Hub Family Organizer

Hub Family Organizer

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2013-03-29
  • Current Version: 2.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 18.05 MB
  • Developer: Ironark, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 602


***Chosen by Apple as the #1 best new productivity app*** Hub keeps your home & family organized. Share calendars, lists, tasks, photos & more to keep everyone in sync and organized. The best app for sharing calendars. The best app for sharing lists & tasks. FEATURES: * Easy calendar sharing. Share events from your calendar and sync events into it. * Share grocery lists, shopping lists, ToDos & make any list you want. * Share notes, messages, photos, comments & more to stay connected. * It's simple, fast & powerful - the easiest way to stay organized! You'll be amazed at how much time you save by using Hub. Work together to get things done and always knows whats going on. SHARED CALENDAR & SCHEDULING Shared calendars and agendas help you stay in sync with everyone around you. Manage events & meetings, and share them regardless if your using google, hotmail, outlook, gmail, or yahoo. Hub integrates with everything. Use month view or week list agenda view. It's your entire event schedule and agenda manager - your family calendar. SHARED LISTS & TASKS Share grocery lists, shopping lists, todo lists & more. Fast and effective list management let you organize and share all your lists and help you get things done! Check items off in checklists, assign things, track what needs to be done. Set due dates, reminders and be more productive. Manage chores, tasklists, to-dos with hubapp. STAY CONNECTED & IN SYNC Chat messages, notes and posts let you stay in touch with everyone in your family. Whether they're at home, work or school. Regardless if you have kids or not Hub is perfect for you and your family. It's great for couples, families, parents, kids and anyone who needs to stay organized together. We all have todo lists and events to mange - hub is the ultimate task manager. You'll be amazed at how useful shared grocery lists, shopping lists and shared calendars are and how you got by without them. Go Gold Subscribe to Hub Gold with in-app purchases. Monthly and Yearly subscriptions are available for $4.99/mo or $49.99/yr. Subscription will be charged to your iTunes account and will auto-renew each month or year. Auto renew may be turned off by going to your account settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being billed again. Your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the current billing cycle for the same amount as the previous cycle. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: GET ORGANIZED TODAY! Appointments are automatically synced between users and you'll always be up to date with your calendar, events, tasks, todo lists, grocery lists, shopping lists and anything you want to share. Get organized today!



  • Do not use this app

    By Hickboi
    App worked great and was everything my family needed for about 2 months. After that it has been an absolute nightmare. I scheduled work on there as well and it freezes up deletes scheduled meetings. There is absolutely no one to email or any type of customer service specialist to speak to. I am searching for a new app now but absolutely do not recommend this app to anyone
  • Doesn’t work anymore

    By workingmomz
    I used to love and recommended this app. Even with glitches Hub support would get back to me. These last few months of updates doesn’t allow the hub app to function once I set a calendar for it to sync with, the app crashes and closes. Frustrating as my busy family relies on this app. Off to figure out Cozi. . .
  • Don’t like the new update

    By auntinelle
    Recently, my husbands events weren’t showing up in my calendar. It would take a few days. Then they “fixed” it I can see our events on the home tab but they don’t show up in the calendar unless we click on the event first. But our entries still disappear from the calendar after we close the app and then we have to go to home and click on everything again. It’s frustrating when we’re trying to coordinate our schedules. I don’t like the new update. Looking for a new calendar app.
  • App is terrible now

    By hopingforchangeinthesouth
    I’ve loved this app for years but it is awful since the last update. Worked ok for a week or two and now shuts down as soon as I open it. And all of my appointments are stuck in there and I can’t see them. Very annoyed.
  • What’s taking so long??

