Stocks Pro : Real-time stock

Stocks Pro : Real-time stock

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2012-10-02
  • Current Version: 7.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 41.45 MB
  • Developer: Dajax LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 793


StockPro - The most comprehensive stock app in the mobile world. Brings you free streaming live quotes, pre-market/after-hour quotes, portfolio monitoring, advanced full screen chart, push notification based alert, economic news, event/earnings calendar, market signal scans and many more... StockPro is identical to the Full Version of "Real-time Stock Tracker", DO NOT download if you already purchased full version from Real-time Stock Tracker. Feature Highlights: -Multiple watch lists -Multiple portfolios -Real-time Alerts -Real-Time streaming quotes -Options -Market single scans -Global Indexes & Currencies -Futures & Commodities -Stock Screener -Chart with 50+ technical indicators -Paper Trade -News, Events & Earnings Feature Details: --------------------------------------------- -== Watchlist and real time quotes ==- --------------------------------------------- Free real-time streaming quotes, no more refresh, no more 15-20 min delay * After hour and pre-market price DJIA, NADAQ, S&P 500 futures Prices are always associated with time, you will never be misled Symbol lookup Create unlimited watchlists Add unlimited symbols to existing watchlist Delete/Re-order your watch list and symbols --------------------------------------------- -== Market single scans ==- --------------------------------------------- 52-week high/low Strong Volume Gainer/Losser 50/200 MA Crossover MACD Crossover RSI Oversold/Overbought Above/Below Bollinger Band SAR Buy/Sell ADX Uptrend/Downtrend Aroon Uptrend/Downtrend Gap Up/Down --------------------------------------------- -== Stock details ==- --------------------------------------------- Open, previous close, high/low, 54 week high/low, volume/avg volume Earnings info for up to past 6 quarters Next earning release date Add coming earning release date to your calendar Company news --------------------------------------------- -== Option chain ==- --------------------------------------------- Load option chain if available --------------------------------------------- -== Chart ==- --------------------------------------------- Simple line/candle chart 1, 5 day, 1,3,6 month and 1,2,5 year chart Advanced Chart: Intraday chart. 1min, 5min, 15min chart MACD,RSI,Bollinger bands, Stochastic ... More than 50 technical indicators and overlays --------------------------------------------- -== Portfolio tracker ==- --------------------------------------------- Create unlimited portfolios Added unlimited positions to existing portfolio Cash management Delete/Re-order your portfolio and positions Gain/Loss summary per portfolio Gain/Loss details per position Realized Gain/Loss and Gain/Loss summary in transaction log Import portfolios from goog/yahoo finance --------------------------------------------- -== Alerts ==- --------------------------------------------- Setup unlimited push notification based alert Backed by our streaming quote engine, alerts are run/triggered in seconds Setup simple alerts based on price, price change/percent, volume Trailing stop alert Price on home screen (badge) --------------------------------------------- -== Exchange supported ==- --------------------------------------------- USA/CA NYSE, NASDAQ, ASE, CBT, CME, NYB, CMX, NYM, OBB, PK, TOR, VAN Europe AMS, BAR, BER, BIL, CPH, DUS, EBS, FRA, GER, HAM, HAN, LSE, MAD, MCE, MIL, MUN, OSL, PAR, STO, STU, SWX, VIE Asia Pac ASX, BSE, CPH, HKG, JKT, KOE, KSE, NSI, NZE, SES, SHH, SHZ, TAI, TLV, TWO --------------------------------------------- -== News and economic events ==- --------------------------------------------- RSS news reader Earnings calendar Dividend calendar Economic event calendar * real-time quotes for USA stocks only



  • Buggy

    By John Morabito
    The app is unable to load options for any security saying that they don’t exist. Please fix so that I can track options again - that was the primary reason why I chose this app. Otherwise I’ll have to look for a substitute.
  • What’s up with the Graphs?

