Musi - Simple Music Streaming

Musi - Simple Music Streaming

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2013-01-11
  • Current Version: 6.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 35.56 MB
  • Developer: Musi Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 088 496


"Best free music player app and I’ve tried all of them" - FaisalBeanzi "Best music experience I have used on the App Store to date!" - Lupini66444 Musi lets you stream and organize music directly from YouTube, build playlists, share music with friends, and more. Musi can also stream onto any AirPlay enabled device. Best of all? IT'S FREE! Here's a brief overview of Musi's features: - Stream any song from YouTube - Stream music to any AirPlay enabled device - Create infinite playlists and organize your music - Control Musi through your car, stereo, and more With over 1 million daily users, it's clear that Musi is the best music experience on the App Store. Download it now!



  • Ad

    By ElYsSa AaN
    I didn’t understand how i got one ad in the app and how i can’t download any song.
  • Love this app!!

    By kit.kat-kate
    I love this app and I’ve had it for more than three years. Recently it’s been having some issues with connecting to my car properly through Bluetooth and it no longer shows up on my lock screen when I’m playing music or in my options when I swipe down (I own and iPhone) overall I really really enjoy this app. It’s my favorite and I’ve introduced it to everyone that I know! Also it keeps cutting off randomly. Please fix! This is my favorite app!
  • Lennybyrd63

    By lennybyrd63
  • Great app! Having trouble with switching dogs from lock screen

    By The AceCard
    While an amazing app, I am having some problems. To save battery, I usually have the app playing in the background with the phone on sleep mode, and if I want to skip or pause a song, I can usually just do so from the lock screen. However, and this has been happening since the last update, after a minute or so of listening, the option to do so disappears, and when I look at my lock screen, there is no indication of any music playing, and if I hit pause or play from the menu section, it stops the app and instead plays my music from the music application instead. Not sure why it is doing this, hopefully the next update can fix this! Still, great app, just a bit of an inconvenience.
  • Fix some bugs

    By EpicFaceGamer/appstore
    This app is a really good app for listening but it keeps crashing on me when I’m watching the music in it can you fix that crash please

    By Justinsswag1994
    trust me half of the time this app is my GO TO for music. Not only is it free but you could literally download any music from YouTube on here. Super duper recommended!!!
  • Loved it, crashing constantly with recent update

    By girlypop09
    Normally this app is fine but the latest update has it crashing out of nowhere now. Please fix this bug
  • Awesome

    By Ultrasquid01
    110% the GREATEST app on the market!
  • great app! but one problem..

    By wowkoasiam
    soo i got this app because it acts like YouTube and the music app store on iPhone. and when i found out that it's free i downloaded it. it's a great app and all, but after awhile i started using it.. when i would go to lock screen the thing that says what song is playing/pausing button/ foward button, etc. weren't there. i didn't think much about it because i thought it was just a glitch. i don't know if this is just me or happening to everyone else, but i left it alone after awhile. othetwise it's a great app! totally would recommend! Musi can you please fix this bug... thank you.
  • Good but keeps crashing

    By Akilah Nebraskaaaaaaa
    The app keeps crashing; I’m not sure if that’s my phone’s fault or the app though. Either way, I still love this app.
  • Great app!

    By Zchatna
    Though, would like a offline listening option. K
  • Great app, one problem

    By travisscottisthebestdont@me
    It’s very convenient and useful, only problem I have been experiencing constantly is that it will stop appearing in the music section of your notification system, so it’s a problem when skipping songs and you have to reopen the app in order to change it. Other than that, perfect app for music.
  • Love the app needs bug fixes

    I’ve been using Musi for awhile since 2015 and I’ve loved the app but with the newest update, there is one bug that is very annoying to me. It lets me play my music which is great and all cause that’s what it’s supposed to do. But when I’m on a different app and I want to change the song, I pull up control center and it’s not there so I have to go back to the just to change the song. It may be minor but it’s really annoying especially when I’m using an app that will erase everything I’ve done the second I leave the app. Please fix it.
  • Use this now!

