• Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2013-01-29
  • Current Version: 4.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 49.17 MB
  • Developer: LoopLoop
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 027


Tody is a smarter to-do list for managing household cleaning routines. It will optimize and motivate your cleaning. ● Gain flexibility by managing cleaning tasks by indicators of actual need rather than arbitrary dates. ● Tody visualizes dirtiness to motivate cleaning and visualizes the effect of cleaning to enhance satisfaction. ● There are no deadlines, alarms and notifications (optional). Tody puts you in control of your cleaning routines instead of cleaning routines controlling you. ● Turn home cleaning into a game. House members can sync plans across devices and users and check-in to claim credit for their actions. ● Enjoy an extremely easy and intuitive set up of a customized cleaning plan. ● Tody can be customized and scaled to fit almost any needs. It thus suits singles as well as complex households with many members. Even professionals find Tody to be their preferred tool. Recommended by, Buzzfeed and MacWorld.



  • Doesn’t Sync

    By Rufis4President
    This app was super cool when it worked. It no longer syncs between our phones, so it defeats the purpose of sharing our tasks. We have tried troubleshooting and nothing has worked. It’s kind of discouraging because I never pay for apps, but decided to try out this paid app. The App Store says I can’t get a refund because I purchased more than 90 days ago.
  • Get it!!

    By L Comes Clean
    This app is the BEST! If I had a dollar for every time I recommended it to friends..... there should be a referral program! We ‘fired’ the cleaning lady in exchange for this app. It helps me delegate chores to my four kids and keeps me cleaning the things that often go unnoticed. I even use it to remind me to change furnace filters and do car maintenance. Totally customizable and fabulous!
  • I don’t write reviews but...

    By Becky98127634
    I FREAKING LOVE THIS APP! It has seriously made my family so much cleaner, more organized, and happier. I used to get overwhelmed by a dirty house now I know just what I need to do next.
  • Best chore app

    By therealboobear
    I tried four free apps before trying this one- and none compare. Super easy to use and set up. Totally worth it!
  • Crashes

    By Art45
    Worked fine until the last update. It now will crash when trying to display tasks.
  • Crashes

    By bgg7
    After most recent update, app crashes constantly. Useless until this problem is fixed.
  • Exactly what I needed.

    By Alanice22
    So worth it. Suggests items and length of time for each room and has a custom option. Use it everyday. Keeps me on track and house clean!
  • Needs a few enhancements

    By Yogini_108
    How to delete a chore? How to delete an area? How to reorder? Help!
  • Godsend for screen addicted kids

    By Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
    My son loves this! He wants to collect all the tasks he can and this takes the guess work out of what needs to be done and when. I am very pleased with this app - the lacking star is because I’d really love to be able to assign chores to a specific day instead of, in the beginning, it gauged timeframes by s/m/l type completion ratios. After the first time doing each task, it’ll start the REAL countdown. It’s not so helpful for reminding me of filter changes, vent cleaning, etc the first time around. I’ll settle in in a few months or so. Great idea!
  • Household chores aren’t overwhelming anymore!

    By kellg1234
    I’m pretty picky about the apps I’ll actually pay for, and I’m glad I paid for this one! Breaking down tasks so that you can knock one or two things off the list helps so much! And you don’t need to try and remember the last time you did chores (especially the ones you don’t like as much!) I do wish we could use on our kids kindles and I would like to be able to adjust the frequency of tasks after they are established. But all in all, it’s helped me a bunch and our house is cleaner for it!
  • Works Great!

    By GDOHF
    People are always commenting on how clean our place is, even if they are dropping by. This app is the secret! The app is very simple and straightforward, and I have no complaints. I use the “standard” mode and it’s pre-set recommendations for the length of each cleaning interval. I like that it generates a daily to-do list. I allot myself 1 hour per day to clean, and I can usually finish the list within that time - on some days it takes less than half an hour! On the days that the list is longer and I can’t get everything done in 1 hour, I just do it the next day so. I also don’t clean on Sundays to give myself a break. So even though I regularly have some tasks that show up as “overdue,” they usually get done within a couple days over the due date, and it eventually works out.
  • Easy to Use!

