Spendee Budget & Money Tracker

Spendee Budget & Money Tracker

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-07-15
  • Current Version: 3.12.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 61.43 MB
  • Developer: Cleevio s.r.o.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 967


Understand your finances better with Spendee, the FREE budgeting app that tracks your spending, optimizes your budget and helps you save money. Spendee will help you track your money (both expenses and income) automatically through bank sync or manually so that you can analyze, organize and budget them for the future. You can invite others to manage your shared family or household budgets. With Spendee you can take control of your money in multiple currencies and across multiple bank accounts. Tracking and managing your personal finances has never been easier. Now you can connect your Spendee account with your online banking, E-Wallet (e.g. PayPal) or crypto-wallet (e.g.Coinbase). All your imported transactions will be downloaded and categorized automatically. Features • All your money in one place. Synchronise securely your bank accounts so that all your incomes and expenses are added and categorized automatically. Save time on what is really important. • Add your cash expenses manually in only 7 seconds • Easily track where all your money goes at the end of the month, the simple solution to bill tracking, never forget to pay for gas, water, loan etc. • Save money by sticking to your budgets. Adding budget goals is quick and easy, as well as adding your spending & savings • Create a budget for every category (e.g. Christmas gifts) or have one overall budget • Manage your finances with an unlimited number of people. Create shared wallets with your friends and family • Comprehensive household budget planner & manager • Simple infographics make it easy to see your incomes and expenses at a glance • Create shared tracking accounts with your friends and family • Works with multiple currencies, making it perfect for travelling or vacations • Custom wallets for special occasions such as Christmas holidays, anniversaries, wedding, car purchases, etc. • Secure data synchronization to keep your details private, confidential and safe Spendee is an excellent and beautiful money tracker for budget planning and money management, plus Spendee is for everyone! It's a great household budget planner for the whole family to control income and expenses. It's a useful spending and savings tracker for students and adults, saving you money and preparing your finances for the future! Best of all, the more you use Spendee, the more valuable it gets, by rewarding you with attractive charts that show you where your money is going and how your costs are matching up with your income. Sync your bank account with Spendee and start tracking your savings today. Spendee really makes managing personal finances as easy as possible! Downloaded by over 800,000 people, it’s the best solution to get your income and expenses under control. Download Spendee now, see how easy it is to stay in charge of your money and plan for the future. “Analyze your income and spending through gorgeous infographics and bring beauty to your finance.” - App Store "Spendee Tracks Your Expenses with a Gorgeous, Frictionless Interface." - Lifehacker Visit: www.spendee.com Follow us on facebook.com/spendeeapp and twitter.com/spendeeapp Email us at hello@spendee.com Spendee is free to download and use. Spendee Plus upgrades your experience and gives you the ability to create multiple wallets and invite your family members and friends and share your wallets with them for $1.99/month or $14.99/year through an auto-renewing subscription. Spendee Premium for $2.99/month or $22.99/year also allows you to synchronize Spendee with your bank accounts. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: http://www.spendee.com/support



  • Last update error

    By ssssfffrr
    Please fix Date error expenses input Occurred at last update
  • No Chime support

    By Lbrew81
    How hard is it to add chime?
  • Conecting Bank Account Doesn’t Work

    By Flyin' J
    Paid for the premium only to not be able to connect my bank account to transfer transactions. Would like assistance or follow up to make this happen.
  • My bank is not supported. Customer service very slow to respond!

    By 808Vicki
    I thought that I found the money management app that I was looking for... NOT! My bank is not supported, nor any other banks in Hawaii??? I emailed customer service over and weekend. It is now Tuesday with no response??? This is disturbing that there is no response from customer service??? And these people manage your money??? I don’t think so!
  • Great app that has the potential to be the BEST

    By 123456789name
    It seems like the app is just getting its start with bugs being fixed very frequently. Like the app having trouble connecting with any bank. The foundation of the app is one of the best I have found in expenses tracking and budgeting. The online platform currently gives you and overall view of everything. The online portion is being built so you can go into greater detail with the app it’s self but it’s not available to the public yet. If your looking for a place to have accountability this is the best app out there by far. Notes for developers: Could users have a place to recommend improvements or ideas for future updates? It would also be great to have one budget that can be broken down in different periods like “this is how much I can spend each month but I have an allotted amount for the year so if I’m under or over for a month it shows in the yearly budget”. Thanks. Love the app.
  • Great price but comes short

