Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-06-27
  • Current Version: 3.30.71
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 153.29 MB
  • Developer: Crowdstar Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 104 426


Show off your great style with Covet Fashion, the game for the shopping obsessed! Join millions of other fashionistas, discover clothing and brands you love, and get recognized for your style! Feed your shopping addiction and create outfits in this fashion game designed to hone your style skills. Express your unique style by shopping for fabulous items to fill your closet, putting together looks for different Style Challenges and voting on other players’ looks. Plus, win exclusive in-game prizes for looks that earn 4 stars or more! SHOP THE BEST STYLES. We’ve partnered with brands like Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe and Vince Camuto to bring you the latest fashions to obsess over. With over 175 brands to shop from you’re sure to discover styles you love. STYLE THE PERFECT OUTFIT. Choose from thousands of glamorous clothing and accessory items in addition to chic hair and makeup styles on our new diverse array of models to create looks for various styling challenges such as photo shoots, cocktails and red carpet fittings. VOTE ON WHO WORE IT BEST. Cast your vote and decide what’s hot on the Covet Fashion scene! Over hundreds of thousands of entries per styling challenge! Are other players’ looks 5-star worthy or did they miss the mark? PLAY WITH FRIENDS. Want to get advice on your outfits or celebrate your wins? Join a Fashion House to make friends or connect to Facebook and chat about any and all things Covet Fashion. Did you know you can shop your favorite Covet Fashion items in real life? All of the clothing and accessory items featured in the game link to places where you can buy them for your real-life closet. Not only can you discover new brands and trends, you can own them, too! Download Covet Fashion now and start styling! FOLLOW US Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: ________________________________________ Contact Support: __________________________________________ Payments FAQ: Does Covet Fashion allow in-app payments? Covet Fashion is a free-to-play app, but like many apps in the App Store, there is the option of purchasing in-app items using real money. Turn off in-app purchases on your device if you’d like to disable this feature. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Acceptable Use Policy: __________________________________________ Notes: - Requires iOS 7.0+; - Compatible with iPhone 4 or newer, iPod Touch 4th Generation or newer, and iPad 2 or newer - This game will NOT work on iPad 1, iPhone 3GS or older, and iPod Touch 3rd Gen or older - This game requires an internet connection (WiFi or 3G) to play ________________________________________



  • Great game, but a couple of notes

    By harshlover
    I really like this game. It’s really fun. There are a couple of negatives though. First, most of the time whenever I go to tap joy to get free diamonds for completing offers, I don’t get them. I make sure the app is the last thing I clicked on and then I go back into the app, but it doesn’t give me my reward still most of the time? And I depend on that because clothes are expensive in the game lol. Another complaint I have is it’s really hard to earn cash. Maybe cash could be part of a daily reward or something? Because a lot of the time, challenges will require you to buy something with cash and won’t have a diamond option to purchase something, and the reward will be less than you paid for the outfit itself. That’s why I suggested maybe cash as a daily gift like the diamonds and tickets?
  • been playing for a while

    By nyccc08
    i’ve been playing his game for about two years now. i’ve really enjoyed making new friends and expanding my closet. i got to level 16 and when that new update came out, everything restarted. i lost all the progress which was really upsetting because i loved this game. now i start over from level one, with a new closet, barely any cute makeup and hairstyles. i wish you didn’t have to have a facebook account to save your closet. covet could improve a little!!!
  • Been locked out for a week

    By jxrenee
    I love this game. Sadly I haven’t been able to play for over a week. For the amount of time and real money I’ve spent on this game, it’s pretty disappointing to no longer be able to play and get no help from customer service despite messaging several times. I can’t get past the loading screen. I’ve done tons of trouble shooting. The software engineer team at covet must need a lot of help.
  • Okay

    By Sahjay
    For the most part, I like this app, BUT it’s way too hard to earn cash. I think you guys should have at least 1 style challenge a day or every other day where the PRIZES are cash. I know there is usually one or 2 where you can earn cash for entering, but there should be some where the actual prizes are cash.
  • Crooks! Scam you to get real money!

