VPN: Private & Fast VyprVPN

VPN: Private & Fast VyprVPN

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2012-11-17
  • Current Version: 3.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 59.25 MB
  • Developer: Golden Frog
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 377


Take back your Internet privacy with VyprVPN. Connect easily on any device to secure your web connection and protect your identity with anonymous browsing on a virtual private network. Bypass geo-blocked and restricted content and get unlimited access without download caps from anywhere around the world. Check out some of VyprVPN’s features: 3 Day Trial Get VyprVPN at no risk. Try our safe and private connection with no commitments and easy cancellation. Independently Audited for Zero Logging VyprVPN is a certified and independently audited No Log VPN, with absolutely none of your private data or activity being transmitted, monitored, or exposed to third parties. We respect the intent of No Logs and we will never allow the personal information of our users to be exposed or misused. Access Unlimited Content Unblock your favorite content with a secure connection. Download your shows and movies from the USA and around the world with no data caps. No matter where you are, we’ve got you covered. Get past location firewalls and watch the best streaming content. 70+ Global Server Locations With 70+ worldwide server locations across 6 continents, 700+ servers and 200,000+ global IPs, you have all the flexibility to virtually access the internet from anywhere around the globe - while bypassing ISP blocks. No Shady 3rd Parties We own, engineer and manage our VPN servers so we can deliver fast and reliable connections with the highest level of security. Faster Speeds for Gaming & Streaming Our upgraded servers guarantee increased speeds and faster connection times when gaming, streaming or downloading. Easy to Use on All Devices Laptop, tablet, smartphone, router or even your TV - VyprVPN keeps all your connections safe. Bypass Government Censorship with Chameleon™ Protocol Get full access to the internet and unblock all websites with VyprVPN’s remarkable technology. Our Chameleon™ Protocol scrambles your connection to ensure no one can detect that you are using a VPN service. "Kill Switch” for Unstable Connections Our “Kill Switch” feature stops internet traffic when VyprVPN disconnects or is not enabled. This ensures maximum security as you’ll never connect to the internet without VPN protection. Extra Security with NAT Firewall With VyprVPN’s NAT Firewall, browse and shop online with peace of mind, and stop hackers from accessing your personal information. 24x7x365 Support If you have any questions, our dedicated support team will be there to help you. If you’re ready, so are we. Try VyprVPN for three days 100% free. Connect now to the top VPN service. Connect With Us: https://www.vyprvpn.com https://www.facebook.com/vyprVPN https://twitter.com/VyprVPN Subscription Details: - Chameleon™ Protocol & Kill Switch are only available on select devices. - A Credit Card is required for the free trial. You won’t be charged unless you decide to keep using VyprVPN after the trial period. - You can choose from three subscription plans: $69.99 USD/year; $24.99USD/three months or $11.99USD/month. - Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of your selected subscription. - You can turn the auto-renewal off by going to your Account Settings. - Your current subscription cannot be canceled. - Check out the full terms and conditions, and our privacy policy at https://www.goldenfrog.com/terms-of-service and https://www.goldenfrog.com/privacy



  • No funciona bien en el Peru

    By Franky Peru
    No funciona bien en el Peru
  • Not for China; waste of time and money

    By PillowWhisper
    Service used to be perfect. If you like calling your family during holidays, do NOT rely on VyprVPN or their terrible customer service. Here are some bullet points about my experience with VyprVPN in Mainland, China over the last 2 years: -unreliable during times of political strain & holidays -Paid is as fast as available free VPNs -customer service provides copy/pasted responses to specific questions; waste of time -Service-wide server/connection issues are slow to be fixed compared to other similarly-priced VPNs -did not offer any sort of discount/compensation for service being down for months at a time ——————————— Positives: -nicely designed app (most recent update June 2019 is less cool considering the low quality of service) My suggestion: do not buy
  • New interface is not great

    By TheRealPapiChulo
    - does not give you an option to NOT connect to internet unless connected through VYPRVPN - does not give option to select connection types - does not disconnect when connected back to a favorite network - does not show current IP before connecting - does not show connection speed - does not provide advanced options - whoever was involved in the process to OK this version needs to rethink their strategy
  • Effective and easy to use

    By Tagaytay City
    Worldwide protection.
  • IP info gone!!

    By Wizrob
    Why did you take away the IP info in the new version???
  • Stay away!

