BusinessCall 2nd Line

BusinessCall 2nd Line

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2013-07-20
  • Current Version: 2.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 5.33 MB
  • Developer: uReach Technologies
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 39


BusinessCall™ - Add a second mobile phone line for your business calls and texts. Choose a business number from your town or from any location in the US. Or, port an existing mobile number to BusinessCall. It’s your choice. Get a free trial of this remarkable app and then pay for what you need. Business Call offers plans starting at $5.99/month for 100 minutes or texts up to an unlimited service for only $12.99/month directly from the app. With any of these choices, there’s no contract to sign, ever. BusinessCall is a complete phone service that includes mobile calling, texting, notes about callers, a separate Recents log, an auto attendant and welcome greeting, visual voicemail, and an after-hours mode. BusinessCall operates as a shared minutes plan. If you have an unlimited mobile minutes plan together with an unlimited BusinessCall plan, then BusinessCall minutes are unlimited too. If you have a defined minutes plan, BusinessCall minutes count against that plan. Texts are completely free in unlimited BusinessCall plans count as half a minute for measured plans. They do not count against your existing mobile phone texting plan. BusinessCall learns your business callers when they call to give you a unique ring tone. The BusinessCall experience is always separate from your personal calls. Set up your Welcome Greeting to professionally answer every business call. Use Caller Choices (our auto attendant) to route business calls to your mobile, forward to other numbers, play announcements or take messages. Use our Quick Notes feature to jot down a note after a call with one touch. Then organize your notes into an easy today/tomorrow/later format. With Business Call you can: - Keep your mobile phone number for personal use and get a second line for business calls - Separate your business texts, voicemail, and phone calls from your personal texts, voicemail, and calls - Get a new BusinessCall number or transfer an existing number (for free) - Greet your customers professionally on every call when you enable the BusinessCall welcome greeting - Get a distinctive ringtone for incoming business call - Use the after hours mode that lets you take a message plus enables “emergency” access to you at your mobile number or any other phone number - Call and text anywhere in the US and Canada - The unlimited plans include Unlimited minutes shared with your cellphone plan and free texting -Pay as you go plans include 100 minutes or 200 texts per month along with your phone number, with the option to buy more minutes or texts as needed. The BusinessCall app requires that your device can make phone calls. BusinessCall 2nd Line offers a 7-day, 100 minutes free trial. After the trial, you can subscribe to our monthly, auto-renewing service if you like. - Service will be billed through iTunes at confirmation of purchase. - Your account will be charged $5.99 for the pay as you go plan or $12.99 for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. We also offer discounts when signing up for 6 months at a time. - Your service will automatically renew each month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. An active subscription cannot be cancelled once it has been billed for that month. - Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. - Any unused portion of the free trial period is forfeited at the time the service is purchased. Licensing Agreement – Privacy Policy - Our live BusinessCall US based support is here to help answer your questions and to welcome your feedback. Send emails to or call 877-717-UREACH (877-717-8732). Join the BusinessCall community. We're on facebook, and @ureachcom on twitter. Developer uReach Webpage:



  • Wish it worked better

    By Cheri50294
    It was working well for me for the last year. Customer service was great to work with and always helpful. I’m disappointed how the app stores phone numbers. I can’t call or text people who I’ve contacted through the business app without the app taking over on my personal line and it links to old contacts. Also while on a call my face touched the FaceTime button and the my phone disconnected to my current call and started trying to FaceTime all of my clients from my personal number. It was a huge breach to my confidentiality and I had to change to a separate phone. The idea is great, once they figure out how to take care of those issues it would be able to do exactly what I needed.
  • Worked for a while. Then stopped

    By airy kitchens
    This app worked well for over a year, then I stopped getting any calls. They would all go straight to voicemail. Their cust service tried to help, but ultimately could not fix and told me to go elsewhere. Not getting any calls for my business was very aggravating and unprofessional. Owner would not refund through iTunes, said I’d have to call iTunes to process from my end (yeah right). Overall, the app was always glitchy. The customer service was good and fast to respond, but your app stopped working! So that’s a pretty big failure.
  • Unacceptable service

    By ijustloveflaminghotcheetos
    I just placed a call to a client on business call and they were confused, because it came from my ACTUAL cell number. Completely unacceptable! I am going to cancel my service. This app is absolutely terrible, and I cannot believe that I have been paying for it. Update: I ended up staying with BusinessCall another year, but finally canceled today due to the terrible customer support. Both times I’ve contacted them I’ve felt belittled and had a strong sense that I was wasting their time. I’ve canceled, and even though dealing with setting up a new number is going to be a huge pain, it is still 100% worth not dealing with them.
  • Manage my life

    By NoodleExpress
    BusinessCall 2nd line helps me coordinate my business and personal life every day. Bravo!!
  • Best App of the Year!

