TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder

TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2013-01-22
  • Current Version: 4.2.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 61.32 MB
  • Developer: Epic Enterprises
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.2 or later.
  • Rating Count: 16 031


TapeACall lets you record your iPhone's incoming and outgoing phone calls. TapeACall, a #1 business app in The United States, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden! TONS OF EXTRA FEATURES √ Record your incoming calls √ Record your outgoing calls √ No limit on how long you can record a call for √ No limit on how many recordings you make √ No per minute fees! √ Transfer recordings to your new devices √ Easily download recordings to your computer √ Upload your recordings to Dropbox! √ Upload your recordings to Evernote! √ Upload your recordings to Google Drive! √ Email recordings to yourself in MP3 format √ Share recordings via SMS, Facebook & Twitter √ Label recordings so you can easily find them √ Recordings available as soon as you hang up √ Play recordings in the background √ Access to call recording laws √ Beautiful easy to use interface √ Push notifications take you to the recording √ Customer service with real humans √ Developers that care about their customers √ New features added all the time √ One low yearly rate NOTE: TapeACall requires your carrier supports 3-way calling. - SimpleTalk and H2o Wireless do NOT offer this in the US. - EE in the UK no longer supports 3-way conference calling on new plans. Frequently Asked Questions —————————————————————— How does this app record calls? Take a look at our screenshots for step by step instructions. When you're on a call and you want to record it, open TapeACall and press the record button. We will put your call on hold and dial our recording line. As soon as our line answers tap the merge button on your screen to create a 3 way call between your other caller and our recording line. If you want to record an outgoing call, just press the record button. The app will dial our recording line and will begin recording as soon as our line answers. Once that happens, tap the add call button on your screen, call the person you want to record, then press the merge button when they answer. —————————————————————— Can I download recordings to my computer? Yes, and we've made it extremely easy to do this. Simply select a recording then tap the arrow button to the right of the player. This will show a screen containing a number of ways to share your recording. The most popular ways to transfer recordings to your computer are by email, Dropbox or Google Drive. —————————————————————— How many recordings can I make? As many as you want! We don't have a limit on the number of recordings you can make. —————————————————————— If you choose to upgrade to TapeACall's Pro subscription with unlimited extended duration recording for 1 year, you will be charged a price according to your country. The price will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Your TapeACall unlimited recording subscription automatically renews every year and your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes Account Settings. Privacy Policy: tapeacall.com/privacy Terms of Service: tapeacall.com/terms



  • Can’t hear

    By Geuins
    I called someone and recorded it and I couldn’t hear a single thing
  • Subscription required......beware

    By TL 1995
    Bought in the past, was great, updated app and now trolled for subscription....
  • Eh

    By dravgr
    Good enough for basic use. Really wish I could program to record specific numbers automatically whether incoming or outgoing. If this feature gets added I would rate again for 5star.
  • Don’t trust this app

    By imagin8r
    Too many outages and lost recordings. Don’t rely on this app. Been using it for years. Not reliable. Avoid. Find another. It’s unfortunate. They went downhill.
  • Completely deceptive and does not work as conveyed.

    By Danadashh
    I purchased this app because I like to record the phone scammers as I have fun with them. By the time you jump through the hoops of making another call and then merging the calls you’ve lost the ability to record the call. I’m extremely disappointed I spent $10.99 for this junk app. My advice go to Walmart and buy a $10 tape recorder instead of this app that should be removed as deceptive.
  • Terrible

  • Scam

    By RedsFan17
    What a scam. I purchased Tape a Call Pro for $10.99 and the next day I cannot use unless I buy the 1 year subscription for $19.99 a year or $3.99 a month. Years ago, I used Tape a call lite with no issues. Give me a break!
  • “Call recording is currently unavailable”

    By Marco779
    I have several months left on my purchase but every time I try to record I get a message that says “call recording is currently unavailable” with no further explanation. There is also no support, they only have a FAQ page and a support chat bot that doesn’t work.
  • Useless

    By Alá ica
    Sorry, but this is useless. I want to use, for recording all calls, but, it’s not work with the ip calls. Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype . If anybody use this apps, then never buy this app, because is useless, and the price is just wasted money!
  • Record quality

