Hub Family Organizer

Hub Family Organizer

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2013-03-29
  • Current Version: 2.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 50.19 MB
  • Developer: Ironark, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 237


***Chosen by Apple as the #1 best new productivity app*** Hub keeps your home & family organized. Share calendars, lists, tasks, photos & more to keep everyone in sync and organized. The best app for sharing calendars. The best app for sharing lists & tasks. FEATURES: * Easy calendar sharing. Share events from your calendar and sync events into it. * Share grocery lists, shopping lists, ToDos & make any list you want. * Share notes, messages, photos, comments & more to stay connected. * It's simple, fast & powerful - the easiest way to stay organized! You'll be amazed at how much time you save by using Hub. Work together to get things done and always knows whats going on. SHARED CALENDAR & SCHEDULING Shared calendars and agendas help you stay in sync with everyone around you. Manage events & meetings, and share them regardless if your using google, hotmail, outlook, gmail, or yahoo. Hub integrates with everything. Use month view or week list agenda view. It's your entire event schedule and agenda manager - your family calendar. SHARED LISTS & TASKS Share grocery lists, shopping lists, todo lists & more. Fast and effective list management let you organize and share all your lists and help you get things done! Check items off in checklists, assign things, track what needs to be done. Set due dates, reminders and be more productive. Manage chores, tasklists, to-dos with hubapp. STAY CONNECTED & IN SYNC Chat messages, notes and posts let you stay in touch with everyone in your family. Whether they're at home, work or school. Regardless if you have kids or not Hub is perfect for you and your family. It's great for couples, families, parents, kids and anyone who needs to stay organized together. We all have todo lists and events to mange - hub is the ultimate task manager. You'll be amazed at how useful shared grocery lists, shopping lists and shared calendars are and how you got by without them. Go Gold Subscribe to Hub Gold with in-app purchases. Monthly and Yearly subscriptions are available for $4.99/mo or $49.99/yr. Subscription will be charged to your iTunes account and will auto-renew each month or year. Auto renew may be turned off by going to your account settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being billed again. Your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the current billing cycle for the same amount as the previous cycle. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: GET ORGANIZED TODAY! Appointments are automatically synced between users and you'll always be up to date with your calendar, events, tasks, todo lists, grocery lists, shopping lists and anything you want to share. Get organized today!



  • Great app

    By ssetterlund
    This app is great. Me and my husband tried it on a whim because we were looking for something to help us stay organized with plans and to do tasks. We would get frustrated not being able to get on the same page and wanted to take the hassle out of making plans or communicating what we thought needed to be done. We have extremely busy schedules and let’s be honest, it’s hard to communicate sometimes simply because you forget! We tried it for about two months before subscribing monthly. It really helps us stay on track with each other and it’s a nice centralized location for us to drop meetings or events as well as grocery and to do list things, and it keeps us from planning things over each other. It’s super convenient because the moment something pops into our head we add it to the hub. And no worries, it’s already communicated to everyone we need it to be. I’d highly recommend!
  • Makes life SO much easier

    By SHopple
    My fiancé and I are very busy people and this app makes it so easy to know what’s going on in both of our lives.
  • Why the change?

    By ClubChandlee
    My husband and I have used this app for a long time and it appears the option went away to get notified as soon as one of us schedules something on the calendar. Is it possible to set those alerts back up to be notified every time something is added?
  • October 27-2018

    By viraax
    I like it so far. Just wanted to make a note mentioning the photo cover for the background for a hub. 1) there is no remove button 2) it doesn’t really matter which portion i select from a photo, it still shows the same portion, 3) when i select a photo for the background, it cuts off half of it. Thank you
  • Long time user but...

    By Toops73
    Happy to see you’re back improving the app. Will you please please please add auto complete using items already in the completed list. As an alternative, consolidate lists automatically. I don’t need “carrots” listed fifty times in the completed list.
  • Not worth the money to upgrade

    By vitama1686
    This used to be a 5-star app, no question about it. But for nearly a year now it has been total crap. Events don’t always load so you have to close and restart the app, and notifications NEVER come through when new events or list items are added.

    By DLPole
    My family uses this app for everything; scheduling, lists, etc. I would really love an update to include: 1) connect to Apple Watch so I can see, edit and add items on the go 2) ability print lists / calendars 3) code to lock a list; seems way too easy to “clear” a list - I have deleted several times without wanting to Thanks!
  • Support for issues

    By Archer2123
    App had potential and work great at first. But stopped getting alerts/ notifications which seems to be the common feedback. Could not get any support to fix issue and will be moving away from this app as it hasn’t gotten any better.
  • Long time customer leaving...

