Planner Pro - Daily Calendar

Planner Pro - Daily Calendar

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2012-10-28
  • Current Version: 4.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 40.77 MB
  • Developer: Beesoft Apps
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 521


Designed for those people who’re looking for a full-featured app to manage daily life better. Planner Pro, which costs years for designing and coding is now coming out for everybody. We combine events, tasks and notes in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps. Planner Pro provides kinds of settings for different requirements from kinds of people. You’ll find the best way to meet your requirements in our app. Also, if you have any other great ideas or suggestions to make this app better please contact us with an email, which will be very appreciate. Events - Sync with iOS calendars and events - Show or hide calendars as you want - Add, edit or delete events easily - Supports full recurring period - Manually time slot - Supports all-day & cross-day events Tasks - Supports tasks and projects with sub-tasks - Supports recurring tasks and projects - 25 priorities for tasks and projects - Supports app badge - System reminder for each task Notes - Unlimited number of notes for each day - Manage notes in day, week and month view - Easily to add, edit and delete notes Other Key Features - Day, Week, Month and Tasks modules for better management - Supports both landscape and portrait modes - Very well designed user interface - Full records searching including events, tasks and notes - Set the first day of week manually - Select the launch view as you want We also offers an optional full version. You can organize events by week view, create projects and recurring tasks, export schedule and ads-free. Yearly subscription is available for $7.99. Note: Subscription will be charged to your iTunes account and will auto-renew each year. You can turn off auto-renew by going to your account settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being billed again. Planner Pro privacy policy: Planner Pro terms of use: Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use this app. If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to, you’ll get a response in a short time.



  • Tobyhanna,PA

    By Juania04
    I love this app truly worth it! I would recommend everyone download it
  • Can you not change the color of events anymore??

    By Reviewer7484838188
    I used to be able to change the color of events on the calendar. Now the events are all in blue and I can’t find any way to change it.
  • Excellent App for Calendar & Daily Tasks

    By Kgabernathy
    This coordinate w/iPhone calendar if you want it too. And reads much better and is better functioning than the iPhone calendar. If you have ANY difficulty, they will get right back to you and answer/fix any question or issue. Impressive customer service!
  • iPad. iPhone

    By 150xt
    Would have given 5 stars if I the iPad look was Thames as my iphone
  • Efficient

    By Jenspends
    This is exactly what I was looking for. Just like having a paper day planner and it works with iCalendar so I didn’t have to move everything over. I love having my notes and tasks in one location with my calendar.
  • The app I was looking for

    By Tysouthern
    This app has many of the features I sought out in a digital planner. Great for those who have multiple apple products. It works tremendously with iCalendar by importanting everything while adding new functionality. I only wish a subscription included the app for Mac OS so I did not have to buy the app there too.
  • Love it!!

    By elizabeth scout
    This keeps me so organized
  • Great app

    By cathydm19
    Excellent program. Integrates well with iPad and android phone. I am able to tract all my appointments, events, to do list and make notes all with one program.
  • Awful.

    By momadeya
    I have been having awful issues due to this app. I paid and expected it to function properly at least in the area of reminders but little did I know that every time I would set a reminder lets say for 1pm on a specific day at some point the app would change the time itself! I have missed several appointments and commitments due to this issue. At first, I was thinking maybe it s me who messes up in setting up the time, but later I did write it on the paper as well as setting it up in the app and found out that the issue comes from the app. To make things worse, the app does not allow to send emails to support team, it gives a message that email has not been set up which is not the case. Thus, if need an app that would help you stay efficient do not purchase planner pro.
  • No option for font, highlight on the characters

    By clairern
    It could have been a colorful planner if i have these options. And a year view. Not worth the price. There should be at least a trial option before buying 🧐🙄
  • DD

    By Dcd54
    Love it, love it, love it!
  • An ok app

    By Upsethorsegirl
    Doesn’t have the ability to color code events the way you want to. Had a lot of times where the time would change when creating an event. Example- setting up my work shift of 9-5, the app would automatically change the end time back to 9 am instead of the time I set of 5pm.
  • Poor

    By Nickboej
    I rarely write reviews. This is a 7 dollar yearly subscription, and you get less then what you paid for. The apple watch app doesn't work. Notifications dont work. The programming is lackluster. The week view and month view would be useful if there was a button that can take you straight to today view, and there is, only from certain points of view. The most basic things that are met by things 3, are not here. Except for the week view. Thats the only useful thing in this app. The week view is nice. I asked for a refund and Apple doesn't issue refunds for subscriptions. Even those that are less then a couple of days. I asked for a refund from the company and they didnt respond. You get my seven dollars company, but no more of my loyalty. Is it worth it to you company? Is it worth it to you Apple?
  • Great app

    By Dmburke
    Love it!
  • I like this app, but....

