Happy Meal App

Happy Meal App

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-05-01
  • Current Version: 9.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 137.19 MB
  • Developer: McDonald's Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 760


McDonald’s Happy Meal app is jam-packed with games and activities that help kids develop useful new skills. We believe that kids learn best when they engage their imaginations in social play. So, we help them think in innovative ways to feed their curiosity, spark their creativity – and inspire them to create new things that they can be proud of. We update our app whenever new characters visit the Happy Meal – so there’s always something new to look forward to. "Good to know • No in-app purchases • No third-party advertising • Updated regularly with new experiences " SCANNING Scan with the Happy Meal app Kids can now scan the smile on any Happy Meal box to reveal magical Augmented Reality experiences. GAMES & EXPERIENCES With every new Happy Meal, we use a selection of our games and experiences listed below to bring kids' favorite characters to life. Digital Masks Our all-new magical mask experience allows you to transform yourself into visiting characters or play with masks inspired by fruits and veggies. Be an Inventor Kids are encouraged to make experiments and watch their inventions go off with a surprise. By assembling the parts and testing the results, kids put their logic and problem-solving skills to work in a fun and exciting way. Be an Artist Kids join their favorite Happy Meal characters as they learn techniques to help get them thinking like real artists. Drawing and painting with different tools and materials helps them express their creativity. Be a Musician Match the musical patterns to learn brand-new sounds and rhythms along the way. It’s fun to dance to the beat, but it’s even more fun when kids get to compose songs. Be a Hero This is a fun new game that encourages the whole family to play together. By completing mini-challenges, you get to move, turn, and twist the device to direct and guide the game play.



  • Wow

    By F8AL Jolly
    Great app for taking a lil space always saying updating but downloading nothing this app is a joke like McDonald’s is ….
  • It’s alright I guess

    By Todoroni The Firt
    It keeps saying that I need to update the app but there is no update button,I’m pretty sure it’s the app and not my phone but idk,I could be wrong but anyways,if you could please fix this bug that would be great!
  • I can’t update it

    By Melinda817
    Sooo i saw that these people can update their app but I can’t 🥲 h e l p
  • Hmmm?

    By ryansuperstar🤩
    It’s good but why can’t I draw?

    By Awesome122311
    I’m with all the good comets
  • Don’t download

    By acvhjffh
    You might think oh it’s looks so fun until you tried downloading it with the toy Ron Ron gone wrong it doesn’t light up I don’t do things it’s a supposed to do yeah but it doesn’t really like to work so I don’t think you should download it you’re just gonna be let down like I was😔😔
  • A good game

    By ivyfftyjgfli
    This game keeps my child quiet and occupied while I do my work we get McDonald every Friday so we can play on this app but every app has it’s down sides, the game is slow on my child’s tablet, but it’s probably a me problem, although it’s slow it a really good game to drawing silly face filters and music and you can decorate your own happy meal. My child just loves it! There’s puzzles books and a scanner I really suggest you download this game, your child will love it❤️
  • Ron’s Gone Wrong features no longer available?

    By 53cat
    The first day my son got the toy, I downloaded the app and he had lots of fun playing with the Ron’s Gone Wrong features. But ever since, the format of the app seems to have changed and the Ron games are nowhere to be found. What the heck?
  • So boring 😤😤😤

    By I love wolves🐺🐺🐺
    I want to play the games but there’s no button and I can’t play it
  • Boring

    By Haychaye
    It is so boring because they took off the movies thing where you make a face! And I don’t understand how to play it like huh? DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! IHATE iT
  • Needs captions

    By t00dle00
    Hi, this is all very nice if you’re a hearing person, but if you’re deaf or hard of hearing, as are many in my family, this is just flashing lights. Please consider captioning also. Thank you.
  • WiFi

    By FedXNate
    Not everybody has WiFi to play these little games y’all b advertising. My kid wanted to play the little robot toy thing but didn’t have WiFi so he couldn’t play it. He super bummed
  • 100/10

    By nicepersonXddddd
    This is amazing I have the Ron toy and it’s amazing
  • Fun

    By Bikerat1993
    Wish I could use my music with the games. Otherwise super fun.
  • Terrible

    By lola bayuisn
    Keeps saying no WiFi when there’s full bars and keeps glitching terrible app and waste of space I have to say
  • Funny

    By e122627261
    Its funny cause of the baa oink meow
  • Meh

    By what the golf master
    OK so there was this one game in the play app that was really fun you would take a picture of yourself and there was also a picture of a cat and you were going to the moon and also played really nice music please add that game in. That was my favorite thing to do in the Mc play app please add it!!!
  • What happened to the old version???

    By DaBoss(BossHoga)
    So yes I had the version that had the hello kitty toy and it was so fun 🤩 but now we can’t even scan toys what??? So can you add that back because if not then the game will be boring and pointless so ya that’s why I gave this 1 star!!!
  • Just no…..