    By ChiquitaBrilliant
    Tody is the app I recommend to everyone when I am talking about house cleaning. Tody has helped me keep up on the areas of my house that get lost in the day to day. I have used this app for a few years now and I love it. I struggle as a single mom with a large three bedroom apartment keeping up on everything. I wish there were different notifications though, because I have so many overdue tasks all the time, I turned notifications off. Overall, great system. Highly recommend!!!
  • Worth every penny!

    By francinederby
    This was exactly what I was looking for to help me keep my apartment clean.
  • 👍🏻

    By Chüy
    Suggestion add calendar view for tasks that match color to the room.
  • Great *almost* everything my family needs

    By cleaningcricket
    So far my family has loved using this app for the gamification of getting household chores done. There are a few features that I think would improve it. One, I would love to see a “do on X day of week” option so that we could set a chore that happens 2x a week on day Wednesday and Sunday. Second, I would love to see a “one time” task option for household duties that we share but do not necessarily repeat or repeat in a standard rotation.
  • Just what we needed

    By Sjlsisjsj
    This app was well worth the money. It motivates us to keep up with chores and keeps us aware of what actually needs to be done around the house. The points system works especially well for my video gamer husband who—since this app—will seek out the chores with higher points (because more complex, more effort, more dirty or otherwise less desirable) and get them done without being asked! We even use it to remind us of when our cats need another dose of flea medicine, our cars need oil change, etc. The app itself is clean, nice graphics, and simple to understand and use. It takes about 20 mins to get all the chores you want to keep track of inputted and off you go! Happy cleaning.
  • The app that keeps my house clean

    By Dancingmoonlite0319
    This is so easy to use, and it keeps me on task! Love it! It changed my life! I come home to a clean house now ❤️
  • Bittersweet app

    By angellakh
    This app is easy to set up, once you play around with it a little bit. I love how it sets things up and it was easy to shows my kids how it works. The only reason I am giving it 3 stars and not 5 is because there are no parental controls. My kids can change things and delete them if they don’t want to do it. I don’t want them to be able to do that. I want to have admin controls and be able to invite my husband to be an admin. If this can be fixed I will rewrite my review and give it 5 stars.
  • Worked until I upgraded

    By jammallnyte73
    Moved to the iPhone XR and now it just force closes.
  • I love the app

    By Lorax1987
    App no longer loads, with the latest ios update!
  • Makes Cleaning Fun!

    By gjeilwwhq
    I love this app!!! I am such a procrastinator and very forgetful and unorganized about cleaning and tidying. Tody has changed my life! My house is now neat and spotless! BEST.APP.EVER!!!
  • Its Awesome!!

    By cloudmama89
    I love cleaning but I hate it because of the way I am. I always intend on cleaning my room but then I jump all around the house, never getting ANYTHING DONE. This helps me stay focused and do what I intended on doing. Thank you TODY! Love it. Wish it gave you a score though on how much better or worse you do. Please think about it. I would buy it AGAIN!
  • Effective

    By KPTX
    I’m a list maker. Lists are everywhere in my house. I work full time and have two busy teenagers so cleaning becomes very overwhelming for me at times. This app is like my lists only the lists are better organized and refresh themselves based on the frequency I set. It’s totally customizable and I get satisfying messages when I complete a task. It’s like a game and my house is looking pretty good. I dare say I look forward to cleaning now. It’s more than I usually spend on an app but I don’t regret a penny. My sanity was worth the money.
  • So glad I found you!

    This app is amazing! It’s keeping me sane, I live in paradise other wise known as Costa Rica. 😉 I am in the country so it’s windy, dusty, muddy, add to that 3 kids! I have OCD and tend to get anxiety over things in life that are not worth it. The app keeps track of everything I need to do, It keeps my mind free of worry about what’s due next. You can customize every detail you can think of plus assign chores to other members of the family. Thank you for creating this!
  • Best home organization app

    By Puzzle_Person
    I tried a few methods to help me keep track of housework; Flylady, 3x5 cards, and a generic reminder app. This app is very similar to the 3x5 system, but it’s better because it’s very visual. The pictures of your dirty room motivates you to clean so you can log in your chores and fix the picture. It’s like a game. It took a few days to log in all my chores because I had so many and never could find a long enough stretch of time to sit down and transfer them all to the app. Now that I’m all set up, it’s easy to keep it up. You can track your progress and see which chores or items need the most attention. I only hesitated because of the up front price, but it’s well worth it.
  • Control of Cleaning!

