Military Retirement

Military Retirement

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  • Release Date: 2012-09-26
  • Current Version: 7.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 2.53 MB
  • Developer: LYNNFIELD LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.
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Military Retirement is an application intended to assist military personnel from all branches of military service by informing them of their benefits upon retirement from military service. Military Retirement gives assistance by calculating an estimation of retirement pay based on your personal information. Military Retirement incorporates four years of pay tables to provide the highest degree of accuracy. Compare multiple scenarios to determine which retirement option is best for you. Specifically, Military Retirement will calculate • RETIREMENT PAY : Based on Rank, Years and Months of Service, and Date of Retirement • SURVIVOR BENEFIT PLAN : Benefit and Premium • TRICARE MEDICAL INSURANCE : Options and Premium • DISABILITY PAY : Based on disability rating • VETERANS GROUP LIFE INSURANCE : Coverage and Premium • FEDERAL TAXES : Based on filing status ** Note ** Information provided by Military Retirement should be used for educational and initial informative purposes only. Should not be used to plan retirement budget, as actual financial figures may slightly differ. Currently this application only supports Blended Retirement System for active service members only.



  • Does the math

    By Bob the Lion
    Good app, does the math. It would be nice if it tied it to the references though.
  • Helpful

    By chief Danny
    I found it very helpful, In planning when I should get out. And how long I should stay in, To reach my maximum goal.
  • Stress reducing

    By Therooster70
    Cross checked this with my friends that have retired before me it gives pretty accurate figures ( <$100.00 difference) It doesn’t include your state taxes if you pay them on your pensions but it’s easy to estimate that. Disability figures as well seem close. They update the pay tables annually and you can estimate your other costs. Nice to have a trustworthy “early sight picture” of where I should be when I punch out in October. All of the senior folks at work have it.
  • Essential app for all active duty military

    By Horse667877
    What a gem! This app is so perfect I can’t believe it’s not standard issue for everyone in the military. Dead nuts accurate and easy to use without a lot of fluff. Easy-peasey worth every dime. Home run!
  • Spot on

    By CjmXjm
    30 years 1 week active. Retired. This app is within $1 of what my pay is. That’s because they only break time down by months. Excellent! Got VA disability, SBP, and all else correct. Be cautious of Fed tax though as your situation will vary.
  • This app continues getting better

    By rotaryworx
    I’ve written reviews before for this app, but I’m compelled to write again. On this lates update they’ve incorporated a feature that gives you access to experienced folks that assist you in navigating your VA claim. In my opinion, this is leaps and bounds over any brief currently being offered by the SFL TAP process. I’d ask that you guys share this app with those veterans you know aren’t having the best of luck navigating through the system. As a current Army Sergeant Major, I’m currently making my formations aware of this great app, it allows soldiers to forecast their potential retirement income early on. In the process it helps them make a better informed decision that can have lasting effects throughout their lives. Great job on this app. I applaud you!!
  • Easy app!

    By Furyous1
    Very user friendly!
  • Great tool for retirement prep

    I used to google these figures all of the time. This is a one stop shop and useful to explain things to my wife.
  • Useful but not for every retirement circumstance

    By Defiance211
    I was medically retired early. The app doesn’t account for any less than 20 years of service.
  • Great, but needs to be updated

    By mothmonsterman
    It will give you a good over view, but it needs to be updated. Taxes taken out are too high and the most recent pay raise hasn’t been taken into account.
  • Useless

    By none544
    Failed to mention that it is only good for people who retired in 2012 or later. Useless to me. I want my money back!
  • Great Veteran App!

    By BRod2018
    This is an excellent app! There are very few tools to help veterans calculate potential retirement compensation. Luckily, this is a game changer.
  • Doesn’t seem like it updates yearly

    By MLJousma
    Does this update yearly with pay raises and cola increases? Can’t tell. It’s a handy app but number seem old.
  • BEST

    By Retired Navy.
    Best military retirement calculator period!!! Spot on!!!
  • save your money

    By cannot rate all names taken
    dont get this app it should be free just print tour les
  • Waste of money No State Tax option

    By blkj!
    This is a waste of money. No state tax option so you can’t calculate your true pay! I want my money back
  • New Life

    By Ice cream Kupkake
    This makes planning for post retirement budgeting very realistic.
  • Love it

    By Mister Mike S St
    Great app very helpful
  • Great app but missing prior military experience

    By Ready500
    The site is great for simple data input but lacks the ability to account for prior experience. For instance, prior reserve time may increase pay but not count for retirement time on active duty. The increase in pay has the affect of increasing the Member’s high three due to the increase in pay.
  • Missing CRSC calculator and Dental option

    By Dickpiston
    It seems accurate minus a few options
  • Ok app

    By seahag74
    This app is ok if you do not know how to do simple excel formulas or are too lazy. Not sure why I thought it had a countdown. Would have been a better app if that was included. Oh well, I will take this as a $3.99 lesson.
  • Not bad, missing one critical point

    By Salty WO
    This app works well, but fails to address individuals that retire with only two years at their present grade. For example: A CW3 with 22 years of service, but only two years time in grade will not get an accurate accounting of their HIGH 3 compensation.
  • Nice to have if you’re a Reservist

    By KillRbee18
    A must have tool to have if you are retiring any time soon
  • Pretty good!

