Genius Fax - Fax PDF documents

Genius Fax - Fax PDF documents

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2013-02-06
  • Current Version: 2.2.19
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 10.38 MB
  • Developer: The Grizzly Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 846


Genius Fax is the easiest way to send and receive faxes from your iOS device that stays affordable. No need to go to the dreaded fax store anymore. Faxing with Genius Fax is simple, fast and beautiful. Read below for pricing and subscription information. To send a fax: choose a file from your favorite cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box) or from any other iOS app (Genius Scan, Safari, Mail…) To receive a fax: subscribe for a number and you’re all set. You receive documents as PDF and can preview them or open them with any other app. **** Sending: - Tap the “Send” button to choose a file from Box, Dropbox or Google Drive. - Alternatively, open a PDF or image file in any of your favorite app (iBooks …) and use the “Open with” feature of any app to open the file with Genius Fax - Enter the recipient fax number - Optionally add a title, sender, description and recipient details and enable the cover page - Tap the send button! - Each page costs a fax credit, the cover page is free. Receiving: - Subscribe to a number for 1, 3 or 6 months - Give away your number to whoever needs to fax to you - Add credits to receive faxes. One page costs one credit. - Faxes appear in your fax list as soon as they are received and paid for Features: - Simple and beautiful UI. We don't understand why business apps should be ugly! - Pick a PDF or image file to send from another app or from the cloud - Send a fax to select international fax numbers (see list of countries below) - Send and forget: push notification for success and failure - Receive faxes - Free cover page that includes the sender and recipient contact details, as well as a subject a long description - Conveniently buy credits and fax number subscriptions - History of the faxes you sent available from any of your devices with Genius Fax (using your Genius Fax account) - Easily delete from history Cost: - Each page of your PDF file costs a fax credit to send or to receive - When sending, the cover page appended by Genius Fax is always free - You can buy credits in Genius Fax. A fax credits starts at $0.99 but costs as little as $0.39 if purchased in bulk. - You can buy a number in Genius Fax for as little as $3.49/month - Send your fax to any supported country. It's always one credit per page. International destinations supported: US, Canada, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Cyprus, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Israel, Kazakhstan, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, New Zealand and Australia Genius Fax is fully compatible with Genius Scan. You can scan documents with Genius Scan and fax them with Genius Fax. This fax app supports documents up to 50 MB. Please let us know your feedback at so that we can improve the app with the next iteration! Legal: - By using Genius Fax, you agree to the terms of use - These terms are always available from the app settings menu



  • Reliable platform !

    By twinturboyan
    I rarely use fax anymore but when I need to I use this app. Very stable and active updated and features. Thx very much. Useful APP.
  • Easy to use when old fashioned fax is needed

    By calandman
    Handy to use from your phone. Not many times you need to end a fax but when you do this is it for doing it.
  • I love it! Brilliant!

    By Ladybugface
    Genius Fax saved the day!
  • Does what I need, well & reliably

    By ?what next?
    I have used Genius Fax, Genius Scan +, and Genius Sign for 6 years. I use Genius Fax when I need a time stamped receipt for time sensitive or private documents. The suite of programs integrate flawlessly. Product support is reliable and consistently good. Over time the apps have individually and collectively become more useful. I keep my iPad iOS current with Apple updates, and find this suite of apps plays well before and after each major iOS update. Kudos for the Grizzly Labs development & support team(s). I do have one suggestion that would improve my experience: Keep the FAQs more current, as well as 'help' docs. There seems to be an occasional lag between strong 'help' documentation for features accessed by the (typical to all Apple apps) obscure, sparsely available icons.
  • Excellent

    By M1293F
    Works fast and easy
  • Enabling the Troglodytes

    By straight_outta
    The perfect solution to fax government entities that don’t “do email.” Glad I had access to this, but maybe we should rip the bandaid off (?)
  • Genius Fax

    By csolis001
    Is easy and fast. Awesome app to send faxes!
  • Easy to use, affordable

    By maniacmom1221
    Best way to Fax anything and everything!
  • Able to send but not receive even with a paid fax number

    By JBerry_VA
    Left jumping through hoops because a fax was not received by a number a purchased through the app. Even purchased more credits. Sends fine but receive not so much.
  • Won’t give credits

    By morecraptogothrough
    And when you go to get support it sends you to iTunes which sends you to the app. Freaking lovely. Piece of crap. Don’t bother.
  • ☺️

    By msjzhdjxjxjxxxjxj
    Took my money , fax wouldn’t send .
  • Slick

    By rvjax
    Faxing has never been easier. Just shoot and send.
  • Anna1234321

    By Anna5667645371
    I really enjoy this app!
  • What a pleasure!

    By MTC146
    Faxing has become a real pain to do anymore. This app makes it as simple as taking a picture. What a pleasure. There is a fee to send fax but well worth it and cheaper than going to a UPS or Fed-Ex store👍!
  • Nice🙌🏽

    By Hilda8214
    It would be better if the cost of one page would be 25 cents but other then that is a good app
  • Glad for this app.

