Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2014-03-27
  • Current Version: 2.22
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 275.34 MB
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 460 302


The trusted Word app lets you create, edit, view, and share your files with others quickly and easily. It also lets you view and edit Office docs attached to emails. With Word, your Office moves with you. Whether you are a blogger, writer, journalist, columnist, student, or a project manager working on documentation, it’s as handy as you want it to be. Make impactful text documents, scripts, blogs, write-ups, or resumes. Customize your document, letter, resume, or notes your way with robust tools that enable you to accomplish your best writing with the best format options. Create with confidence Jump-start your project, assignments, letter, blog, script, notes, write-ups, or resume with beautifully designed modern templates. Use rich formatting and layout options to note down your ideas and express them in writing. Document format and layout stays pristine and looks great — no matter what device you use. Read, write, and edit comfortably Reading view lets you read long docs, letters, scripts, and more on your device with ease. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere Share thoughts by commenting in your doc right next to the text you’re discussing. Everyone can add to the conversation and stay on top of changes to the text, layout, and formatting. As you and your team make changes, you can revert to view earlier drafts with improved version history in Word. Sharing is simplified Share your files with a few taps to quickly invite others to edit or view your documents. Easily manage permissions and see who’s working in a document. Copy the content of your Word files directly into the body of an email message with its format intact or attach your docs to an email and make sharing easier. To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size of 10.1 inches or smaller. Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifying Office 365 subscription (see for your phone, tablet, PC, and Mac. Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your App Store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manage your subscriptions in your App Store account settings. This app is provided by either Microsoft or a third-party app publisher and is subject to a separate privacy statement and terms and conditions. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft or the third-party app publisher, as applicable, and transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or the app publisher and their affiliates or service providers maintain facilities. Please refer to the Microsoft Software License Terms for Microsoft Office. See “License Agreement” link under Information. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions.



  • Saving to laptop

    By cherr!24
    Only question is how to save to iCloud to laptop
  • Hating this App

    By MandyGMC
    The worse version of Microsoft word ever. Keeps deleting my docs once my screen goes dark. I’ve Never experienced this on any device except my iPad. Needs to be fixed ASAP. I WISH I COULD CHOOSE TO LEAVE NO STARS AT ALL.
  • WORD

    By Yannicat
    It’s typically a windows product. It’s adequate and does what it’s supposed to do.
  • Excelente Aplicacion

    By Chispy13
    Me encanta esta aplicacion para tareas; es muy facil de utilizar y muy buena.
  • Great, but lacks in grammar and spelling

    By Escarp
    This is a great app and has helped me with my college classes. However, the spelling and grammar check functions on this app are lacking.
  • Great app

    By luisjvgarcia
    I feel really good about this app because it does the job.
  • Perhaps I’m just missing something

    By Lion-of-Flanders
    After using the free version for some time, I have now “upgraded” to the subscription version. Seems like paying $80 bucks a year, I ought to be able to do a bit more than type basic far it is beyond terrible.
  • It's great

    By Debbie6953
    I love word it helps make writing easier and more helpful
  • Office 365 failure

    By AoGI ambassador
    This is the second time trying to use the 365 subscription through the Apple app store. First time it never worked. Paid for the subscription, complained to Apple, never got a refund. Thought I would give it another shot. I was able to edit and create some word documents. A week later I cannot create new or edit documents. I’ve tried to login. Nothing. I have called apple, then Microsoft. No help. Buy the subscription through Microsoft, not Apple.
  • One thing to change

    There is not a tab for the references on this version
  • trash

    By You Dad Is Gay
    it just deleted my whole essay and didn’t give me an opportunity to get it back
  • No words

    Words aren’t showing up when I type.
  • Update Issues

    By CG$$&
    NOW that your updates are so large you need to make them incremental so they can download over cellular data........There are many people across the country that DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO WIFI and can’t download your updates!!!
  • Awesome!!

