Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2013-07-18
  • Current Version: 6.10.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 98.46 MB
  • Developer: Coffee Meets Bagel, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 91 570


Sick of swiping right? We are, too. That’s why we created Coffee Meets Bagel, a dating app that gets to the heart of meaningful connections. At CMB, we dare you to dig deep. And not just with anyone – with curated matches who spark your heart. READY TO START YOUR CMB JOURNEY? Sign up with CMB to receive curated matches every day at noon. Share the true you and get to know your connections with our in-depth profiles. Then, skip the small talk and start a smooth chat with our icebreakers. Once you’ve found someone who’s piqued your interest, ask them out! And then put down our app. Get to know your match in person. Make a friend. Fall in love. Surprise yourself. As long as you’re sharing the real you, you’re doing great. Meet people who inspire you. Download Coffee Meets Bagel CMB PREMIUM Subscribe to CMB Premium to use exclusive features that help you focus on matches that mean the most. Here’s a few of the features you’ll have access to: Read Receipts: See when your matches have read your messages. Activity Reports: Get insights into your potential matches’ chat activity levels, like how likely they are to send the first message. Bundled Deals: Receive more than $50 worth of in-app items that will help you connect faster. CMB Premium subscription prices vary based on country and length of subscription auto-renewal. Payments are as follows: 1-Month Renewals: $34.99 USD per pay period 3-Month Renewals: $74.99 USD per pay period (equivalent to $24.99 per month) 6-Month Renewals: $119.99 USD per pay period (equivalent to $19.99 per month) Annual Renewals: $179.99 USD per pay period (equivalent to $14.99 per month) Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. To see full Privacy and Terms, visit AS SEEN ON Shark Tank, The Today Show, Nightline, The New York Times, Marie Claire, Time magazine, The New Yorker, Glamour, Washington Post, and more. TESTIMONIALS “No randos like Tinder.” “The best dating app for women!” PRIVACY 1. Permissions to access notifications are strongly suggested. If access is denied, you will not be notified in real time when you have new Matches and messages. 2. Permissions to access location are strongly suggested. If access is denied, we will not be able to Match you with users near you. 3. Permissions to access your Photos are strongly suggested. If access is denied, you will not be able to upload pictures saved in your Photos to your profile.



  • Choose a different app

    By sungeneer
    This is a terrible app. I get a match or two a week on other dating apps. I have matched 3 times on CMB. 2 of the ladies live in a different country. If you want to waste your time use CMB.
  • Horrible interface

    By ajmnana
    Not worth a penny. Not easy to use and need you can only use if you pay an exorbitant amount of money. No easy way to cancel apple charging you. No refunds.
  • Despicable

    By Leisie93
    This app is despicable. They will leech every penny from your wallet with the vaguest temptation that a person will like you back. They never do and you’ll have wasted so much money. I had to leave this app for the sake of my bank account and my sanity. Truly horrendous. Will never give them another cent. I’m sticking with okcupid, where they’re straight forward about payment or lack thereof and don’t prey on you with vicious behavioral psychology tricks.
  • Not a good concept

    By Gillermoo
    I have used other dating apps in the past and this one is the worst. It forces you to log in each day to get “beans” to use them on a selected number of “suggested matches”. I dont know how these matches are picked, or what sending them beans even does. You can get at most 500 beans a day if you log in consistently for a week and sending them to a hot match costs 350 beans. On top of this you can use beans to send them flowers (fake flowers) or to raise your name in the list of their matches. On top of all this the app gives you about 10 matches for free a day, who are usually normal users, while the users you can use beans so attract seem to be calculated by the system as being “higher tier” I say this only because the bean paying matches seem to be more attractive individuals on average. TLDR: app makes you pay to get matches, or be stuck with getting on average one match a week without paying. Has confusing bean based economy .
  • Terrible Technical support.

    By Locked out of love
    CMB locked my account because it could not be verified. They requested that I send a picture of myself holding up three fingers in an email. I did this over 24 hours ago and my account still has not been verified and restored. It’s too bad because there seem to be some good people on this app in comparison to the other dating apps I have been on.
  • Not good anymore

    By Beat Avenger
    This was the best app for a while. Now they’re just desperate for money and it’s the most expensive app, and uses a bogus currency to obscure how expensive it is. Does not work without payment. Just use another app, this one has jumped the shark.
  • Waste of Time

