Yahoo Mail - Organized Email

Yahoo Mail - Organized Email

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2012-12-11
  • Current Version: 4.44.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 166.17 MB
  • Developer: Yahoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 082 013


The best email app to easily organize your Gmail, Outlook (Hotmail), AOL and Yahoo accounts. Regardless of your email address, you can experience the Yahoo Mail app's beautiful design, easy-to-use interface and lightning fast speed. Plus, Yahoo Mail offers 1000 GB of free cloud storage, so you never have to worry about space again. ● SIGN UP WITH ANY ACCOUNT - Works with non-Yahoo email addresses, including Gmail, Outlook and AOL. No Yahoo email address required. ● SAVE MONEY - Save deals from retailers for later use in the Deals View. Get notified when deals are about to expire. ● TRAVEL READY - See flight details and check-in with new Travel View. Get notified of all gate changes, delays and cancellations. ● CUSTOMIZE YOUR SWIPES - Choose different actions like delete, archive, move and more when you swipe left or right on a message. ● GET NOTIFICATIONS FROM PEOPLE ONLY - Get notified only when you receive a new email from a person, not companies or newsletters. ● CALLER ID - Not sure who is calling you? Yahoo Mail can automatically display mail contacts for incoming callers. ● QUICKLY SEARCH - Search across all of your messages, contacts, files and photos, faster than ever. ● GET CREATIVE - Make sure your emails stand out with animated photos and artist-designed stationery from Paperless Post. ● SEND MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS - Easily add photos, videos, and documents to an email, all at once. ● NEVER LOSE AN EMAIL - Keep all of your emails with 1000 GB of free cloud space. ● CHOOSE A THEME - Select different backgrounds and text colors for your Yahoo inbox. ● DITCH PASSWORDS - Enable Account Key for secure, password-free sign in. ● CONNECT GOOGLE DRIVE AND DROPBOX - Easily access and send photos and documents you’ve stored in the cloud. GET YAHOO MAIL PRO on mobile - Get ad-free mail on Yahoo Mail for iOS and priority customer support. ● Available as an in-app purchase at $0.99/month or $9.99/year, charged to your iTunes account ● Subscription will auto-renew each month or year within 24 hours of your renewal date ● Manage or cancel your subscription via Account Settings ● Read our terms of service at and privacy policy at Notes: ● To see all the new features, upgrade your device to iOS11 or later. ● Optimized for use with VoiceOver.



  • Read your user agreement!

    By N3MAY
    I won’t be using Yahoo email any longer. Read your user agreement .....The latest one is shocking to me. I’ve switched to PROTONMAIL .... they don’t read my mail, look at or use my pictures. Even PAYING for yahoo mail offers you no consideration . Disgusting!
  • Spam filter is useless

    By Lowflyermike
    I have used this app for years. But I’m getting ready to delete it. The spam filter is useless. Even when I mark emails as spam this app still lets the same spam through to my inbox. I’ve had enough of yahoo mail app.
  • Great improvement

    By Living in Mexico
    Yahoo has always been great through the years and is better than ever now.
  • Harry Potter disappearing chocolate

    By Wisconsin cold
    I sent this to my grandchildren in Australia for Christmas, forgetting how hot it gets there in December. The kids said the chocolate was wonderful when it hardened.
  • Switched to Yahoo bad decision

    By bajayoung
    I switched my email from gmail to yahoo and had nothing but problems since! Our reply emails to our friends message to us did not send, all 3 went into draft folder instead of sending. I tried 3 different times and it ended with the same result every time, my message not being sent. Too frustrating and stupid, I should have never left gmail.

