PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2013-01-02
  • Current Version: 13.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 150.67 MB
  • Developer: PicsArt, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 272 224


PicsArt is an all-in-one photo and video editor on mobile with impressive photo effects, drawing tools, image editor, collage maker, sticker maker, camera, photo filters, video editor, free image library, face editor with face swap, Beautify tools, and more! Unleash your creativity with one of the most downloaded apps in the world with over 700 million downloads to date. Start with your picture or one from our network and give it a crop, cut out, or grid. PicsArt is home to the hugely popular Sketch effect, Glitch effect, vintage filters, aesthetic stickers, and more. AND it's FREE! Show off your awesome pictures on Instagram with #picsart and you might be featured! PHOTO EDITOR Thousands of amazing tools for cropping, stretching, and cloning. A full library of artistic photo filters (including HDR), frames, backgrounds, and borders. Use brush mode for fine-tuning and make double exposures using layers with adjustable transparency. 100+ fonts make it easy to add text to pictures and create memes. VIDEO EDITOR Some of our coolest photo features are now enabled for video. Bring your unique story to life by adding fun filters and stickers, then adjusting the size for social media. No professional experience required! REPLAY Cut your editing time in half. Replay allows you to view editing steps (from start to finish) and easily apply them to your own image with just one tap per step. Each step is customizable to your liking. The PicsArt community adds hundreds of new Replays a day and recently added Replays are available to use at any time. REMIX AND FREE-TO-EDIT IMAGES PicsArt was the first to allow image remixing on mobile! Start with any photo with the #freetoedit hashtag, add a personal touch by editing it your way, then share back to the PicsArt community. SKETCH Take any selfie and create a sketch that looks hand drawn. The Sketch effect automatically detects the outline of your portrait and does the work for you. Change the background and line color to your liking. Five Sketch effects available. PICSART GOLD Go Gold! PicsArt’s Gold subscription gives you access to THOUSANDS OF PREMIUM STICKERS, FONTS, FRAMES, COLLAGES, AND MASKS! We’re adding NEW EXCLUSIVE content all the time. All of this with an ad-free editing experience. Get over $3,000 worth of content for a nominal monthly or annual subscription fee. Start your PicsArt Gold membership with a free trial. Limit one free trial per account. Once the trial is over, you’ll be charged a nominal subscription fee. Your Gold subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. If your subscription is subject to any promotional discount, the discount will expire upon the end of the current period and you’ll be charged the standard rate upon renewal. Go to your iTunes Account under subscriptions to manage your membership and to turn auto-renew off. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Read more about our terms and conditions here: FREE STICKERS & STICKER MAKER PicsArt’s Cutout Tool lets you create and share custom Stickers out of any picture. 5 million+ free user-made Stickers and clipart are already available in-app. Add Stickers to pictures (30+ Stickers per edit), remix others’ images, and share them via iMessage. MAGIC EFFECTS PicsArt’s Magic Effects give your photos a complete makeover in just one click. Choose from a handful of amazing designs like Galaxy, Rainbow, Flora, and White Ice. COLLAGE MAKER AND GRIDS PicsArt’s collage maker provides 100+ free, easy-to-use templates. Make grid-style, templated, or freestyle collages. DRAWING PicsArt Draw includes customizable brushes, layers, and professional drawing tools. CHALLENGES PicsArt’s Challenges are fun and easy! New challenges, added daily, are a great way to find inspiration.



  • Lots of things you have to pay for😫

    By dezqueen
    This app is great but for most of the “ cool” stuff you have to have a membership and pay monthly but there is still AMAZING stuff without paying definitely recommend😁
  • Eh

    By nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne
    This app is amazing! There are lots of tools. My only problem is that whenever I zoom into a picture while I am editing, the whole picture turns black, and when I have a sticker selected, I can see that but when it is not, the WHOLE PICTURE is black. It makes me really mad and I cannot edit my pictures now. 😤😒😡
  • Crashes like crazy

    By BundyMcBuckets
    I really like all the things you can do in this app but I can rarely finish a picture now without the app crashing and losing whatever I was just working on.
  • Curve

    By rhekdbdj
    Can you no longer arch text on PicsArt app?
  • Idk

    By jazorocks92
    Love the app it’s just really annoying that it doesn’t save unfinished edits and you end up having to start all over again
  • Love

    By Plzkill99
    Good for editing photos and very useful
  • Pics art

    By sanchezyes
    I love it!!!! I get so creative with app

    By y0shawti
    It’s constantly crashing! I also never signed up for the free trial and it still charged me!!!!! $55 for garbage I WANT MY REFUND!!!!
  • What happened

    By MrsBoykin15
    I have been using this app for 3-4 years and now it seems like it just keeps freezing when I’m looking for stickers. This is an awesome app, but PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.
  • One thing...

