Google Maps - Transit & Food

Google Maps - Transit & Food

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2012-12-13
  • Current Version: 5.47
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 198.20 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 238 030


Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and find what you need by getting the latest information on businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies and other important places. Get where you need to go efficiently: • Find the best route with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure Find important businesses: • Know what’s open in your area and their latest business hours • Find local restaurants offering delivery and takeout • Create lists of your important places Get there faster with real-time updates • Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions • Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info • Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure • With Live View in Google Maps, see the way you need to go with arrows and directions placed right on top of your world. There’s no second guessing or missing another turn. More experiences on Google Maps • Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection • Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more • Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums Some features not available in all countries Navigation isn't intended to be used by oversized or emergency vehicles



  • Love it!

    By seddwd
    I use this app daily!
  • Google maps

    By feantz
    Hello your app be switching to another routes from the one I had and I almost got lost because of it.
  • Only got this bc google won’t use any other maps but this one

    By Mystical warlock
    I hate this and you
  • ATX Helicopter

    By HudGeno
    Great team, we had a good time & the pilot was entertaining Will definitely fly with them again Cheers Gene
  • My head hurts

    By Mooooomooookkkkkk
    My eyes hurt It’ll take time to be good Thank you for seeing me try my best
  • Google map

    By Abusawwa
    The best navigation app available
  • Good

    By BigSlimeTheSnake🦅
  • Remotely Reasonable Directions Would Be Nice...

    By Crandaddy81
    You know, as much as I love taking wildly erratic, out-of-the-way directions to my destinations, going the wrong way down one-way streets and plowing down pedestrians on walking paths, I really do miss, you know, more traditional routes (e.g. taking those roads that, if I remember correctly, are called “interstates,” or something like that). If you could fix that it would be so nice. Thx.
  • Not accurate

    By llizwarren
    Use other map services
  • A once great app that has gone down hill

    By andrew90
    This app has routinely become more and more cluttered. Google needs to get back to a basic/simplistic model and hide all the shortcuts and add ons.
  • Pop up ads are ruining my fun

    By Ender831
    Maps requires you to give it access to your phone contacts in order to use CarPlay. If you opt out,Maps on CarPlay periodically stops working unntil you read the message on your phone.
  • Lots of things to say...

    By By David Achter
    I used to LOVE this app. But it needs a refresh. When I first got this, about 2 years ago, it was amazing. The integration with your Google account is very helpful. Suggestions are much better than Apple Maps, and I still think more businesses and places are on Google Maps than Apple Maps. That being said, now I’m using Apple Maps. Why? For starters, the colors on the map are very bland, and don’t show much detail. Apple Maps is just a pleasure to look at. The zooming in and out is not very fluid nor smooth, and when you launch the app there are simply too many pop ups, to the point where you really can’t see much of the map without swiping multiple things away. Also, integration with StreetView would be nice, especially since Apple has already built look around right into their app. So now I’m forced to make a choice: The pleasure to use, seamless Apple Maps, or the more reliable, clunky Google Maps? So far, I’m using Apple, but if Google can get their app working more nicely and fluidly, than there will simply be no competition. 4 stars for now, and iPhone users will simply have to make that choice for themselves.
  • Blue duck plumbing

    By jzknitknit
    Excellent service. Very neat, wore masks and booties over their shoes. Efficient and informative along the way. The two mean Phillip and Max were nice.
  • Better than Apple Maps...

    By DanBx3
    Though Apple's Maps might work more seamlessly with iPhone, Google Maps had listings that didn't even show on Apple's, and the reviews are more reasonalble. Whereas on Apple's Maps reviews (supposed to be based on Yelp) are rather low, as if no one can be satisfied and thereby giving inaccurate representation for quality of places. AND this one had the actual website for a place that happened to tell they wouldn't actually be getting together at that location on the particular day I was thinking about visiting, and that they would be elsewhere; whereas Apple Maps had the general website for the whole company instead of that specific location, which I wasn't sure was a thing. EDIT: Darn thing showing a Chick-Fil-A where there is none and being crappy about leading to a specific address.
  • Feature Request

    By tegan burns
    Please allow me to add a business to my contacts with one click.
  • The GPS doesn't go alone with you

    By Hermayonib
    The GPS sometimes loses track of your physical movement and is annoying, this has happened to me like 10 times already, they hace to fix that ASAP!!!
  • Not compatible with Audi Q5

    By ekpinkny
    Ever since I updated the google maps , it has stopped syncing with my Audi Q5 and doesn’t show in car play mode on my screen . It keeps saying switch on location services , even though it’s on and google maps has been enabled for the same , please fix this ASAP it’s a big inconvenience!
  • Offline map selection could be bigger

    By jedimasterkyle
    I use google maps for the offline maps but selecting the areas for offline could be bigger. If I want to go on a road trip, I have to save multiple areas which takes up valuable space on my phone. I’d rather be able to save an ENTIRE state offline, similar to Gaia.
  • Reroute

    By GGT*
    I’ve used Google Maps for a while, but the last time I used it I found it didn’t reroute it told me I have arrived, I had to but the address in again to get to my destination, please send a fix. Its very frustrating to add the address again
  • Update Erased locations

    By Thordaddy44
    I enjoy this app, I like its user interaction and how it operates. But I use this app for work and leave saved locations and notes for customers typed in. This is the second time when the app has updated (in the background) that I have lost Every saved location I had put in. Over 150 pins and saved locations.... I’m very aggravated. I expect better from you google.
  • The worst

    By cns#1
    ALWAYS directs to any toll within the area, and any major highway. When living in a very high traffic tourist area and an area with toll roads in every direction, these are DEFINITELY NOT the fastest nor most direct route. Also has glitches where it will direct to turn, only to take you out of your way and then direct you to “make a u turn!” Often will direct you left or right and once you have turned, directs you in the opposite direction! I use Waze and Mapquest and AVOID this app. Must have a deal with toll authority.
  • Walking and Biking not working properly

    By Nick Bush Tex
    Directions for walking and biking on paths are not working any more
  • Cool great

    By Leionkhan
    I can see I lot
  • Best App ever!!!