    By Nickname37346363
    For high 3, can you add an option to specify multiple pay grades for that time?
  • Date of Rank

    By mylife1234
    Can you add the date of rank which will provide a more accurate retirement pay when considering high 3? I’m an E-8 but will only have 2 years calculated as an E-8 and the call doesn’t take that into consideration.
  • Need state taxes

    By banddkerr
    Need to include state taxes.
  • Great App

    By cns_kinser
    This is a great app to have when no one will help you figure out your retirement pay and the calculations through DFAS don’t take account for REDUX. The one that doesn’t let you use a previous date. I would like to use my pay date for the calculation because your TAFMSD is not always the same as in my case. Other than that I like it and Thank You for developing something that comes closer to figuring this out than DFAS does.
  • Accurate

    By k-love78
    Neat app that makes crunching retirement numbers easy and in one place. Updated with 2018 pay tables.
  • Great app

    By janciehorse
    Nailed it! Perfect.
  • Latest update corrected!

    By RedlegRanger88
    Update: issue fixed- it is now functioning as designed. Just did the latest update (released 23 Jan 2018) and it has stopped working. All the fields remain blank after selecting different inputs to calculate monthly retirement income.
  • Great

    By Nike is omg
    Great app
  • After 4 years the app has always been off

    By SSenkbeil
    When attempting to contact developer the app shuts down as that part is broke. Numbers always off, sometime wildly. Most suspect is the preloaded “suggested” review praising the app that appears when I went to review the app. Nonetheless it is a great concept and full of potential.
  • Great app

    By Jeff CG
    The app is very user friendly. Easy to navigate and use and I believe the numbers are very close. Thanks for the app! 28 year Active Duty member
  • Outstanding

    By Maucherri
    I recommend this app to every military personnel, specially those who already now the time is coming sooner than not!
  • Only for those retired after 2012!

    By Jimmy360
    Looks like a great app but they fail to mention it is only good for those that retired after 2012! Really think you should mention this in your description. Just spent $3.99 to find this app useless. Will they upgrade it to include earlier years???
  • Great app

    By Tall Guy Tom
    This app is a great guideline for telling me what I’ll be receiving upon retirement.
  • Excellent resource

    By Strokediggity
    Great for planning purposes. Thanks!
  • Limited for those retiring using high-3 shortly after promotion

    By jrhhunter
    Also, does not calculate retirement if you retire within three years of your promotion.
  • High 3

    By finnvomshonwasser
    Add the ability to calculate less than high 3. Two years current rank. One year previous grade.
  • No TERA calculation!!??

    By Biggy91929394
    This app does not any other retirement calculations other than regular retirement. It should be disclosed before spending money in this useless app.
  • Excellent App for calculating military retirement pay!

    By joshaf1
    I'm going through TAP class right now, and this app has stayed up to date for all the dollar amounts throughout the class!
  • Love it

    By buc20
    Easy, simple, accurate idea of what to expect for retirement. Ability to run different rank projections.
  • Fast, easy, and accurate

    By Bad spree
    The app is easy to navigate, once info is plugged in its fast, and gives an accurate picture of what your retirement pay will look like. Excellent job!
  • One thing

    By madmanque
    The calculator does not reflect the updated VA compensation tables.
  • Missing two key data points

    By ThisAppVeryInaccurate
    Off by $800 at least Purchased app upon recommendation of other service members. Disappointed tho as two critical pieces of necessary info not considered. pay entry base date (not same as years of service for the % 50-75 of retirement) and months at current rank --if less than 36 that makes a difference
  • Pretty useful & accurate!

    By Bloodrain81
    This is the app you don't want to be without. Being in the Military gives you advantages to see your pay through DFAS. Having this app gives you an informed decision about your projected retirement pay. Don't retire without downloading this app.
  • Planner

    By Hub runner
    Please consider adding two enhancements: 1) A function to allow user to select a federal tax bracket. As your in-app describes, the tax portion can include many variables; however, calculation with user added tax bracket would provide more realistic estimates of net income prior to considering state tax implications. 2) Adding another layer to select a state of residence would also help users in planning, as many states do not tax military retirement income. Knowing which states exempt is very useful information. This is all information I would expect to be calculated for me considering the cost of the app. Nice start, needs more work!
  • Excellent for mil retirees

    By Dxhfvkugktwm
    Straightforward and simple to use, information is accurate and useful. Do wish it had tricare retiree dental program included, but still 5 star usefulness.
  • Great vet app!

    By jdjquest
    Simply a must have for that next chapter!