    By This App is Actual Sh*t
    I absolutely love the app but please make it so that we can post gifs. I used to use gifs art but it automatically crops the gif and it looked bad. So please make the change. Thank you, you guys rock!!!
  • It’s just great.

    By ChrisVu53
    I have no idea how this stuff works, but it works great. It can transform your photos in a way I never knew I needed. Unlike most photo editors, it’s still functional even without the subscription. I don’t usually write reviews, but I just had to for this one.
  • Why.. This is annoying

    By RedRose110
    This app is ok but it just won’t save even after says it has been placed at the photos or something like that it didn’t. I also don’t like how to have to make a account.(also it only saved once.) overall it’s ok.
  • Less gooooo

    By applebottomsruth
    This app is my favorite app I own my only concern is that there are not ettfkfmdmdkdkmrdkmdmf
  • Good but could be better

    By Hope Mars
    A very good app but there are a lot of things that you can only have if you sign up for premium.But overall it is a very helpful editing app.
  • Great but needs just a few serious updates

    By brittanykins
    It just needs the ability to reverse edits AFTER clicking apply. I’ve lost so much work from clicking apply because once you click the final apply it locks all changes. And sometimes you have to click apply just to save adjustments and sometimes it saves all instead. Also if when you add a photo on top of another photo it would be nice if it pasted it in full size over the first picture instead of shrunk in the middle. Often I paste she same photo over the original to erase specific areas and you have to try to enlarge it to the exact same size and over the exact same area. App could also really use a brush tool that changes exposure, saturation, contrast, blur, where brushed, like Facetune and Snapseed.
  • Pisca

    By P_pandapotatokoala
    Pisca art is amazing.I love this app the only thing that I don’t like about it is that you have to pay for some of the stuff. Other than Than that urs amazing
  • The bean of LIfe

    By Haggai81291
    This app is fricking awsome I love it. OwO UwU
  • Do not download this app!!!!

    By Dano757575
    My wife downloaded the app for the three day trial and when she saw how much the subscription cost we cancelled immediately. We were able to unsubscribe in the subscriptions section of iOS. 3 weeks after canceling we were fraudulently charged a year subscription and no there is not a way to unsubscribe. Terrible slimy underhanded business practices.
  • Crashes CONSTANTLY

    By Jenderbender31
    Had to delete this. Even after un-installing, re-installing and updating, this app is junk. It is constantly crashing, taking with it anything you may have been working on. Too much of the stuff they want to charge for— and it’s 100% not quality worth paying for. App developers want people to pay monthly fees for the most basic junk. Greedy. This app blows. Deleted.
  • 😡

    By dughfhvf
    This is soooo frustrating this is legit the 10000 time that this happened I made my adorable pixel whatever the app is called and then the iPad froze then this pixel app it Deleted whole pixel this app is soooooooooooooooooo annoying
  • Not free as advertised

    By Southtexag
    Downloaded the App and then was asked to pay a monthly fee for using it. Don’t waste your time unless you want to pay -$48/Year to use it. I would understand if it was an one off fee, but monthly is a bit ridiculous.
  • Thieves

    By YajSenoj
    Also to add they do not tell you anywhere that they cannot refund Itunes or google play wow, oh and My son swears he hit the 8.99 and they charged a year and not a month or whatever, this app and its developers are worthless pricks
  • Great app but...

    By sOmeStan
    I’ve always used this app and it always works pretty good. But lately the app has been “acting” up and it just crashes and exits out the app.
  • Great app...

    By ????mysterygirl?????
    It’s a great app, but some tools i needed to use were for premium and i can’t afford premium. And one of the picture frames said,”beter” and the correct word spelling is: better.
  • I don’t want to pay

    By yungmoney760
    Was better when it was free 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Perfect

    By la chi bb
  • Take it a bit farther with music

    By bdhags
    Lime the app a lot. Really like the ability to add music to short video clips. But WOULD REALLY LIKE IT IF I COULD ADD MUSIC TO PHOTOS AND IF I COULD PICK MUSIC CLIPS BY MY OWN SEARCH FOR ARTISTS OR SPECIFIC SONGS .... That would really take it to the next level
  • Awsome!