    By _MomOfTwins_
    This app is worth every penny! I am able to effortlessly stay on top of household cleaning allowing me to do a little each day as needed and no longer spend an entire weekend day on cleaning the house. Also, being able to link amongst others my children are eager to open the app and check items off after school, having everyone chip in and get the jobs done. They are happy to spend 5-10 minutes regularly versus an entire Saturday! Can’t say enough about how this apps improves my sanity and actually reduces mom anxiety. Taking control of cleaning with the help of this app feels so amazing and energizing!
  • Anxiety Relief

    By Beccapotamous
    This app has immensely helped my anxiety around cleaning. I don’t worry about anything unless the app tells me it’s time to do it. There is a lot of visual positive reinforcement when the bar turns green. It also helps my husband and I stay on the same page without having to “nag” him. I am not saying it needs to be done, Tody says it needs to be done. The recomended time periods also helped us to compromise on how often a chore needs to be done. It has been very helpful and takes something off my mental plate. Great app and worth the 7 dollars. My only recommendation Would be to make it where a family can share the app so that everyone can have access, get reminders and mark when they did something. Maybe even a place that says who did it so they can get some credit. Love it :):)
  • Helps greatly to keep your home clean

    By satarma8
    This works really well to keep your home clean. I have a large house and never knew where to start. Now I just check and know what needs to be done first.
  • Loved then you updated!!

    By McMammaMia
    In the update, you erased all of my tasks except for ONE ROOM!!! Are you kidding me?? I had over 200 tasks had created and timeline adjusted! What the heck! This app had helped me streamline and outsource my memory space of what needed to be done. So mad
  • Simply amazing!

    By grsullivan
    I can assign tasks to any member of the family, track effort(which equates to payments for kids chores) and keeps track of what needs doing when. This is the first app the effectively eliminates my having to tell everyone what needs doing. It’s hands off for mom and the house is actually getting clean!!
  • Life Changing App

    By Bopgirl10
    It’s very easy to keep doing the daily tasks like vacuuming and dusting and letting the more infrequent tasks slide (like vacuuming under the fridge or cleaning out the pantry). This app makes sure that you are addressing all of your cleaning tasks on a schedule that suits you. It takes some time to get it set up, but once you do, you just let the app tell you what you need to get done. My home is cleaner and my life is calmer. They also have extraordinary customer service. After an app update, there were some issues. I emailed the developer and they worked closely with me to get them resolved. Great app. Great support. Great value!!!
  • Functionality is great but know what works for YOU

    By RdNailz
    I like the concept and functionality of this app but, as with any system, there’s a learning curve to see what works for you personally. I admit that I am not a good housekeeper because I don’t have cleaning habits established. I thought this app would help with that. Instead I found myself ignoring the notifications or doing things but not updating the app. Recently I switched phones and had to start over. Setting up tasks made me realize I am most effective using Tody not for daily tasks, but for tasks that occur every 2 weeks, months, etc. For regular cleaning, I’m better when I have a schedule (It’s Thursday so I clean the bathroom, not Tody said I’m due to clean the bathroom).
  • Do it.

    By bellebleu
    I like this app as far as it helps keep me on top of cleaning. In fact, I do some of my house work before it needs to be done just so I can keep it green rather than turning orange or red. So if you want to know if I think you should purchase this, my answer is a big fat YES. However, this is where I get picky and tell you things that don’t really impact the usefulness of the app, it’s more of a pet peeve situation: I would prefer that it be more streamlined...instead of giving the option of either entering 14 days or two weeks, just go with one option. They’re the same. I can understand things like 8 or 9 days, 15 or 16 days but 14 days vs 2 weeks? I don’t love that. I would also like a different layout, or at least the option of different layouts. I’m a visual person and I need lots and lots of color coding rather than the standard few available with this app. Again, the app is useful and does what I need it to, I would just like to see a few tweaks here and there.
  • Customer Service is the Best

    By Sterf S
    Update: with the most recent update, I lost my whole plan, but when I emailed customer service, they worked with me to get everything back within a couple hours!
  • The only cleaning app that keeps me on track