    By xReneex2010
    Like most others have said, this used to be a great app, but here recently nothing seems to work as designed and tech support is unhelpful. Syncing does not always happen and myself or my family members do not receive notifications when something is added, deleted, or changes. Duplicate listings that I cannot get rid and the list goes on... this app is entirely too expensive to not work 100% of the time.
  • Members

    By treeharr
    Is there a member limit with the free version?
  • Intermittent issues no help

    By parker adennis
    I’ve had premium version for a couple years. When it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t, there’s no way to get help. List quits syncing causing my husband purchased last week’s grocery list—so now I have two of everything. only way to resolve was to create a new list and start over. Calendar quit syncing with Outlook so I missed a doctor appointment.
  • Cool idea but calendars don’t update changes

    By MrsAdam2603
    This is a cool idea, and the lists are good, but I hate that when I update an event in iCal or Google Calendar, the change does not flow through to the Hub calendar. This feature alone makes it useless to me.
  • Used to love it but hate it now!

    By workingmomz
    Yup. As others said this app used to work week. Password issues constantly and it won’t update to my main calendar so I can see in icalendar or Outlook both work and personal schedules. Annoying because I’m a full time working parent who needs to keep her s?@t together.
  • Recent problems

    By Megdodrill
    My husband and I have loved this app for over a year but recently it isn’t working for us anymore. We are unable to create events and we have even lost events that we previously had stored. All of the lists we have made are gone. We used to get notifications when new events or items were added to the hub but we aren’t anymore. Sent my first email in June and was told that I would be notified when a fix was available. Still haven’t heard anything.
  • Was a family favorite until smarmy forced upgrade feature changed usability

    By StashStudios
    This was a family favorite app until they placed the upgrade bar about 1/3 of the way over the (+) sign which allows you to add to your list. We might have actually upgraded but this feels like a trick and a smarmy annoyance which has given us a different impression of the app. If you truly have a well-designed product, you will naturally grow customer loyalty. No need to do it in a forced way. Uninstalled.
  • Crap scam

    By myfsn
    Signed up scammers of $50 bucks
  • What’s happened?

    By cvgw
    I’ve used this app for years and now with the update it’s useless. It shows I have an event on a day but won’t identify it
  • Poor performance for monthly fee

    By Waypoint 3510
    Buggy ! “ Yep all clear” display field sometimes shows lists of activities sometimes it doesn’t ! Frustrating for all family members . App support ? Once somebody figures this algorithm out , let me know!

    By JustTryinvg
    I use the app all the time and all of a sudden when it matters the most it is not working. It appears that there was an upgrade which now doesn’t allow me to use the app. For example: I can’t add items to my list. I also can’t exit a list with out closing the app completely and then coming back in. This is very frustrating to have these kind of interruptions with out notice. I recommend that you look at other options. The upgrade is a bit pricy and there are other apps for list that are more reasonable including many that are free.
  • Update Ruined App

    By Shmeg33
    This is one of my favorite apps until the last update. I cannot even use the app at all anymore after it updated. In calendar view if I click on a date with an event scheduled it won’t show me unless I am in list view when it used to work. My boyfriend has an Android and I have an iPhone so it was perfect for us to sync platforms. I am upset cause I pay premium and due to the new update I can’t even view upcoming events in my calendar view. I will not renew next year if this is not resolved. UPSET.
  • The update in May has made a mess

    By hoja64
    I’d think that taking awhile for an update would lead to an app that works, but it’s now locked a user out, there is no help in the settings, no way to chat, no way to see more than one calendar... If these items aren’t fixed soon, i will have to take my Hub Gold money elsewhere. The sad thing is that I loved this app before the update. Maybe go back to the old version until you get the update right.
  • I do not like this "upgrade"

    By Bfgt123
    This is not as good as the old "Simply Us" app. I do not like this new one. Please revert back to the previous one and put back the appearance. We like the old one better.
  • Use this app everyday

    By MikeD8980
    This current update has completely messed up the way I used my calendar with my family. It is difficult to look forward and see what appointments are happening that day and on future days just by clicking on the date. No longer will show until you are in the notification period for said appointment. I am very disappointed especially for the yearly fee that I pay. My question is why change something that is not broken? Instead you overhauled the Hub and have made it very difficult to use. Especially when my family has been using it for almost 3 years. Very very disappointed!
  • The old version was great