    By 🩸🖤🩸
    I love this app so much! I love the options of stickers it has and I love the brushes. I love the different effects. If your looking to make your photos look more professional, Pics Art is perfect. I also love the fact that you can change the blend mode of the stickers but could you make that an option for brushes too? Please! I will admit though that it gets very annoying how much the app prompts its premium option. It’s like every time I click on a button it asks me if I want premium. I also would like to add that there should be more filters available for free. Like the glitch filter or some other but it’s quite annoying having to download a completely different app. Other than those complications I loved it!
  • I love everything about this app

    By Audrey_HighPriestess_1111
    Definitely worth the paid version ❤️ if you are a creative person. Go for it!
  • Glitch Filter

    By Sassyandfifi
    It is absolutely ridiculous that I have to get gold to use this. I can't even do the free trial because I don't have that much money in my iTunes account. Highly annoyed. I shouldn't have to pay for every single effect. This is literally the only one I like to use and I can't even do that. Greedy.
  • Very good app

    By heshisoajwuebejsk
    Very good app
  • Rip off :(

    By eva dawn likes the app
    I downloaded this app for my gacha life edits and when I got in it was social media 😕 I thought it was going to be like Facetune 2 so I deleted the app when I got in the app :(
  • Sick!

    By adrien282623
    All of it’s good but needs tutorials lol
  • Dear PicsArt.

    By wolfyplayz987
    I’ve been having a few questions lately and I just want to have them responded to. 1. Reporting The reporting system isn’t really doing much. I have reported at least 20 Gacha Life images in the past week because of inappropriate sexual things. I’ve never gotten feedback from all of these reports I’ve done... please fix this! 2. Blocking There is this that I know has been happening to lots of people, but it’s random blocking. It will just randomly block somebody. 3. Dislikes/Likes I really thing there should be a dislike button that will recommend less of the things I’ve disliked. The like button should also be improved because whenever I don’t have connection, it gets rid of all the things I’ve liked in the last 4-6 hours. Please write back! Sincerely, @_0-taurus-0_ on PicsArt.

    By lunar mantirn
    So much fun
  • Caution!!!

    By john f2
    I opened the app, didn’t use it order anything and was charged $47.99 for nothing and can’t get a refund!! Complete lack of service resolving scam. This app is a SCAM
  • Pretty good

    By jedibigcatfilmsYT
    Ok I will make this quick I think this is a really cool app and love how I can still use it and not pay all the money, Also The reason why it’s rated 4 stars and not 5 is because it crashes often

    By BeejusChrist666
    I hit the option for a free three day trial and it automatically charged me for a year $59.35 and since it was in the app and not through the App Store I cannot get anyone to give me a refund this is insane.
  • Very good app but it has a small problem.

    By Anthony / Hodgson
    This app is great in general but sometimes in the middle of when I’m working on something, it freezes, and doesn’t un-freeze, so I have to restart the app, deleting my progress. * AFTER READING OTHER REVIEWS* I saw a review about how it sends you to random ads and naked photo sharing and stuff like that, I realized maybe that’s why on safari it sent me to those websites. Also for you to block the website, that naked photo sharing link I was sent to is called DirtyTinder
  • Great app but.....

    By miley😍🤗226
    PicsArt is a great app to edit photos and such. I like to edit and draw in my free-time, so it is a great way to cure my boredom. However, it keeps freezing up and exiting out of the app itself. I have tried many different ways to stop this, but it just keeps happening. I’m not really sure why this is happening, as everybody I know who uses PicsArt has no problem with it. I like PicsArt, but if the developers just fixed that one problem, I would love it. Thank you!
  • Got a new phone and the app asked me to purchase it again

    By leticiannm
    So my phone got water damaged and I got a replacement and when I went to edit they were asking me to purchase the subscription again. Which I just did like last month. I would like to know how can I get my subscription back or just get a refund really.
  • What happen?

    By CrystalGalindo
    This use to be my favorite app ! But now when I click on it it exit out everything ! I can’t even edit a pic anymore without it shutting down!
  • Best App Ever

    By shaefnbutta
    I’ve been using this app for years and it’s my all time favorite!
  • Awesome

    By owlpuppygirl
    This app is life
  • Herbert Yancy

    By 2xcups215
    This app is amazing and I appreciate it very much

    By Gl1980lh
    I have never written a bad review before. I have loved using this app but be careful! I lost $55.99 to this app by clicking on the wrong filter and no refund possible even though I cancelled in less than a day. DON’T trust the 3DAY trial. You will not get the money back!!!!
  • BadUpdate

    By RohamDvi
    why deleted face changes ??!?! 😒😒😒
  • Can't use without account anymore.

    By jamartinezm
    It used to be that you could use the app without an account but now you have to register. That makes no sense for this kind of app.
  • very slow , always force closing and slowing down phone

    By jasthaslumpgodd
    so i was trying to make an edit and I had to force shut and just all together close the app atleast 10 times in less than 5 minutes because everything i tried to make and edit to a picture it would just keep loading and loading continuously, very nerve racking to say the least , may not be using this app again , sometimes free isn’t always the best!