Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-06-27
  • Current Version: 19.01.81
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 166.28 MB
  • Developer: Crowdstar Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 109 147


Show off your great style with Covet Fashion, the game for the shopping obsessed! Join millions of other fashionistas, discover clothing and brands you love, and get recognized for your style! Feed your shopping addiction and create outfits in this fashion game designed to hone your style skills. Express your unique style by shopping for fabulous items to fill your closet, putting together looks for different Style Challenges and voting on other players’ looks. Plus, win exclusive in-game prizes for looks that earn 4 stars or more! SHOP THE BEST STYLES. We’ve partnered with brands like Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe and Vince Camuto to bring you the latest fashions to obsess over. With over 175 brands to shop from you’re sure to discover styles you love. STYLE THE PERFECT OUTFIT. Choose from thousands of glamorous clothing and accessory items in addition to chic hair and makeup styles on our new diverse array of models to create looks for various styling challenges such as photo shoots, cocktails and red carpet fittings. VOTE ON WHO WORE IT BEST. Cast your vote and decide what’s hot on the Covet Fashion scene! Over hundreds of thousands of entries per styling challenge! Are other players’ looks 5-star worthy or did they miss the mark? PLAY WITH FRIENDS. Want to get advice on your outfits or celebrate your wins? Join a Fashion House to make friends or connect to Facebook and chat about any and all things Covet Fashion. Did you know you can shop your favorite Covet Fashion items in real life? All of the clothing and accessory items featured in the game link to places where you can buy them for your real-life closet. Not only can you discover new brands and trends, you can own them, too! Download Covet Fashion now and start styling! FOLLOW US Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: ________________________________________ Contact Support: __________________________________________ Payments FAQ: Does Covet Fashion allow in-app payments? Covet Fashion is a free-to-play app, but like many apps in the App Store, there is the option of purchasing in-app items using real money. Turn off in-app purchases on your device if you’d like to disable this feature. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Acceptable Use Policy: __________________________________________ Notes: - Requires iOS 7.0+; - Compatible with iPhone 4 or newer, iPod Touch 4th Generation or newer, and iPad 2 or newer - This game will NOT work on iPad 1, iPhone 3GS or older, and iPod Touch 3rd Gen or older - This game requires an internet connection (WiFi or 3G) to play ________________________________________



  • Addictive

    By Osefra
    This game is addictive!
  • Stuck on lvl 3

    By Becca424
    I really like this game but it seems impossible to move on without spending real money. All of the challenges require specific items that you need to buy, so if you’re out of cash/diamonds you have to wait days of daily bonuses before you have enough to buy something. One purchase of 4.99 was enough to create a single look, and that still isn’t enough to move forward...maybe I’m missing something?
  • Account deleted

    By luscious13
    I religiously played this game for nearly 5 years until my account was recently deleted. I’ve reached out to customer support and received a generic reply. I’ve reached out again and have not received a response. I miss this game, but I’m disappointed that I’ve wasted so much money over the years.
  • Crap!!!

    By Sexieeeee
    Voting for higher levels is crap!!!
  • Seriously

    By nmxjdjdjcjdjkzk🙄
    Overall fun awesome and great game. But my least favorite part is voting because it takes to long it can also get boring a t time pls update this app.🙄🙄‼️
  • Starting to require a lot of $$ to play

    By KJK2004
    This was my favorite game, ever... last year. In the last few months, they’ve made it pretty impossible to get a high score on a look, unless you spend the $8 to buy the hair accessory that the challenge is calling for. Or you have to use the required 5 jewelry pieces that cost 800 diamonds each... when they only provide you with 100 free diamonds daily. How are we supposed to get more diamonds? Pay a boat load of money. Quickly losing interest in this game that I have loved and looked forward to playing every day for 2 years.
  • Great game wish they would make changes tho

    By thefbomb420
    I love this game so much it’s one of my favorite games I just wish everything wasn’t so expensive and I feel that if we’re paying 8.99 for a hair accessory credit we should be able to use it on any hair not just certain ones . Secondly I think the voting is extremely unfair pairing levels 1-5 to levels 30-40 it literally gives you no chance to win and lastly it’s super unfair that you have to be at such high levels to get the good makeup and hairstyles it takes me anywhere between 1-2 months to level up because of how expensive the clothes and accessories are and the $500 a day for daily challenges doesn’t really get you anywhere unless you only enter the daily’s and save up for weeks then spend it all on a $6,000 dress
  • Terrible support