    By prettyxancc
    Easy to use. Very convenient.
  • Super

    By Jesus32314
    When I am Ready to use more often I will join for services.
  • Quick and easy to use!

    By Happy Genius User
    I’m not sure what I did before Genius scam and fax. They have simplified my life. I highly recommend both!
  • Conveniently outstanding

    By EdwardBoches
    Great app for scanning and faxing and incorporating powerful utility into your iPhone.
  • Easy and reliable

    By BMarkman98
    This app works as advertised, yes I know it’s not free, but you also get what you don’t pay for.
  • Surprisingly efficient!

    By SkipTiger
    Love Genius Fax and Genius scan. Was recommended to me by my Allstate agent. They are both so convenient and such a time saver! Easy to use. After the first use, you’ll never be without them again!
  • Easy and less expensive then office store

    By Jeffo518
    Worked easily. Fair pricing.
  • Easy, convenient

    By Charlie 2315
    I have been using this app for a few years now. It is easy and convenient.
  • Outstanding for when you don’t have a landline

    By Simonc3
    I use this app To fax important documents because I can’t do it from my own home because I don’t have a landline anymore. This is been in measurably helpful in getting health forms to education institutions and stuff when you have to send forms to the government etc.… I highly recommend this app!
  • Good job

    By Joepro1977
  • Love this fax service

    By cddsghj
    I cant begin to recommend them enough!
  • Great

    By lynfordd
    Used it for years just a great app alwYs works!
  • Perfect App

    By Happy New Yorker 1
    I love this app. It’s absolutely perfect for sending faxes right from your phone.
  • genius really works

    By jlariv
    genius fax and genius scan both work really well and have become a critical part of our office workflow.
  • Best App A Must

    By Moto Com
    This is the best App I have ever downloaded and used. If you are in any type of business, forget all the others.
  • Easy and efficient

    By Franken5&;37,)8'fukfr
    Who needs a clunky fax machine? If you have an iPhone and it’s camera that’s it! I have saved HOURS of time by simply photographing documents and using this app. Highly recommend.
  • Grateful

    By Moore Massage, LLC
    So simple and perfect for a small business!
  • Monica Jackson

    By goo1966
    I love it!
  • Fax scan

    By 1hittwin
    So convenient!! Love it!!
  • Fax Genius IS the best fax app hands down!

    By Hyinthesky
    Don’t waste your time searching. Genius Apps are what you have been looking for. I’ve wasted hundreds of $$$ in my search. Keep your money and learn from my mistakes. Buy the genius Bundle, to save a few bucks. You will use them all. I know I do
  • I love faxing!

    By VirtueKnives
    Faxing something is sometimes a major hassle. But with genius fax the process is a stress relief.
  • Great out my phone

    By jerrytobonito
    Very convenient, I’m in the military and a fax is a machine that no ones uses around here. However, for my personal usage this is great, anywhere in the globe just need WiFi connection and bam, sent that fax required to solve my personal matters.
  • Garbage

    By mylachai
    Have tried to send 5 different faxes and this just does not work! I have full service and it’s still not going thru. Don’t waste your money!!
  • Better than a fax machine

    By Krazyleft
    Best faxing app made , just like having a fax machine at your fingers, no issues ever!!!
  • Fax anything on the go!

    By shealikes
    Very easy lots of format options.
  • 👍

    By LaurelPilar
    This is a great app.
  • Makp465

    By Markp357
    Love the fax it make everything simple for me
  • Don’t buy this !

    By thanks wow
    Worst software ever !!!! Please don’t waste your money buying this. They take your money and the software doesn’t send.
  • Excellent App!

    By The Gash
    Worked flawlessly, and works well with Genius Scan.
  • Doesn’t work well.

    By johnrmans
    Hard to link files from other apps, and gave a message “number does not exist” which wasn’t true. I got another faxing app and same number went through no problem.
  • Easy to use. Very convenient.

    By riveramoddy
    Easy to use. Very convenient.
  • Great app

    By Regular D
    This app is great, quick and works with other apps and photos stored on your phone or tablet. Haven’t experienced any issues and I have been using this app for over 2 years.
  • Always a breeze to use

    By Elkin Alonso
    I don’t send faxes too often but when I do, I use Genius Fax. Especially in conjunction with Genius Scan, my experience using the app has always been a positive one. It is inexpensive and very convenient because I never have to set foot in a fax store (I honestly wouldn’t even know where to go). I would recommend Genius Fax to anyone who needs a quick solution for sending out a fax as well as to anyone who might need to send out faxes more frequently.
  • The Best Faxing App

    By jasteriou
    I am a life insurance broker and send all documents via fax. This is by far the best app as far as quality, price, and options. The .40 per fax option is great and allows a free fax Cover Page. We use this daily and store our files in the cloud. Highly recommend this if you must fax on a regular basis. Jim