Yodha My Horoscope

Yodha My Horoscope


Why settle for an ordinary horoscope when you can have access to authentic Vedic astrologers from Nepal? With Yodha app, there are no visits and no calls. Ask real gurus anything you would like to know! With Yodha app, you’ll enjoy: - Immediate access to your personal astrologer on the go, anytime, anywhere - Ease of use - answers to your queries are just a click away - Daily, weekly horoscope updates on special events - Gifts and promotional bonuses - Quality, professional customer care How does Yodha work? - Create a profile with birth details - Ask a question - An astrologer will read your birth chart and make a prediction - Get your personal reading based on ancient knowledge What to ask? Ongoing changes in the positions of planets and other celestial objects of the universe affect major aspects of your life. Ask what you are interested in to know. Be it about your love, relationship, compatibility… - When and where will I fall in love and get married? - Does the one I love love me back? I want to know my relationship compatibility - Is my Ex love still in love with me? Will my Ex and I get back together? - Is he playing with my heart? What is my love compatibility prediction? Your daily life, activities, and decisions to be made… - What is going to happen in my life today? How should I prepare? - Am I going to pass my math exam test tomorrow? - Should I buy that house in Palo Alto? What is the best place to live according to my birth chart? - Today I am visiting my parents. What's in store for me at this meeting? - How can I plan for the upcoming workday so that it goes as smoothly as possible? The purpose of life, wellness, horoscope and more… - I'm having a hard time figuring out my purpose in life. Do you have an idea of a direction I should go? - What is my Vedic zodiac sign? Because I've heard it is different in Vedic astrology. - Is my horoscope sign always correct about my personality? I act more like a different zodiac sign! Is this normal? - I want to change everything in my life right now. Where should I start? Vedic astrology has been around for centuries and is extremely popular in modern India and Nepal. It is the time-honored, traditional astrological art of ancient culture and has been continually developed and refined since primordial times. It is based upon an in-depth analysis of your birth and astronomical data. Today, Vedic astrology is an integral discipline of study related to medicine and history in many Nepalese and Indian Universities. Vedic comes from the word "Veda", which means "knowledge". The Vedas are the oldest and most significant scriptures in Hindu spirituality, documented by ancient seers called Rishis. The Vedas tap into the mechanics of creation and are daily used in contemplation and deep meditation. Vedic astrology is also called Jyotish, which means "eye (or light) of nature". Vedic astrologers do a deep analysis of person's time cycles related to the zodiac which can help them to predict problems before they arise. Vedic astrology is never fatalistic in nature. It merely warns and suggests positive ways how to avoid problems by making life changes. The ongoing guidance of a Vedic astrologer can be indispensable.



  • Yo for yodha

    By Hickadee
    I love having this! Its always spot on! Thank you.
  • Excellent

    By Claudiarl87
    It's a great app. You'll love it!!!
  • I Love The Predictions

    By BambiBee
    My response was very detailed about my current issue. Now it's time to play the waiting game to see if their predictions come true. Will definitely update with an answer asap. They do really good with time stamps and when to expect certain events. Everything doesn’t happen exactly as mentioned but it’s only a prediction and people have their own free will. I love this app!!!
  • Very interesting precision

    By yungahhh
    I have seen different cultural astrologies and I was very surprised the precision of the predictions. I appreciate the hard work of all the saints behind the apps and the kind encouragement. I think the cost per question is justified. If there is something to clarify, they will reimburse u a question if your question wasn’t communicated clearly.
  • Awesome

    By UggsII
    Enjoyed receiving my first prediction. Spot on.
  • It’s how you read it

    By redadmiral88
    I truly enjoy the read. It inspires me to be a better human being for myself. I believe how you read their messages depends where you are in life. Enjoy. Grow. Love.
  • Wonderful Service

    By dotcomet1111
    Yodha is an amazing team of intuitive Vedic astrologers that help immensely with life’s uncertainties. I’ve been using Yodha for years and find them particularly effective and helpful for matters of the heart.
  • CEO

    By Lovelikeviolence
  • Great App, High Cost

    By ms. pasta frog
    Just from the one free question I was given, I can tell this app is really good. Unfortunately I don’t have the funds to consistently pay 6 dollars to have my questions answered...I suggest that the app puts in a rewards section, where you can watch adds for a free reading. I understand the effort that goes into reading each birth chart and that the gurus need to be paid for their efforts, so letting users watch ads instead of paying themselves could be really effective. That way the gurus make profits for their work, and more regular people can be in touch with themselves and their futures. I don’t even need to get the free question reward often, even once a week or month would be good enough. You don’t need to ask a question everyday. The app can continue to rely on those core purchases, but should try to incorporate ways to reach a larger audience by either lowering costs or making other options. All that being said, I think the work done by the gurus is wonderful. The app design is also simple, functional, and attractive. The app is great because not only does it gives hope to the people that ask questions, it gives them an outline of what to expect for their future. I think it’s fun and helpful. But I might have to delete it simply because I will have no use for it if I can’t ask questions. I seriously hope the developers of this great app will take this message into consideration and think about how they can make the app more accessible for people who cannot afford the price of questions. I don’t know any other resource that is as accurate and functional as this app. I mean just from that complimentary reading I really felt understood. I don’t think I can that experience out of another source.
  • Incredibly accurate

