Allowance & Chores Bot

Allowance & Chores Bot

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-04-05
  • Current Version: 2.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 449.64 MB
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
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Allowance & Chores Bot makes it easy to keep track of your family's allowances and chores. With Allowance & Chores Bot, children won't lose or misplace paper money and you won't have to keep track of allowances and chores by hand. If your family has more than one device, Allowance & Chores Bot will automatically keep your whole family’s allowances and chores in sync. Unlike other allowance and chore apps, Allowance & Chores Bot does not require any third-party service or special setup to sync all your family’s devices. With Allowance & Chores Bot you can create a daily, weekly, or monthly allowance for each child. Each chore can be a one time chore, or repeated on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Each chore can be configured so completion is required for the child’s periodic allowance, or the chore can be configured as an extra reward in addition to their allowance. With Allowance & Chores Bot, you can approve or unapprove all allowance and chore payments for up to 30 days. Kids see how much they have saved and when and how much they’ve spent. The Allowance Graph lets your kids watch their allowance savings grow. Kids can see what chores need to be done and check them off when completed. Kids can receive chore reminders without having to open the app. Allowance & Chores Bot gives you everything you need to manage your children’s allowances and chores and teach them about saving money, spending money, and earning money. Features: * Automatic sync between multiple devices - no setup required, just login with the same email and password. * Set up daily, weekly, or monthly allowances. * Choose whether allowances accrue automatically or only after parental approval. * Keep track of how much money children have saved. * Deduct money from a child's account when they spend money. * Easily withhold any number of future allowance payments as punishment. * Supports many international currencies. * Supports several pretend currencies like Points, Smiley Faces, Federation Credits & more. * Assign chores with a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. * Give rewards for good behavior or good grades. * Allowance Graph lets you see a 30 day history of savings, spending, and chore activity. * Receive notifications when each chore is done, and when approvals are waiting. * Receive reminders when you forget to approve an allowance or chore payment. * Photos can be added to each chore to help kids understand what needs to be done. * Pre-readers can have things like chore names, chore descriptions, allowance amounts and savings amounts read to them by the app. * Approve or unapprove allowance and chore payments for up to 30 days. * Optional parental passcode stops kids from making changes without permission. * Optional child passcode allows children to block siblings from having access their account information. * Works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.



  • Awesome 😎

    By mincraft106
    Most amazing
  • Allowance app(bot) :)

    By Joyce0824
    I love this app
  • App’s busted!

    By Uh huh.
    Update: After several hours, the app is working again. Thank you! This is THE method we use to keep track of our children’s chores, money, and spending. We use it DAILY. It worked this morning and has crashed in the last couple hours. Can’t get a message to go through on the developer’s website. Please fix!
  • Data disappeared

    By jcorcoran85
    Doesn’t do me any good to track my kids money if the data disappears. Very disappointing.
  • Great app.

    By Cj2cr
    Pretty awesome for my kids to use.
  • Not loading

    By Lost my contacts...
    I love this app! I use it every day. However, lately it is just not loading. Please fix this so I can continue to use and love the app. Thanks!
  • Won’t load

    By Yellowstonemomma
    Only have had this app for a few days and it now won’t open
  • Working mom’s helper

    By 666Beth
    This app has stopped my kids from fighting and begging for money at stores. They either earned it or they didn’t. 👍🏻
  • I love u guys

    By bestdudenight
    Hi I’m Jackson and I love this app because I like that there is a way to do chores at my house and get a reward for it I think that you did an awesome job making this app and I really enjoy it I hope you have a great day BYE!!!
  • Made my kids excited for chores

    By Smurfjedi
    I’ve been thinking for awhile that needed to look for an app to keep track of my kids allowance without swapping cash back and forth and writing IOU’s. AllowanceBot has been perfect so far. My kids get a visual for what they need to do, and they seem to get things done faster than me nagging at them. It has plenty of options for how often you want chores to repeat and how you want to pay your child. I’m glad that I have less nagging to do now, and the things are actually getting done. It was well worth the couple dollars that I spent on it. I should add, I had a question about approvals and they got back to me within 12 hours. (I wrote them at night.) FYI approvals will come through the next day, even if your child finishes before the end of the day. Great app!
  • Not user friendly

    By rcharytan
    Nice idea. Wished it Worked.
  • Awesome!!