    By hatethiscompany
    I have the exact same jewelry required for a challenge and it is making me buy it again! Crooked game makers! For shame.
  • Money

    By boringbailey10
    I absolutely love this game. But I have just one suggestion. Can you PLEASE add more ways to get more cash. We are able to get 100 diamonds and 25 tickets everyday, but why not extra ways to get cash? I would love to be able to sell clothes I dont use and have never worn. There's different items that just sit in my closet unworn, when I would love to be able to sell those items and get more money to buy items I need for style challenges! I find that money gets spent quick when in every style challenge I have to spend more and more to get the items I need. I really hope the developers see this and take it into consideration. But other than that, it's one of my favorite games. 😍😊
  • Best game ever

    By itz-😋-paigee
    It’s amazing,any hate ones are FAKE,this game is amazinngg!
  • Gyped out of $17000

    By Fitaliangrl
    Your lack of customer service has given me no other option but to leave this review. My fh won a large bag valued at $17,000 last week. I’ve messaged MULTIPLE times and only receive generic messages in return. I’ve spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and an insane amount of time on this game. If this issue is not resolved ASAP, I will Dispute every single dime I’ve spent on this game, with my bank. Fix this issue and this review will be taken down. I’m beyond upset and this company does is ignore its most loyal players. Shame on you.
  • Fun but super expensive; could be worth it with changes

    By Tacye
    I finally downloaded this app after seeing it pop up on everything. It’s super fun, but too expensive to play. You have to design several “looks” daily and sometimes you have to use required items. These items can cost lots of money; more than you earn daily. It’s impossible to play without using real money. Plus, the “clothes” you buy, you don’t even get to keep! And they are expensive too boot! You have to pay for them again, each time you use them. I also pay the “furniture” designing app; at least with that one, you purchase an item and can re-use it 5 times before you have to buy it again. If the developers either paid you more “money” daily, let the reward for looks net more funds, and let you actually keep the items you pay for in your closet and reuse them OR let you use them 4 or 5 times before you have to buy them again, it would be worth it. Otherwise, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY BECAUSE YOU WILL!
  • My app hasn't worked in weeks!!!

    By samlouisehoust
    I wish I could give a better review because I honestly love this game but my app hasn't worked for several weeks and I haven't gotten a response from support!!! It's absolutely ridiculous!
  • Best Fashion Game ever!

    By Pinkdiva7
    I’ve Been playing for 4 yrs now and it’s so cool you get to put real life clothing on ur fashion’s so fun shopping the real designers and getting to own stuff u put on ur doll in real life! The challenges are sometimes tough but just ask for real life facebook friends and u can borrow from them!
  • Fun, But Pricey and Buggy

    By CaptainShibby
    Love using this app, and even put in some money once or twice, but now the app continues to be buggy, glitches and refuses to give rewards when videos were watched all the way through. Don’t want to pay for the extra features, but apparently that’s the only way to truly get anything.
  • Money Pit

    By NikkiEla514
    I will admit this game is fun and easily addicting. If you are into fashion you will love this game. However, it’s hard to participate in challenges and purchase items without spending money out of pocket. A lot of the items are extremely pricey and the amount of cash/diamonds you get are not enough. Additionally, I have had two purchased wardrobes disappear from my closet. I have reached out for help and have received no response.
  • Not great

    By Alltheprettyhorses
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun game. But, it is impossible to advance without spending a ridiculous amount of money on cash and diamonds. Also, the voting is unfair. Putting a level 40 next to a level 4 which makes it very difficult to achieve a high score on looks for lower level players. Then there’s the hair accessories. 8.99 for 1 accessory?! And some of the style challenges almost require you to have one if you want anyone to vote for your look. Also the style challenges give you only $100-$500 per challenge which is barely enough to keep up with buying the garments you need for each challenge. I also think there should be more challenges without requirements or at least with easier ones.
  • Seasonal Trunks Ridiculous