    By aminionforhire
    Fun game but whatever you do don’t expect any help from the support section if you run into trouble. I’ve sent countless messages and emails and they’ve just been ignored. The hair accessories are very overpriced. And money is hard to rack up in game without spending real money to buy more. Making it so you can enter about 1 to 2 challenges a day if you’re lucky. You can’t have any game friends unless it is through Facebook which would be fine except it is impossible to link and unlink Facebook accounts correctly through this game.
  • Far out

    By sam oriley
    I have this app and while I do enjoy the fashion part of it the storyline is way far out there. They want you to design something for a goddess or some sort of being that’s not real it’s just really weird. I would like to see this have more realistic events that you’re styling for not some make-believe characters. Because of that when you design a look people are judging the look of by what the storyline is and you could get a bad rating because of it. Dumb
  • The glitch is killing me.

    By mysteryDisney1
    Hi, I just would like to know when you think you’ll be done fixing the corrupt data. I LOVE this game, which is why I gave you five stars. But I haven’t been able to play in more than a month because it says the game data is corrupt. Is everyone’s saying this? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one. Please fix this!
  • Unfair Scoring

    By Tiffany1788
    The arbitrary scoring in the game is extremely unfair. You essentially have to spend real money to win anything and the rallies are rigged. Your fashion house could consistently win bonus pieces and never win a rally bag. It’s kind of crap. Quit playing because I was sick of feeling like I had to spend my own money to win anything.
  • bittersweet

    By christina21010
    fun to play love this game but its a costly Also I feel like we should definitely be Abel to try one more then one thing
  • Covet fashion

    By avagoose
    Very fun but you have to buy lots of stuff with the things your earn and vote for tickets it gets annoying when you can’t enter many challenges because of all of it. Also the fashion houses you join to have a group have this rally and it gets really annoying because of it popping up. And the fashion houses can sometimes kick you out and it makes you find another. But overall is a good rate but has som flaws to it.
  • Please randomly assort model features

    By Maryyyjaneeeee
    For instance, I noticed for events celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, all of the models with the “Asian” styled face also had very fair skin. It seems you guys offer different facial features, body types, and skin colors for the models in order to support body positivity and diversity, which is great. I just ask then that you randomly assort the features and body types! There are dark skinned Asian women too, and we ought to celebrate them too :) This goes for the assortment of all other model features as well.
  • Love it!

    By jmhmpac
    I absolutely love this game. I understand the frustration some players have about losing to the players with upper level hair/makeup, but those people have been working hard on their dolls and leveling up for years! Be patient. I do have a bit of a wish list, though. I wish Covet would have an “other” category under accessories full of items without a season - especially for the fantasy challenges. They could have a variety of wings, swords/shields, tattoos, props, etc. I also wish we could try on more than one thing at a time, so that we could put an outfit together instead of buying it piecemeal. Overall fantastic game, though!!
  • Glitch makes it so I can’t play

    By Gamergirl123:)
    I’m not sure if it’s just the recent update but I haven’t been able to play for about a week now-it always says that there’s an error connecting to the game servers when I try to join an event.
  • Fun game, hidden messages.

    By GermanGoddess93
    I really enjoy covet but I have to mention the obvious flaws. Whenever there is a challenge for African American themes, the reward is always $100 whereas all others are $200 or the daily $500. Also, if there is a specific African American challenge, the skin tone is locked so you cannot change it to a different skin tone. And almost all challenges geared towards African Americans are somehow referenced to the typical African garb, dashikis, animal print, etc. Is this how Covet thinks about African American fashion/culture?
  • Very nice game but should not need to pay for stuff in game

    By stlist
    It should have more choices and things should be free and very uneven voting
  • Not fun for long

    By QEvian
    It’s fun and addictive at first but once you realize you can’t do much or have much fun without spending real money you realize it’s a rip off. You shouldn’t have to spend so much money just to enjoy a game.....
  • Crashing indefinitely

    By Muney1
    Used to play this everyday for years then one day it updated and crashed every time I entered a challenge screen. I just tried again after 1 year and it’s still crashing.
  • Cool but ...