    By musical mommy
    This app has streamlined chores in our house! We have three kids. I can add chores easily, tell it what days they need to do them, and assign chores by child. I can punish (deduct money), or they can spend money and I can record it to show them later where their money went, etc. it’s awesome and really easy to use!
  • I like it but it needs some changes to be great

    By pacergal1978
    I love that my kids have their chores at their fingertips and I get notifications when they do a chore. The notifications for them to do their chores needs major improvements my kids say it alerts them at 3am! So by the time they are supposed to be doing their chores (12 hours later most days) that notification is pointless. I would love to see notifications like they get for their games, multiple a day. I love that I can keep track of their allowance and can add or subtract money easily. The setup is super slow it took me a couple of days to get all their chores entered and you have to do each child separate. I love that you can setup reoccurring chores like everyday or setup rotating chores. I like that I can have a passcode for each kids so they can’t get into each other’s accounts. And I can make only their account show on their devices. Over all I like it. Just waiting for improvements to the notifications
  • Love it

    By Thurston Gordon
    This app has helped my kids be more tidy and my house to be so much cleaner also my kids are getting so much better at their instruments love this app and totally recommend it!!!! 😘😘😘
  • Good Concept

    By Need iPad app soon
    This app seems good so far. I wish the child had a different screen and could only see their items without seeing the parental side.
  • Costly

    By $@""&))
    If you have more than one child you have to pay for each phone. Not worth it.
  • This is a horrible app

    By Erin_Frappchino_lover
    This is the worst app for my children
  • 6 kids and tracking everything from piano to taking the garbage out

    By justleth
    This took some work up front, but it was totally worth it! I built a spreadsheet with days of the week, chores, kids and myself. We looked at what needed to be done and how frequently and then divided the chores up according to age and ability. We also wanted to mix chores up so the same child wasn’t doing the same chore several days in a row. This allowed us the flexibility to select different days and with the quick fill to go in and reuse description for a different child on a different day. It took a few hours, but to me it was totally worth it. Our youngest two are just learning to read, but with the picture feature and the robot voice reading the description, they can figure out what chore they have to do without needing my help. I wish the reward amount stayed persistent with the chore in the quick fill, but that’s only a minor annoyance. So far, we’ve been doing it for a couple weeks and it’s almost an autopilot thing now. The kids are still excited about it. They see the chore money adding up. On payday they get their money or we transfer it to PiggyBot. That would be a nice add for this app—to be able to designate money to go to different purposes—meaning in PiggyBot I can designate a split in the payout, a certain percentage to savings, some to charity, and then play or purchase money. At any rate, I highly recommend the app. It clean, my kids love it (oldest 17 not so much until he sees the others getting paid for tracking) down to my four year old (who has finished his chores every day for 2 weeks).
  • Great Chore and Allowance app

    By Saculea
    Great way to get kids acclimated to doing their chores and saving their money. Fast response from customer support on inquiries. My kids 2nd and 5th grade were hooked on the first day. Under the reward section, would be great if there was an option for kids to submit request for reward and allow parents to approve or not.
  • Not good for multiple kids

    By COFamily5
    Our 3 children have the ability to pickup whatever chores are available. I don’t want to have to enter the same chore 3 times to make it available to them. It might work well for families where each kid has specific chores.
  • Terrible instructions

    By Kayla_schulzz
    I have no idea how my child is supposed to log on without using my passcode, no instructions! We bought the app for her to download onto her phone. So now we’ve spent extra money and she still can’t log on with her passcode...terrible buy another app!
  • It’s okay. Not worth the $3

    By local pro contractor
    Would be better to have global chores to assign
  • Works great

    By Todd gmail user
    I got to keep track of my kids earnings and didn’t have to move a finger. Really easy and I totally suggest this app to other moms and dads.
  • Totally worth it!