    By fivekan
    Update: now the removed the ability to send a message instead of an empty like and hide the new super-like option behind their paywall. More features taken away yo increase their already abysmal and expensive subscription offering. Tell me again how this isn’t an ugly money-grab? During the first week, they provide a few suggested profiles but the quality and quantity of these suggestions decrease sharply afterwards to the point of only getting one suggested profile a day, and this can’t be because they’re “still growing in many areas” because I live in one of the largest metropolitan areas of the Western Hemisphere. Besides this, and unless one spends a significant amount of money, there’s little else to do in this app. The Discover tab requires purchasing in-app currency and there’s no way to know if anyone will reply or whether the presented profiles are active. All in all, unless one spends a lot of money, there is no point in using this app. The free functionality is so minimal that it’s unlikely to find anyone compatible in any reasonable amount of time. The other daring apps at least make some effort in providing something to do without asking for ridiculous sums of money. I can’t see a reason to use this app after the first week, honestly, especially as more features have been removed and the subscription and in-app currency prices have been raised sharply recently. Plus, let’s not forget that this service had a data breach a few months ago so they aren’t really competent in running their business, either.
  • Thanks

    By Happy to participate
    I haven’t been on this site long but from what I can see, your site attracts nice-looking people.
  • Refer people never gets beans

    By seattledgggg
    I referred 2 of my friends via text. Both of them registered and complete the full profile. But I never got reward beans. I guess you have to refer via Facebook account. This is a bug!
  • Severely limited

    By Jeff 1987
    We’ll see after a couple days, but the set up seems severely limited, even though then UI seems fine. After going through the supposedly curated profiles, I literally thought the app was stuck. Had about zero luck with dating apps. Certainly did not match with anyone in the first run here. So I’m probably just gonna delete this app in the long run
  • Poor customer service

    By Lelsw
    Over a month and still “temporarily locked” out of my account.
  • Intrusive, should definitely sue over violating user privacy

    By Yuyk84736
    I found CMB is very intrusive and do not respect user privacy. They will use a lot of your chat histories and profile information for purposes that you do not know. Please be aware. Terrible and are just going downhill as everybody else said. Users should definitely sue them for violating user privacy!
  • Should be called Confusing

    By Food scientist
    This app is such a mess!! Would I recommend it....NO! It makes no sense. You wait til noon to get 1-3 new previews. Who thought of that Crap? They are worse than Bumble. Then you can't move around in the app with freedom. I will most likely be deleting this app!!!!! I am rating the app a one because there is no selection for a negative one.
  • How does anyone even get matches?

    By Therion656
    First off, never gonna spend money on something that gives me no joy. I already know the whole thing is rigged. For anyone reading this, you get "maybe" 3 hearts per day for free and honestly, don't expect a match for multiple months if you're a guy who's too smart to buy anything on this useless app. This is honestly the biggest waste of time for a dating app.
  • Bring back the undo pass feature

    By Lizzy the Piggy
    They need to bring back the feature for undoing a pass. I mean there is such a small, limited number of bagels a day and people are bound to mindlessly, accidentally press the wrong button. It’s frustrating not being able to go back and a potential match is just wasted
  • No Support

    By Wont allow me to use my name
    I was mistakenly removed from the app and have not received any support. I have asked numerous times for support with zero response.
  • Not good, but better than Tinder.

    By Mr Moondog
    “Your message needs to grab her attention.” Um... What? This is a dating app. I’m trying to find a date or something, not trying to get a job. Why do 99% of girls on this app pretend they’re high, mighty, and gods of the universe? Relax, you’re a girl. I won’t go into the internet just to find a pick up line to get your attention. I know what you’re thinking... “Dummy, it’s because there are other guys that are into her as well.” Whoa, so I have to go into this galactic battle to win her over? We’re human beings. This isn’t the wild jungle, where the lion must kill another male to win the female. I get many likes and manage to talk to every single one of them. I don’t care about pick up lines. Well, maybe it’s because my profile says what my job is which probably maybe draws them. But it still doesn’t change the fact that some of these people on this app are just potential partners, not royalty. Sorry.
  • No thank you

    By SiSi Blac
    Not a good fit for me.
  • A no from me

    By Matty Bizness
    This is by far the worst dating app I’ve used. The concept is cringy. Most people aren’t active. There’s no option to block people, nor is there an easy option to delete your profile. You would think this app was new to the App Store for how much is wrong with it
  • Good community culture

    By sciencegeek94
    I haven’t had any success quite yet after 1 day of use but I can say that the culture of the people on here is genuine and the women looking for men are very serious about finding results and they’re sincere. Gets 4/5 from me. May change depending on if I secure dates or not.
  • Worse ever app, buggy, crash, poor communication

    By royvinda
    Do not download this app. This app is very buggy, crashy, locks account, redowbload doesn’t fix the issues. When you contact support no responses and lazy. Don’t know if they have enough support or app developers to look at the stupid bugs. Don’t waste your time on this app. Please also don’t purchase their premium not worth it Chodu
  • Pointless and convoluted...