    By Contemporary Art Addict
    Wow, finally!! So glad this app is here. As a gig economy worker, I have been managing personal and business calls/texts on my iphone for years!! It's a mess, frustrating and not good for my family or business! BusinessCall is a simple app that solves this - allowing me to manage my personal calls/texts in a totally separate section of my iphone than my personal texts/calls, it's amazing. Best app I've downloaded this year.
  • Wouldn't use again

    By Deeedeee2427
    I experienced poor call quality using this app. Even though a notification would appear on my phone, I was also unable to answer calls as they came in, which resulted in playing phone-tag with clients (a frustrating experience for all parties). I tried to troubleshoot this numerous times with no change. Additionally, I did not like that my callers did not hear ringing on their end- instead they were immediately put to an automated system and asked to select their options. The latter is just personal preference, but I find it jarring and unexpected when a system immediately prompts you for a response without a ring or two.
  • The app needs more work

    By UberEats DriverTm
    😡😡😡😡When a receive a business call, I am unable to say if it is business or personal. The app it's not registering between a business call and a non business call.
  • Best 2nd Line App... By Far!

    By Gemrookie
    I'm reading some of these negative reviews bewildered! Been using service for 2 months. Customer service is outstanding. The voice quality is superior to the others. I suspect they're not using VOIP but actual cellular towers. Easy to see when a "2nd Line" call is coming in. U can respond to text from the regular messaging app you use daily. No need to open app. Same holds true for incoming texts. You can set up separate voicemail. You can set up extensions for people calling in to say "press 1 for...", "press 2 for", etc. Makes a small biz look a lot larger. Thus far, my experience is flawless!
  • Telemarketers Dream App

    By TLK109
    This app worked fine for a while, but for the past 6 months, I only receive telemarketing calls and calls with no one on the other line. Extremely annoying and a time waster. Tried to cancel, but of course, I have to go through iTunes because they won't help.
  • Outdated software 2nd line app

    By TAP328
    If there were ever a cash cow dinosaur in the app world business call would be that app you cannot send a photo or a document in its entirety it has to go through as a link it never goes through right. You cannot cut and paste a previous text and resend it to another colleague or anyone there is no cut-and-paste Not only that when I canceled they charge me to additional month to make it like they were allowing me to keep their service for another month And the cost that they charge you a monthly basis maze will call him the Mylan of the app world
  • Unreliable

    By Joe2946
    This is fine as a novelty, but if you're actually dependent on this for business, googlevoice is free and much more reliable. Lots of missed calls, calls don't connect. And don't even think about upgrading to any new operating system for your phone, because you'll miss every single call. They don't work out the bugs until later. When's later? To be determined I guess. So you're stuck with a non-functioning app until they work out the "bugs". Like I said, fine as a novelty, but not dependable to conduct real business.
  • Needs work

    By benjamq
    The app is worth it but needs to be user friendly. It is difficult to find someone in the contact list. Also the dial number buttons are way too loud.
  • Not worth it

    By HappenShare
    No alaska based numbers available and no back buttons at the start. Simple things are overlooked. I deleted before even trying it due to these two red flags.
  • Business

    By 1900-28D
    Great innovative app that works to fit each individual
  • Works Really Well

    By o’hmally
    I do not normally review apps, but this app solved the problem of needing a second line/telephone number and not wanting to have two separate phones. The integration with my existing phone is really nice, price plan is reasonable for what you get. So far I have had no issues with making or taking calls; I’ve had the app for several months now. I like how you can customize incoming calls and route them to different mailboxes, phone or text/email. You can even have an after hours setting. The ability to add notes to a particular phone number is a great feature. Looking forward to developers adding more features in the future; for now, it fits my needs. Great app . . .
  • Business