    By Graphidz
    The app itself has very nice UI and works pretty well. For the relatively low price which also includes desktop sync, it's very good. However, this program has too many missing functions. Search function is literally useless. Doesn't state any dates for the searched transactions. Heck doesn't even sort by dates Another good thing is that you can import from other apps by using excel files. And you'd have the option to choose what info to import which is a great idea. However it's really weird how you can only export from the mobile and not on the desktop. Makes absolutely ko sense. Another thing that doesn't make sense is that you can't import transactions happening between different wallets. In the future, I hope they implement subcategories and also the ability to import (and export) transactions between wallets. Also make adding transaction much easier. Instead of going into each wallet to set the transaction, make the transaction one screen and then choose which wallet to choose.
  • Paid the 2.99 and got an error msg....!!!

    By Rockstar Becca
    So I committed to the 2.99 a month and then immediately when I go to add my bank account I get a 404 oops! Error message!!! Please fix this ASAP!!! Don’t charge people for an app that doesn’t do the simple things that it’s supposed to....
  • Encantada 🤩

    By focus459iC
    Me encantaaaaaa!!!
  • Where are functional updates?

    By A:A:A
    Hi Your app is amazing. I have requested many functional updates but it’s been so long that your updates are just Marketting plans. Even those plans do not need any application update unless you design it in that way.
  • Best app ever

    By Victor Urdaneta
    No clue the best app ever, I’m a real costumer and this app have taught me so much about saving my money
  • App Crashing

    By Sun945838
    Ever since I updated it in December, it keeps getting an error when loading the app.
  • Best App

    By JCPimbee
    I started using Spendee app a few months ago and love it. I like that I have the flexibility to input every transaction by myself as it helps me keep better control of my budget. Upgrading is worth it to have the extra wallets. Ever since I started using it I have been more cautious when I need to and always aware of how I am spending my money. I personally don’t want the integration with bank accounts because this way I can know exactly how I am doing and input all transactions in a fast and convenient way.
  • Lots of bugs. Does not work.

    By chiwowwa
    Lots of bugs. Disappointing. Refunded my subscription.
  • Spendee fan but needs iPad app.

    By raullara
    Quite simple. I love Spendee, I’ve been using it for almost two years and my personal finance is in great shape. BUT... Spendee really needs a native iPad app to be amazing, which could help to integrate more data analytics.
  • Doesnt really work

    By DallasMocha
    Really wanted to like this app • but it doesn’t really seem to work and it not user friendly. If the wallets doubled as a check registry it@d be a great app.
  • Please make the integration with Shortcuts possible

    By waleksandra
    I’ve been using Spendee for months now and I really rely on it. However, I recently switched from Abdroid to iOS and I really miss all the possibilities to customize the widget... Since iOS widget makes adding my small and frequent expenses really slow, I believe that integration with Shortcuts app would make things a lot easier.
  • Helpful and handy

    By Ebram2535
    This app. Is very helpful and easy to use. I chose it between many other apps. And I'm satisfied. G.G.
  • Updated and it won’t work

    By xcubby
    Updated the app just a couple days ago and it won’t open, please fix
  • APP crashes, won’t work

    By cleonc7
    I’ve been trying to use the app for days but everytime I open it and try to log in, it boots me out with a black screen. I am very frustrated since I hace all my spending history there and can’t access it or add new expenses. Please help!!!!!
  • the app doesn’t work without internet

    By Josh Whedon
    the app won’t allow you to record your expenses unless you also give it your email and unless you give it internet access so that the developers of the app can also see and know what you spend your money on.
  • Persistent recurring expense bug

    By Insun Chong
    Like many of the other stated, there’s a bug with recurring expenses. For example, if you set a rent expense on the first of every month... the app will sometimes randomly move it to the second day of the month or the last day of the previous month. This ruins the entire budgeting for multiple months at a time. I would be understanding if this was a one time bug, but it’s persisted over multiple versions.
  • I will be updating my stars as long....