    By Not enough unique words
    The app just updated and it looks like a whole new app, it’s very busy and looks more like a blank sheet of paper with tick marks on it than an actual calendar. I have the paid version but I’m going to unsubscribe and find a new calendar app.
  • Lost all my appointments with upgrade

    By Brooks2312
    All my future appointments are gone. When I click on a day that is underlined it says, “Yey! All clear” Not yay at all. My wife is going to be super ticked off as this is our family calendar that we have relied on for years.
  • Like the app, don't like the latest update

    By Pdh2010
    I have used this app for a few years now, and I really like it. The shared calendar and lists are great features. But the newest update changed the look of the app too much. I hope the developer will go back to having boxes around the dates and going closer to what it looked like before. The font changes, and everything looks smaller. Without the lines, I think it looks cluttered. I miss the soothing colors—could you please, please change it back?
  • Stopped working

    By rheizncofhe
    I’ve been using this because my bosses use it to give me lists of what I need to get done, but it stopped updating my lists so I don’t know when other people put a list up and no one can see my lists anymore. I have all the lists from forever ago, but no new ones! Also the look of it is very old iOS. It needs to be updated.
  • Don’t use!

    By Afreeeeez
    This app worked fine the first two months until now we are no longer receiving notifications when someone adds to the calendar. I have contacted the support team and nobody will help me nor write me back. DO NOT use this app and waste your time with these people.
  • Bad bad bad

    By ciclerider
    Like others Used to love it Keeps wanting to change password and still doesn't work No phone support Started sending bills to my wife and I both Found out she logged on as me on her phone and it somewhat works Called iTunes they are dumbfounded Want my money back
  • Works well

    By Sig7686
    We have been using it for several years and still like it. Only gripe is that on an iPad, Hub doesn’t rotate into landscape mode. It stays locked in portrait mode.
  • No longer a good app

    By Sbryblnde
    My husband and I have used this app for several years and it used to work ok. In the past few months we’ve had many, many issues with it not synching. HUB says uninstall and reinstall...but when I did that I can’t get back in to the app at all (receive a huberrordomain error 100). HUB support entirely non responsive. I am even using the paid version! I’m switching to another app and not only won’t be recommending this app anymore.....I will be strongly recommending against anyone using it!
  • Forget about this app

    By EDWV
    I downloaded this app only to find out that there was not much you could do with it unless you purchased this app. You are unable to set repeat events unless you pay for the full version. Not worth downloading
  • No notifications

    By Beastmode JLN
    I will be canceling this subscription since the notifications have stopped working. It defeats the purpose of having a family calendar if no one gets notified.
  • Not working anymore.

    By DeVorechic
    Was a great app. Even paid to go pro. As soon as we had to renew the subscription it stopped working. My family can’t sync anymore and it asks me to reset my password every time I open the app. Have deleted and reinstalled with no improvement. Will probably remove all together and use a different app.
  • It seems as if the company stopped supporting

    By Grimee
    The app has been a centralized tool in my family’s organization process for several years (since it was called Simply Us). But last month it suddenly stopped working. A bit of research shows the company was bought out by a larger company who now no longer supports this app. We moved to the Cozi app and got most of the functionality we were used to with Hub.
  • Used to love it but now I hate it!

    By PrincessMich
    My husband and I have been having issues with this app for a while now. We are not receiving notifications when the other updates anything and we do not see the updates that are done in a timely fashion. Also, we are continually being asked for our password. When we enter our password it is not recognized and we are asked to reset it. This has happened 3 times in the past week. We used to like this app but these inconveniences should not be happening on an app that we pay for. I have contacted customer support a couple times and received the canned response of uninstall and reinstall the app. Both my husband and I have done this a few times. It stopped asking for our password but we still do not get notifications even though we opted in on all notifications! I don’t receive a response from customer support when I ask to cancel my membership and refund my money. Needless to say we will not be renewing this app!!
  • Disappointing

    By Callyryn
    While this app used to be amazing, something happened in the last iOS update, and the app no longer works. I have contacted customer service repeatedly and gotten no where. Don’t bother downloading it and certainly don’t waste your money and get the upgrade.
  • *Update* Screen entry’s BEFORE uninstalling

    By NUFmedia
    *Update - I have deleted the app and reinstalled in now 2 times trying to get it to sync with my wife’s HUB, it has now synced and seems back to normal, UNFORTUNATELY all my recent calendar entry’s were deleted, I’m lucky I took screenshots of my latest 15 Meeting dates.* My wife and I have used this app for 2 years and it WAS incredible, but for the last 3 weeks it’s useless. I’m self employed and also use HUB to keep track of all my meetings, lists, etc. I don’t want to go elsewhere but will be forced to soon if this isn’t fixed.
  • terrible service! no support!