    By Debh76
    Seem like anything I search for I end up with multiple annoying emails regarding those items! If I wanted to buy those items I would. I don’t need wasted time and energy going thru hundreds of emails. STOP IT!
  • Thanks

    By LatJow
    thanks for your hard work.
  • Great site

    By THOR778909
    Yahoo is great but needs a cap on spam issues are outstanding
  • Notification sound

    By Jerry Ledesma
    It’s a good app... but you don’t have the option to change the notification sound for the incoming emails. Whatever sound you have for your “texts” or default notification, then that’s the one you’re going to have for the mail app. I DO NOT LIKE THAT. I want the option to change the notification sound for this app. That is all. It is a simple request. Thank you. ^ I wrote that review more than a year ago... I’ve been waiting for that to change. It’s hard to believe that the notification sound management comes strictly from Apple. All other apps that have notifications come with their own sounds. Sounds that do not even come with the phone. So why is yours different? Why can’t your app come with its own sounds? I’m sorry but I call BS on that.
  • Can't login

    By jillingr
    With latest update it redirects me to an att login n a separate browser Everytime I open the app.
  • Defective security

    By noahphila
    The passcode/touch unlock continuously disables itself within a day. Unacceptable.
  • Yahoo Mail - try someone else!

    By Ominus 8400
    Like Yahoo but frequently I find important emails I never received!
  • One phone should have one email address

    By Coy mins
    Some one was using my email address on a another phone if y’all could correct this problem my phone # is 973-216-3390 please contact me about this problem
  • Awesome

    By Ymeybi
    Very helpfully app!!
  • Not accessible

    By Rainbow 🌈 unicorn 🦄
    I can’t use this app because there is no way to enlarge the font! Please add a feature so that the user can increase the font size!
  • App freezes continuously

    By TeeShirt
    Dec 2018 Since the last update the app has been freezing quite often. I’d pay .99 once to get rid of ads, but every month? You must be joking! In Dec I went to 3 stars because the app was freezing a lot. Now in June 2019 the same problems exists, so I’m dropping another star. If the freezing hasn’t been fixed in the next couple of updates you’ll be down to one. FIX IT
  • Yahoo

    By smile7smiley
    Excellent service for a website
  • Security needs to be changed on Yahoo

    By pitterpooh
    I’ve been trying for 6 plus years now to change my last name on my account as of yet it will not allow me to do so, also it should allow you to sign in and out of the app for security reasons instead of having you constantly logged in, or else have it to where you have to use something like face recognition or fingerprint recognition
  • Good App but Accidentally Stressful

    By agnstt
    the app is good and everything works nicely, but the one thing that drives me crazy about it is the way they format advertisements makes them look like a normal email (which is good) but if you are waiting on a specific email it can drive you CRAZY because every time you open the app it looks like you have a new message.
  • Stop the ads than come everytime the email is opened

    By please stop the ad
    The ads that appear everytime you open the email are not even looked at before I delete it. They actually make me not want to buy the product then they will not have the money to pay for the ads!!
  • Won’t login to yahoo mail app

    By BoxerTrailwalker
    Used to be good-no longer
  • Slow

    By yahoo mail app
    Takes forever to send Sometimes all day to send an e-mail
  • App is not updating inbox

    By Optimus Punk
    Application has stopped providing me with latest emails. When I try to refresh to get up to date email it shows old emails. It’s been stuck on the mid month of May.
  • connection issues

    By Kat00010
    with the lastest update i can no longer connect to google drive or dropbox
  • No privacy or security - thanks

    By Sambrat;)
    Well thanks to you I’ve got mail coming to me from every spam under the sun addressed to addresses not me- really great guys thanks
  • Hi

    By Chimpboy12
    It’s great and all but. Ads keep on popping up. And I can’t get the ad free so they should make it so that their is no ads altogether.😕
  • Junk mail

    By 2ndcaptain
    I receive more junk mail from this account than any other account that I have I report it to Yahoo and I still get it. What’s the point of reporting it if there not going to do anything about it. 😡
  • Face ID Bug/Issue

    By EarIn.L1
    I use this yahoo app mainly for the extra security from the Face ID setting. However, recently my Face ID keeps getting turned off for the yahoo app on its own! This has happens at least once a week, even after I keep turning the Face ID option back on in the apps setting. Please fix this bug/security issue!
  • Had this app quite awhile