    By Candydiamond💎
    Hands down, the best app ever! Who needs Spotify when you have this app? No additional songs added by the app to your playlists and no ads! Everything you can have access to, including videos on YouTube! Simple when creating playlists and resourceful when attempting to pull up the music you love in a click!
  • Awesome

    By rachell378
    This app is amazing 💓💓💓 never fails to get me lit
  • YouTube but a little bit better

    By killerdj205
    Is it better to listen to music in this app
  • Music does not seem to be playing on the devices

    By hcyvyvuguv
    On all of my devices it says that my music is not playing when it clearly is so i have to keep going back to the app to change the song. This is why i rated this app 1 star because they NEED TO FIX THIS ISSUE ASAP UNDERSTOOD.
  • That’s the best!!! But...FIX THE LAST BUG UPDATE 😡😡😡

    By chatza152543
    Fix it, please!!!
  • Finally

    By TheGrandChiefReviewer
    A Better version then Spotify and others, people hate because this app is not that rated but it’s really good and I don’t know why people pay for subscriptions for all those Overrated Music apps, this app is great
  • Best music app

    By Gwenn J
    This app is no doubt the best music app you can get, it won’t play ads in the middle of your playlist and it plays the music even if you aren’t on your phone, it also lets you watch the video of whatever your watching, and it has anything that’s on YouTube! The best highly recommend, and it’s free. Even better then Spotify!!
  • Horrible app

    By SplashWing
    It’s say when you search up “WiFi free music” Musi pops up but when I try it with no WiFi it says “internet connection needed “ or something.way to many ads . When I go to a game the music will always stop so I try to go back and fix it but it keeps happening. Please don’t make it pop up in search “ WIFI FREE MUSIC “ it is a lie.
  • amazing

    By jeselle26
    u can listen to music and videos and get out of the app and it will still continue playing
  • Musi

    By WayneD1P
    Overall it’s great...but why does it turn off when you go to your home screen sometimes...and when you swipe down the song isn’t there to replay
  • ._. 😰😭💔🖤

    By Rosie_Starry
    I like it a lot The only problem is because I keep deleting my most recent music play couldn’t it be ask twice to ask if I’m sure if I want to delete it and not once it’s a pain I just delete it again And I hate that! But otherwise I like it Edit: I don’t know if it’s the app or my phone but every time I listen to music on this app it deletes it self off the most recent music listen to the second I don’t look at it It’s driving me crazy! If there’s nothing wrong with the app after a double check I guess I’m going to have to fix my phone I REALLY don’t want anything wrong with the app it’s my FAVORITE 24/7 I’m on my phone listening to music on this app It’s the reason why I get in trouble but I LOVE IT SO MUCH So hopeful it’s my phone that’s going haywire It just started after I accidentally deleted the recent songs I listen to but I’m very sure I wasn’t even ON the list this has happened before but when you said you fix some kind of bug I think it didn’t happen anymore For some reason it’s happens every 4 to 6 months EVERY time doesn’t fail me I really hope it’s not the app and my phone deleting my music
  • Seriously Amazing

    By Mr Blue Coat Llamma
    For a free music app, this is by far the best, and maybe better than other music services with paid subscriptions. I love being able to choose whatever song I want to listen to. You can also turn off your phone and the music will still be playing. Seriously the best. What more could you ask for? I hate when people complain about the ads. Seriously? You’re complaining about an amazing music app that does it all, and the only thing the creators ask of you is to simply wait 4 seconds to watch an ad? It’s a free music service! An ad is not the end of the world. And it only comes up once every time you open the app. This music app is amazing, and for what it offers, I’ll take ads any day if it means that there are no subscriptions or anything like it. I’d be willing to donate just for the sake of keeping it how it is. It is by far the best music app I’ve ever used, and I’m not going to use anything else. This app is really something. I’m not going to use anything else. Kudos to the creators. One thing to note* Please consider adding an offline feature where you can download songs to your device in an offline library.
  • Awesome

    By Samanth moring
    I can listen to my favorite songs for free. No ads,great music
  • Great but one major issue

    By Ensigns chrome,
    I really like this app. It’s great because I like to draw and listen to music. But when I play my music and turn off my device it plays a couple songs then stops. Sometimes it stops in the middle of the first song I played. Which causes me to stop what I’m doing and put a song back on. It also gets really annoying when I’m reading WEBTOON comics and the music stops playing. So I have to exit WEBTOON and play a song and I lose where I am in the comic. This is very annoying and I read some other reviews and this is also happening to others. I hope you will fix this soon because I use this app a lot but it’s not fun having to keep going on the app to play more music after it stops.
  • Major bug

    By lizzyaaaaizzi🙏🏽🙏🏽
    The app keeps glitching and not working, idk what’s wrong with it
  • It’s okay