    By ckhtc
    It is awesome I hope you awnser quickly ! Do you pay fake money or real money 💰 pls awnser rsvp awesome by the way that’s. Cool
  • Covet fashion

    By milkshakeQB_qween4life
    I think this game is amazing or when your bored or something this is a great game to get creative and for young girls
  • Doesn’t work on my iPad Pro

    By Crystal Hooten
    It works on my iPhone 8+ but every time I try on my iPad Pro it makes me restart. Even after I restart it doesn’t work just keeps telling me to restart. I’m really upset about it. I’m not sure if it’s because I have the new iPad Pro but it’s irritating. Please fix this ASAP. This is the one game I was excited to play on my iPad Pro. 😥
  • Great game

    By rAnDoM2456789641
    I love the game and I play it every morning I love getting results and doing the challenges and voting!
  • Have to use real money

    By Firefly1399
    Fun but I ran out of money in the game three days. There’s no way to earn more unless you buy it.
  • Bugs that may cost you money

    By Otkol
    There is a bug if you dress a doll and go back to earn tickets for entry, it won’t allow you to enter that contest. I times out and you don’t get to enter the quest. I have reported it twice over the past 2 months via the game support and haven’t heard anything. If you purchased the items for the quest you are out of luck.
  • 💛

    By queenK‼️
    I love Covet fashion, I just wanted to download a simple app cause I was bored, but here I am know addicted to this game. However, the game isn’t for impatient people, it takes a while to level up and gain money and diamonds, but it’s what makes it more exciting when you get gifts, rewards, and money. A lot of players put money into the game to make the process easier and faster, although it isn’t needed. Otherwise I highly recommend getting it, unless you don’t want to become obsessed with the game.
  • Not good 😡

    By Cyrus 😜
    I got this app thinking it would be fun but all the challenges just take you money,not in real life but just in the game, so just do me a favor and not do download this app 😊
  • Nataliefashions9156

    By nataliefashons9156
    Hi I play your game and it is amazing. I think you should be able to earn covet cash when you long on every day like with the Diamonds. I also think that there should be more challenges that you can style with no requirements. Over all this game is the best!!!!!❤️
  • Pretty ok

    By Bl@h 😩
    Ok game. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up paying a lot of money just to get outfits for these outrageous themes. Mostly every outfit you have to style is a terrible fantasy theme that requires extravagant clothing. Please have some every day themes please. Unlike design home, it’s hard to get a 4 and above on this game. Not unless you’re willing to spend a lot of your own money to get the expensive clothing they require so you won’t be able to get the free clothing that comes with a score of 4 and above.
  • Frustrated

    By Briiz0508
    Since I upgraded to the XS Max, the game has been acting up. It tells me to restart the game everytime I pick a challenge. The app is updated. Otherwise I love this game! I have played it for four or five years now! Not many games last that long on my phone!
  • Long time user, seeing a lot of problems not resolved

    By Metamarie
    I love this game, but it has a lot of major problems not being addressed. I see lots of updates but the most major issues are untouched. Users should be grouped into age and level. There are WAY too many children playing this game who just constantly vote for any outfit with long blonde hair and a ball gown. They don’t understand the challenges, or many of the references that challenges are based on. Older users who have actually seen these movies or read these books or know how certain communities or famous people dress are putting a lot of effort into perfecting looks that SHOULD be getting 4-5 stars. As adults we know that royals do not wear crowns and gowns at all times but you have to choose ballgowns and crowns or you get a bad score. Seasonal bonuses should be much lower, daily rewards are far too low for the number of challenges put out, and hair accessories are absurdly priced. It’s VERY clear that certain things will nearly guarantee you the scores that get you ahead much faster and provide diamonds and higher closet values, but these items come at an insanely high premium and it’s literally unattainable for some players. There are dozens of hair accessories which will propel your outfits to the highest ranks but at 8.99 for ONE accessory it’s completely ridiculous. You should be required to submit age when joining and your looks should only appear in voting for your age range. This way adults can create proper outfits aligning accurately to the challenge description, and younger users can still play without ruining the voting process. Users should also be separated into level groups, that way brand new users with 3 hair and makeup options and 5 items in their closet aren’t stuck competing with level 35 users who have dozens of premium hair and makeup options and hundreds of closet items. The hair and makeup for higher level players is obviously far superior, the lower level stuff is honestly just really bad and can’t compete. The only way you can really get ahead is by completing tasks to get free diamonds and then spending all your money to try and hit closet values to move up. When you’re first starting out it’s almost impossible to do well enough to get ahead just by getting good ratings on looks. You rarely have the items necessary to rank well, you don’t have the level bonuses for points, you barely have any clothes so unworn bonuses aren’t helpful, and you barely have enough money to actually enter more than one challenge a day, let alone 4-5. A large portion of the user base is children and pay-to-play users. This means those of us like myself who are just average working adults who don’t have a lot of expendable income are competing against people who have no idea what they’re doing and who are voting on other users outfits still, and people who throw lots of money at this game and have a ton of extra stuff to use and get ahead with that we don’t have and can not afford to purchase. In summary, the voting is insanely biased and unbalanced, its glitchy and poorly run, and the fact that there is literally no alternative to purchasing hair items with real money is at best poorly thought out and at worst, discriminatory towards players who cannot afford to pay-to-play.
  • No longer fun