    By dmarc44
    Almost a month and the developer still hasn’t put out a true fix for the horrible upgrade.
  • Recent update is a problem

    By AHummer2
    This app worked great until I downloaded the last update. Events keep appearing and disappearing randomly. Also u can’t enter past events.
  • Latest update killed my HUB

    By kjblocker
    This update absolutely wiped out my whole hub and has sent chaos into my life. It was a great app for us to say organize with my in-laws who help manage our kids. But with this latest update they can’t login and I am Missing half of the calendar appointments!!! Let’s just say I’m looking for a new app to do the same thing.
  • Frustrated

    By Ksdcooper8
    So frustrated! I love this app and have used it for years. It’s a great shared calendar! However, several times I’ve almost lost everything. Updates, bugs, etc. so I’m swapping to paper! I just lost lots of info in my calendar from the last update (or its somehow hidden and I can’t access it) so I’m finally done with this app.
  • Due to the Update I am giving a new review

    By SimplyJossie
    Honestly I am so displeased with the update on this app. I have not been able to share my appointments to my family members, it still shuts down on its own, and just plain on isn’t working. I have paid for this month and I just deleted my app and want a refund on my money. They should have left it alone because they have lost a customer. This family organizer is important when you are trying to keep your family organized. I’m frustrated and hate that I lost money for something I won’t even use.
  • Do not update!

    By superspple08
    Update- three weeks and still no updates. App crashes seconds after opening. Simply enough, do not update until myself and other reviewers say it is functional again. I updated last night and can’t get anything to work- can’t see calendar or lists, just dead frozen on opening screen. I’ll be asking for my money back if not fixed this week. So sad and they are misleading people with January review that has nothing to do with terrible version now in use.
  • Latest update ruined it

    By jasonbranch10
    My wife and I have used this app for a couple of years now with no issues. This latest update has made it unusable. The screen flashes and resets after every item added to a list. The “next” button which allowed you to add items one after the other is gone. I will be looking for another app to replace this one.
  • Used to be a great app.

    By JonnyEarl
    My wife and I have had the Hub for years and have recommended it to many friends and family. Unfortunately the most recent update has made this app a complete failure now. Not sure what happed but I’m canceling it now.
  • Update is crap!

    By Jojami2015
    My wife and I used to love this app for a shared calendar and to-do lists, we even started paying the yearly subscription to get all the features. About a month ago, they released an update and now it’s slow and glitchy, our calendars don’t synch, info wasn’t transferred over in the update... DON’T PY FOR THIS APP UNTIL THE GLITCHES ARE WORKED OUT!
  • Upgrade is HORRIBLE

    By Jennene B 24
    We used to live and breathe by this app. The update is horrible. Difficult to use. Not user friendly at all. Didn't need to fix what wasn't broken.
  • I hate to rate this so poorly but...

    By K-Robby
    This app has helped my wife and I keep our hectic life organized... that was until a recent update. This has become unusable, calendar events are missing and go missing after we have put them back in. It now crashes, won’t load and I have to constantly double check things now. So what once provided a source of simplification and improved productivity, has become a miserable task to keep up with. Of all the lost productivity, my biggest gripe is the change they made to the calendar. It was set up in Sunday through Saturday format for years, and now it’s in Monday through Sunday format, which is incredibly annoying because no other calendar I use, has this format. So I can no longer quickly look at my month at a glance because I have to double or triple check dates. It’s small and petty I know, but the change is frustrating and there is no options to customize the view. Developers, please bring back the features of Hub that made it great, or at least offer more customization. We’re already searching for new productivity applications
  • Crashes immediately and no response from developer

    By AspieMomEsq
    Ever since the new version was rolled out, I have no access whatsoever to this app and I am paying for the premium version. I wrote the developer 2 weeks ago and have not heard back. There have been no updates in 2 weeks to address the issues. A formerly good app is now useless and unusable.
  • KCW

    By RetopUS
    I’m seriously losing my mind with this update. It has my life in complete disarray. Please undo whatever you guys did to ruin it! Please!
  • Once great app turned to garbage