    By Dennis Schirmer
    I’ve used this app for a long time, I’ve always loved it. I’ve been waiting for an update for months to fix the issues with the graphs not updating and when I just looked I see there hasn’t been an update in a year? Are you no longer supporting this? Do I need to get something new?
  • Stopped using

    By StayCharmin
    Paid money for this crap and it doesn't update half the time. Has me login to my broker but gives me bs data. STAY FAR AWAY.
  • Terrible Support

    By NO SUPPORT!!!
    This app is good when it works and many times a day, week, month that it doesn’t. There is no support other than an unanswered email that I’m sure is never checked. It’s really a shame for such a great app not to work correctly. The mutual funds don’t update days sometimes weeks late.
  • Never Never updates !!!!!!

    By wall st exec
    Absolutely the best intent with the worst reliability
  • Charts

    By John Altair
    It is not updating the charts
  • Primadonna

    By ouame
    The app setup, and scope are perfect...much better than my broker (a REALLY large broker who has millions of 401-k accounts). But more often than not lately, the app spazzes out and everything goes to zero ( thanks for the heart attack!) , or when resending the info, I can’t get the cost at which I acquired the share, nor the profit /losses incurred since I bought it...pretty important in rollercoaster markets, hmmm? It drives me crazy, because in the rare occasions when it all works, it’s Perfect.
  • Buggy as heck

    By scawa
    I bought the “Pro” version of this. 1) The DOW and S&P and NASDAQ don’t update. I have a daily view and they just sit there at the end of day for the previous view. 2) I tried to delete Google and Amazon from the “MY STOCK” view, but they would not delete. I could look for more, but that is enough. I have been ripped off and this app is useless.
  • Glitches galore, No response

    I cannot re-connect my brokerage account as I hav alwYs hD to do from time to time. Contacted them three times and no response. I did enjoy the app while it worked. Oh well
  • Best financial news

    By Deafric
    Best financial news
  • Needs some work

    By nana of 4.5
    I have used this app for several years but lately it gets frozen a lot and I can not get access to futures any longer .
  • Alerts

    By jonmou
    The main reason I use this app is for the alerts. It works pretty well, best I have tried. There have been times when my alerts will all vanish but they came back within 30min. It’s for sure worth a few bucks.
  • Very problematic

    By Ddjjssee
    Great app....... when it works. SP500 chart only has one bar on it. For the last couple weeks the stock charts have omitted the entire last week making charts inaccurate and useless. I’ve sent in numerous requests to fix but it never does. I’ve stopped using it. Disappointed.
  • Manager

    By carcollector
  • No charts!

    By CHuntress
    So frustrated. It always seems like lately that when the market is super active, the charts won’t pop up at all, either on my iPad or iPhone. It feels like a situation where your program and servers can’t keep up. Without the charts, this app is useless to me. 😞
  • NOT LOADING any alerts!!!

    By Sarah-R-2003
    NOT LOADING any alerts!!! Unless I refresh the page over two dozen times alerts don’t load and I am not able to add any alerts either!!! This is a terrific app when it works but currently it is unusable...
  • Alerts stopped working

    By swapnil_sandy
    His used to be my go to app for stock analysis on phone. Used to work great, but recently got a lot of bugs. My main use of this app is for alerts , but the alerts stopped working since last year or so(I have been using the app for about 5 years now). I posted the issue with alerts on the app forum as well but no reply from developer. It won’t let me add my phone number for the alerts, it takes any other phone number. I get a error “something went wrong we are not able to send sms to provided number” Hence the one star.
  • Bugsss

    By Yoyouser
    This thing really went down hill. Between using this for many years... now nothing but bugs and glitches. Deleting it.
  • Can’t see charts

    By Saya tokido
    Ever since the last update, the charts can not be seen in the app
  • A failing friend - so sad