    By reg1086
    Overall poor record quality… Words unintelligible through recording that were good in normal conversation.
  • Getting screwed over

    By Great4700
    Bought the app 2 years ago at a one time fee and it worked great. Now, I’m being asked to pay for a subscription that wasn’t in place when I bought the app. I’ve contacted customer service and they basically said “too bad, you need to pay the subscription”. Now I’m not even sure I can get back my recordings. So, that’s just great.
  • Inconvenient lag in connecting the service

    By rwt1138
    The product works as described, so I can’t say there is anything deceptive about it, but be aware, the lag between dialing the target number and having the merge option is obtrusive, insofar as it’s dead air on the other side. I got this for recording calls as a CYA with another party, and don’t want them knowing their recorded (I live in a One Party consent state so I’m within rights) and this just won’t work for me. For recording calls that require two party consent or business calls, this product should be an excellent choice.
  • Not yet idiot proof! 😊

    By JTS006.5
    Easy to use but still not easy enuf!
  • How to contact

    By hdtubjk
    Just downloaded but not agreed or set up. Need to be able to read details of charges before I accept . How?
  • Not recording

    By Selehazard17
    I have purchased The and followed the tutorials . However it’s not letting me record the phone calls. I’m wondering if location has anything to do with it. I currently reside in Dubai, located UAE. Is it because I am residing there rn , I cannot use the recording app? Cuz I read that it is banned in some countries. Do let me know!!
  • needs improvements

    By martianmi
    The app is great but the recordings are kinda slow to hear!!.....
  • Sound doesn’t function period.

    By ura0
    One star product for my iPhone.
  • Used to be great, now trash. $20 for non-functioning app? No thanks.

    By Tacophish
    I was a customer since 2014, when I paid $9.99 for the pro version. It was great for my needs as a journalist so I thought it was totally worth it. Even when they changed their model to subscription-based and charged $19.99, I still thought it was worth it. However the last several times I’ve opened the app, it’s infuriated me to no end because there’s a pop-up that appears every few seconds in an endless loop, asking me to consent to something and re-enter my mobile number. I moved on already and totally forgot about the app until I suddenly got a charge alert for the subscription. It’s really evil of them to not even send out a notification before the charge.
  • Does not work

    By Topio1
    It does not work at all, all of the service numbers in all locations give the same message of service not available
  • It throws you in circles after you purchase.

    By Seeking REAL
    I bought the Ap then tried using it after I downloaded it. It wanted me to sign up and pay all over again so I deleted the app and waited a day. I just went in down loaded the Ap again and now it is having me enter my phone number, sending me a text so I can input a code and then it says verified yet sends me back to the same exact place to do it al over again. After many attempts it did finally get me to selecting the Country which has a phone number assigned as 1 (205) 619-6215 but then it yet again can’t get past that point and puts me back to the beginning where I enter my phone number and get another code via text. How frustrating and I really need to use this today!!😷😬😖
  • Rip off

    By sonofgod317
    I paid 9.99 for the pro version for this app years ago. And now they are requiring a monthly or yearly charge for their services. What rip offs.
  • This app is garbage

    By tallman9890
    First you have to call a phone number to reach their server then connect on a two way call so that conversation could be recorded and most of the time I was unable to reach the server therefore was unable to record any conversation. This app is a complete rip off
  • bad news

    By appslimed
    they din’t tell you they’re sharing your information with facebook until you’ve already paid and clicked your consent, and they don’t provide a way to ditch it once you’ve gotten that far. That seems extremely insidious to me, no matter how good or bad the features may be.
  • A complain

    By Siahcheshman
    I have never updated to “pro”. Version of your app and now Im charged $19.99 for 3 times for buying the “pro” version. Its is so unsatisfying and I want my money back to my account ASAP.
  • MONEY PIT sand lost Grandmas Conversations

    By cinematic718
    Paid and Paid now they want more money I don’t get it at this point I’ll just take a refund doesn’t work like it use too i paid for pro recorded conversations with my grandmother now I re download the app and click restore does nothing it’s a money pit after for praying for PRO when it wasn’t popular it worked fine now came back and they want $20 for an app I paid for long time ago what about your original customers!!!??
  • Unreliable app