    By Scorpiossssss
    I was a premium subscriber for over two years- pricey! but worth it, until it kicked me out, and all the members...they said it was an update fine but two years ago i had registered under a now defunct email. the only way to log in is that email. no solution. sent MANY. emails explaining and asking for a reset. FORM LETTER RESPONSE not even acknowledging my question. FIVE times i tried to contact so i could stay as a member! clearly they don’t care! mad because all my data is gone too and they don’t care and i was afraid i would miss an appt already scheduled the point of an online calendar is not to write it elsewhere. so unhelpful. so no more hub! buyer beware if you get kicked out you’ll never get back in!!!
  • Use to be great

    By JC in savannah
    It use to be great but it doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with all the iOS updates. I am a widowed mom of 2young kids and rely heavily on a team of nannies to help keep me and my kids organized. Hub is they way we kept up with everything and communicated, however starting in November it was crashing, freezing, not updating or alerting any of us when someone entered new info.
  • Charged but not subscribed

    By Unhappy Oscar
    We downloaded and upgraded to the pro version, but stopped using it. Verified it was not in my subscriptions but was charged a renewal anyway. Have tried repeatedly to get the issue resolved with support but they are unhelpful and not responsive after a few canned responses. Don’t recommend at all.
  • Was Great Now Terrible

    By lvgps27
    App used to be great but now I keep getting password errors and lost data. When updating the list it doesn’t save changed.
  • Unuseable

    By Mozart-1
    Used to work great, however has not been updated in a year and now will not open and it’s not reliable even if it is opens. Will have to look somewhere else for a similar software checking to see if THAT ONE is being maintained.
  • 3rd and most current review Dec 2017

    By CV_B
    Used for years and never had an issue. First app I ever paid for, we became dependent on HUB for everything. Recently they had bug, not happy with time for Support to respond but once back up, I’m again an advocate for HUB. Tried two competitors while down and found both to be annoying...I’m used to the lists and calendar view here. Far superior. Back to 5 stars, wife and I can’t live without.
  • Paid version Crapped out and never syncs

    By Klebbastone
    This app worked fine for a while. Now it constantly rejects passwords and doesn’t sync between devices. No support options, just a waste.
  • Can no longer use app

    By Cccrrrrmmmm
    It keeps telling us that we need to enter our password but the passwords are not working correctly. Emailed customer support but received no response. We’re done with it.
  • Works again - great app, but please ensure reliability

    By Tomeqq
    This is #1 best app for calendar sharing: simple, seamless, works offline, easy to see changes & updates. One thing that scared me was that app stopped irking suddenly a week ago. Now it works again, but please make sure this app is always up, because his is one of our favorite apps! Thanks a lot!

    By Tourinho72
    I used SquareHub (free) until it crashed and never recovered. The user interface with this app is not as seamless and easy to use. However, in the absence of SquareHub, it'll have to do. For nearly $50 a year, I expected a lot more, both from the app, as well as from their customer service. I contacted them because the app was not as advertised. In the App Store, one of the screen shots clearly shows the messaging icon in the right corner. That function is no longer available because of "lack of use", they informed me after 5 emails asking about it. In other words, there is some false advertisement going on. So, in order to privately message someone within the app, you need to create another hub just for two or however many people you need to message privately. For blended families like mine, private messaging was a great function because it allowed us to see the calendars, and chat among the adults. Also, the pics posted have this extremely weird crop and it's difficult to post a pic in its original format. And try changing the hub pic if you have two or more hubs. It won't work. It will default back to the pic used in the original hub. The developers should make a few changes to make it more user friendly and fix bugs. UPDATE: bugs plague this app. Now the app is having you sign in every time and will not accept your password. Don’t even bother going to “settings” and contact customer support because the app will freeze. And because customer support is basically useless, I’m stuck with an app that’s expensive to use and does not work well at all. Lately, the messages and calendar have not been transmitting properly either. Like I said, it’s a mess. UPDATE 12/21/17: CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THIS APP DEVELOPER TO UPDATE THE APP FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE? By the way, deleting and reinstalling the app does not work! This is ridiculous.
  • Meh

    By obxduncs
    This app used to work awesomely for my boyfriend and I and our kids schedules but now it just stopped working and we lost all of our information on the calendar. I’m pretty upset. I’ve deleted and reinstalled several times. Not to mention I paid for gold member status. What a waste of money.