    By hsudhebsushbe
    It’s a beautiful some cases you can’t attach documents on some websites but I dont know if it’s somewhere in my phone I don’t know about but it won’t attach word. I have an iPhone X, fully updated.
  • WORD

    By ATimebandit
    NOT FREE! False Advertising.
  • Awesome

    By flooperlopper
    I use this everyday. I use at home and work. It is my favorite. Thanks to who made this
  • Where do you add references

    By Danielle.m.warren
    Having references is a major part of a paper
  • Not free

    By Seventh fret
    Stated as a free app but upon installing, it requires Office 365 which is $10/month. More bait and switch in this new world of social media and millennials. 🧐😖😫😩🤬
  • Very unhappy

    By JaninneG
    I have been using this app for years. No I am told I need a a subscription to use it. I have paid for many Microsoft word programs, I just don’t need it enough to purchase a subscription. I was very happy with my Microsoft word 10. Not liking Microsoft at all now.
  • شكرأ على الخدمه الجميله عن جد استفادتي منها و لغت عندي حمل الحاسوب في كل مكان

    By الایرانی
    شكرأ لكم علي هذه الخدمه الجديده
  • This app has saved my life

    By JenDrow
    I recently had surgery on my right shoulder, and could not write anything. This app has enabled me to write thank you letters to all of my dear friends who fed us and assisted me through this recovery. I’m sure I will be using it in many other applications.
  • The TRUTH

    By MUniversity Records
    I love it!
  • Very Good

    By ms@ntana
    Very useful
  • This is NOT free. False advertising!

    By Serene Chaos
    What is the purpose of allowing people to download this app “free” but preventing them from even being able to type in a document. I get a message telling me I can edit and save with an Office 365 subscription. I have never needed all the advanced features because i just use the app once a month or so for personal notes and to print things that are too complex printing from the internet without all the advertisements and webpage junk too. Like a simple recipe. I’ll copy the text and insert a picture of it. That is all I do with this and have used it for free for years, but suddenly i can’t even create a new plain document because I have to pay for a subscription??? These tactics are why I no longer use most of Microsoft products or operating systems anymore. We even got rid of paying for Xbox because of their intrusion and unrealistic pricing. Nice job Microsoft. Your efforts to make people pay are backfiring. I “might” have considered paying sometime in the future if I needed the more advanced features, out of loyalty for how helpful it had been so far. That’s what I do with other apps. Not this one. Never again.
  • Word

    By It's 🔝Kris🔥💥
    Good app
  • Love it but one problem

    By Coco Senpai
    I absolutely love this app. I can express my creativity so much. I do have one problem though. I have a bunch of older documents that refuse to open. It’s say that is can’t open. Other than that I love this app.
  • Less than perfect

    By casemanager987
    The app works well on my iPhone, however, I would really appreciate having the space for more than 499 words
  • Like it

    By emily/emi
    It does help me with assignments and other thing but I think it could be a little easier to use
  • Great

    By Jay 6055
    Word us word you know
  • A glitch

    By BirdWithAHat
    This is one of the best apps for sharing documents and group works with coworkers. But while working on a power point needed for the yearly income (it was just my project not shared and it can't edited by anyone else) once done i closed the project and soon found it was deleted. With the auto save supposed to be working i thought that this wouldn't be an issue. I had full bars, was in my living area, and not moving so wifi had nothing to do with this, i hope this gets resolved since other wise i enjoy and use the app with ease. Thank you for reading -Bird With a Hat
  • Ya ight

    By gualokhd
  • Signing in

    By Justhad_
    Why must we sign in to type or make changes to items saved on iPad.
  • Word

    By cielo41
    Pongan la aplicación gratis gratis sin pagar dinero
  • Update !

    By jafar1236
    I update my app today but after that I recieve an email notification but app not open the mail and also I can’t send an e mail !!!
  • Great

    By JimmyCrankshaft
    Does what it needs to, can edit, make new documents and all that fancy stuff on the go. Simple and it just works.
  • It takes forever to open a file

    By vhoang3001
    It takes 3-4 minutes to open a file. My internet is downloading at 200 mb/s
  • Word

    By curtisneilsen
    Pretty handy
  • Word Review

    By Jim C from Wells, ME
    Great app. Allows me to easily send/edit documents on the go!
  • Paying twice

    By savvy_entrepreneur
    I paid for this app and for Microsoft Excel. However, it’s basically useless now because I can only access it if I subscribe to office 365. I don’t want to pay twice, no matter how good it is.
  • It’s very helpful

    By cloud_shiner 🤓🐶🌥
    I like this app because I like to use it for my homework and it never lags so I don’t know what people mean by it lags but again it is very helpful
  • Perfectly happy with this!