    By Garo_Thunder
    Im not even allowed to give 0 stars. I have been using online dating on and off for years... and this has been the most mindless, convoluted, money-grubbing-app that ive ever seen... after 2-3 “freebies”, cmb removes your option to message “matches” and replaces it with an option to pay for a subscription! And the worst part: the subscription literally does NOTHING. It gives you one extra “match” per day... as well as a discount on their mindless currency to “match” with other users who ARENT suggected by cmb. In other words: youre limited entirely by cmbs algorithm, which is non existent, to talk to people. Otherwise its the luck of the draw to get matched with someone you wanna talk to. Otherwise, you gotta wait 24+ hours to talk to 5 potential matches... aka women who have no business being matched with you. Theres no innovation here, no smart-app, no customer service/feedback, and certainly no sense to double-charging their customers and STILL not letting them message anyone. This app runs on their popularity on sharktank and their ability to leech money from people before they get lucky enough to move off the app. Which is how EVERY dating app works... this one just runs on stupidity, which is far too common these days.
  • No longer set apart from the other apps

    By redcape22
    May 5, 2019 They removed their best feature! I had used CMB on and off over the years simultaneously with Tinder and Bumble. In this latest “on” phase, I ended up removing Tinder and Bumble and relied solely on CMB for its outstanding features that truly set it above the other apps. I was set up with 1-4 potential matches every 24 hours that I could “like” or “pass” on. The best feature CMB ever added was the (free) option to send a message along with your like which highly increased my match rates. However in the most recent update they removed this feature and replaced it with a “premium like” that works the same as a Tinder super like but costs money! The message-like was an innovative feature that no other dating app leader had and now CMB is no different from Tinder and Bumble in my eyes. Steer clear!
  • Unauthorized payment

    By screwskout
    I authorized a one time payment for beans last month in April. Dissatisfied with the service I deleted my accounted but my credit card was utilized for an additional payment! I checked under my subscriptions and there was not one for this site. I want my money refunded!! And I will never use this site again.
  • Last one you’ll use

    By sacg18
    I absolutely love this app. I have tried a couple other ones and they were too complicated to use AND they were very overwhelming. The people I have met on here are genuine, kind and exactly what they tell you. I have recommended this app to everyone and will continue to do so. Best dating app ever!
  • Worst app ever!!

    By N1cky079
    I've run into more scammers on this app than any other app I've ever been on. My matches are constantly being flagged for suspicious behavior. Their screening process is bogus and I hope this app goes under because they say one thing but you end up meeting every bum and scammer out there. There's no real screening process either. You have to have a Facebook account to join. Well guess what? Most of the scammers joined Facebook with a bogus profile a few days or months before joining CMB so they can pull their romance scams on unsuspecting women. I hate this app. I would rate a zero but I have to give a rating for my review to be accepted.
  • Best dating app

    By buustar
    It is easy to use and has a cute UI. Best of all, I met my boyfriend during the two month using it, thanks a lot
  • Worst experience and support ever

    By Gagdhfkfhtjrjrjfjrj
    I wish I could negative stars to this app and piece of software, people working here have the worst ever regard for their users and their experience. I mean they do not have a simple decency to even respond to support emails like a month old. I did reach out like million times also created a new ticket and attached the previous email conversation to indicate the lackluster and unprofessional behavior Additionally don’t wanna start to show my experience with the app it is a nightmare you get all crap suggestions nothing happens and if you start to chat with someone they never get any of your messages I patiently waited for more than a month to see what CMB does to even respond forget help I am really going to make sure that I provide the honest review to everyone I know that PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS APP and waste their valuable time Stay away people
  • Waste of Time & Money

    By Tatarsiel
    Please whatever you do, don’t waste your time time and money on this app. I’ve been on here for more than a month. I get my daily matches which vary from 12 to 6 a day. I even pay to skip the line. There’s also no way I’m going to pay for extra beans to unlock matches in discover mode. That’s exactly how they get you to give you all your cash. In the entire time of having this app I’ve only had one match like me back. I’m sure the rest are either “fake” or “old accounts.” I have a good profile, well thought out, good pictures and I live in a heavy populated area. It’s funny because when I saw this app featured on talk shows and “Shark Tank” I was like finally a app that puts the daters first and not their own pockets. But sadly like all the other’s, once they start seeing the green come in, greed and respect for their clients stop. So if you want a app to just take up space on your phone, if you only want to chat with someone once a month, and put in a bunch of time with nothing to show for it, then go for it. This is the app for you. Otherwise don’t waste your time with CMB!
  • Another online dating app scam