    By Bartholomew TK
    I like that I can listen to YouTube videos while my phone is locked but the app itself has some bugs that are pretty annoying. For one the app will completely mute an entire video, also it frequently removes itself from the lock screen making it impossible to skip or pause a song without opening the app. The app overall is useful but I think these two problems need to to be fixed.
  • Super galaxy23

    By Super galaxy23
    This is the best app
  • The best

    By 12345tfuofrut
    Your the best because I can listen to music if I don’t have youtube.
  • great but starting to get worse

    By Ccccc I it tired alb jhffjdg
    i've been using this app for a year but it is starting to get lots of bugs. It will pause my music, not buffer, but pause it. It will also randomly crash but otherwise amazing.
  • Put more songs

    By wueen bee♋️♋️♋️
    Can you please add more song to herr
  • Thank you

    By stupind
    Love this app so much
  • used to be good

    By literally your parent
    i used it as my main music app for a while but now it can’t stream a song with out crashing. i’m up to date and it just can’t do anything. wish i could give it 0 stars.
  • What is happening?

    By _niche_
    I got Musi a while ago and it is an amazing app! You can play music even when your phone is off, you can do other things while listening to music. I have never had any complaints but things changed. Just the other day I was listening to music perfectly fine, I turned my phone off and I was doing other things, but today I tried to put music on and turn my phone off but my music would turn off too, just like youtube. I would also try to exit the app while listening to music but it would still stop, the music would only work while on the app/ with an open phone on the app. I loved this app because I can multitask but I am very disappointed. I don’t know if it’s a bug or an update but I would really love to get this fixed.
  • Ehhh

    By ayoo meli
    When ever I listen to a song the banner is there for 2 minutes then it disappears. When ever I want to change a song the banner is gone so I have to exit out if the app completely the open the app to play a song . It get annoying. Please fix this bug
  • Most amazing app ever

    By reviewsjudge
    The best app to listen to music there are ads but not just any ads the creator made the ads easier to exist out of
  • Stutters

    By El Guason 503
    The music is cool and all, but sometimes when i turn off my phone it doesnt show the music playing in my lock screen, and the music stutters alot.... can you please fix this
  • Musi

    By Levi(Fxcit)
    Very good app in all but i like to listen to music everyonce and a while, I use my air pods, and every 10-15 minutes musi will stop sending signal to my air pods and I have to put my air pods back in the case and bring them back into my ears, little annoying but I hope this gets fixed, this don’t happen on other apps btw
  • Needs bug fixes

    By jalin barry
    It lags very occasionally. When I exit the app it doesn’t let me change the next track unless I’m in the app.
  • WiFi

    By Taelor_b
    I think that we should be able to listen to music even if we don’t have WiFi
  • was great until now

    By Zoebear16
    ok so after i got the newest update on this app, the app literally would restart itself, so the music would stop. also, i will be connected to wifi, 3 WHOLE BARS, and the music will have trouble playing. idk what’s wrong w it but it’s not my phone😂.
  • Fix this please

    By mjb9633
    When I lock my iPhone the music doesn’t show up on the lock screen anymore. I can’t skip my music without unlocking my phone which is so frustrating.
  • amazing

    By Easter #AWSOME
    best app
  • Doesn’t show on lock screen

    By 1224568704939218
    Doesn’t show up on lock screen and if it does it disappears after the first song. I have tried updating and deleting and reinstalling the app and it doesn’t help. What do I do? Overall the app is amazing except for that flaw of it.
  • My opinion

    By tigerkdkdjdjdjjf
    I came here from Spotify because of how it added suggested songs and I found this and I love it because it also gives YouTube music an option and hands down best music app
  • No stupid adds

    By Little_wood22
    100 times better than Spotify which gives adds every 5 minutes and I can pick the song I want to listen to at the second I want to. There is no shuffle play and I don’t have to spend $20 for premium every month.
  • An issue

    By vffffbh
    Don’t get me wrong this app is amazing. I had it 5 stars before. I’ve been using it for about 2 years now. But something happened. I don’t know what caused it maybe an update or a software update. But when ever I play some music most of the time it doesn’t pop up on my home screen. That means I can’t skip or pause unless if I open my phone onto the app. I can’t even use my AirPods to skip and pause. So musi if you are getting this please this issue. It bothers me so much.