    By MintH2O
    I asked if I would have another child and Vedic predicted not only the timeframe but the gender as well
  • Hopeful

    By diyay95
    I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and I love how insightful and helpful the astrologers are. I’ve asked a couple of questions about a recent relationship I had, and my reading said we’d work on things and get back together this month. I’m hopeful that they’re accurate.
  • Excellent

    By Viva Gina
    This is a quality app! Personalized, quick service. Thank you!
  • Awesome

    By nunu90'baby
    Pretty accurate hoping my next prediction comes true👶🏼
  • HennyB

    By bry61321
  • Most of time Pretty accurate

    By Ybce
    I like using this app most of the time its accurate and sometimes it’s off just a little. But overall it’s exciting to ask questions.
  • Ranu gaur

    By ranu gaur
    Great app
  • Predictions

    By catise
    Well thought out and accurate. It’s a fun read.
  • cool

    By urnom11677
  • Love

    By ~~**JaMz*~~
    Love it
  • Crazy accurate

    By Esjrocks
    Asked a question about a good friend who wasn’t very interactive with me. They gave a detailed description of our relationship and told me that we would bond more in May. Well, it’s May and are speaking right now and having a crazy heart to heart. Most bonding we’ve ever done.
  • Amazing!!

    By lbg1123
    They are so amazing! They give you such an reasonable answer to your question. I feel so good and this was definitely worth it!!
  • Do y’all know our next move?

    By A member of a planet earth.
    Idk what to say but it’s cool to know how starts can change your day to day life!
  • Yodha

    By soleen55x55
    Cool app. Usually always end up being right.
  • Great service

    By Le222
  • dope

    By hahahauthought
    it’s kinda crazy how accurate it is...
  • Awesome

    By Bbbbbriiii
    Great responses
  • Ms.Sara

    By ihtess
    Always correct astrological data
  • Great app

    By Krc0730
  • Rada

    By Gnagalisem
    I love your service.👌🏻
  • Great app. Exactly what I was looking for

    By aroj
    App is great. Love it
  • Love it

    By official_kaikai
    Love it
  • Fast and acurate

    By anaho3
    I like the information I got with the reading. When I made the question the Psychic reached out to me asking more details before giving me the reading results. Great service
  • Interesting app!

    By LW78910
    It’s always nice to hear some good fortune is in your future!! the app is fun and interesting.
  • Insightful

    By LisaMcNasty
    Great advice and direction...
  • Great

    By tonkatruck8402
    Pretty accurate
  • In the stars

    By 135sue
    This app has been right on point with things going on on my life:)
  • Amazing Insight..Honest And Sincere Answers

    By A1credit4me!
    The Yodha app is truly amazing! Their insight is spot on and they provide true guidance when you feel lost. People really should try this app. I hope it will change your life by bringing great positivity and insight like it has mine!
  • Get ittt

    By Yeflame
    This app was so helpful lol I love it
  • Very helpful and polite astrologers

    By pkinpure6
    Had a great experience with my free question. They will guide you very well, it’s up to you to put the effort in.
  • Always hopeful

    By elevated frequency
    I often receive a complimentary message when I need it the most! A little pick me up or direction is always welcomed and appreciated!
  • 1st time reviewing anything on the App Store

    By U2M1L
    I honestly love it and this is my field of work. If anything its comforting and I love the updates.
  • Love it

    By Just me RD
    Love this app
  • Eerily accurate!!!!

    By lalalapoopoooo
    So amazingly accurate, very impressed with my love reading.
  • Very in lighting

    By Kelzzzzz
    Gave me so hope!
  • These guys are good!

    By aaalllliiieeee
    The detailed accuracy is mind blowing. In both the updates and answers to questions. This app is the real deal! They definitely bring me peace of mind and reliable messages.
  • 👍🏻

    By amyamo_ia
    Good app. Uplifting message but I will have to see how accurate it is :)
  • Awesome Astrology App, LOVE

    By P_lo222
    I’ve been using these fantastic astrologers for couple years. I love their service and use it couple times monthly. The cost per question is very affordable. Very good app, I highly recommend. Thank you 🙏🏻
  • Must have!! Life changing

    By lpinkwoolever
    I asked her about my addiction and my recovery and she went into detail with so much. Give it a try it’ll change your life!! Thank you to the sweet lady who went into so much detail and gave me the so much advice on ways to make my recovery successful. Tomorrow I leave for rehab and before I was scared out of my mind but now I know I got this! Again thanks
  • very good and useful app

    By 💘🤧