    By journalistnyc
    It works sometimes but I have lost important interviews with this app. Not good.
  • Working pretty well

    By Ireyesc
    Use it a few times a month
  • I’m very sad

    By hmadi hamza
    The app is not work in Africa “libya” and its not directly recording

    By don Cardozo
    I was collaborating w/someone on written material that was getting hung up & delayed by having to read excessive comments, etc. Suddenly realized that the solution was TALKING it thru... but didn’t want to have to take copious notes. Then eureka - TapeACall became a literal ‘Deus ex machina’! Able to replay, stop, rewind or jump ahead. As often as needed. It’s perfect... highly recommended.
  • Only records for 28 seconds.

    By 080080800
    Do not waste your money on this trash app, description is all false and it is incorrect. It only records your calls for 30 seconds if that otherwise it does for 24 seconds and they don’t even have phone number or email to contact or refund the biggest fraud ever....
  • Does not work with VERIZON BEWARE

    By mae9087
    Can I please be refunded my money as it is not transparent that this app does not work with Verizon carriers .
  • Does Not Work-Stick to Old School Recorders

    By FYI 5
    Dropped the call 4 times in a 15 minute conversation, making me look completely unprofessional. Recorded nothing. I want my money back.
  • Lost ALL my recordings!!!

    By GeniusGenetics
    I lost all my recordings when I updated the app...!!!!! Recording sound can be heard!!! The recording sound can be heard by myself as well as the person on the other line. Defeats the purpose of this app. Not to mention that the constant beeping sound from recording becomes annoying to both parties!
  • Decent

    By Meghanmarie9411
    You should get on the same level as Call Box from android. Not only was their app free, but it automatically recorded ANY calls -outgoing AND incoming. For the price of this I expected a little more. It takes a good amount of time to “merge” calls, especially when it’s an incoming one. Definitely not impressed. I wish Call Box was available on iPhone.
  • Journalist Approved

    By henri_striker
    This app has saved my life. *knocks on wood*
  • Tape a call Unlimited PRO vs. tape a call Completely Unlimited PRO

    By .inancy
    I notice that I have been paying for two Tape A Call apps; one for $9.99 and another for $19.99. 1. What is the difference between the two? If there is no difference, I only want the Tape A Call PRO Unlimited for $9.99. 2. I need to receive ALL my previous recordings! Therefore, if there are two (or three) apps on my phone, please merge all of them. 1. I would like to be reimbursed for all duplicate payments I have made to date. 2. Please be sure that I do not lose any recordings from either the tape a call Unlimited PRO vs. tape a call Completely Unlimited PRO.
  • Can’t access

    By A1Official
    App just went out and is requesting I select local access number but there is no number to select
  • Great customer service!

    By C&Cs Mama
    I’m not sure how to amend my last review, but the customer service department replied and explained why the app isn’t working. They were very prompt and courteous; I’m hoping that their suggestions will fix my problem right away. Great job, TapeACall!
  • Paid, downloaded, shows error 500 in app after verification and will not work.

    By Safetysamurai
    Paid, downloaded, shows error after verifying information in app. Basically took money and no way to contact support, press contact, it sends you to FAQ. Really??? Fix your app oh, and I would like a refund.
  • Useless with new bugs

    By Annie Lorraine
    I’ve used this app for years to tape phone interviews but ever since this update I’ve been unable to merge calls. The last time I tried to use this app to tape a phone interview, it caused the call to drop. No longer worth the subscription.
  • Consider other apps.

    By download8
    When it works, it works well. This app frequently doesn’t work. When you try to start it, it will hang-up the call. If you try to start the app first , then call - it will hang- up the call. Again, when it works, it works great but it is very unreliable.
  • Pssttt..! Ya’kno wht? I’v been REC🔴 ☞📱☜’s YRS,now. ϒ☋ᑭ,N̶☻ ϦS̶︕ ℓo̤̮ℓ H̤̮a̤̮h̤̮a̤̮h̤̮︕︕