    By Jdprock
    This app was well designed and serves its purpose. It motivates my son and has made a huge difference in getting him organized and more involved with his hygiene and keeping his room and the rest of the house nice and neat. Before this he was a very sloppy boy and it was very difficult to get him to brush his teeth and take his showers on a consistent routine. I wasn’t sure if it had certain capabilities and reached out to support. They were very quick to respond and were able to answer all of my questions to great satisfaction. Their customer support is second to none!
  • Love

    By Aqtb2t
    I love that my kids can sync this app with my phone!
  • Best app ever to help my kids

    By gator goal
    This is one of the best apps to no your child does there chores and I can also see how much money my child has or I can see what he or she spend there money. I give my child thirty dollars a month and they can buy what ever they want with there money so I do not have to give them want ever they want #best app ever
  • Broooo sooooo gooooodddd

    By MiguelGerardo
    Is an awesome way to earn money!!!!!! I am nine and I play madden mobile,nba live mobile ,and Fortnite and I can just look at the money and pay them and get in game money.!!!
  • Thank you

    By hellllldjdjdjdjdjdjsufj
    I love this app so I can keep track with my chores and now were all organized
  • Hmmm

    By NicoleT19
    I like the app but think it’s crazy to have to pay for the app on each device. Should be one purchase since the same email address is used for the kids.
  • Love this app...Useful and easy!

    By jkitty_ca
    This is a great app. My kids and I use it everyday to keep track of chores and allowance. I used to forget if I paid them their weekly allowance and I had a hard time tracking if there jobs were done. Not anymore. They know what they need to do everyday and I know exactly how much money they have in their “Mom Bank”. No more having to get cash every week. If they want cash no problem but a lot of the time they just ask me to make purchases for them and then I simply log the expenditure in the app. It’s super easy to assign chores and if it’s one you’ve used before you can grab it from a list of previously used. I love that you can schedule a chore daily, weekly, or monthly and set what day of the week it needs to be done. You can also set one time chores that don’t repeat. And you can set to have allowance paid automatically or with your approval. The graphics are pleasing. And although not the most important thing, I love how the background changes to fit the chores that day. It’s fun! And best thing about this app is the customer service. Every time I’ve had a question or an issue they have responded promptly and happy to help. I wish that weren’t so rare these days. Keep up the great work guys. Watching this app grow with time and keep getting better has been a pleasure. Totally worth the price!
  • I want to love it but...

    By lfm1891
    I started on an android and can’t log into my account on iOS. Same email, tried resetting the password. Uggh
  • Reviewing past activity is terrible

    By Britami
    This app Has a graph which shows what money has been added or down along with notes which is awesome. What’s terrible is that the graph containing the information only goes back a week or so. So if my child asks me to add money after their birthday three weeks ago ... and then they ask again, I can’t check if I already added that money. I love this app except for this - and it renders it useless for me.
  • Very helpful!

    By Landclan
    Very friendly to use, kids love it!
  • This App is Awesome

    By livylu2468
    OMG!!! This app is awesome⬆️!! U get money every Sunday of the week. Create faces of urself for both savings and spendings accounts. Mine r really cute. Or maybe just take a picture from ur photo album!! OR..... TAKE A RLLY CUTE PICTURE FROM I DONT RLLY KNOW!!! Yeah. ANYWAY Both ur savings and spendings account each have money in them (unless u just got the app :p) use ur savings account for more important stuff like a leaking roof. Maybe. Kids don’t RLLY spend money like that.. 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸 $$$$$$$$$$$$$ The only thing that’s a bit creepy is the blue robot that sounds like a Alexia. Just try not to stare at it............ ENJOY THE MONEYZ!!!!
  • Flexible and easy

    By Bwlapp
    I tested quite a few chore apps before coming across this one. I don’t normally write reviews, only do the star rating, but I couldn’t pass over this one. This app is easy to get rolling and has so much flexibility. The UX and development team absolutely nailed it. It’s got all the detail older kids need plus pictures and audio to make it usable for the little ones. Simplicity wrapped around everything you think a chore app needs, plus 10 things you missed but now won’t want to go without.
  • OK

    By Kane KS
    Decent. Somewhat limited functionality. Why is the size of this app so big? It is 445 MB. There doesn’t appear to be much to this app yet it seems pretty big for what it is. Bloated coding?
  • Easy and fun

    By ahahbamka
    So far i love this app. So easy to set up. Next will be how the kiddos like it!
  • Help?