    By abei holu
    Stay away if you need a VPN that works in China. This VPN only works in paces without the Firewall. And the worst thing is once you are in China, you cannot even contact them to get help because their web is blocked and they don’t have a backup mirror site. Also, it’s impossible to get refunded because of that.
  • Overall good performance most of time

    By choc in ch
    Overall VyprVPN has good performance most of the time but in recent months in China it has become harder to connect to a server. I appreciate the effort to help customers stay connected around or through the CH GFW. But please keep trying. Thanks.
  • The new app

    By gilbia1
    All of a sudden i can’t connect to Israel 😂
  • I haven’t had any real issues

    By JahmJorge
    I have used this vpn for about 2 years maybe? I have a premium account and throughout all my time I really have had no issue with this app. Its worked flawlessly for me in my opinion. I’ve had only one issue in my time of using this app and the problem was easily solved tbh. Customer service was good to me as well so no issues there for me either. Overall I’m more than content with my subscription.
  • Review

    By Nick name zz
    Doesn’t automatically turn on after a reboot. It should be protecting ALL the time.
  • vpn isn't connected

    By 蛋_疼の人
    It doesn't work on any device except Android and iOS.
  • It’s still show that I am using a vpn on the site

    By Dhannyson
    I want to remain invincible but no it doesn’t let me use the site
  • Used to be great

    By TheKlep
    Used to be great , but now it constantly drops connection. VPN is constantly disconnecting, doesn’t matter if I am on WiFi, or 4G. Similar results on windows 10. I constantly have to restart the program at work because it gets disconnected and can’t reconnect on its own.
  • New interface simpler but inferior; declining service

    By esidarap
    The old interface provided useful feedback about the state of the connection, most importantly your IP. This gave a simple visual confirmation that you were connected to a VPN. That’s all been discarded and the app has been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. More problematic has been the declining level of service. Speeds have tanked. Servers are often completely unresponsive. The Mac app is insanely buggy that completely borks the networking stack requiring a reboot. VyprVPN used to be the de facto standard for service and innovation. Now I think it’s reasonable to consider other options.

    By Khal Sagan
    Try it for yourself if you like, but be sure to cancel before they charge you. It doesn’t work.
  • Good product but with some problems.

    By RayAC
    I enjoy the security that I get when my connection is established but it is frustrating when it doesn’t work and I’m not able to connect to one of the VPN servers. It is also frustrating when I have to turn it off to get some applications, like FaceTime, to work. In all I do appreciate the application and service with the security it provides me.
  • Worst VPN Ever

    By justinniu0504
    Doesn’t work most of the time. Don’t waste your time on this because once you found out their low product quality you won’t be able to get your money back! Most of the time it’s been blocked you cannot connect successfully especially in China.
  • Great VPN

    By NoogaiMC
    VyprVPN is the best von so have ever used. It.is affordable and easy to use. the connection speeds are faster than my own internet and Is the fastest vpn i’ve ever seen. I would recommend it to you if you are serious about security as it also has 256 bit encryption.
  • Mobile lousy, desktop good

    By jafam3
    Love the idea of VYPR, have been a customer for four or five years, but the usefulness varies according to the quality and stability of the connection. On a Windows desktop machine, it’s great. On a mobile device it disconnects and doesn’t reconnect so often as to be almost useless, particularly as it isn’t apparent it has quit working. The version available to Apple users is also degraded when compared to the Windows one, as it does not make it possible to choose the encryption program or to use that the company itself wrote. chameleon, which uniquely disguises that it is a VPN and is therefore most useful in a hostile locale.
  • Don’t buy if you only need vpn ocassionally

    By yunyunyyyyyy
    You canny get any refund if you cancel subscription and the only option they are offering is one year subscription.

    By $o7ourney
    我2018年7月28日花了$100购买了一年VyprVPN Premium,连接不稳定一直断断续续,到2019年开始完全用不了!给客服反馈没人回复,要求退款也没人搭理! 肏你妈屄,永远黑名单,老子会告诉所有中国人你这没用的东西🙃
  • not working at all

    By Jerryuhoo
    waste my money and doesn't work on mac,support also doesn't help at all
  • Great VPN

    By Team.10.fanss
    This is great and the ones saying it has bugs it solved niw it’s definitely worth the money
  • Effective Internet

    By Sevan007
    Great app works smoothly.
  • App could look better

    By Sean1919291
    The vpn itself is ok, but it needs a better design.. looks like im on windows 95
  • Not privacy advocates

    By Tart13456789
    They log time stamps. Logs IP addresses. They log too much. PgP Key not available. Affiliates don't provide full disclosure. I canceled after free trial. They also force you to rate. Well, here's your rating. Kudos for allowing streaming services to run while using this VPN. Otherwise using this service is mostly security theater.
  • So bad