    By Pixie953
    I really dislike the “seasonal trunk” challenges. If you opt to do the .99 purchase you have to be very careful that what you buy can even be used for the challenge. You are also limited to 3 items and end up still not able to participate due to the exorbitantly priced diamond items you still need. I am deleting this game for the 5th time as I have had enough. I am also tired of the repetitive princess challenges. I also agree that 8.99 for the hair accessories is ridiculous.
  • App crashed

    By ANPetty
    App crashed 10 days ago and customer support has not followed up on multiple outreaches.
  • Fun, but pay to play...

    By Tonkamom3
    This isn’t my normal type of game, but I gave it a chance and I’m really enjoying it. I don’t like that $$ is sooo hard to come by. $500 reward for entering daily challenge, another $100 here and there. However, what really gripes me is that most of the challenges have specific requirements of items that you have to buy. So that really limits how many challenges I can enter. I’m not willing to pay real money for this game.
  • Can’t manage my house

    By Mari Kari
    I run a house, and with the chat broken, I can’t respond to my members concerns. It’s difficult to run rallies. Other members aren’t sure if their comments are getting through. Very few people ask for outfit advice now.
  • fish with attitude

    By claireeee :))
    okay so i understand that this review is on covet but i'm reviewing fish with attitude. this company made the game fish with attitude and it was by far the best game in my childhood and i couldn't for the life of me figure out the name of it and i finally found it and it wasn't on the app store anymore. i find this very hard to cope with and am asking for y'all to put the game back on the app store. if anyone reads this then please write one too. you won't regret it if they bring it back. xoxo
  • Fun to design, but needs major improvements

    By Kathoneybee
    It’s fun to do designs and the clothes to choose from are fabulous. However, unless you want to spend a lot of money, you can’t afford the outfits. A significant amount of diamonds needed to do any of the designs, other than the daily designs, is very difficult. Earning them through Tapjoy is not easy either, and most of the time they don’t pay out. Also, the voting is so rigged. If you look at the multiple top designers for each challenge-the items are all the same and done by the high level individuals. They vote for each other it seems. Won’t be playing anymore unfortunately. Not to mention so many of the challenge story lines have to do with dark magic imagery.
  • House Chats

    By cachito98
    Just fix the house chat and I’ll be happy! My messages don’t even show up!!
  • Too many errors!!

    By LeafyIsHere SIKE
    I love this game but I have to reload it a million times to just enter one challenge sometimes. Please fix!!!
  • little problem

    By GodsGrace
    I’ve been playing this game for about three days now and I’ve really enjoyed it. But there’s just two little problems: a) This game has to have internet, and that kinda stinks because if I’m in the car 🚘 for a while I would want to play the if you could fix that, I’d appreciate it. 🙂 b) some of the clothes are kinda inappropriate, so please fix that if possible. 🙂 But other than that great game 👍🏻

    By i like turles , HIT OR MISS
    Cool game
  • Why did it stop working

    By rayua
    It just logs me out when I start playing the game.
  • Uninstalled

    By p.a.m.2480
    I loved the game at first, I would play it every single day. It was fun to do and I loved the challenges but I'm starting to feel like I should uninstall this game. After playing only two days in, challenges make you pay for certain items. All of the items are outrageously priced. I'm running out of money with only 100 coins and 9 diamonds left. Prices should be cheaper and you should start out with more money. It's hard for you to play the game much less you don't make any coins or diamonds to match what you are spending.
  • Won’t give you your diamond rewards

    By lust01
    Won’t give you your diamond rewards. You have to complete and action like download a game and reach a certain level to receive the amount promised but if the amount is more than 1,000 they wont give it to you basically they want you to buy diamonds!
  • Too many problems after updates

    By StellaBlu74
    This isn’t a bad game at all. There’s just a lot of problems after updates. I’ve had so many issues I’d just rather just not hang in there anymore. Every time a new level comes out or season changes it all starts again.
  • Items are too costly.