    ❛❥Yes, I can say I’v used this ⌘TapeACall (Pro) app on my ios📱for at least “3 YEARS”+. Prob longr ⏰ thn I’v evn real!zd...🤷‍♀️❔ I DO ♥️ MY ⌘TAPEACALL *Pro📱 (i admit i tried the ‘FREE/lite version’ whn I 1st found the app. It workd well,& I was impressed and pleased enough tht it sparkd my curiosity enuff to go ahead & get the ‘PRO Version’. w/ a RATING of ➎✩ 2✘! I have & plan to cont. using ⌘TapeACall📱,& keep pressing ‘🔴’ throughout the sands⏳of ♾times❣️THE APP IS W/O A DOUBT❔,A ☻ TRUE ⓹✰ 2✘❢❜ Thank U much❢❜ Always&Truest, ⍣Ms Lucki Tiember⍣ ((☝︎dated: 03/17/2019))
  • Worst app experience ever! Find something else!

    By The Real OuchMyEye
    I’ve used TapeACall lite a few years ago and it worked well enough. But now, when I really need it - upgraded and paid the subscription it does not work at all. It seems to connect, but the recordings are completely blank - void of audio altogether. I bought this based on the high ratings, but this was a huge waste $30 bucks!! Avoid until the fix it!!!
  • Your Recording are held 4 Ransom!!!

    By miguelnator
    The app works and does what it claims to do. However, why is one not able to listen to their recordings after the Membership is over? They want you to pay again and not the price went up an additional $10. Give me my recording that I paid for!
  • Was fantastic, but now doesn’t work.

    By lovescience
    This has been my favorite recording app for years. However now it doesn’t work any longer. There’s a server fail each time I try to login, and even if I get far enough to enter in a code, the server fails again and I had to cancel my interview. I reviewed the help site but there’s no contact information but I did get a bot, so maybe something can be done through that. So unfortunate, this used to be so awesome!!!
  • Keep crashing when merge calls

    By ttn781
    I was optimistic when downloading this app but it keeps crashing and disconnecting my calls when I tried to merge. Disappointed
  • No tech support

    By EdPolicyTeaches
    They have unresponsive tech support. I emailed their support team AND reached out on Twitter. I received responses from both saying “We’re behind. We put a ticket in for you and will get back to you with an update.” Instead, I checked in every week for a month and got the same answer: “Sorry. We are behind. We’ll get back to you.” Each time. Then I received a survey asking me to rate their support, which we all know means they closed my case. Taping a call is something people do for important reasons; no one simply records calls. So when they’re lost or there’s a problem, an app like this needs a solid, responsive, robust tech support team. It’s not a contacts or birthday app, for example, where you can replace the information. It’s a recorded call so if the app scrambles the recording, the developer needs to be able to assist. I have lost confidence in this app because paying $10/year isn’t bad but if there’s no support for glitches, I have to find another platform. BTW, 99% of my calls are under 20 mins. One day I had a call I recorded that was an hour and twenty minutes, a VERY important call where a potential/new client spent over an hour explaining to me what they needed from my consulting firm and services they wanted me to develop a proposal for their review. I was going on vacation two days later, knew I wouldn’t remember all the details after a 2-week time away from work, so I recorded it to listen to when I returned. I didn’t take notes because the call was recording, or so I thought, and I planned to return, transcribe the call, and use the transcript to read, dissect and create a very precise proposal to land new business. Two weeks later I went to listen and realized there was interference in the recording that wasn't there during the call. I immediately reached out to TapeACall on the 17th day of the month. Not once did they write back to let me know what they tried or what the status is of my requested tech support assistance. Instead, I kept emailing and using their Twitter account because they have no phone number. Long story short: Today is the 12th of the following month, and I still haven’t heard a single update. I called my potential client to ask follow up questions based on what I could remember and went from there but I have no confidence in this company/app/developer now and at the top of my To Do list today is finding an alternative.
  • What the hell is this??

    By ahmilon
    Why i can not log in to apps.i download it and every time i wanted to verify. Its showing error.
  • Poorly designed.

    By C0FFEEcop
    The first week or so it seemed to work fine, but lately it won’t merge the calls to record and it just drops the calls. The other issue with this app is the fact that any incoming calls you want to record, HAVE to be placed on hold so you can fish through the phone, start the app, press record and then merge the calls.