free trial

    By Need higher resolution
    Should give users a trial to see if its worth buying
  • Useful!

    By MatthewSantoro
    Good app
  • Great for PC/Mac/iPad, but not iPhone

    By RichardB77
    I’ve had a great experience using Splashtop to access my computers regardless if it’s from a PC, Mac, or iPad Pro. On the iPhone, I’ve only gotten it to work once and that was when I was sitting next to the PC I was trying to access. Regardless if I’m on the same WiFi network or 4G, the iPhone version has never worked for my on my 8 Plus. The iPad has never had any issues, though.
  • Lost my unlimited access

    By moukeefe
    I bought the unlimited access option back when splashtop came out. When splashtop2 was introduced, my unlimited access disappeared. I wrote you guys a number of times but in the end was told that policy changed and I would have to subscribe yearly. so I bought a year subscription which runs out in a couple months. I think I’ve used it maybe twice during that time. I used to use this app all the time but have just forgotten about it now. I just happened to be going through old apps that I’ve deleted and decided to check it out again. I went to the web page and and saw that I had bought a year subscription, which I had forgotten about because I’m not down with the ‘subscription’ thing. Subscriptions weren’t even part of the app language back then. And then I saw in an App Store review that one of your clients was happy that he’d been grandfathered in to his unlimited access plan. I bet he is, I’m not. I was psyched to be getting a deal like that for supporting you guys early on. I don’t know what I’m wining about. There are probably a handful of your clients with this issue so this doesn’t really apply To you who is reading reviews in order decide weather you should buy or not. If you don’t mind re-upping subscriptions to your apps each year then I would say, buy this app. From what I remember it worked really well and came in handy many times. If you find yourself saying to someone (or yourself) “I have this great, whatever, on my computer at home that I wish I could show you then this is the go to for that. I’m a musician and producer as well and once in an emergency, I did a multitrack mixdown in logic of a song that needed to be edited before going to mastering the next day. I made the edits, sent it to Dropbox from my computer and sent download links to the label and it all came together thanks to splashtop. This may not be possible everywhere all the time but I had a good connection so it was perfect. But like I said, I don’t do subscriptions, I have enough to think about. And to me, a deals a deal so I’m bummed my unlimited access became limited.
  • Great app! Very useful. Love it.

    By This is a bogus review
    Works great!
  • Good but can use some improvements.

    By jbro746
    It works almost perfectly, but I have a few problems. When I connect to my laptop to play play a game on steam, it will kick me form my game and say that the game crashed. I will try to play Portal again, but will have to be careful. Also, I would like controller support for my games. The games themself have controller support, but this app doesn’t. If you guys can make it possible to use Bluetooth keyboards and controllers, Then many people will have a better experience. And please make it so Splashtop will support apps that require the entire screen to use. Thanks!
  • Paid subscription

    By seth_96
    I paid for the yearly subscription tried to access over mobile data wouldn’t work, said it couldn’t connect to apple store then gave me an error code, so unsubscribing and deleting app
  • Bring back linux support. No Tux no bax.

    By no tux no bax
  • Wow what a piece of garbage this has become

    By raulhenriquez
    Keeps freezing when rotating my phone on iOS 12.1 iPhone XS Max, this never happened before I’m running Mac OS Mojave with latest patches and running in 5k resolution. I have tried many combinations but I suspect it’s on Splashtops end. I no longer use this I VPN and then use VNC much more solid and first lock up my phone.
  • Best App

    By Zia Gardezi
    The functionality provided by this app is matchless. All the controls work smoothly and connection is reliable. Though improvements can be made by enhancing connectivity and better UI of controls.
  • Subscription

    By SaifSarwarKhan
    The app is great, works like a charm on the iphone X. The only issue is that there should be a one time life time subscription of the “Anywhere pack”. charge it as you may like but you should give the people that lifetime option.
  • Mouse issue

    By No one in particular :p
    Mouse dos not respond.
  • I can’t afford the subscriptions

    By Gacha Keke
    So, when I got this app I connected it to my PC then all of a sudden I have to buy the subscription I don’t have that much money for this. Even other people can’t mostly afford it and I want to see if you can make a skip action so I can go through without paying, it made me mad and I won’t be able to do what I need to do on this app. I appreciate the app of course!
  • Great

    By ryan smith11
    Really great
  • Great streaming app.

    By Iamocram
    Never had a problem with it.
  • Great App

    By mmoore4249
    I’ve been using this app for so many years now I don’t even know how long it’s been. lol. I have a job where I have to be on call and I used this app to login to my work pc when I’m out and about without taking my laptop. In all the years I’ve used this app I have never had any issues or complaints. I’ve also tried other remote apps and always came back to this one. Highly recommended.
  • Great app

    By FlashFlooder
    The best Remote Desktop app, period!
  • Crashes immediately

    By Jon16t
    I have been using Splashtop for several years and it has always been great. However, this version has been crashing as soon as I open it and is unusable.
  • Amazing

    By Feed646
    When my brothers friend are playing games on it and I don’t want them too, I just mess with them or press the x to close out. This is so helpful thank you so much.
  • Crashes when run

    By Omen_RIP
    I don’t know if it’s iOS 12 or my new iPhone XS Max, but Splashtop immediately crashes to the desktop after running. It’s a shame, since Splashtop is my go-to VNC app.
  • Life Saver every time

    By Go Digital Studios
    I leave all my computers and laptops at home and my recording studio on when I leave out of town just so I can access them from any where I go...The Best app on my Phone
  • Easy and it Works

    By Joe Schmuckers
    Very easy to set up and use
  • Used to be great now ... not so much.