    By Mirkae
    It’s almost ok. Only complaint is every “challenge” requires more money so you can do the requirements. It’s annoying.
  • I LOVE this game but....

    By Nnrts
    I love this game so much. It’s one of my favorites ,but I wish you could choose different body types because you don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful.
  • 👍🏻

    By cailhn
    This game is really cool i been playing for A while and the only thing is that they don’t have plus size models and that irritates me
  • Loving this game, except for this...

    By JoannaWG
    I like the game, it’s a portable paper doll or Barbies. Where I do not like it is the disparity between buying items and the amount of Covet cash or diamonds paid out. On a good day I can accrue about 150 diamonds and only a handful of Covet cash. That makes it VERY difficult to purchase items for the challenges! Not to mention having to reset an item to unworn in order to get the unworn boost. This is why I took off one star. The other thing I took a star off for was that once you use an item, and it’s not ever going to be used again you can’t sell them back. Or trade them with other house members. I’d even accept if we could sell the items back at a discounted price. Other than these two things the game is very fun.
  • Jet Set

    By 1017$$
    I really love this game. I just wish the Jet Set Challenges were continued. Some of the daily challenges are hard to enter into if your money is low. I really enjoy the jest set challenges more could you guys please add more challenges?
  • for clarification

    By lipstick@23
    do i need to pay one time to open all hair accesories. ? need a reply please
  • Fashion houses

    By Stal12Coll02
    I tried joining a fashion house but even the houseswith only two members were pending so I thought I would try it my self but no body seems to want to join my house I am the only exception this frustrates me I have even asked them to throw friends my way but this doesn’t seem to work if no one sends me friends by June 30 2019 I will quit this app I figure that’s plenty of time to help me and if they don’t well they will learn that when colleen loniqswill quit your app or store or web site when you make het unhappy I may be the only person that does this but if everyone who is frustrated with this app quit it they may open their eyes
  • The worst

    By TheLovelyBlue
    Awful, give us more money you scumbags.
  • Good game if you don’t do the Tapjoy offers m

    By jess1sc
    I’ve played Covet for a few months now and hav really enjoyed it. I haven’t spent money on it, so leveling up is slow. I was completing Tapjoy offers for extra diamonds but they scammed me out of over 12k diamonds that took me over a month of daily playing another game to earn. Overall, I can recommend the game but avoid the scam that is Tapjoy!
  • I hoped for more:/

    By Has Lots of Flaws
    It costs you about $1000 to create a look and it only pays you about $100-$200 for doing it. You run outta money and can’t create anything else. Voting is also unfair, they’ll put a level 2 against a level 20 look. I love the idea of the game but too many flaws.
  • Fun but can’t afford anything anymore

    By arielloll
    I enjoyed the game a lot but the more i played the less money i had and it was impossible for me to build up money without spending my own money.
  • Great concept but fails at making this fun for everyone

    By rebeccasarah
    Like most people, I feel this game has a great concept, I love it. Where this game fails for me, like many others, is that it’s unfair. I can’t tell you how many times I have styled an awesome look that meets all of the criteria only to find that it rated super low. I check the top rated looks to see where I went wrong or to see what types of looks people are voting highly for only to find that my look is much better than most and meets the theme more accurately. It’s frustrating. And don’t get me started on how unfair runway rallys are. The total value you must meet should be based on how many enter, not a predetermined number. Everyone participating may not be able to enter each look and that’s not fair to the people who can enter. I also feel that there should be more items available at cash value and less for diamond value. If you want to keep people who may not be able to spend their personal money to buy diamonds, you might want to reconsider a few things here. I know I would be more willing to spend personal money if I knew it would get me further in the game...which it currently does not. Also, hair accessories should not cost $9. That is insane. There should be a better way to either earn them or just lower the price. This is highway robbery. I know these games are all about money in the end. I know the developer needs to make money, but keeping the values the way they are drives people away. Lowering the value could actually make you more money in the long run. Lower values = more people. More people will spend more money which will actually make you more money in the long run...I don’t understand why game developers don’t get this yet...this is business 101.
  • Won’t load