    By Erka1217
    I just downloaded the app, and I don’t understand how the kids are paid and how the kids are able to spend their money. I tried to email the company, but got some sort of server error?
  • Great Concept, Needs some work

    By Crackalacka2690
    So, the app keeps saying lost connection to server and dropping me back to the login screen. I was able to get it to work, but that seemed to happen fairly regularly. Thoughts on functionality to follow here. What is there is very basic. I’m sure the graphics took more time than the app workflow. 1. I’d like to be able to create a pool of chores that can be assigned to or picked up by the child. This seems very basic if you’ve ever worked with any kind of CRM system. It’s a logical way to organize something like this. 2. Chore template that can be utilized over and over rather than starting from scratch every time. The schedule feature wouldn’t work for this in my mind if that’s where you’re gonna go. 3. It’s 2018, fingerprint and facial rec...seems like basics if you’re gonna charge for an app. 4. Ability for child to add chores, with an approval of course 5. Take another look at how you add chores and assign to the child. The UI isn’t easy to follow. At the end of the day, you’ve got a good looking app that doesn’t seem very well thought out beyond the just what’s on the surface. It doesn’t have to be crazy complex, but currently it doesn’t offer enough to make it really worth using long term I don’t think. It will become to cumbersome and we’ll stop using it. Footnote...trues to contact developers and their form on their website errors out. Sweet...
  • Works for us!

    By kurlykerry
    Been using this app for several years now. It works when you work it. Gotta stay on top of it though. I'd like to suggest that the developers give an option that's a little more grown up for the older kids. It's pretty juvenile for my high schoolers but it still works!
  • Overrated

    By Appy Ascanbe
    This app has a clean appearance, but there are some major omissions: No historical review by transactions. I want my kids to see real progress. A cute graphic that does a little dance and makes a noise is way less important than that (over time). No interest option - you can't show kids the advantage of investing over spending by having automatic interest deposits. You can enter a description for a deposit but there does not seem to be a place to read it. I don't understand why this is the #8 app in the finance category. I bought it based on a mention in media and store popularity but now I'm disappointed.
  • Please look at

    By Cwwheels
    You need to have a save spend and charity area that will really help you need to also have a money game on this app because I like being on the app but at the same time I want to play game on this app thank you for looking out my review
  • Great idea, poor execution

    By BrassM0nkey99
    We’ve been using this app for several months. We appreciated the simplicity of the app, just what we needed, not a bunch of stuff we didn’t. It worked fairly well, with the odd glitch here or there until about a month ago. Approvals no longer take effect, which is the main function we use for the app. You tap and tap and tap and nothing happens. If you can’t approve the allowance, what’s the point of the app? Now we’re shopping for a new system to use with our kids. Two stars for concept and for the few months of use we enjoyed. To the developer: I work for a software company. I did all the basic troubleshooting steps and it still doesn’t work. 👎🏼
  • Thank you

    By Vbhas
    I really needed this app thank you a lot
  • Love it

    By Jenni_bunz
    What’s me remember my choice and it makes tour so much funner thank U thank U all ounce bottle
  • Works great, almost...

    By JChandanais
    Everything is going well until the approval process. The chores aspect is working with the kids and I get notified when they’ve finished one. Just wish I could get the approval process to work.
  • It’s okay

    By DisneyNow Isn't Working
    Blah blah blah blah blah
  • Amazing

    By JaredsGirl0
    It frekin lit
  • Not working

    By Pbak
    When it works it’s great! Right now it won’t log me on, for an app I paid for...tried changing password 3 times. Always told password incorrect...