Kode Browser - Fast & Private

Kode Browser - Fast & Private

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2013-05-03
  • Current Version: 3.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 68.96 MB
  • Developer: Mirmay Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 742


Store your files to a private password protected folder. Play your favorite files offline with the in-app media player. - Easily save files to your device Supercharge your browsing experience, Kode works just like your regular browser, but better. You will be able to store files right to your device. Don’t waste your data looking at files over and over, save your files once and keep it in your phone forever. - Store your files in a private, password-protected folder Your privacy is important for us, Kode keeps your files safe in a password protected folder. Control who can see your files by setting up a password. - Touch ID support Don't bother remembering passwords. Kode allows you to use Touch ID to secure your files. - Play your files with the in-app video and music player Kode allows you to play media files without leaving the app with its full-featured media player. Kode is really the app that does it all. - Browse the web at full speed Browse the web privately with our full-featured multi-tab private browsing app. Users preferred us because of our unique browsing features. Download our app today and discover a new way of browsing the internet. USER PERMISSION USAGE Push Notifications (optional): We can request permission to send you notifications when downloads are complete. If you don’t use this feature, permission will not be requested. Camera (optional): We require permission to Camera roll so we can save downloaded photos and videos to your Camera roll. We will also need permission to access your camera to setup your VR headset. Permission will not be requested if these features are not used. Privacy Policy: https://www.mirmay.com/privacy.html



  • I need help

    By Xilliaflamemaster
    Hi for some reason I can’t download any videos anymore it keeps saying “unsupported data format” even though its downloading ads but not the video? This is a site I always download videos on and now it’s not downloading anything.. this is a good app but upset with the fact that I can’t download anything. Help me please?
  • No longer able to download

    By 120tp
    Used to be able to hold your finger on a video and hit download, and it would work, now you do it and all videos say un supported file format or data..... so it’s worthless now
  • 😍

    By 707smokey
    I love this app I can save videos and watch them later no other browser lets you do that
  • Too many ads

    By ;&:!-&;!&/'sbal
    It used to be a good application but now it is full of ads
  • Question

    By rlyconfused
    I had the secure browser app on my old phone and when I got a new one and it got updated this app took its place. It’s showing that I have stuff downloaded on here but when you go to look at it nothing will come up. Any suggestions?
  • Mhm. No

    By BrightonY125
  • 2

    By ali270027
    I use the app for 2 years and it's great but after the new update all the videos that i have downloaded there names have been changed for some numbers i hope the you fix that glitch because this app it was my best app
  • 12点赞赞赞赞赞赞赞赞赞

    By 曼娇黑丝袜
  • Lets be honest

    By dylan rappleyea
    Lets all be honest guys. Why are we really downloading this app😉😉😉
  • Multiple files

    By Pito122
    Does not let you upload multiple photos at once l
  • OK if you never change

    By RussellK
    The previous version, something like. SafeBrowser, had many features this doesn’t – like naming files with their titles instead of filenames (“swimming dog” instead of “jks_17654_720p”), and not losing links to downloaded files. The automatic upgrade seems to have made it impossible for me to access the downloaded files after changing phones, and I had over 500 files averaging 300MB. Now I have 500 useless placeholders, with a supposed capability to reopen the same file online. This does not work in the vast majority of cases. Instead I get a link that looks like it’s supposed to be on my phone, and the page is forbidden. To top it off, the support link goes to a corporate advertising page, which not only has no support but also hasn’t been updated in over two years. I don’t know why Mirmay chose to replace an adequate app with one that is simultaneously useless and unusable.

    By Sickofbs
    I’m not ashamed. I used this app to save adult video clips. I just got an invitation from my EMPLOYERS to connect on this app. They hack you and your personal life. This should be illegal.
  • App stopped working

    By Yo11yo11
    I purchased this app and now it won’t load. The bird hops across the screen and then it freezes. I never get the opportunity to enter my password. Very disappointing.
  • No sound.

    By needsound!!!
    You think a website as successful as pornhub would have a better platform to download its content. What’s the point of watching videos especially of this nature without sound?
  • No go

    By big lil dread
    I don’t like the update it changed all my pics vids disarranged everything in my phone
  • Lost files

    By Lady Amethys
    Can’t access all my downloaded files since they changed their name from secure web browser to Kode. Very frustrating it’s eating up my memory!
  • Password reset

    By MKA22231
    So I always used the fingerprint to open the app and I don’t know what the password was, and now I’m locked out. How do I reset my password?
  • Copyright Issue

    By Dragontale1239 iPhone 4S
    Used to be ok, now I can’t download anything because apparently, even websites that have the download option have copyright and don’t allow you to download.
  • Video player has no sound

    By xxCheckmatexx
    I paid to remove ads, when videos are played in full screen with the built in video player there is no sound
  • Update needed badly.

