Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-01-17
  • Current Version: 1.69.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 201.92 MB
  • Developer: Imangi Studios, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 321 812


The sequel to the smash hit phenomenon that took the world by storm! Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2! Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you run?! FEATURES * Beautiful new graphics * Gorgeous new organic environments * New obstacles * More powerups * More achievements * Special powers for each character * Bigger monkey!!! Become a fan of Temple Run on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TempleRun Follow Temple Run on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TempleRun



  • It crash

    By 3abdoooo
    I tried to open the game but it won’t open, so I deleted the game
  • Apps

    By Black licorice
    It’s ok but a lot of adds
  • Game

    By carlosnoble
    Best game ever
  • Please fix

    By pleace fix this now
    I don’t like how in every game when you die you have watch an add
  • Great

    By jajsksksksjsjsjhdhd
    I love this app it’s so fun
  • Love it

    By QuackCocaine
    Love the game but there’s a couple things that could be fixed.
  • A great fun game

    By D.L.A.M.
    I don’t usually leave reviews but I love temple run 2
  • It’s

    By 1234$+&&(#))$)$7#[email protected]'xmjc
  • It’s great.

    By Sub to Maria Plays
    It’s a great game the game only complaint is having to move your phone to go side to side, sometimes the person doesn’t move with the phone
  • old ones better

    By noely joel kranny
    cmon guys why does everyone have to go and make the old games 'better' they just make the characters so modern day and everyone likes the original.quit trying to make it better when temple run one was already the best one
  • Ads

    By antiads2019
    I understand ads, but after every game? Geez
  • It’s just an old game

    By ....💕❤️
    I’ve known this game for a while I feel like, and I don’t then no anything has changed. I ok for those you just like running swiping and stuff, but I think you should make serious upgrade. I don’t mean this as a consult just a suggestion. 😉🙁
  • Do not like

    By hyoy53we do
    I hate this game

    By Tclemm
    epic gooD game
  • Restore my coins and gems

    By Jlynn1020
    I re-downloaded this after a “soft reset” which wasn’t supposed to remove any data or anything, and so far, those are the only things missing. I was able to restore previous purchases and the upgrades I earned are there, but the 2 important things aren’t. I’ve been playing this game since 2011. I had 20,000 gems and over 1 million coins. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
  • Good

    By Dvbing
  • zip line

    By KEnnedyBan
    what happened to the zip line. that was my favorite part of temple run 2. not cool man
  • it’s alright

    By NTaranow
    doesn’t seem to scratch the itch like the first temple run was able to. gets more pay to play with every update, adding more ads and removing stuff to buy with in-game currency. on top of everything else tilting your phone is a huge part of this game and seems like it just doesn’t work at least half the time. save your time and don’t download this if you’re trying to relive temple run 1 memories.
  • Notifications

    By jynxss
    There are notifications on the menu that don’t clear after they have been opened
  • Ads

    By Kdjdsma
    Uninstalled the game after keep getting pop up ads
  • Ummmm

    By lover of tempel run
    I love the first one! But this one could use some work but I am sure others might like it😊
  • I just want to let there be a second one

    By Pe-wait for it-dro
    The only way to get the new update is to get the new update
  • Maddy

    By Selvia71232
    Best game
  • TempleRun2

    By KreolaJ
  • Love it but kinda iffy

    By Zalhay
    Basically I love the game it’s addictive and fun and different but the ads omg it literally gets on my nerve but I think too many of games have too many ads and I’m not patient so yea but get yo money
  • Fun.....it’s okay...

    By Rose674
    I downloaded this after looking what you do on it. I was playing it but it eventually wasn’t fun anymore, you just do the game thing, although it was fun, entertaining and interesting, if you want my review I’d say a person could be satisfied but I’ve seen better. Great work on the game though! I can see other people liking it, it’s just not what I’m into.
  • One of my favorite games!

    By God_Lover_1
    I have no complaints about this game, to be honest. I’ve always thought temple run was a brilliant game idea. I love the graphics, the creativity, the new maps/ideas, the seasonal updates, the prizes... I’ve been playing this game for years! Thanks as always, temple run crew! Y’all rock, lol.
  • Pretty glitchy

    By RG😋
    The game itself is good but it is almost to glitchy to use. But it is really fun!
  • It’s great except the fact that I’m a 10 year old and I do not approve of all of the ads.

    By Tyler sees cheese
  • The game is ok but..