    By RogerLDalpe
    I can’t send large files
  • Great app for email

    By Juicy babay
    Great app, great support team, yahoo mail is the real deal. Easy interface and solid tools to help make email easy for you.
  • Ta chido 👍👍👍👍👍

    By muy buena opsion de ayuda
    Así merito
  • Since forever

    By dwolfeRAANAN
    I love yahoo
  • Major issue

    By ThatLittleKit
    I’m having an issue in the yahoo app where emails will not send. They then go into the outbox with a warning symbol next to it basically saying it can’t send. I normally don’t send emails much but its getting annoying...
  • Dislike new set up

    By nonetodisplay
    I don’t know why changes keep being made to the set up. It is very frustrating as a user. I liked it like it was. Hate the new format.
  • I💓 my Yahoo!

    By Poopy Monie
    I love my Yahoo! But my only problem is they need to fix the way you delete unwanted messages and emails I would like for it to delete multiple emails at once
  • My email

    By Mfitzpat8111
    Love it
  • Too much spam entering inbox; Poor spam filters in App Store app

    By greenli1908
    On 6.4.2019, my inbox (using the app on my phone) was suddenly slammed with spoofed emails and loads of spam. I’m talking 400+ within a two hour period. Contacts were placed in my folder without my authorization. This has never happened before. So today, I login to my desktop and it was as if I wasn’t using the same email account There was no evidence other than my spam folder being full of those ungodly emails I sent there and my contacts are my originals. I have deleted the app on my phone hoping that will solve the issue.
  • Good

    By hkpc583
  • It’s a good app

    Easy to view
  • The upgrade upset our business for about a week

    By 2paddlers
    Losing access to customers emails is about as bad as having your voicemail full. We still can’t download mail onto our phones. Calling Customer “service” is an interminable hold.
  • Stop the adds there are too many

    By hardtosendemail
    Stop the adds in my in box. I have more adds than personal emails.
  • They make you pay for customer support!!

    By Mkalua
    I can't recover or reset my password because I don't have a backup email and changed my number to send a security code. So when I called for technical support they wanted to charge me a monthly subscription to just recover my password.
  • D.c.j

    By Jack The Hip
    I have good results with it.
  • Sending out love 😍😍

    By karim1z
    God bless ya
  • Used as a business account, now getting SPAMs

    By Investor2u
    Started to get numerous SPAMs Junk mails after downloading this App... So disappointed in Yahoo...
  • Used to be great. Now not so much

    By Jyoav
    I use Yahoo Mail on my iPhone and iPad. Overall works ok but since the last update whenever I try and select Yahoo mail to share a file in iOS I get a message during the email process that this is not allowed until I sign in to Yahoo mail. Tried going to app support page but there is no where to clearly communicate. I’ve tried signing in to my account again but that doesn’t solve the problem. Based on the developers advice to delete and reinstall my problem with attachments was resolved. Thanks
  • Yahoo Plus mail review

    By 5775Niki
    Very pleased. Yahoo is still my fave email to use! Thanks for a great product.
  • Stepped up!

    By DamiAna S Contreras
    I’m Glad the app is up to date! A while back it was ruff! I didn’t get my messages until I opened the app up.. (then a million emails I missed would show up).. NOW I RECEIVE MY EMAILS SUPER QUICK! -I no longer have excuses saying “i never got the email” LOL So I am Definitely happy with this yahoo app! Love how there is a picture icon to show who or what sent me the email! Totally helpful and Super DOPE Also it’s really easy to navigate! Even cool how you can set up the background colors and what not! So like I said AWSOME APP! 💯✅
  • Contact list

    By nicknamestakenlikejunk
    It’s very annoying when spam emails show up in my contacts list, the only ones that should be there are the ones I save and “not “ the ones that go automatically in my contacts list