• Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2012-11-13
  • Current Version: 6.41.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 119.02 MB
  • Developer: Duolingo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 818 405


Join over 300 million learners on Duolingo, the most popular way to learn languages! It’s free, fun and effective. The secret? Duolingo feels like a game and makes sure you stay motivated. Over 30 languages to choose from - all completely free! • "Far and away the best language-learning app." — The Wall Street Journal • "A single app for language skills, self-improvement and digital escape." - The New York Times • "Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education." — TIME Magazine • "...Duolingo is cheerful, lighthearted and fun..." - Forbes Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages using advanced technology to personalize every lesson for you. Practice reading, writing, speaking, listening and conversation with intelligent Chatbots. Track your progress, earn rewards, and join the world’s largest community of language learners. We offer: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Welsh, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, and Swahili. Oh, and English too. -------------------------------------------- While all learning content in Duolingo is free, we do offer Duolingo Plus which removes ads and provides other helpful features. If you choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. If you don’t choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, you can simply continue using Duolingo for free. Current Duolingo Plus subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month. Privacy Policy: https://www.duolingo.com/privacy Terms of Service: https://www.duolingo.com/terms



  • Something is wrong.

    By KingOfKyle
    The app is glitching out so much. My XP stays at 56/50 every time I complete a lesson. But also it did this weird thing where it didn’t show all the days of the week when it was counting my XP. Something is wrong. Please fix ASAP.
  • Update error

    By Koro00
    There’s a bug that is causing the progress to be deducted rather that added. Every time I complete a course (for Korean) it adds my ten points and then deducts rather than adds the 5 for completing correctly in one shot. But then the progress doesn’t even count the 10 to begin with. It’s causing me to show as if I’m not studying even after completing five new lessons! Will not use or change rating until issue is solved.
  • Good in theory - SO MANY BUGS

    By creabain
    This app could be great if not for all of the bugs. And customer service is basically a person saying “yeah sorry that happened but there’s nothing we can do.” Maybe worth the free version but definitely not worth the paid.
  • How to upgrade Duolingo Spanish lessons series.

    By Brazo843
    The Duolingo app tells me that my doulingo is out of date and I must up date. When I press the update button it gives mr a Duolingo home page but no way to upgrade. It is an endless cycle each time I try to upgrade nothing happens. I've tried for two days but cannot continue with my Spanish lessons because the program freezes and tells me to update. I am about ready to quit the program unless you fix it.
  • ....

    By Viera2018
    How the hell am I supposed to learn what “nana” is in hiragana if I don’t know what it means in Japanese in the first place?
  • Duolingo is AMAZING

    By madscane
    24 hours on duolingo counts as one whole trimester In a school for learning a language!! Highly recommend!!
  • app keeps getting worse

    By bmc1342
    now they added hearts to the review system and not just new lessons? what garbage. update: i hate the forced updating and auto-jumping to the app store!!! it definitely keeps getting worse!!!
  • Im risking it

    By HENTAI <3
    help its now outside my door
  • Average

    By satisfiedbuyer1
    I think this app is a fairly average language learning app. I wish it brought clubs back, I can’t speak to anyone in the language I’m aiming for, and the lessons are almost absurdly repetitive when you have to do 7 lessons per level for 4 levels, giving you 28 lessons, around five minutes each making you take 140 minutes on a topic you could master in 30-60.
  • Stuck in infinite update loop

    By Dehfyjdsgfbidwfh
    Error message, "Your Duolingo is out of date. Update to unlock the newest features." Two options are given, "Cancel" or "Update". Cancel opens the App Store. Update opens the App Store. The only option from there is "Open". This starts the whole process over again.
  • He gon kil u

  • The hearts......

    By Cheez Muffins
    I love the app, it is amazing but the hearts....... they take freakishly and unreasonably long to replenish. It takes I think 4-5 hours for a single heart! (Or maybe I read it wrong) Nobody has the patience for that! How am I supposed to learn Korean if I have to wait like, a couple hours to continue to the next lesson! (I am super bad at the Korean alphabet) ò______ó
  • You missed your Spanish lesson

    By Whit cloud
    Hi Child. I’m that dumb bird! And you missed your Spanish lesson! You know what happens to people who miss there lessons right?!? MAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  • Amazing

    By puddlesgb
    This is a really good app for learning new languages and I think they should put sign language on the app to so we can also learn that.
  • App is poorly laid out.