    By Dieslwzl
    This app has served me for at least 3 years. It had reliable features and offered everything one could want - worth every penny - and more. In the last year, despite e-mails to developer with no improvement or maintenance (?) since, I fear something bad has happened there. - Data is no longer reliably updating, even US, NYSE listings. - In Aug 2018, Canadian stocks listed in NYSE stopped showing charts and data was a day or more old. - by 2018, Options just disappeared, no longer supported - the notes feature is great, but without reliable info, not attractive anymore. This app is simply crumbling. I must look elsewhere. It is so sad to lose this long-time friend.
  • Paper Trading is Blocked

    By readingnavyrunningblue
    PAID for this to upgrade from the basic version and in order to continue paper trade regularly. Paper trading DOES NOT WORK. So I guess I will take a hit and go back to the basic version for paper.
  • Useless, also can't get any respond from service, even one word

    By Chunqiao Ren
    Useless software, nothing good, don't understand why got many 5 stars, news not updated, chat is too small, all function cracks!
  • Scam?

    By DamienPM
    First thing to note: this app is no longer supported by its developper. No update in months... If you really want to have it you should go with Real-time Stocks Tracker buying the Full version add-on for the same price. Real-time Stocks Tracker is apparently regularly updated. That being said my main concern is total absence of support from the developers. I tried to get my password reset. It’s been a month I’ve been trying to contact them by all means and I received not a single answer. None of the option they proposed in the apps or on their website worked. Such attitude and opacity make me lose any trust I had in this app. I would not recommend anybody to put any personal information (portfolio, brokerage accounts,...).
  • Basic Functionality Broken

    By CookieFactory
    Opening the DOW Analysis section results in a blank page. Going back to previous page results in a transition loop back to said blank page.
  • Too inaccurate for me

    By L.A.Rankin
    Glitchy. But by far the biggest problem is that for index futures, it doesn’t factor fair value. Beyond that, as of this moment, it’s listing futures of the dow at -274. CNBC has them at 29. That’s about 300 points off. Totally unacceptable. So for me, that feature is useless. I have found it to have inaccurate quotes. So, really I can’t use it anymore.
  • Total out of date

    By 小杨同学o_O
    I purchased StockPro with the impression that it is the full version of StocksTracker. However, Stockstracker has been constantly updated while this “Pro” app has not been maintained/updated for 6 months. I would love to request a refund and purchase the full version in Stockstracker IAP, or update your pro version! Very disappointed!
  • Developers not supporting app

    By PaulRH63
    Developers don’t support this app anymore. Emails to them are ignored and never responded to. Mutual funds/Bonds don’t update anymore for days, sometimes weeks. Dropbox no longer syncs. Lost all data from logon to their website. Now I keep all stocks local on phone. Only good thing they have done is bring back the green/red charts. Come on developers, this use to be a great app. Are you really willing to let it go down the toilet. 5/4/18 update: no change. Been using STOCKS LIVE. Prices update daily on all mutual funds
  • Options used to work

    By A1234$&@
    Now I can't load options streams which is really annoying because it used work!
  • Please fix.

    By pipslane
    Advanced charts not correct. 5 day is 1 day. 1 year incorrect too
  • In accurate market quote data

    By srcarlson28
    I consistently receive in accurate quotations and tracking information for TCEHY. Why is it this is the only app that can’t report real time accurate quotations for the stock. Please fix it and I would gladly update my review. Other than this, the app is great. I have to be able to count on the data I see!!
  • App closed while reading news

    By GmialSuxbad
    The app closes on it’s own after reading news for couple of minutes on ipad pro 10”. Please fix this problem, otherwise a solid app.
  • 1. Bait and Switch?? 2. Liberty One Lithium is not LBY

    By Redirks
    A problem I have with this otherwise fine app is that often when I start reading the "links" in the right hand column I read a little then you force me to pay to read the rest of the article. This is a bait-and-switch. At least, place a "Pay To Read" note (AKA, a $ sign) in the title line of the references so I don't start reading it. Also, I bought LBY. When I go to the “links” all the references are to Liberty One Lithium - none for LBY (Libbey Inc., a glass manufacturer)
  • Do not buy

    By Pourya pj
    The timeline on the charts is constantly wrong. Especially when the market is closed. You plot for 2 years and it plots for 1 month or forgets the last year and so You have to constantly check the timeline. Also when the market opens, you can’t zoom to see the details. It keeps jumping to the previous day and is so annoying. Also, the 52 week range was completely wrong for the past few days until they just fixed it.
  • Nice program but zero docs or support.