    By GRS150
    It does not appear to have the ability to add invitees and does not tap into IOS based notes, instead making a separate list. Integration of tasks into calendar is a major selling feature, reminiscent of the old Palm based calendar.
  • Dan Moore

    By Moresecure#17
    Contacted them dozens of times I’ve had problems with between android and iOS never once do I hear back from them they have created an app Getting a paycheck and just walked away
  • Just what I was looking for

    By Pamela from Massachusetts
    I feel like I searched high and low for a decent planner and came across this one, which is just what I was looking for. A calendar that pulls from my iOS calendar among others, and a task list, which works really well. The only thing I would suggest to developers is this - on repeat tasks, I cannot make a note for a specific date on that task. It automatically gets carried over to the next day and that doesn’t work for me. For example, if one of my tasks is “Post on Facebook” and I repeat that daily, I like to put what I post on every single day and I can’t do that on this app. However, I still love this app and will continue to use it!
  • Issues with Outlook Exchange Account

    By Nikiivsn
    The app userface and functionality is undeniably gorgeous. I upgraded to add the project feature and it is the best organizational planner on the App Store, hands down. HOWEVER, I have my work account setup on my device through Microsoft Exchange which does not always upload when using the app (which is 90% of the time). If it does, yay it’s a great day! If it doesn’t, I have to look at my schedule on both the calendar app and this one. Also I have a iPad and an iPhone. If the Outlook Exchange account does appear on one device, it will disappear as soon as I open the app on another device, so unfortunately I had to uninstall the app on my iphone to prevent this issue on my iPad, but the Outlook Exchange Account still doesn’t always appear. When this bug is fixed, it will be a 5 star app EASY!
  • Nope

    By Jesus is fun
    Boring. I could do what this does on my calendar that came with my phone.
  • Great app!

    By calciatrice
    I’ve been searching for an app like this and this is my favorite one yet. It allows you to incorporate your calendar, reminders, and notes seamlessly! I think the notes area could be improved with the ability to italicize, bold, underline, etc. as well as for the picture thumbnails to not be squares or maybe reduce the spacing between them. The ability to add more than 3 pictures would be nice as well. Overall very impressive app and looks great. Would just like to have more customization options such as with app icon and notes interface.
  • Commercials

    By BrennieSue
    I used this app for a couple years, then upgraded, hoping to be able to schedule bi-monthly events without retyping every time. Upgrade was useless so I cancelled. Then came the commercials. Out loud. Every time I opened the app, a commercial started. In meetings when I was trying to input future events. Oye.
  • Good for study schedules

    By 97hl5
    I am a premed and I use this calendar to track my studying everyday. I love how it has the option to create tasks for every day. And once you complete a task you can cross it off. That helps me to stay on top of my schedule. Thank you Planner Pro!
  • Excellent Planner

    By Old Outlook User3
    Great Planner and calendar integration!
  • Great

    By 123096?(5
    I’ve had this app for two years. I love that it links to my iPhone calendar, carries incomplete task I’ve to the next day, easy navigations. Overall great app
  • Nice but needs color coded for different events

    By Amirachan
    It will be nice if it can let us color code the events .... I use this apps to make 2 different schedules and I want to color code each schedule differently..... other then that this is an amazing app
  • Organized!

    By Jsndebkeljerbhfreljheffhilhrec
    I love how organized the app feels! I have such a packed schedule and it's to nice to be able to write everything and have it laid out so nicely!
  • I love it!

    By grandpawma
    I tried this app and then used others. This one allows me to look at my calendar, tasks and insert notes which I haven’t found with other apps in a way that was easy. After trying others, I returned to this app. I love it!
  • Planner Pro

    By Wes too
    I didn’t realize the app would Auto Renew for a full year and charge me without a warning. It was my mistake but beware. I had deleted the app off my phone months ago but it is a zombie.
  • As promised

    By artesq
    I bought pro. It works well on my phone but more often than not it does not synchronize with my iPad. Then all of a sudden it syncs. No difference in any settings. It syncs- it does not synchronize. Also I wish I could synchronize it to my desktop/outlook so I don't have to double enter events.
  • Awesome app

    By na dope
    App is awesome with out it I’d miss all of my appointments lol
  • Pro planner

    By Herdog
    Thank you for inventing this product/app. This app keeps my day and what I do all organized and in order. Then when I finish I can just delete it and go on with the next thing. My birthday was the 26 of this December I got this iPad and I like having a little schedule. And I found the app Pro Planner and I read what it does and how it works. And as I read I said well I’ll give it a try and I did and it works great thank you again for making this app. I would also like to say as a hair dresser I keep my appointments in order with this app and every time I’m done with one I delete it and it works great!! Thank you again for making this app I really truly appreciate it.
  • A Planner that works.... That I went Pro!