    By Joeofjune
    The program is great. Bot Chrome and Safari offer more than the app. The app gets one star. Update needs allow communication in the app.
  • Amazing

    A helpful app for me! Loving it!
  • Scary

    By No1rater
    Spanish or vanish
  • It can be enjoyable when they stop allowing cheating

    By MrCharismatic
    I have learned almost 500 words and have placed in the top three a few times. As the lessons become more difficult, I have noticed that small misspelled mistakes are marked wrong more frequently, which is disheartening. The quality and speed of the voices you have to interpret are not that great, and when you slow it down, it’s insulting in a funny way. The worst part is that towards the end of the week, people start cheating to remain ahead of you on the board. They add languages, take all stories, and no lessons, etc. Another thing that bothers me is that when you take a progress quiz, words that you haven’t even studied are given to you. So there’s no real way to measure your progress.
  • You missed your Spanish lesson...

    By Han Luu Kelly Tran Huy Tran
    I will find you! I’m just joking. This might be a great app for learning and teaching me Languages like French, Spanish, you name it!
  • Horrable

    By Wilson Danger Sykes
    First off, it was good but now it wants me to speak. But my microphone doesn’t work because of a stupid part which doesn’t work. I would give this 0 stars if i could but i can’t. So that’s why i gave 1 star. P.S. take out the part where you have to speak into the microphone.
  • GREAT!! Wish the app had all the same features the web version does

    By Gabrielle Norris
    this app is so helpful for anyone learning any language! Just wish all of the helpful features on the web version like the stories and being able to pass off all 4 levels were available on the app!
  • Aprendo relajada

    By PatiEule
    Me gusta porque es como un juego, me divierte, es ameno, variado y competitivo.
  • French

    By sdyoxx
    I like the course when I’m home but I need something when I’m driving. Duolingo only lets you hear the audio and respond after you’ve reached a certain level. Very frustrating for someone who has more time to learn while driving to work.
  • It’s not relevant

    By NarwhalsB1
    I like that it’s set up like a game with high scores and leagues to encourage you to work hard, but it’s difficult to remember what you’ve learned. It teaches phrases that no one actually says or that you would never really need to use. It’s also difficult to learn since it’s more of a guessing game. It would be easier to learn if it was “This translates to this,” but instead it’s “Here’s a phrase, guess what it means.” It helps that the alphabet is taught first, but it doesn’t teach sentence structure or grammar early on or even greetings. Overall it’s a fun game, but it’s hard to learn.
  • Duolinga duolingu duolingi duolinge duolingy

    By Clefairy412
    I would love Duolinga duolingi duolingu duolinge duolingy because my mom sent this request and please release the apps so people who want more subjects to learn are in good hands.
  • Mediocre

    By Chanmar Deng
    I don’t really like it that much. I was planning on staying organized and I procrastinated on the learning the language and so I forgot them and I wanted a fresh start.
  • Would not recommend.

    By kurrentlykat
    Sure, it teaches you the language you’d like to learn and makes sure you pronounce it right. But they don’t even teach you half of the words they test you on! They never give you any rules like, in a English, for some words you must put an “es” at the end for it to be grammatically correct for being plural. But Duolingo never does any of that! That other thing is, you run out of hearts. I’m sorry, but if I accidentally click stuff or I’m just confused because you never taught us enough, (*cough cough*) then why should I have to review stuff I already know? In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend this at all. Don’t get it.
  • Great app!!!

    By BLTinLV
    I’ve tried Duolingo a few times but never stuck with it. This time I started with a friend so we could challenge each other and now I can’t go a day without it. Stick to it and you’ll love it.
  • Great for learning languages! But...

    By Dog lover🐶🐕🐩
    Hey Duolingo! I love this app because I’m able to learn Spanish, French, and now Latin! Thank you so much for adding on Latin! I’ve been learning Latin in school, and this helps! The reason for the four stars: Before I get started, thank you so much for adding Stories to Spanish and French! Unfortunately, that is where my complaint, call it if you will, comes from. I am a Christian, and looking ahead at the topics I see that you have included something pertaining to a...I don’t even have the strength to type it... “ouija board”. You can probably see where this is going. Please let there be some way for me to skip this topic and move onto the next set! It is obvious you have to clear all topics in a set to move onto the next set. Please help! -Devoted Christian
  • New story lines are the best

    By crabnebula
    Thank you for the story lines to follow and interpret These are fast fun and very helpful
  • Please

    By Hano Inah
    Please stop spamming me to update your app. My iPad is outdated and I downloaded the most compatible version. I can't update it
  • One thing

    By Stage 10 Parrothead
    The only thing that I would change is having the hearts.
  • Duolingo ROCKS!