    By DBFof the North
    I can not believe the ridiculous response from the developer about my feedback. I have used forever. The update no longer works with the Linux streamer. Please fix. This has been in beta for more than 5 years. When will this properly be moved to general release? Hands down the best way to access windows and Macs, and Linux machines. I used all three because I am the desktop support guy in my family. Since the new update Linux has stopped working so I am forced to go back to real VNC. Makes me wonder why I subscribe any longer.
  • No support for controller

    By Bkrafty123456789
    Add that or support for a mouse that doesn’t cost 150$ and 3 stars becomes 5...clearly I’m not the only person wanting these features...
  • Does not work on iPhone Xs max

    By TuBaTye
    App will not lid on my iPhone XS Max. Get it fixed!!
  • Love the app but...

    By Gizmo Ghost
    When I connect to my computer (windows 10 home) I can’t see my screen. I think this is the update to iOS12 because I’ve NEVER had this problem until I updated my phone. The screen SOMETIMES shows up and then freezes.
  • ✅👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    By Ewett
  • bp review

    By bp451
    Well about 10 yrs ago I had a computer and a I pad so I was Looking for some cool apps for it so I ran across this one called Splashtop Personal well I read up on it it said can get to you’re computer remotely from phone iPad or computer so I said too my self now that be cool so they had it for half price So I got it i said man there No way this can work so I got User name and pass word and I click from network and it said connect was Sussful on my screen so. I went too my computer. There it was I moved the mouse and it moved it on the computer that was amazing I was big stuffed u know but I still got it and always will just wanted too share Barry Bp1216
  • I Stand Corrected

    By SongsAboutMusic
    Left a raving review a couple hours ago but knocked off a star for excessive updates.

    By digeratti
    I was an early adopter of Splashtop in April 2014. Originally it worked well enough both locally and remotely. I only used it when I was away on vacation, every couple of years for a very few sessions. So, I used it maybe 4 hours total since 2014. I thought I’d test it on my new iMac getting ready for our next vacation. Evidently, they’ve made changes so it only works if you pay them every month, even if you don’t use it for years at a time? So, I contacted support from within the app, explaining my situation and requesting guidance ... twice now, since their was no reply the first time. They ignored both requests! I had considered paying their monthly extortion but add in no support and it’s buyer beware, time! Obviously, I won’t pay for something I won’t use and can’t even get support for. Caviar emptor
  • Early Adopter & Still Loving it!!!!!

    By Neo Ninja VII
    I’ve got to hand it to these guys. They have made an amazing suite of apps and my favorite is this one. I used it ALL the time. It just works no setting up RDP sessions or remembering computer names. Just install the software on each computer and your phone, sign in and done! I want to thank these guys a ton for grandfathering me in to keep my unlimited access because I bought the app when it first came out almost 7 years ago. If your wondering if you should pay for the yearly access DO IT!
  • App is great until support becomes non-existent

    By Craigj2012
    I loved this app until it could no longer connect to the iTunes app store to verify my subscription. I have sent in request to get help on resolving the issue but never received any help. My support ticket is still sitting in the open status 1 year later. So much potential, but no support has pushed me away.
  • Easy asf

    By G dub ya
    This app is amazing, easy, detailed and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use. I love it!
  • How?

    By Antix_Voltic
    Dude this works perfectly i can play on my pc, but how does it work?
  • You’ll love it from Day One

    By Stephen024
    Fast and easy. More functionality than TeamViewer and they don’t cut me off, even while multitasking on other apps. Better picture quality and you can adjust your resolution, bring up a scroll lever, and re-position interface buttons to where you prefer them to sit on the screen or disappear completely. My annual rate makes this superior service used by Stanford University and University of Pennsylvania (among other great organizations) almost free! The best!!
  • A bit upset..

    By @Sigil
    I was an early adoter. I bought the Spashtop Remote Desktop for iOS and Kindle Fire. On Kindle I bought the regular version and the HD version. I also bought the Mac app Splashtop 2. That said, I use to have access from anywhere via Gmail account. I received a message that I would keep my access if I switched to Splashyop Personal. Idid, but never got the permanent upgrade. I sent a support request years ago, but it just went unanswered. I could see the ticket via the website. So, I sent a few follow up emails over ther years. I sent them screenshots of the offer and of my original support/ticket request that I made via the website that just stated pending/unanswered. Then I finally got a reply from someone and I am told that the offer has expired. I tried to get it when it was valid. I submitted a support request via the website. I sent a few follow up emails over the years. I sent screenshots of the Splashtop apps that I purchased. Nothing. I was given 3 months. I rarely used the app/service. I used the anywhere less than three times to show others. I only purchased it, because it seemed like something that would come in handy and it seemed cool.

    By nohdjdjdjdjjdjd
    No custom resolution and can’t stretch to fit screen never using again
  • Great remote access app

    By Macon117
    This app has worked very well in my move from competing Remote Desktop services. My only complaint is I wish there was a way to customize resolutions rather than the 4 options that are currently available. (Specifically a 1080 option on 4K devices). Hope to see that feature in the future!
  • Awful

    By elamantal man
    It won’t let you log in I put in my email and password and it doesn’t work
  • Works great

    By Hubris67
    Works great and does exactly what’s needed.
  • Great App

    By Dominickkm
    Always works seamlessly. Use jump as well and having connectivity issues. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Very nice, wishing for the LAN one again.

    By HawaiiMaui
    Wish they'd bring back the LAN one to the fancy phones, I've got it on my old phones. This one is great for WAN when I'm out of the house but I don't want to constantly type in a pass phrase to connect to PCs and Macs in the house. The old one let you save the pass phrase for each PC.
  • Super Reliably Clutch

    the quality component makes it even better but the mouse visibility could be better
  • Works

    By Games yo
    Used to have problems using T-Mobile lte with the app last year but is fixed now. Love the app for all things remote.