    By MichLight
    It works for me. I can adjust it and it lets me know what areas need more cleaning the other. Keeps things streamlined for me.
  • Recent Update

    By DawnR40
    I love this app but with the latest update it will not open. I click to open it and it closes back down. I can’t access anything.
  • Great Cleaning App

    By ChuckGS.
    Recently, an update caused a major problem with the App but communication from the developer was quick and a resolution and restoration of data was accomplished within one day. Great customer service!!
  • Useless without syncing

    By cas128
    Even with the recent update that supposedly fixed th syncing problem, it’s not syncing. Wiped out my chores top and only an old backup is available.
  • Update broke the app

    By Katelyn S
    The recent update broke syncing across our different devices. The second update to that deleted all of our chores and history that we had spent months using and fine tuning.
  • Deleted my plan and progress.

    By Caitlinfarris
    Had an update intro when I opened the app this evening, and my plan is gone. When I re-sync, nothing loads. Husbands phone can get in fine, but I’m shut out. Super unhappy for a paid app.
  • Wonderful app

    By Lyndzee13
    Please update to allow for changing the font size- it’s huge!
  • Good for single users

    By fuckyounick am
    If you are a single person or all of you family has iOS devices this is a great app. However it doesn’t have a sign in so my partner can’t see the tasks when he downloads the android version, and there is no way to synchronize.
  • Helpful for Large Families!

    By Kylajuly08
    We have seven children, and Tody lets me assign tasks to everyone in the family. I can see who has done (or not done) their chores, pause tasks when when we have events or illness, easily edit priorities... it’s a fantastic tool for our family! My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that it seems to reset the timer for tasks based on a clock instead of calendar. For example, I have empty trash listed as a daily task for one of the children. They marked it off yesterday after school, and in the “To Do” list, it shows up that it is “due tomorrow”. I’m assuming it will refresh and say “due today” around 4:00 this afternoon. This doesn’t prevent you from marking it off early, but it does make looking at the tasks coming up a bit wonky. I would love to see this issue fixed, but Tody is still being used and appreciated daily in our home!
  • This is a great app for depressive people

    By Shaysdays
    I honestly thought housekeeping was very complicated because I’m not great at organizing. This app helped me lay things out where I didn’t feel totally overwhelmed. I was able to set it to where I had a certain amount of things to do every day and it reminds me about the stuff I wouldn’t do without reminding. I was even able to set the chore list from times when I just needed the bare minimum to when I felt like I wanted to be totally accomplished. The set up took me a little while (not in a bad way, no app like this is going to be personalized to your own houses first!) but it works great with the reminders and little charts of when things should be done
  • App won’t open

    By Jgarehart89
    App won’t open
  • I cannot day enough about this app

    By Greprepper30
    I love this app. I kept a clean steak going for 5 months, a personal record. When it all piled up, the red bars helped me realize I had fallen off and fix it. I plan to use it for a whole household eventually. I have one complaint: I want to recommend this to everyone I know. Shout it from the rooftops. I have to constantly temper that with “well. There’s no android version. But...” Please make an android version.
  • Amazing App to Help Clean!

    By Lynndzee
    Like many, I hate cleaning. I didn’t get my moms obsessive compulsive cleaning gene. But, I like a clean house. However, I often feel overwhelmed with the many tasks that need to be done. This eliminates that issue. I scheduled a millions tasks (mostly custom but I also used many of the built in ones that reminded me of some tasks I usually forget) and did them based on room of the house. I also scheduled things like home services that need to be done occasionally such as service heater/air conditioner, get taxes done, get Fireplace chimney sweep, change blue Apple filters in fridge (to keep fruits/veggies fresh), change air filter, clean vacuum filter, and so many more). I scheduled myself to dust one item (bookshelf, tv console, etc) a day to keep up on dusting so it’s pretty much always clean. This is my favorite app and pretty sure the only one I’ve ever reviewed lol. Thank you!!!
  • Not worth it

    By crabman773
    Crashes, can’t share with other family members
  • Worth it

    By pameladvm
    I don’t ever pay for apps but this one was very highly recommended. I’m so glad I did. I can stop trying to remember when I did things around the house, it just tells me when and what needs cleaning. Way more detailed and customizable than I had expected too!