Google Maps - Transit & Food

Google Maps - Transit & Food

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2012-12-13
  • Current Version: 5.28
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 218.50 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 809 276


Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and explore local neighborhoods by knowing where to eat, drink and go - no matter what part of the world you’re in. Get there faster with real-time updates • Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions • Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info • Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure • With Live View in Google Maps, see the way you need to go with arrows and directions placed right on top of your world. There’s no second guessing or missing another turn. Discover places and explore like a local • Discover local restaurant, events, and activities that matter to you • Know what’s trending and new places that are opening in the areas you care about • Decide more confidently with “Your match,” a number on how likely you are to like a place • Group planning made easy. Share a shortlist of options and vote in real-time • Create lists of your favorite places and share with friends • Follow must-try places recommended by local experts, Google, and publishers More experiences on Google Maps • Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection • Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more • Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums * Some features not available in all countries



  • Need recent trips option

    By SBistany
    I like Google maps but I don’t Luke how I have to keep entering my hotel every time. If the was a previous destinations I could just select it.
  • Great, Simple, Organized, Google Maps.

    By OrganizationBl
    II tried using other apps but by far this app has been the best for navigation for me.
  • Needs update

    By salv1142
    Won’t give directions. Keeps freezing
  • Day at the lake sailing. The best.

    By deniseoeh
    Was the best time. Enjoyed being on the lake. Went sailing for the first time. The lake was a great way to cool off after such a hot day. I highly recommend this for anyone visiting are for that special day.

    By Jonathansafa
    Why does this app not save my previous searches????? Constantly have to go back to my notes or text messages to find the address again. Extremely annoying.

    By Mary T. Boykin
    Woodlands Wheelchair Shuttle transported my nephew twice to TIRR therapy in The Woodlands. What a wonderful experience. Not only was Aaron on time, he actually wheeled my nephew into the building for therapy. Very polite and punctual. I give this company an A+. We will definitely use them from now on. Thank you for making our life so easy! Thanks, Mary T.
  • Doesn’t work!

    By wandakayet
    I have submitted feedback twice with no response.
  • ADA issue

    By kchall1168
    I’ve recently discovered one issue - with the red, yellow, and blue lines that indicate traffic congestion. My boyfriend, who happens to be colorblind, is not able to utilize this function. It would be helpful to see an update that reflects these changes in an additional way, possibly through a change in the weight of the line (dots, dashed, solids). Just a thought!!
  • Love it

    By Pga2008
    I do a lot of traveling and GM always helps.
  • Google Maps

    By Jo Jo Starbucks
    Go Google
  • No voice

    By Fione Ng
    No voice when connect to my car 👎🏿
  • App struggles with the basics

    By ilikemyrealname
    There’s quite a few ongoing bugs with Google Maps 1. Doesn’t know the direction you’re facing until you drive 100-200 or so feet. Compass app and Apple Maps has no issues here, this is specific to development behind Google Maps. 2. Will pretty much always route you to an off ramp to only have you get right back on again. There are a few ramps around us that Google Maps just can’t comprehend that the off ramps are not the highway. 3. Takes forever to find itself after turns. The app will take sometimes an entire block to realize you turned. Like other issues, this is specific to Google and not to Apple Maps. 4. Search is broken in the sense that the app does not tell you everything in the area and also does not sort by closest. For instance, searching for Wawas in my area always shows one’s miles away (that I’ve never even visited) way before showing the Wawas in my area (that I do visit). I use Yelp instead as Google Maps is not very good at finding businesses nearby. 5. Icon drifting is a major issue here with Google Maps, again this is fine with Apple Maps. While navigating, the icon that represents the car will often just drift off course. These issues are present on both my phone and my wife’s phone and are not present on the native Apple Maps app. Sadly it seems Google is struggling to develop a solid GPS solution for iPhone. Some of these issues can cause a ton of confusion while driving which can be a potential danger. I do hope Google takes the time and effort needed to work through resolving these issues instead of just leaving them be as they have been for...years now.
  • Awful since latest IOS update

    By LHJr78
    The app continuously drops when routing (driving); opens, then runs slow. App stilcloses once other apps open, etc.
  • Terrible on IOS

    By CyborgSonic
    This app is very poorly optimized for iPhone, at least in my experience, routes take very long to load or sometimes don’t load at all. And when you are on your route it will sometimes bounce you to random locations on the map or just plain not know where you are. Of course Apple Maps works great on my phone so it’s probably a ploy to get us to use their app instead of Googles, either way it is very frustrating.
  • Not as good as the old google map

    By Jeff05/11/12
    Wish we had the ability to change routes to see what works better. To be able to move the blue line to other roads. To be trucker friendly. It’s great for seeing traffic ahead but not for truck routes. Thanks
  • Numeros de telefono

    By flaka9206
    Desde la ultima actualizacion no aparecen los numeros de telefono de las direcciones que buscamos Solucionen eso porfavooooooor! Era muy util eso😒😒
  • GPS Navigational Features

    By Suave Flo
    Although convenient when lost, precision will help impact navigating conveniently in a concise fashion.
  • App used to be helpful but it’s trash now

    By GeddyLeeSenior
    Google used to give helpful suggestions. Now when you query something it gives the most unhelpful suggestions. Like suggesting a favorited location in another city. While you’re driving it doesn’t always help you figure out what exit you’re taking. Sometimes it wont display the interstate compass direction. I wish i could use Apple Maps because the quality of this app has deteriorated over the last several years but I’m stuck with this.
  • iPhone 11 PRO MAX 13.1.1 issues

    By BBKG79
    Everything is set for directions to be given in the background, but sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll have to go back to the app and wait a minute before it’ll resume voice guidance. Also it can be laggy at times. If I turn onto a street it’ll still say that street name even after I’ve turned onto a new street. It’ll eventually catch up. What is up with the positioning? It takes a while to realize I’m going in the opposite direction or it’ll have me on the street next to me.
  • Cool app

    By poisjw
    I love this app to explore the world
  • Survey response

    By Loop Navigator
    I use your map in conjunction with the map on the weather channel map and Google maps to get the necessary details. Four of my friends are on the “Great American Loop”. I am following their vessels on my iPhone and have to switch among these maps in order to get more details. It would be great if all of this information could be obtained on one iPhone app.
  • When

    By Artrave123
    when the function of sharing the geographic position appears in Armenia?
  • Good

    By abdulghafoor ahmed
    Very good Always use maps
  • Seems silly not to have multiple destinations.