    By GracieHatesThisApp
    Like many others have said, I’ve been a paying customer for years. I rely on this app for all household organization and the May 2019 update has rendered it useless. It absolutely doesn’t work. I’ve waited a couple weeks for them to fix the obvious issues but I guess they have just taken our money and run. 😒
  • App update is the worst

    By MomYork
    This app has recently been updated and it is terrible!! It takes about 5 minutes to add an event. It used to take 5 seconds. The week should read Sunday to Saturday. Now it reads Monday to Sunday. It shuts down after every event I add to the calendar. This this is worthless! Save your time and your money.
  • App doesn’t work following recent upgrade

    By JohnLdallas
    After update it does not work and I can’t get a refund from these thieves as I prepaid. DO NOT BUY....FOR SURE DO NOT PRE-PAY
  • Update lost my data

    By Whatever Lady
    I loved this app for a long time. I like having my social calendar separate from the rest md being able to share it with my significant other. But the recent update lost everything in my calendar. They told me they can’t get it back. It’s disappointing and I won’t use it anymore given this. It looks like you have to sync your calendar in the new version which isn’t good.
  • Horrible May 2019 Update

    By Barry Krauss
    My family used to rely on Hub for YEARS as our shared calendar. It was a great app, easy to use and reliable. They had a major update tin 2019 and they completely ruined it. I can’t understand at all how they could feel this new version of the app was ready to go to market or was a viable replacement or upgrade to the old app. Calendar items disappear all the time. All of us have had to reinstall the app multiple times. It’s slow, features that used to be there are gone. Really a disaster in every way. I’ll be looking for a new solution and asking for my $ back.
  • Used to work well, now crashes immediately.

    By agriffin23
    Used to work great, but now crashes immediately after opening app since update. Pleas fix this version or refund my $50 subscription.
  • What happened to this app?

    By elyche
    This app was great. My husband and I have been using it for years. When the update happened and the app started charging as thought no big deal, we’d gladly pay $47 a year for this invaluable app that has kept our family organized, but it’s not the same app. Appointments have disappeared, sometimes they reappear after I close and refresh the app, but who wants to rely on that?? The app delays moving from screen to screen. I just don’t understand how an app can get worse? And expect us to pay for it? Not happy. Already canceled my subscription and on the hunt for a new family organizer app.
  • Upgrade ruined app! They are still charging me!

    By MamaBearBossMom37
    This app was my favorite for the last few years. On May 13th, everything went down. I lost all of my Appts, kids appts, camps, schedules, my business meetings, events etc. I contacted support and they said they are working on it and that they won’t charge me the annual fee. Two days later, Bam! $47.99 charge. Seriously? It still doesn’t work and it’s June 7th. Do not get this App
  • Can’t get in

    By adrean567
    Ever since the new update, I can’t access anything. And all of our engagements are in hub
  • The new update

    By Mackcol
    Hub was great until the update in May 2019. Now it’s slow and more difficult to use because of the lag time in loading the calendar. I frankly don’t have the time to waste. Please fix this immediately.
  • I’d rather use a quill than this uodate

    By Britehope
    What in the holy hell? I would love it if the calendar would sync like it used it. For how much you pay (which in the past was worth it) you’d think the dumb app would work and work correctly. Monday-Sunday? No. Just, no. I’ve had this app for over two years and now I’m going to begin my search for a new one. Joke’s on me though...they already got my money. Whoever did the newest update to this app should hand write apologies to all of us using a quill.
  • Horrible Update

    By Chadsome
    My wife and I have been using Hub for years. The last update ruined the entire experience for us. I used to be able to access our calendar without an internet connection, but now I’m not allowed to look at anything without it. The app also crashes around 15x before I can even see my calendar. Also, the update deleted 50% of my appointments and moved my recurring weekly events to a different day. Needless to say I have cancelled my subscription and will be looking for another App that better suits our needs.
  • Just Switched To Different App