    By goforgold investments
    This is the second most-used application on my phone. So happy with it that I didn't mind going for Pro version. Superb!
  • High hopes, dashed

    By jvcoll
    I had been searching for a planner app to organize work, part time work, goals, and family life. I researched top rated options and landed on planner pro. I was happy to pay the yearly fee for what was offered and quickly started using the app. Now, however, I’m finding that the daily reminders I set up don’t always go off at the set time or when I set up a task the alert will continue to remind me even after I’ve completed it. I will own some issues to user inexperience, I can’t seem to find the answers to my issues. Save your money and use the free version. I’d love a refund...
  • Exceptional

    By Cyn-WOG
    I’ve had this app for a week now. I was looking for an option to replace my Franklin Planner. This app is very well thought out and work well by integrating my various calendars into a planner view. The task and notes sections help to keep me organize. I am categorizing my task by keeping separated under a project title. There Is room for small improvements, like the ability to use an Apple pen as well as type text in the notes section. Sometimes I want to quickly jot down a note instead of typing. Also I would like to be able to move or copy a task from one project to another. I look forward to enhancements and I hope they come soon.
  • Great app

    By Sayley5555
    I love the app, but I wish you could add more categories then just the 3 they give you. It. Ales it very limited in what I can add to the planner.
  • The best out there

    By PianoTuner78
    I have tried many different planner apps. This one is the all around best and is very similar to the covey system. The only thing I would like to add as a suggestion is to allow an apple pen or other stylus to “write" into this planner.
  • Recurring Events

    By Seattle Chick7
    Great app but missing one very important feature; the recurring tasks can only be set to “every day”-I really need more options, such as every week, once a month(on a particular day), yearly, etc...
  • Simple

    By Mandrake Madness
    The app was always easy to use. Now, Face Recognition works on my iPhone XS Max.
  • Amazing

    By Andrea Carmona
    Helps me plan out my days!
  • Decent planner

    By Sunshine1A
    I like to look at past info in planner as snapshot, however it doesn’t come up. The only other thing that could be improved is the speaking feature. I wold like to merge it with Google Alexa on my iPad. I would like to have a morning briefing of my day. For example I want it to highlight workout objectives for the day.
  • Very useful and simple

    By -cheencha<3
    I would like for it to have more features in the premium version but overall it has the essentials. I use it everytime!
  • Still trying to figure what this app does?

    By Brinkley28
    Not user friendly... I keep trying to figure out how to use it? Like it should do more. Like the Franklin Covey paper planner. My calendar that came with my phone seemed to do more.
  • Pastor

    By Ken Albarez
    I use this to plan out my day
  • Almost perfect

    By not Regretfull
    I was choosing between this and Swipes for a planner and have settled on Planner Pro. However, I think that Swipes has some features that are better, like being able to re-order tasks by dragging instead of giving each one a priority, and being able to add a list of tasks very quickly by using the return key instead of the + sign to add each one individually.
  • Ability for Apple Pencil Needed

    By Farmwife89
    I do like the Planner Pro. It’s similar to my old Franklin Planner; however, I wish I could write notes with my Apple Pencil in the app. It does show all of my calendars I have set up, I like the daily quotes, I like the export function (yes, I purchased it to get away from the ads), and the general layout. Once the Apple Pencil is available for use this will get 5 stars plus!
  • Potential 5 star

    By bluestem3
    Good format and syncs well with iOS. Small text hard to read - “pinch to zoom” capability would solve this issue and make this app a 5 star. Also like to be able to use Apple Pencil with this app.
  • Complies with modern digital calendars

    By mhe357
    I have meetings on first and third Tuesdays. Since it isn’t on a date, not changes every month. This calendar does just as I need
  • Really like it... but..

    By digitallake
    New to Watch.. and wondering if/how to access notes through Watch?? It would be perfect for me if I could do that- (Record a note with Siri !!) Please add that feature if not available.. Thanks!
  • Good app

    By Dubull
    So far I real like app