    By 2016 CRV
    Update needed badly! I have purchased this app, now I have a website that has the scam “your iPhone has viruses warning” on it. The warning has locked the app and is currently unusable. I need a way of closing the page before I open the app. A clear history option. Please make this an option available.
  • Works fairly well.

    By Sleister
    Does mostly as expected. Can’t figure out why some video downloads fail stating “unsupported format”. Otherwise, it works as expected.
  • App used to be better

    By ironman19855
    Used to be able to download a lot of videos. Not after the update they are all not supported by certain formats. Some videos don’t fully download. Some videos don’t download at all after it says it does.
  • Politics-based pop ups just after registration

    By Private Lancer
    If these are from your company get rid of them. Asking me to vote on stuff that is obviously pushing for oppression doesn’t belong here.
  • Good app

    By Pumaking13
    The only thing that is that I can’t download any type of media. Hopefully the next time you guys update your app you can fix this.
  • Not working right

    By Neotimmy
    It won’t let me download anything
  • Great app

    By nickanme cbksjf
    Really great app the only problem I’ve seen is after a large download even smaller ones will take much slower even after canceling or pausing the download time, but other than that great app, ads aren’t really even common unlike other similar apps.
  • Was great

    By jakeeehfsff
    Now all videos I download don’t have audio
  • Doesn’t work like it used to

    By CUTE_justice
    Before all the updates it worked fine. Then the full screen didn’t quite work. Now I can’t play videos on this app. What’s the point?
  • No sirven la primera versión era mejor

    By m4r$o
    No me gusta lo dañaron cada vez q le dan una actualización lo dañan mas ante me dejaba descargar cualquier cosa q le daba y haora no me deja descargar nada solo algunas cosas vuelva a la primera versión esta es una porqueria
  • Still getting unsupported format on many downloads

    By DBZShenron94
    Every time I’ve tried to download something it fails due to “unsupported”, whether it be mp3 or mp4.
  • Private Browser

    By Leon767
    Great app I like it.
  • Unsupported Format

    By Jimmytall
    I keep getting a unsupported format on EVERYTHING I try to download!!
  • 1111

    By 麦克雪
  • 缺少功能

    By Mexxxitt
  • Volume randomly working

    By ilikeoreostoo
    Volume is mostly not working on websites and saved video.
  • Great!!!!

    By Bobby Romance
    I love it!!!
  • epicly epic

    By largerightarm
    yeah ive been downloading stuff works great
  • Was good but....

    By Rayrum60
    This recent addition of a bar advertisement at the bottom that doesn’t go away is quickly making me go back to my safari browser.
  • No fixes

    By Therealgroffy
    All my inculcated knowledge tells me some idiot built this . It never worked before or now.
  • Just needs a skip button.

    By DavidAwood
    Just give us a skip forward button.
  • Air play?

    By A Last Species
    What happened to the air play from the app??
  • Kode Rocks!!

    By jonathandelac38
    It’s fast and convenient.
  • Download fails constantly

    By Ho joon hwang
    Downloading files and videos fail constantly. When files are actually downloaded, they cant be transferred to media with Error Code -1
  • Exciting

    By Mafioza 777
    This app is very useful and the files is private
  • Porn

    By king lil145
    I use it to download porn
  • 5 stars

    By alexCrip-locc7
    The app is great if you don’t mind ads if you donate your money to them yes the ads will go away you just have to go to your settings and turn off adds but other then that everything I use the app for mostly adult entertainment and I love it.
  • Very Cash Money

    By V eve e
    Very Cash
  • Poor transition

    By Lumpysoda
    I currently reside in an area that doesn’t have great internet speed, but I didn’t think another app would make it even more frustrating. Ever since the switch from “Private Browser” to this app, I can barely get a video to load. And if I wanted to play the video in full screen, I might as well take an hour nap in hopes of the video loading. Coupled with already slow internet, the browsing is cripplingly slow and not worth the “privacy” it ensures.
  • No sound

    By jdkeidjdjdjd
    This works fine for awhile but after a few days I loose all sound to my videos I have downloaded. But I can play them fine if I download to my phone. Fix this please