    By killered
    I started playing Covet almost as soon as it started. It was so much fun. They would suggest an event, think Met Gala or a person, think Iris Appel and you had to create an outfit that embodied that. Every so often, they would pick one item, a scarf or a pair of shoes and you would create a look around that. It really gave you a chance to show your fashion style and creativity. There were so many awesome and varied looks that you couldn’t help but be inspired for the next event. Now, they tell you you MUST use 2 to 6 specific items in your look. How can you be creative when you’re practically a clone of everyone else? They have killed the spirit of the game and new players quickly quit when they realize they have to spend real money just to create a look for an event where they’ve already spelled out the requirements. I barely play anymore. It’s just no fun any longer. This was once a great game. Now it’s just crap!
  • Lots of fun but.....

    By GalaxyDancer12
    Ok, this game is a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong but it’s kinda unfair. Like, when your on a lower level, it’s almost impossible to get a 5 Star because all of the people with the higher levels have better hairstyles and better makeup. And $8.99 for one hair accessory, I mean come on! I can’t afford that! And the clothing is so expensive! I’m gonna say the average price for a cute top is $140 - $300 (in game). It’s very addicting but there are many very annoying parts. If your going to get the game, don’t expect 5 stars on many of your looks.
  • Purchasing And Using Products

    By Peacekeeper54
    It would be very helpful if we had a high low value option with a divider between $ values left side and Diamond values right side when people are looking for what we want to dress up as or purchase. Some people have very slow internet that wants to use your app but trying to weight for all products to show is very stressful and at times we just have to give up entering. But if we had that option that I mentioned above I believe it would be very helpful to everyone using your app. Please consider this. I enjoy your app otherwise.
  • Too long to level up..

    By gujgdddhi
    This game is very addictive and fun buttttt.... even when you play everyday multiple times, it takes like 3-4 months to level up and get good makeup and hairstyles. Also just like everyone else is saying, when voting they put you next to someone who is level 52 while your a level is that fair? They have better makeup, better outfits and way better hairstyles!! Of course they are going to win. That doesn’t help us lower level people who are trying to level up and win stuff! Another thing that bothers me... you HAVE TO USE YOUR OWN MONEY YOU ACTUALLY WORK FOR to get good things and win challenges. If not, you don’t get enough money and diamonds to buy anything to enter challenges. I haven’t played this game in a few months because of this stuff.
  • Covet fashion

    By Stephanie jasmine silva
    I don’t like this game either it keeps saying tap to share and i dont want to share it cause people could find your information

    By AndreaPHol
    I really enjoy playing this game. But it does have some flaws. First of the voting is NOT fair, because there can be some one on the level 46 and some one on the level 2 in the same voting page. And second WHY DO WE NEED TO PAY REAL MONEY! The game makes it so that you have to pay real money on little things. But besides those 2 things this game is super fun and awesome! You should really get and play this game, it really makes you a better designer! GO BUY THIS GAME 😃😄😆
  • It’s no longer worth it

    By reesiecuppz
    If I could give no stars I would. This game use to be so much fun but these greedy game developers lowered the prize amount and it cost more to enter a challenge then the reward given. Never do an offer to get diamonds because you won’t get them or they’ll take forever to respond back when you send them the required proof. The voting system is a joke I mean this game has gone downhill.
  • More of a Request

    By No Pause Button
    So I love love LOVE this game and just have one little request and I don’t know where else to make it - since you already partner with Disney for series, and the MCU Infinity Saga is over, can you do a women of the MCU series? That’s it that’s my request thanks!
  • Could be a GREAT game.