    By Sassyzoula
    Wow, if it’s the free version your complaining about, shame on you! For a free app, I think Word is awesome. I’ve had no problems other than a few times I wanted to do something and because I’m still on a free version I couldn’t. Understandable!
  • Crashes immediately with Authenticator

    By Mwt131
    The latest version gets stuck in an infinite loop with its integration with Authenticator. After a few automatic switches between this app and Authenticator, both apps crash. There’s no way to open your documents that are in OneDrive-Business accounts. My iPad is now effectively useless. Back to the laptop!
  • Finally a “feature” just not one anyone wants

    By nellysisgone
    Update (3.11): no improvements on auto-save, no keyboard shortcuts, but at mentions. Whatever that gimmick is. Update: Stop trying to play off like there have been major improvements. Nothing is changing/evolving about this app. Zero. Please implement keyboard shortcuts. This app is a colossal disappointment. Trying to do any sort of track changes editing, especially with an external keyboard, is insanely frustrating. Not really sure what the yearly fee is going toward but it doesn’t appear to be iPad app development.
  • Loses documents

    By tedgo
    I spent 2 very creative hours on a document on the newest iPad Pro. Went to look up something in Safari them back to Word. Guess what? Unlike other iPad word processors word does not auto save. It does not keep backups. There is no working file. So it loses documents. If you are a professional and want something you can trust. It isn’t this.
  • Big/bug issues cont. to 2019, since 2017.

    By NPhryme
    Okay, you want us to pay a subscription. Why should we when your product is broken? $7.99. Any device bigger than 10.5 must pay that price. Students must pay for basic features that we should be able to do. I can understand storage. But the typical norm has a hefty price. That may seem like not an issue, but Pages and Google Doc offer free features that are the same but with full features without a price. The downside is storage. So, that’s the only big issue. Bugs time! After working for a while in the app itself, it becomes unresponsive, unreliable, and when you try to tap to a certain point to put the typing cursor, it has a mind of its own. It does not do what you want it to do. Now, that big issue I stated. That specific issue is not worthy of $8. More issues! It lags and crashes. Which explains further the unresponsive and unreliable part. $8’s. Again, it’s not worth it. I think it’s time schools such as the public and private need to adopt Pages and Google Doc. I have no issues there. But if Microsoft believes these issues are not a problem. Then your lost. I’m glad my school is providing my Office 365. $7.99, a rip off.
  • 謝謝你

    By 琴顏
  • Track Changes Nightmare

    By writer in dire straits
    I have been using this app on my iPad since it became available and have had minor issues here and there that were easy to overlook, but this one is making my work life miserable as I am very dependent on this feature. About 6 weeks ago it started losing the option of seeing All Markup in balloons if the app was open for very long, if I navigated away from it, or if I closed it and reopened it later. The only way to regain this option is to delete and reinstall each time I need to edit a document ... and since writing and editing are what I do for a living, this is untenable, but I don’t have a better option at the moment. Even with this glitch Word is still, unfortunately, the best way to create, edit, and share documents with others who are on other types of devices and platforms. I really wish Pages were more compatible with PCs and had a more user-friendly tracking function. Forget about Google Docs. I don’t have one good thing to say about it. I have asked both Microsoft and Apple for help. Apple can’t do anything because it’s not on their end. Microsoft is clueless and really didn’t seem interested in trying to help find a solution.
  • I’m not sure why this app has 4.7 stars

    By youngmb57
    So far, typing hasn’t been a huge issue, although it can be difficult to select multiple words at once without it selecting the entire document. Also, I can’t tap to move my cursor without it selecting the whole word. The worst part, though, is the drawing feature. It gets extremely laggy when using draw, and makes it impossible to scroll and sometimes the markings you make just up and disappear. It also jumps from eraser to pen a lot of the time, causing me to scribble all over the page. The app has a lot of bugs which is frustrating because Word is supposed to be the “standard” document program for most uses, so I have no choice but to use it at times.
  • Good but lacks some basic tools

    By ToneTone541
    Things like the vertical ruler don’t exist. For $9.99 per month, let’s get the core functions at least!