    By steveswjde07
    Same issues as everyone else. We have used this for years, but it is unusable now and feels like the developers are MIA. I’m a developer and am baffled to why they haven’t put out updates in the two weeks + that this app has been destroyed. Even if those updates don’t perfectly fix it each time, at least seeing new updates would show good faith that this was being worked on for resolution. We finally switched to FamCal, and so far we are happy for it. I have cancelled my subscription renewal and it will take a lot to convince me to try Hub again after this.
  • Once great, now terrible

    By EdiKitten
    The updated version is basically useless to us. Ironically it doesn’t update when my husband and I put events in (and that’s a fatal flaw when you’re trying to keep your family organized). Two months ago, we sung this app’s praises. Now, avoid it. Maybe the bugs will be shaken out, but ...
  • Cancel my subscription!!!

    By dentman333
    Useless after the last update.

    By MarkLaura
    The response to the last terrible review of this app says that under settings, there should be a “contact us” option, but no such option exists. Another example of the incompetence of this app and its developers. We relied on this app for years to keep our family on its schedule, and even paid the $50 to keep the app after the most recent update. To the developers: please remove the fix in the App Store that reads “improved stability and speed” as LYING TO CUSTOMERS IS GENERALLY BAD FOR BUSINESS. You say to “hang tight” and that your team is diligently working to solve the issue. I’d hurry if I were you. Two weeks of misery after I wrote the above review, we switched to Cozi.
  • Update is garbage

    By ElleNee
    I would rate 0 stars if this would let me. This app which I have become so reliant on is USELESS after the latest update, I can’t even open it after logging in anymore, it shuts down. My calendars don’t load, and the Monday - Sunday week layout is dumb too. Bring back the old Hub that worked!!! I pay for a subscription for something I can’t even use. And can’t keep the app open long enough to send support a message about this.
  • Was Great; Now Non-operational

    By Shlevy501
    We used this for all our stuff. With each update, the functionality decreased. The calendar erases events, and now the app must be associated with a calendar on your phone instead of a standalone app between family members. Bad form.
  • Terrible!!!!

    By logesfamilyof5
    My family and I have been using this for over 2 years but with the last update- it doesn’t work anymore. Can’t schedule times, meetings I add disappear, screens stick and won’t change!! Changing to Cozi!! Much cheaper too! Bye Hub- you’ve lost a loyal customer. And thanks a lot for never responding to my emails.
  • Put it back how it was

    By DLicari
    Used to be great my wife and I used it everyday!!! Then it got updated and now it’s unusable!! To many bugs not everything in my list is a task. It was way easier to add things to a list before the update now it takes way to long to hit done everytime. We will be deleting I had no problem paying $30 a year when it worked but not anymore
  • App wont open

    By drxene2017
    Hello- I used to love this app. Now everything I open it is will not load/ glitches and shuts out. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • Recent update has many problems!

    By Just4funreviewer
    What happened hub?. My family has been using this app to keep track of all our events and lists and it's been working well until the recent update. Since then, its been terrible. Some of our scheduled events are gone or have been moved to other dates. Who knows how many of our events are just gone from the calendar. The screens freeze up or are incredibly slow to respond. The look of the app is not appealing or intuitive. Please fix! Update... Hub came out with an update a week ago but the app is still so painfully slow and unresponsive it's not with using and certainly not worth the money I pay for it each month.
  • Bad changes

    By B siebert
    The last version was great, why on earth they completely changed it is beyond me. Wish I could go back to the old version.
  • Pleas fix the crashing!!! It has been over a week!!!