    By Nickielh
    I’ve been playing the last month and hive some thoughts on it. 1. To expensive to do every challenge. You don’t earn enough cash or diamonds to buy items that in the game are very expensive. Or a lot of the items you can only buy with diamonds. To get more Diamonds then you earn of course take real life money. Again way to expensive. It’s truly almost impossible not to buy diamonds just too do a challenge. Not to mention most kids don’t have that access to a credit/debit card. Even those who do or adults can’t afford it. When buying diamonds one should get double what they are playing for. One could easily spend $400 in real money and just playing the game for maybe 2 days all that you bought is gone. And you only did the challenges for those 2 days and bought only what was needed for the challenges. Which is a shame as I do like premise of the game and the different scenarios you have to style a look. . Ie. Style a duchess who just gave birth. Or style a look of what a dragon queen would look like. Etc. 2. Voting. It becomes tedious as you you have to vote 23 different themes just to get to 25 tickets which is needing to enter your look in. Plus the voting inane fair. I’ve seen a player level 3 being paired against a player level 93. How is that fair when the higher level player a huge vantage on how many different clothing,shoes, jewelry, hair styles and make up they have at their disposal. That should be more even. I could handle maybe a 20 point difference between the two looks you’re voting for. 3. To get different hair accessories it’s $9.00. Which means real life money. So a lot of players may never buy one which can differentiate a winning look to a losing look. Ie challenge is to dress a queen that was just crowned. Well, if the payer doesn’t have or can’t afford and not able to borrow one they might as well not enter 4. I think the borrowing could be better. Say only borrow 1 time for each look. Or only able to borrow 3-4 times a day. Sometimes borrowing was the ONLY way I could enter a challenge. 5. Getting more tickets per vote. Ie 4 instead of 2. 6. Make watching the videos (for $15 covet cash) available all the time and no limit per players. Same with the diamonds. Or at least make those to 20 times a day for diamonds only. It’s harder for many to watch that many videos so would be worth it. Like I said I love the premise but just not that easy to play
  • Unfair

    By Cdt19936
    It’s unfair to those who just started this game because when people vote on your design they put you up against higher level people. This is unfair because as you play and level up you unlock more items while those who are higher level automatically win against you because they have a certain makeup look or a certain hairstyle that’s better and different clothes. I believe that the voting should be against other players of the same level or at least one or two level differences.
  • Super fun but not sustainable

    By Skygirlthewise677
    I’m deleting the app after I write this. If you’re willing to settle on designing looks because you don’t have enough cash or diamonds to buy clothing then this game is for you. It’s also a great game if you are willing to spend a lot of money on it. The events are super fun. There are a ton of options, but it’s easy to run out of resources and it just let me enter a challenge that I can’t access the requirements too. I guess I’m not at a high enough level but it’s completely unclear if that’s really the case. The developers deserve to make money, but it’s a bit too high. It’s nearly $10 just to unlock one selection of headdresses! I don’t like settling on designing the looks, and I’m not willing to consistently spend money on virtual things, so I’m not compatible with this game. If those things don’t bother you, then I do recommend this game. Also, everyone does seem to keep in mind what look you’re designing and if it looks good and fits the challenge, which is nice.
  • Money Sucker

    By gadgetcrazy
    This game is so fun to play but unless you want to spend a ton of money for a virtual model to wear clothes you don’t have many options. I would rather buy real clothes and not one for an app model. Too much money!!!
  • Best Game Ever

    By Aqua marine123
    Covet Fashion is the best game in store❤️❤️❤️Love all the new features that are added regularly💕🌸❤️Love Fashion, love being’s the game for you😍
  • Looking for people

    By qween.trips.a.lot
    Hi looking for house members fashion house TheEvilQueenZ. Anyone new is welcome, looking for people to grow with I don’t care what your closet value is. This is a no judging zone. Just for people that wanna have fun. Not to serious about the game it’s all in fun. So don’t be shy come and join :) I encourage borrowing. I know this game is expensive ;( it’s all about having fun
  • Adding Friends

    By 01JOZ
    Just downloaded this game. Really fun overall, but it’s kind of disappointing that you can only add friends by linking your Facebook account. There is a lot of people that don’t use Facebook, and majority of them use Twitter. It would be nice if there was a Facebook AND Twitter option to link to your profile. Would make the game much more fun! 😃
  • It’s good now

    By gamermommm
    I no longer have any complaints besides the voters. I still think it would be cool if they could get permission to use real names like Khaleesi and Oprah, though.
  • Customer service is awful

    By covetplayer32
    I really do love this game but the customer service is just terrible. It seems they do not pay attention to you unless you are putting real money into the game. If not, and you have a problem, you are essentially ignored. It’s pay to win which is a frustrating aspect. I have been waiting on a response for almost a week and have yet to be helped. Which is why I’m writing this review. Very disappointing 😑