    By DragonShot43
    It keeps saying I cannot connect to servers, the problem isn’t in my WiF. The game won’t even load!
  • Design, politics, and stress.

    By Littlestlee13
    This game just like it’s sibling app Design Home make you want to continue to design outfits to fit style challenges or interior designs that represent style preferences. Having a chronic pain disease and anxiety, they apps have been an outlet for problems. But coming from a girl who’s medical bills have taken over her life, the game needs to make it where everyone can experience the game. I am always one of the top 10-15 of the challenges but without having decorations that cost real money you won’t be able to be on top. Hopefully the policies change soon.
  • Great Game But...

    By This Game Is a Huge Let Down
    This game is so much fun, I’ve been playing everyday for almost a year now and I love how creative you get to be with the outfits and the hair and make up. I’ve never played a game that went this in depth with the fashion. But my concerns are that the clothing you buy is WAY too expensive, the rewards and daily challenges are not enough to pay for all the clothes and shoes and accessories you want/have to buy to enter challenges. And I would love to be able to wear the hair accessories but you have to pay for them with real money and I don’t have money to spend on a game. Also, it takes forever to level up and get better hair and make up 🙄 Please give us an easier way to make Covet Cash and Diamonds! Other than that this is one of my fav games to play ☺️
  • Keeps saying there’s an error with the server

    By Lusqueel
    I used to play this game until out of nowhere on the loading screen it just says that there is a problem with the s ever and won’t load. I’ve tried it a couple of times and it’s not my WiFi bc it works fine with everything else.
  • Irritated

    By Marc4102
    I have been playing this game on and off for a few years now. Every time I start playing again I have a great time but then I get upset by the unfair voting and scoring methods. This time I am extremely upset by the fashion houses. You can get kicked out with no explanation. They should have a private messaging option with the head of the house and officers to avoid this.
  • Awesome but..

    By llama master 265
    I love this game but I don’t like having to keep voting for the same category and it’s really hard to get money and diamonds because u cant buy anything to complete the other challenges to get those things but overall a great app 💕😁
  • Es buena la App, ojalá tomen en cuenta las opiniones.

    By Domy.
    Me gusta mucho la app pero en los bonos diarios deberían de darnos dinero en lugar de tickets porque esos los podemos conseguir en las votaciones es muy difícil conseguir dinero ganando eventos si nos ponen a competir con las que van en niveles muy altos y tienen mucha mas variedad de artículos es prácticamente imposible ganar por eso solo doy 3 estrellas.
  • The worst

    By Covet Steals your $$$
    I love styling, I went to fashion school, but this game has nothing to do with styling. All it is is people copying other people. The voting isn’t fair at all. And they steal people’s money and cover it up by saying it a game. But it’s a trap. If you think of yourself as a stylist you will be very disappointed as to the lack of creativity your able to express.. I won’t recommend this to anyone.
  • A lot to love... but still

    By shakespeare&coffee
    For a free game this can be lots of fun, especially if you find an friendly and active fashion house. I’ve been playing since summer 2017 and I like it for the most part. I’m knocking two stars off for the following: 1) you can’t listen to music while playing this. If you have music on the app shuts it down as soon as you open it. I love to listen to music while playing games so this annoys me. 2) I got lucky and joined an awesome house right off the bat. But I had to weed through a lot of inactive houses to get to one. 3) The judging system is not fair. Level 5s should not be going up against Level 60s. It looks like they may be working towards fixing this. I hope they do.