    By SunShine8433
    This app really does help you learn a language. I have tried other popular apps to learn Spanish but Duo has me hooked. Just the way they teach it...it makes sense to me. Also the tips before each lesson is SUPER helpful. Thank you Duo. I love the addition of short stories that has realistic conversations that test you along the way to make sure you are understanding it. Great exercise Duo!
  • Need to learn offline? Don’t bother with this app.

    By Akriggle15
    I work on a cruise with 70+ nationalities and languages, so having an app that I can access at all times to help me stay sharp would have been great. I paid for the Plus version to help me. What I found out was that while offline (airplane mode), any and ALL progress is immediately wiped out as soon as you re-connect to internet. So what’s the point if I can’t progress and learn anything? I sent a message to the Help Center and their response was “we are aware of this issue” ... and nothing else. I’d love a refund, since this app is completely useless to me, but I rarely have the internet to ask for it.
  • Fun

    By Calamarney
    I like it but it goes kind of slow and it keeps repeating the same words over and over again!🤔
  • No longer worth anything

    By Carlotta Menuhin
    Duolingo, apparently in cahoots with Apple, no longer works on older iPads such as mine. What had been a wonderful app is now totally useless. Larry in Omaha
  • Umm help ?

    By loser #3
    Umm you see it’s a good app but I am unable to type in the other language and it just gets mad at me I wish you would fix it please otherwise I will be forced to quit and I would hate to.
  • New update renders the speaker related lessons unable to function

    By ghgffjfdchjdcbkfdcbkjsxv
    The materials are great but the latest update makes the speaker nonfunctional. Please fix it and let me know. I’d be happy to update my ratings when the bug is fixed.
  • It’s okay

    By pegley44
    I’m don’t care for the childish aspect of it. I’m an adult and don’t need the constant praise to continue. Also it’s really annoying that I’m stuck at lower levels until I finish a ridiculous number of lessons. I’m taking Spanish and got how to to say, type and repeat “por favor” and “gracias” well before the 50th time, uggh
  • It’s working!

    By P|$$3|) 0££
    I’ve been using it to learn German for two months now, I got Plus because I love to pump out about two hours a day lol. My only complaint is that I HATE the new stories where they read aloud to you, it sounds so.. creepy?!
  • It has helped further my linguistic skills

    By The_blacklist
    This used to be a good app for learning. But don't try to use it when you are actually traveling. Lately, they update it often and leave you stranded when you are unable to upgrade it away from home (especially the recent one where it requires an OS upgrade). I've lost my running streak twice on account of being locked out due to inability to update. Please give those of us who are traveling abroad a break!
  • not helpful at all

    By LDT321kdjd
    This app does not teach you anything it starts by asking you to translate 3 word sentences without teaching you anything and if you get I wrong it takes away 1 of your 5 lives and doesn’t tell you what you did wrong. It’s practically a game of luck. over super waste of time doesn’t teach you anything absolutely pointless
  • It’s good

    By Em Man
    I like the app. Corresponding stories for the Chinese lessons would make it better with a list of the new words introduced too.
  • Should consider this...

    By Reno Nile
    Hi, Your App is GREAT, but you already know that. Now, I believe you could make long term memory yet more efficient. That is, by using the already learned phrases as a audio rehearsal - in a session, where a defined set of expressions & phrases gets played to you with a pause in between to speak it out loud - for example while doing sports, or running etc. Thank You for your time ;-) Reno German by blood, English spoken near natively, Italian professional training & (so far) 3year language immersion living there, French 7yr school education.
  • Spam

    By rijdfi
    Duolingo spams your account with things. Every day it says finish your Spanish finish your Spanish, your daily report is zero so go onto Duolingo and finish your Spanish! The times I don’t even have the time to finish my Spanish. So just spams your account with it.

    By Isel the katicorn
    Ok so I love this app but there is one problem. Please fix the bug where I can put spaces in my sentences, when it asks me to wright something I press space but it undoes it.
  • So far so great. It’s worth every penny.

    By gudl1fe7
    2 thumbs up 1 month in ⚜️
  • Duolingo stopped working on iPad after update

    By triplex 128
    Was working ok until update, had 2 years of learning. Now what ?
  • Where is the Stories tab???

    By Boredandrandom
    I love this app, but when I downloaded the update, the Stories tab is not there as promised...