    By ok hate it
    So where is the scan my toy? Where are the fun stuff? I would not recommend this app on an iPad or iPhone. I recommend it on android or kindle.
  • Ron’s gone wrong not working

    Ron’s gone wrong is not working. Please look into it and fix this issue.
  • Skejdjdk

    By jsjsdjshëkdiid
    Jjdkdkk .$.huh
  • Do not play this game

    By roll tide jack
    I played this game and it sed you need camera it is wathig you!!😲
  • Love it

    By hfhyvb
    I love the idea who had the idea
  • I hate the game a bit

    By D. R. Mahi
    I’m trying to scan the face and it won’t WORK MAKE IT BETTER! >:( LAME!!! I HATE YOU HAPPYMEAL
  • Ron Gone Wrong

    By Ed Prochak (aka Grandpa)
    Okay this amused a 3 year old for about 5 minutes. You require the room to be darkened but your screen is bright white! Very poor visual design. And I would expect a higher level of game play. Disappointed is how I feel about this game, because the concept holds such promise!
  • My review for this game

    By cnbjs
  • Error

    By Hibjn
    My bring toy to life doesn’t work. Doesn’t click
  • What happened to the mcplay app?

    I’m not sure how this game works I thought it was the mcplay app that game was so fun what happened to it?
  • Unstable

    By Racer7-Mike
    Some menus completely broken and others crash too frequently to progress. Where is QA?
  • extraordinary

    By cherry man 🍒
    amazing, beautiful high quality, 10/10 would recommend, pretty great
  • Update

    By nancyamaya
    To update you hold down for 3 seconds on the arrow pointing down
  • Ron’s gone wrong is soooooo good! 👍🏻

    By fgteeeeeewweeeeev
    The Ron’s gone wrong app is so good and so funnnn!!
  • Amazing app

    By amolee09
    This app is amazing for kids it’s appropriate and safe. It’s really fun and I totally recommend
  • Make Ron talk

    By user17353864
    The game is fun but when I try to play with Ron it’s kind of boring because he can’t talk so it would be better if he could talk so if you could update the game to make a ron talk
  • 😭😭😭

    By ella paw
    Game keeps glitching and it does not work it is fun But it’s not really fun to play when it keeps crashing
  • Not a good app

    By fun in the bed
    So I deleted this app and I wanted to get it back until we get it back message that I have to put my Apple ID and I did not know what to do so please I do not want to get my toy and I can’t because of the game so I’ll give you just like a zero out of 10 so yeah I am I’m not gonna do this again because I told my mom to help me but the game did not let me in so sorry😕
  • Yep hello

    By howdy is my name
    I downloaded this app for my son to play Ron’s gone wild… I just gotta say u got my sons hopes up for nothing it keeps saying I need to update it but there is not update button anywhere on the app.. none of the games will work so what the point!!! So plz fix the issue
  • hmm

    By vdhvvfd
    My Ron toy is not working :/
  • That is what she said

    This game is horrible this game is just trash don’t do unload it this trash I love McDonald’s but this game is just a big no no for kids my 3 year old kid asked me to download this app and I said yes and she said it did not work and when she tried the bring your toy to life it does not eavin give you the option to do that I hate is this and just don’t spend your time here on this app I hate it again don’t waist your time and just trust me 😤🤬😤🌧

    By Aleenah11
    So I downloaded this app today and I looked at the pictures and I thought it was fun so I downloaded it and it was even better than I expected I don’t know what else to say that’s just something I wanted to say but I rate this a 5 star
  • ☹️☹️☹️

    By don't Force battle
    I was so happy to get this app but then there were no fun games this app is depressing what happened to fun games and scan a toy I am sad McDonald’s you are evil you lied to so many poor kid including me I am ashamed of you
  • Never mind it bad

    By DarthOfTheDead
    We can see that it needs to update but there’s no way to update it.Its so weird I just wanted to play with my b not;-;
  • Some improvements.

    By TashkayN
    Please I am not being mean but this game is so not good from all the buffering and waiting plus I got, the bring the toy to life And when I installed the happy meal app it was not awesome so please need some improvements.
  • Hi the it jj

    By ig CB oh fj
    I love this app
  • Where is be a hero and be a musician

    By mario & kirby fan
    I haven't played this game since 2017 and the most notable change is WHERE'S BE A HERO AND BE A MUSICIAN?! McDonald's i had happy meals for years (if you're reading this) So please fix this😞
  • Absolutely a waste of space and data!

    By Flowers01
    Games are not that kid friendly or intuitive! Interaction with the happy meal toys are really low quality or entertaining. Too many shameless plugs for apple slices! Enough Ronald, we all know your not trying to sell slimy apple slices! Don’t bother with this app!
  • Doesn’t even work

    By hazmatt81
    Game doesn’t even load up. Just sits tossing vegetables in the air.

    By Alexa😜😜
    First when I i play it has only six games so they say there’s more but there’s not so then I can do only a few things and I hate that I tried everything but it won’t give me more games😡😡😡😡😡😡 fix now pls
  • Not the best…

    By dollyserr
    The reason why it’s not that good is because when I try to scan the McDonald’s toy it says it needs to update. But when I try to update it there would be not update! The app is very laggy which affected a bit of my device. Overall the drawing/art is not that bad it’s pretty cool. Thank you for reading this!