    By Amerika_jin
    I’ve been driving for work for about 20 years now and remember when Gps navigation was new. I bought this brand new program called Microsoft streets and trips with a usb GPS receiver for my laptop. It was awesome! Showed my current speed, laptop screen was huge and easy to see and best of all, I could add multiple stops to create a route. Most of us could use this on a dedicated shopping day let alone for work. As much as I love Google maps as my navigation of choice, I really wish it would catch up with features that have been available for years elsewhere. If this is currently an option and I’m just dumb, then please make it dummy friendly and easier to use. Otherwise, great work!
  • Ken

    By ok here for tou
    Hey ok
  • Bad on the iphone

    By bablos1
    This app is garbage on the iphone.its like they do that on purpose no way to get alternates route.a complete mess.
  • wasting my gas

    By DessiL.
    GPS took me in a circle on thru a backroad when my destination was across the street thru the next light that i started at . it didnt give me the fastest route and wasted my time and gas .
  • Phone number and time of operations got messed up

    By davnos
    After the update the phone number for the locations is messed up also the times of operations for every location (stores) does not work. Please fix!!!!
  • Too many bugs

    By spender225
    Sometimes takes forever to load the maps or doesn’t load them at all even connected to WiFi. Seriously need to work out the bugs still along with the selection locations. Sometimes you don’t want what’s closest and yet it will auto locate you. Took something simple and just complicated it.
  • Add Bengali language!!!!

    By ahmed tohu
    We have to use faster app .Oh one more add more language like Bangla Plz add those language.Especially we want to see more update . Thx

    By torndotexas8198
    This is just incredible it shows it shows everything no wagon it doesn’t require Wi-Fi it actually does but it shows you’re on the world it’s like Google earth except it doesn’t waste your battery as much so I would recommend this app for you travelers
  • Awesome

    By Guaynia1969
    Love your GPS is awesome
  • Crash when wanted to see steps during navigation

    By Sunshinesf
    Crash when wanted to see route steps during navigation by pressing the bottom area. Start having this problem a while ago. Frustrating.
  • Anthonys rest Old forge Pa

    By Psp-Jerry G.
    Dined on 10/18/2019 .... Grilled pork chops....excellent. Service and bar were very good. Not easy to grill pork chops, but chef did a great job. A very consistent restaurant.
  • Great Service!

    By SkoalVikingsJW
    Gage provided great service and helped me with all of my questions. I’m horrible with technology, and everyone was very patient.
  • Can’t trust directions in Rhode Island

    By Tloislane007
    Those directions for RI are never accurate and will either bring you out of your way, put you in the middle of gang land, or get you lost entirely. I’ve never known Google Maps to be so horrid. Fix Rhode Island please!
  • Needs better organization of personal pins

    By joe149
    Until they give you the option of different colors for “saved locations” I will always give this app 1 star. I save locations all over the map and there is no way to differentiate between them. Saved locations are all blue and I can’t imagine it would take a whole lot of coding to add in more color options.
  • Its 2019 and still cant set reminder to leave on app

    By rolaidsson10
    Im not sure why you removed this feature off the ipad app.
  • Trash and disease

    By oliverstone123
    This place is filled with trashy clientele and employees. Beware of sexually transmitted disease
  • History??

    By jiinchoi
    Why don’t recently searched destinations show up anymore?? Makes it a pain to prepare for trips for the next day.
  • Optimized algorithms for most expensive tolls

    By shsjcicb
    Always lead you to the path with the most optimized and expensive way—regardless if it is necessary or not. Barely tell the right branch to go if the road has a merge or split.
  • Multiple locations

    By call me thec cheezit
    What would have been helpful a minute ago is more than one location you can put on the map like for example My location to a pet shop then the pet shop to the grocery store and it would say how long it would be to drive to both of those locations
  • Que paso?

    By genaroprendel
    La version anterior era mucho mejor. No se que paso. Ahora no es practicamente compatible com la app Uber para los conductores. No abre el mapa desde la app Uber para que yo pueda navegar. Se queda dando vueltas y no va. Ademas eso nuevo de que las calles se ocultan dependiendo de la altura es horrible y confuso cuando uno conduce. Y la nueva version va muy lenta. Y tengo e iPhone Xs Max, que es un telefono potente.
  • Got very slow

    By Jjhujhv
    With update to IOS 13 the app became virtually unusable on iPhone 10 Max.
  • Theodore Garcia

    By Joseph78220
    Thank Y’all so much , I love this new Technology it is so awesome. I Theodore am very grateful wouldn’t know what to do without y’all.👌
  • Good

    By Maiwand Ehsani
  • Great store

    By AI IQ 1000
    Helpful staff
  • Best app ever 🤩🤩🤩🥳

    By Melwat81
    It’s freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
  • Excellent

    By monfaj
    They are a good device all over the country including Canada.