    By Tvcues
    速度太慢 推特加载个图片都要半天 我付了一年的费用 感觉真的很糟糕 可以退款?!
  • 连不上

    By 一个心痛的中国用户
    中国用户 花了250左右吧 用了大概只有三四次 哭辽 还不如免费VPN呢 垃圾
  • Liar

    By golden frog is liar
    Always can’t connect the server from China . Request refund? Absolutely Impossible .
  • Complete fraud. Ignore recent good reviews

    By chhdojebwodjfneo
    Been putting it off since December as I was giving them the benefit of the doubt, but it’s time. Paid a hundred dollars for a service that DOES NOT WORK. They refuse to refund. They bounce me back and forth between different “levels” of customer service, only to ignore me for weeks on end until finally saying they’re escalating my claim, then silence for several more weeks. Nearly half a year and no hope of a refund.
  • Great product

    By madinchina
    VyprVPN is a top-notch product. Works great.
  • A year? yes, I’m a idiot

    By malus.t
    didn’t work in China AT ALL 中国ios端无法使用,邮件不回,年费用户表示今年算捐款了,已换别家。
  • Not connecting at all

    By Sisyphean raccoon
    The app doesn’t respond how many times I click “Connect”. They keep telling me the team is working on the problem but there is no progress at all. And they refused to refund.
  • can't connect to service

    By em~~~~
    Ordered a one-year paid service, can actually use less than 1 month
  • 体验略差,知道你们在努力了

    By 快乐单车男
    我不知道你们的技术人员在做些什么?我只想说 客户的权益需要保障 请把会员费退回 谢谢 请问你的广告宣传中的 高速稳定 突破防火墙的说法纯粹是扯淡 有点像个骗子 你去看看别人免费高速VPN是怎么做的一直不会被封 高速稳定的?你们的收费挺多 却提供了低质量服务 I don't know what your technicians are doing. I just want to say that the power of customers needs to be guaranteed and the membership fee should be returned.
  • 有使用问题欢迎联系QQ274475959交流

    By QQ274475959
  • is useless in china

    By violin instrument
    The agreement chameleon,which purports to circumvent China’s blockade,has not worked at all, nor has it been able to restore normal and stable wall-climbing services for several months. In the meantime,contact customer service can only be processed by email,reply processing is very slow,their technicians have always been unable to solve the problem,and are unwilling to refund. I hope that there will be more people who want to buy their services,especially netizens who use the internet in China,to think carefully and stop being fooled.
  • It does not work for a few months

    By roushi1784
    The VyprVPN does not work for a few months. It cannot be connected from China any more, but I payed the fee for two years half an year ago, and I cannot use the service. I have to request GoldenFrog to fix the problem, or else I apply for refund. But who can tell me how to contact GoldenFrog?
  • Can’t connect at all

    By Puddingmamimi
    They have been having connection issue for more than 3 months if I recall correctly. Took forever to fix and basically 0 communication. Asked for refund and it’s taking forever as well
  • Awesome VPN

    By Fan455
    I’ve had it for 3years with out any issues. I hardly ever post, but I had to let others know about VyprVPN.
  • No longer works in China

    By mendesg
    It used to be a reliable VPN. Now it doesn’t work AT ALL. I have recently renewed my premium subscription, and I am extremely disappointed to see that I wasted my money.
  • 中国地区无法使用

    By Rsx19851105
  • Pretty good

    By Iseealotofmovies
    So far so good
  • Still not usable in China

    By stonicat
    Was happy about the reliability and paid for the full-year premium. However the service has gone down in China for at least 2 weeks and no fix/announcement or anything helpful. Don't understand what took so long and what am I going to do with this premium account that is now useless
  • Works on iPad but not iPhone.

    By mjr4510
    I thought I finally fixed VyprVPN on iPad and iPhone a few days ago. But now it works on iPad but not iPhone. This is ridiculous! When I open the iPad it tells me to enter the password. I do but it returns the same message. My iPhone cannot avoid this loop. Even after I reset the phone. I contacted VyprVPN Support but they blamed it on Apple. I checked with Apple but they say it is Goldenfrog’s responsibility; they are not responsible for non-Apple apps. So I deleted it from both iPad and iPhone. I’ll keep it on my Windows 10 laptop.
  • 闪退!连接不上。乱扣钱

    By 琴聖
    大半年不能用了, 今天收到消息又给扣了99美元。还找不到地方退款。真的不要再坑害中国客户了。
  • Doesn’t work and frustrating

    By jaymoss90025
    Not only it doesn’t work in China on my phone. It also disabled my WiFi as soon as I add the VPN on my phone. If you guys can’t have a working product don’t publish this app!
  • Can’t get over the wall

    By Ironcrossx
    BEWARE! Stopped working in China.
  • Disappointment

    By penguin1967109
    It has been weeks since the app is totally down! Feels like I just waited money on an app that only worked for a couple months