    By melobannana
    This is the best navigation app ever! I use this ALL THE TIME! I’ve tried using the other navigation apps but... they don’t work as good as this one. 🙌🏻It can sometimes be a pain in the tush to use but that’s just like every other thing in the world! So all I have to say is USE THIS APP!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗
  • Make another bug fix

    By Azzxa
    It’s not letting me do anything!!
  • Thank you

    By Livvies Mom
    Thank you to Ashlee and Mr. Stribman for your patience, understanding and kindness during this process with my Mom. I truly appreciate all that you all have done for us. Kind regards, Stacey S
  • Put back palestine on the map

    By 58739956
    Palestine has been off the map for years now, while they claim it is a glitch, it should have been patched YEARS AGO, this is very clearly an attempt at not acknowledging the humanitarian issues there
  • Now useless!

    By AJGoods
    Unfortunately it is impossible to use this app for navigation as the whole screen is cluttered with useless links!
  • U. S. Constitutiona & U. S. Bill of Rights

    By Wild Blue is watching
    I have nothing but congrats as long as you’re abiding by them. Period
  • Google maps

    By cmalendres
    Every time I’m using google map it will literally at the last minute change to a different direction, for Instance it will tell me to turn right at the stop light n as I get closer it change to left turn idk what’s going on but it need to be updated, my end says no update..
  • Update ruined app completely.

    By L.)5663
    Can’t look at traffic. Can’t look at the route on the map without ending the navigation - takes you straight to “directions” page. Before the update this app worked wonderfully. Now deleted from my phone and added Apple Maps. Useless
  • Fast, Effective, Personal

    By ShannaKnoles
    I was leery to use the app because I wasn’t sure a computer could evaluate my specific insurance needs. But once the initial search for more affordable insurance with the exact same coverages was complete, I got to speak with a live person who could answer all my questions, make changes and updates, and get the best coverage and premium for me and my family situation. Natalia was so nice and very informative. It saved me a ton of time in searching for something that was right for me!
  • GPS is off track

    By ghungy
    The GPS is off Trick is not picking up places or anything it’s not my settings if the GPS
  • Trip

    By horsepuck
    I took a wrong turn in Atlanta while on a recent trip. The GPS system in my truck wanted me to continue on 3 1/2 miles north. I tried the Google app and it wanted me to go 19 miles south to pick up the same road that my truck GPS put me on in 3 1/2 miles going north. I was really surprised at the difference between the two
  • Raven

    By Hisraebae
    I was looking for a part on my vehicle last minute . Jimmy was able to find the part for me quickly. He has great customer service . I pre -ordered my part , and received it the next day. Jimmy even called the next morning to let me know the back tail light was ready for pick up. Thank you so much Jimmy.
  • Posted Speed Limits And Actual

    By Coyote1cf
    Would like to see google maps on IOS do same thing that maps does on Android. On Android, maps shows the the posted and your actual speed. Why does the IOS version not have that? Would really like for it to have it PLEASE!
  • Love it

    By klpqwx
    I don’t get lost any more. Love the street view with my phone Camara on it knows exactly where I am and where to go works great in Mexico!
  • Please fix the navigation commands

    By أحد المستخدمات للتطبيق
    I love everything about Gmaps but I started using apple maps because of ONE thing: the way it navigates. It says: after the light/stop sign turn right, and it says turn right into the parking lot; While in google maps it says in 400 ft turn right, or it the destination is on your right but doesn’t specify when to turn into the parking lot. I hate how google maps uses turn east/ xx ft.
  • Fresh

    By Tc snow
  • Long distance

    By lilys11
    So I try to use my home address central SC to Jimmy Carter in Atlanta GA . This google map has put me 2hours 40min. It put me in different directions then I use to . Longer and I got pullover by a cop 🤬. Thank you google map
  • no way

    By DCGoth
    I literally have never written a review for an app before but this app is genuinely the worst, it tells you where to go 2 minutes after you pass it.
  • Great

    By Mary111275
    I love the app
  • Starred Places Not Visible in Map

    By GP|13
    Update: Forest Service roads have been removed. Thank goodness for the GAIA app. Starred locations still not visible and no way to remove pointless icons from the bottom of the app. All of my starred locations I’ve saved over the years are now missing from the map. Even if you tap on ‘Saved’ and select ‘Starred Places,’ you still cannot display all of your saved locations on the map. It will however display a list of locations which doesn’t do any good. You can no longer remove the other distracting icons on the top and bottom of the screen. This app has continually gotten worse over the years. DO NOT UPDATE!!!
  • Outstanding maps on the web!

    By FreightlinerCWR
    I have NEVER EVER gotten lists using Google Maps! The only way to travel with the net.🤠👊
  • Kidney related

    By NPlymel
    I have had experience with the new doctors and the old doctors....wasn’t impressed with the older doctors (no longer there)....honestly I’m so thankful for the newer doctors in this office. They figured out what was wrong with me after several years of dealing with kidney issues and am finally moving forward!
  • CarPlay Dashboard

    By Rd Keeprefrigerated
    When is this going to be updates to appear in the CarPlay Dashboard ????
  • Yeah

    By Stoneman1335
    It's good but it makes you reliant on it to navigate places
  • Useless

    By qawsedrftgyhujikolpzcxvbnm
    Couldn’t get results. Useless
  • Very Disappointing

    By HK041
    It crashes and finishes a lot. Very slow to update. Disappointing.