    By A22&$ruthere927
    I am not a online dating person. This is the second online dating app I have tried. I only went for this app, because some of my friends recommended I give it a try. The app does well at not being all up in your face about needing to be on it all the time, BUT the algorithm to match you with people you may like is HORRIBLE! It only seems to match you people that you have ZERO interest in, just so you have to go to the discover section and purchase bagels to like the matches you actually are interested in. Seems to be just another dating app scam.
  • Cool chill dating app

    By 👩🏼‍🦲 Nat
    I’ve gotten to meet some decent people on this app so far! This app is definitely different from apps like Tinder,Pof, etc. I like that there is no swiping and that you get your matches everyday at noon. Honestly, so far I’ve ran into way less jerks and men just looking for hook ups on this app. This app doesn’t have that kind of vibe. I don’t like that you have to buy beans to like people in the discover portion of the app. Maybe there can be other ways we can earn beans besides purchasing them and sharing the app. Overall,I like this app and I think it is a well thought out dating app. Great job creators ! Looking forward to updates.
  • Waste of time

    By bolanye
    The worst app ever
  • buggy

    By Jibberer
    very buggy, with message timelines gone haywire, making it impossible to use. nice idea poorly executed
  • Works great.

    By AverageJakesix
    Just really happy overall with my experience. Met a lot of genuine, kind, awesome people, and am thoroughly enjoying connecting!
  • Good concept, lack of people

    By Mike112187
    I like the app itself, and for the most part I wouldn’t suggest much to change (maybe a filter for family plans?), but even living in a major city (Boston) I have ran out of people to “like” and when I do find new people to like, they are almost always Asians. Nothing wrong with that, but I like variety!
  • App repeatedly fails to update earned points.

    By magicmonkeymeat23
    Annoying to say the least.
  • Too slow

    By bagel809
    I can’t start chatting with my bagels or even receive messages on the app cause it’s too slow I don’t know what to do about this I log out and login most of the time but it’s still the same
  • Give Names and I don’t want to pay to take someone

    By Laradoll
    While I love the preferences feature I do feel like not putting the persons name on their dating profiles is annoying because I want to know who I am talking to. I don’t like the buying beans thing just to be interested in a guy!!! I get you guys need money but I want to like someone!!!
  • Full of scammers

    By datingnightmare1
    This “dating” app is full of scammers. They ask you to go to google talk there. I have spoken to four men who claim to be stationed in Africa..Syria or etc..they have all asked me for gift cards asked me to buy prepaid gift cards. It’s money laundering. You should really be more selective on your profiles. Message me if you ladies need names. I have them!
  • Cash grabbing app

    By Y0CKEY
    Has a great interface but wants you to pay for liking people. Noticed a lot of fake profiles as well. Save your money.
  • Your daily serving of disappointment

    By mschultz
    I can’t figure out how this app is rated so highly. Clunky, frustrating interface. Low-quality roster. Poorly thought out functionality. I just don’t get it.
  • The worse app ever.

    By princess555444444444
    All they want is for you to pay. Stay away. Get free apps.
  • Likes

    By Tommithy Brady
    How am I suppose to find the loml with so few likes!?
  • I’m running back to tinder

    By pacific madrone
    I’ve used apps for years — great great way to meet people. I tried CMB maybe five years ago and deleted it but couldn’t remember why. Well, the second time around, I can say it’s the first app that has ever made me feel depressed about dating! They selected an array of mediocre or unattractive ppl for the free section. And same goes for the Discover section, actually. Although scrolling down I saw some interesting people, the app stubbornly ignores my age range setting, and every time I open it, I’m looking at some folks who make me feel like single forever is maybe not a bad idea. And you can’t get rid of them on this app – no X-ing out, no swiping left. I am going to keep it for two or three more days and then delete it again. One upside: I’m definitely not lingering on my phone too long with this app!
  • Good results... Teaches patience 🙂

    By KMLinATL
    Easy to get started. I like that CMB only gives you new bagels once daily so you get sucked into wasting time searching. Needs more, better quality bagels in Atlanta. I think because it is easy to join, there are some obviously fake profiles but those are pretty easy to spot.
  • Ok if you’ve got money to blow

    By Disney Cast Member
    App works great, the premise is good and actually causes you to value matches more than other apps. BUT, they never show you the really good people. They make you “buy” them with beans and those same people never seem to show up on your “feed”
  • Bring back photo lab

    By jackd20420455
    I don't know why they took the photo lab away but I need more beans.
  • Match

    By janejejejsjejdjs
    You finally get a match and the chat expires within minutes of you opening the chat lol . You can’t extend the chat because there is no way to update the app lol as per the feedback you getting then they say your match has unmatched you lol after sending you a message . Finally csr will get back to you in 3 days lol . Weird
  • Customer Service not very helpful

    By Momo977795
    I have contacted the customer service three times and still there is no response. I got locked out of my account and there is no option to get back into my account.