    By RobertLer
    Dev does not answer even simple questions on app’s functionality — even with paid version.
  • Worthless...

    By 3345Records
    Glitchy is an understatement. Can’t even edit the basic list of stocks to follow.
  • Use to be much better. Provided consistent screen infor like earnings yields for all.

    By hihojeff99
    all of sudden the Earnings panel portion now disappears been using the app for 1yr to 1 1/2 worked great. Absolutely no support - cause no web site and FAQ useless. ANYONE ELSE WITH THIS ISSUE??
  • Performance

    By Lex Levi
    App never works
  • Very good

    By lenmacd11
    Best stock chart software out there for iPad. Paper Trading broken in Jan 2018?
  • Stock Tracker

    By JBW1937
    Real time is good except options no longer come up. I’m on iPhone 7+ so maybe that is the problem. Had them for a short time. Also volume is very random in relation to real time. Otherwise the only thing is creating a more active board such as SA. Correct these and I go to 5 stars.
  • Excelente herramienta

    By Eclesiastes007
    Esta aplicación es muy buena para monitorear e hacer compra y venta en tiempo real...
  • Glitchy

    By Dan9988
    Used this app daily for 4 years. Useful most of the time, but glitchy & glitchier over the years. Different glitches happened often - e.g. wrong values for hours, at times stopped moving completely, etc. Also they now blanked out all Hong Kong HK & Shanghai SS Stocks.
  • Crashes When Charting Real-Time Indices

    By KRowland08
    I really want this app to work. It has many features I want to use. However, when selecting Indices and tapping SP or DOW to get advanced chart, unless it is set to DAILY, it will crash the app. If you change the setting from DAILY to anything else, it crashes. Also trying to contact the company is next to impossible, as the Contact US and the Rate Us buttons on the Settings page, also crash the app. Also, why can’t I get my Pro version on BOTH my ipad and iPhone. Trying to “Restore Previous Purchases” does not work and even though I gave them $16, I still have to see ads on my phone. Good thing I did my purchase on my iPad, the primary place I wanted to use the app. However the MAIN ONE THING I wanted to use it for, watching real-time charting of the S&P doesn’t work. What a waste. Is there anyone else who is experiencing this or has a workaround?
  • iOS 11 issue?

    By DM49323
    Doesn’t seem to work as well lately. Earlier versions were better.
  • Alerts have been the weak link of this app

    By Kran123
    I’ve been trying to use alerts on this app for a few months now but it never worked fine. Trigger fires even when the price hasn’t hit the trailing percent stop.
  • I was charged twice!

    By c00mtg
    Please refund one charge, I was charged twice. Thanks! 12/15/2017 Why are the charts not working!! Please refund!
  • Major issues

    By Sanjay Acharya
    This app used to be great until recently. The ticker values shown are completely off track and makes the app useless, dangerous if you day trade. Wish I could give it ‘0’ stars.
  • Developer needs to keep up

    By agaochen
    I used to give 5start to this app. But over the past two months, it has had so many glitch about stock quote accuracy and responsiveness. Why cannot quote cannot be streamed in real time anymore?
  • Awesome app!

    By Fig3636
    This is one of my two favorite apps.
  • Prices are not updated

    By Pop1234667
    Prices are out of date. They will put yesterday's price as current price. Be aware, don't purchase!!!