    By Uscsgt
    I’ll give you one more week, then I am asking for a refund and switching to google calendar! No... now I am giving you 24 hours... my wife just noticed that we lost important appointments from the calendar. Contact me by 6/3 close of business pacific time.
  • Does not work

    By MikeD8980
    I’ve been paying quite a bit for this app and as a disabled Veteran I need this to work. It reminds me when and were my appointments are. I really am having trouble dealing with your update please fix or I will have to cancel my subscription and let all my vet friends know. Many of them use this app because I recommended it.
  • New update and usability issues

    By lmstorey
    We have used this app for years and loved it. But the newest changes make it so inefficient and cumbersome we are likely to abandon it. Simple things we took for granted are now burdensome. It doesn’t retain if you want to always view competed items, even in a single session (if I want to pull back grocery items to a list, for example, I have to select it, wait for the pause while it puts the item to the top, then in-hide the sort again, cruise down and pause while it waits to load the screens, repeat). It doesn’t retain sorting preferences between sessions (I have to re-sort alphabetically every time I use the app). Previously, this app provided an efficiency gain for us and we loved it. Now, it’s just frustrating. And almost all of these things should be simple usability catches. Was there no UX testing done?
  • Was Nice

    By ma$$tiff
    I guess since recent update it will no longer work on my IPhone. Try’s to open then crashes. Had the paid version for a long time, but since I can no longer open the app I will be deleting off my phone.
  • We’ve lost EVERYTHING!

    By Aba-bc
    We used to live Hub. Our family schedule ran off of it. Since the update we’ve lost EVERYTHING we entered! It blank! Not to mention it’s ridiculously slow now.
  • Change to FamCal

    By Mad in Las Vegas
    Its been weeks and Hub is not fixing what they broke, so since all out data has been lost, time to move on. Might have given them more time if they had communicated the problem and their attempts to fix it...but since they have not, my suggestion is people switch to their competitor, Fam Cal. Hopefully they will treat their customers better!
  • I’m not able to get into my account

    By TexasElsa70
    I forgot my password and clicked the button for Forgot Password. It sent a reset password link. Great, so far. But then I entered my email in the new page that appeared after clicking the reset password hyperlink on my email... and it had a modal appear that said ‘Success! Please check your email for instructions on how to reset your password.’ Soooo basically a continuous loop of emails being sent to me populating with no resolution in sight. I haven’t been able to log in since the update. What good is my monthly subscription if I can’t log in?
  • Why??? Hate the new update.

    By Kikidorcey
    This new update is terrible. I’ve used this app a couple of years and we keep a ton of family lists here. Now the app opens only to the home screen, which I never use. It used to open where you were last, which for me is lists. Adding to my lists is now multiple steps. Add, enter, done, repeat. I used to be able to add an item click next and keep adding. Super cumbersome. And performance seems worse not better. This morning I have given up. In the middle of my grocery list and now the app won’t load. Online looking good for a replacement as we speak. Disappointing since I paid for the premium version.
  • It was awesome, but..........

    By 13thetigger13
    Since the recent update that they can't seem to fix, we started using Time Tree as a shared calendar. Fortunately, I was actually able to import a good bit of my calendar. I'll never use this again. It's been 6 weeks since their debacle and the least they could do is revert back to what worked. Bye, Felicia. This update that just happened is AWFUL. I'm never against change, unless it messes everything up, which this "update" did. Now the week shows as Monday through Sunday instead of Sunday through Saturday, like it did before, and like is normal for a calendar. The best part is that all of my many appointments do not exist now, and everything is off by one day. This includes all of the appointments for my husband's business. I "hide" messages, but they come right back. On my day off tomorrow that shows that I actually work, I'll be deciding on what shared calendar to use instead of this nightmare. This app has been getting progressively worse, but this is the straw that broke the camel's back. Apparently they are "fixing" this disaster, but it's way too late for me. After calling 72, that's right, 72 customers, we finally have my husband's business schedule fixed, we hope. It made us look incompetent and ridiculous. He's now working on A PAPER planner so we are never forced to go through this again, and have switched back to the Google calendar, which we don't really like, but know is 100% reliable. I also had to contact my doctors, etc. For appointment information and pray I didn't miss anything, as I have all of them set to not call me with appointment reminders because IT WAS IN MY CALENDAR!