    By 318divakim
    This is my first time having a second line on same phone as my personal.. I tried it cause I was tired of carrying 2 phones. I always asked my phone carrier could this be done and they said no. I have had it for a few months now.. So far it's been good. I like being able to tell my business from personal and to be able to set time when my business calls can come in. Looking forward to more features being added.
  • 🙄

    By sofarsokyute
    I can no longer make calls from the app ...
  • Needs more work

    By Erica Landry
    Great app I just wish it had wait music during the greeting and call forwarding
  • App has stopped working for months

    By Mon5324
    The application is slow, buggy, and barely works. I’ve been paying for the past couple of months with realizing recently that the app has not been working at all ! I’ve been sitting around like a fool wondering this business line doesn’t work just realize that the app hasn’t been accepting incoming calls or allowing me to place outgoing ! Imagine the amount of business I may have lost due to this app, I knew something was wrong and I should of cancelled earlier. The UI is outdated, it behaves extremely slow. The worst part is the fact that it literally takes ANYONE who calls you on your business line and throws them all under one contact. Yup, that means if someone (i.e. a family member or friend) calls you on your business line by mistake it will literally overwrite everything about the contact and throw them underneath one giant contact with every number that has ever called. What’s even better is any contacts you save in the app ONLY stay in the app. Yep, that’s right lose the app lose your contacts until you can log back in and MANUALLY copy over the contacts. The app crashes constantly and it suffers many more issues. Overall, it’s a great concept but poorly executed. I wish I could give it more, but it needs help.
  • Cool app

    By Sie2472
    The app works fine. They make it hard to cancel your subscription. Trying to cancel mine and keep getting the run around.
  • Excellent Small Business Phone Solution

    By Burnsey 53
    This app is a great, affordable solution to business phone issues. Works great and is loaded with features. Customer support is also quick and attentive. Highly recommended!
  • Great App

    By KatieBecca
    I love this app. It does exactly what it's designed to do -- no glitches, etc. I only wish you could cancel or suspend service from the app itself, but no biggie.
  • Works great

    By Whitwhit1
    I love this app. Allows me to separate business from personal. Very professional intro that my clients hear when they call. 5 stars!!!!
  • Could be better

    By scott1152
    Iphone 5: After using this app for nearly 6 months it could be better. I noticed there is a delay at times for getting text messages and even though it shows I have a new text it will not actually show it unless I close the app and go back into it. I also noticed a possible delay when talking on the phone from this app. I don't have these issues when I'm not using the app. The app will also sync every new number into your app contacts list without giving you the choice. I'm not a fan of that since I do receive a lot of spam calls. I then have to delete each number. It would be nice to add a record feature to record important information during a call.
  • Ok

    By Playerfa20
    Just download the app so far so good!!
  • So it worked up to my first subscription renewal

    By thurgr
    Worked fine until the end of the first month. iTunes automatically took the renewal subscription but then the app stopped working. On calling their tech support, the guy told me there was a bug somewhere that needed to be fixed. But in the meantime they'd keep my money. Very disappointed
  • It works but it's inconvenient

    By CashRlsMe
    I get too many random calls and they never leave a message and when I answer they hang up or it's the wrong number.....
  • Keeps crashing

    By musicalfnp
    It worked beautifully during the trial, but after I tried to upgrade it keeps crashing. It won't even open up for me! Please fix. I would consider using.
  • Worthless

    By Chkeme
    Won't even open
  • -

    By Vz84
    Keeps crashing, iPhone 5s
  • Ok

    By angelstar07
    Only tested out the trial. When someone calls your business call line, u answer it and then an operator voice says: "if you want to accept this call press 1" and when I press 1, half the time it doesn't catch it and the person on the other end of the call just keeps hearing the phone ring. Whenever I try to upload contacts the app quits. Seems like a great concept but don't feel confident in using it for my business . Hopefully these glitches will get fixed
  • Sweet

    By Wyldchyldmn
    Love it
  • Great app with unlimited minutes!

    By Bobby Filet
    I started using this and it makes it a lot easier to separate my business calls from personal ones. It's also great I don't have to worry about minutes. Only thing I would change is for their to be proper retina assets for the home screen icon and for the activities, calls, text and settings tabs. Without them it looks blurry. Functionality is great though will definitely recommend.