    By jahfhrieosnfbroepqpang
    it’s much better than the first one, the map has more details and the characters have better qualities but i’ve died probably 3 times now because of the pop ups that come onto the screen (telling me how far i’ve run etc.) and not letting me skip 45 second ads after every single run sort of waters down the good review. sorry.
  • Buying for No Ads a Ripoff

    By Murphy7295
    Paid for No Ads version. Still getting ads. Lots of ads. Turned off iPad and did hard reset. Still getting ads. Do not bother to download this game. Too many ads and buying to eliminate is a waste of money.
  • Hey I like frozen shadows when it released the graphics was

    By tajwarislam
    Tooo good and Scarlett fox’s scarf was flying I need that graphics again and sanyu Han is too slim that’s what I like her I don’t like Sara banyan cuz she is tooooooo fat I like this game toooooooooooooooooooo much that I cannot say!
  • My game restarted somehow

    By bts_ahhaha
    I’m a little upset because my whole get me started on my progress diamonds and coins were lost this or know how to get them back?? :,(
  • Temple run 2

    By Oliver Milien
    5 stars
  • Disappointed

    By Xibity
    I love temple run, but its so disappointing i cant play it while relaxing i always have to have the phone in a certain position to play i cant play laying down which makes the game very difficult causing you to die when u dont sit the way they want you to.
  • Problème

    By Skynny703
    Je ne vois pas mon Volcano Island??
  • Swipe vs tilt

    By The molinator
    I get some people probably really enjoy tilting their phone instead of swiping, but there are people like me who enjoy feeling like we have more control by swiping. I loved the first temple run, but didn’t even bother finishing the tutorial on this one. I was hoping there’d at least be an option in settings to allow you to switch between tilt and swipe, but that’d make too much sense. This was the fastest I ever deleted an app, it took less than 30 seconds of gameplay. I guess I’ll go back to subway surfers.
  • What has happened!?!

    By Momofgoobie
    This game is constantly crashing. I’m frequently getting error code 1106. I’ve emailed the site it says to and am told I need to wait for the new download. Each time I’m losing streaks and days of play. Today...I’ve downloaded the new updates and am still getting the code. I restarted this game thinking I would keep all of my artifacts, awards, characters, coins and level...no...lost it all. I’m so frustrated! I’ve been playing this games for years with no problems! What has happened?
  • Scam in app purchases

    By IndoeDaDoll
    Fun game overall I’ve been playing on and off for years . I purchased to remove ads and they were... for the first day and then the option to pay and remove ads appeared again. I guess you’re expected to pay everyday for no ads which is absolutely ridiculous, so ads it is I guess. I also paid for the coin doubler, which says purchased yet my coins don’t ever double regardless of how many I collect on a run . That’s almost $10 I’ve spent for no reason . I understand they have to make there money somehow but it’d be nice to at least get the things I paid for. Don’t bother spending any money with this one .
  • Running from DETH

    By #1father😃
    You have to get away from the beast (run for your score)
  • Great

    By gfyfffftfb
    Best game of all time
  • Too many ads.

    By Miss Marvel Girl
    Every time I die I get a ad
  • My tilt would not work

    By manga is good
    The tilt would cause me to die and would not work with my phone
  • Good game but not too much fun

    By Heather 001653386
    Good game but not too much fun
  • Why ads?

    By something to write
    I’ve been playing this game for years and now I am starting to play this again and I notice that it has advertisements, why do you guys think it’s ok to put advertisements? I mean the old version doesn’t have any. For me I prefer playing games without advertisements and I think I’m going to delete this game:(( it’s sad but ads are really annoying. I really love this game but the ads needs to go.
  • Really great game ;)

    By DESERT_EAGLE10283
    There is not a single thing wrong with this game in my opinion, there is a pretty good variety of characters you can unlock lots of maps to explore and has a very good difficulty balance! Also I have been playing temple run and endless runner games like this for a pretty long time, and I do think that this game is a bit better than the previous one (but of course the first one is very good) since it heavily improves in graphics you can actually play on different maps instead of just that one jungle temple and overall has a better feeling. So Temple run 2 does what a sequel should do! Anyways keep up the good work
  • Love the Enchanted update!

    By Buddy4holly
    I bought the new bundle, and it’s super great! Don’t forget to rerelease the Fall Jungle this year. I missed it last time. Great work. The best!!!
  • I Paid to Remove Ads That are Still There!

    By pdr1234567
    Don’t purchase the remove ads option on this game!! Granted it was only a few bucks but it did absolutely nothing! I paid, reopened the game, and after every loss I have to watch ads. This is a scam! And the ads make the game not worth playing in my opinion.
  • Good fun

    By Matthew Paano Torres
    Things i want: Orange Coins Gives 1.45x more score and value than red Cyan Coins Gives 2x more score and value than blue Purple coins Gives 3x more score and value than blue Green coins Gives 1.25x more score and value than yellow coins Pink Gives 2.25x more score and value than purple coins Magenta Coins Gives 1.30x more score and value than pink coins