    By SteveBurneo
    Edit: 11/29.... no update yet , no budget for multiple accounts or wallets , Android gets a preference here .... when guys ? When? Hello Spendee, i come from several years using YNAB, they stopped updating the original app and I got tired so I’m looking for new possibilities . I live in Ecuador so having an app that connects to the bank should be perfect, but.... 1. Transactions in credit cards have different problems, in one of the cards Spendee would only read complete statements not daily transactions, in other card payments will be read as spending , so useless that far. 2. Trying to overcome credit card transactions problems I tried to create a new wallet with a negative initial balance , not possible , I needed this to justify a transfer from a checking account to that credit card. So what I needed to to I add previous transactions so the payment would clear the account 3. When I make a payment to my credit card , Spendee classifies that transaction as a bank fee, creating caos in the total numbers , I would have to wait until the credit card daily transactions updates and then I would have to manually change the transaction to transfer . 4. I recategorized transactions from a checking account and when I updated again all my work went to trash , Spendee categorized everything back as it would have its own brain . If I use a category for a transaction I want it to suggest the same category if I use the same name of payees (may be a list of payees) 5. Since there’s a lot of transactions I wanted to work in my iPad to have a better view of everything , now I realize you don’t have an IPad version of the app. And it’s just a magnified version of the iPhone app. 6. I’m used to have only one budget , I see in your webpage you have a new version that does that , but I’m an apple user so no new version for me , only android users . 7. I like big screens to work in budgets and reports monthly , please add budget functionality to web version too I convinced a couple of friends to start using your app to evaluate since we all come from ynab and our complains are the same . I’m willing to keep using the app, and I’m also willing to help you guys to make it better for Ecuadorians so count with me if you need help , I will update my stars as long as I get a response and you make it better .
  • Loses transactions in shared wallet

    By i_am_not_steve
    I use a shared wallet and there are always some transactions missing. One person ads the transaction and the other one doesn’t see it. And it happens randomly. The only thing the the support team suggested to resolve this problem is to reinstall the app. This does indeed help but it’s a bit frustrating to reinstall the app once or twice every month. Apart from this the app is great and I really like the user interface.
  • Where is the decimal on the number pad?

    By Dantheman580
    Where is the decimal on the number pad? I see a “comma” but no decimal on the number pad. So if I need to enter 1.23, I have to type in 1,23. Is this a bug?
  • My bank is not an option

    By Samilapage
    The app works well but my bank, which is First American Bank, is not available to connect to and login to. Can you guys please update this?
  • We need iPad version & Apple watch

    By khalidasa
    Please can you do it ?!
  • Can’t connect a single account without paying fee

    By Heylo232
    This app may be ok for those who want to manually enter each and every transaction, but if you want to connect an account and sync your finances, they charge you over 20 bucks a year. Good UI otherwise.
  • Decent but the useful features don’t work

    By Pen is my sword
    I have been using Spendee for years. I enter each transaction by hand and I’m fine with that method and not connecting my bank account. My issue comes with the recurring payments that keep shifting dates. I like to double check and review all my transactions from time to time and compare them with receipts I have, but then I have to remind myself to change all the dates for my recurring bills as well. It’s highly obnoxious as I don’t have a clear idea of my monthly spending until I have done so. I was going to switch to the ‘every 4 weeks’ setting, but I know that will still cause my dates to be wrong. Please work on fixing this as many people would like to use that functionality for monthly payments (something virtually every person has).
  • Good

    By willy bloodrunner
    For the beginning very nice software
  • Great app (Free version). But...

    By guillepozzi
    It's a great app to have for free... But i bought the forever package because i wanted to sync my bank accounts and they don't appear so it was all for nothing (im in the US and it's a pretty known bank in my state). The worst, they don't even care and don't respond. Worst customer service ever.
  • Update on 11/2 erased my transactions

    By Angelreagan
    The update that was made today for a month of Spendee premium deleted MANY of my transactions. Now my balance is all messed up and I don’t even know where to start fixing it. The error goes back to June... also the date shifting error has been a problem since May 2018 and still not working...
  • Where are the features I paid for?

    By Heather4725
    I really want to use this app, and I even paid for the premium subscription. It shows up in my App Store as a purchase I’ve been charged for, but it is not listed under subscriptions, and I have no access to any premium features within the app. Please let me know what you’ve chosen to do with my money.
  • Premium account doesn’t work

    By upsetatspendee
    I am really frustrated by my experience with this app. I purchased a premium subscription and have been charged for it however none of the features work. I’ve reached out to the company via email twice and have received no response and couldn’t be more disappointed. I’ve essentially been scammed out of $40. I was really excited because it seemed like this app would offer a lot of features I needed for my tracking.
  • Overall Great but room for improvement

    By Frank1ezz
    Overall this is definitely my favorite money manager that I have found thus far. I had Spendee in the past but stoped using it as I didn’t want to dish out the money for premium and those are the features that really make the app useful. I finally decided to jump in and buy a subscription since it seemed that Spendee had all the features I wanted and it did have all the features I wanted. Pros: - The greatest feature by far which puts Spendee above everyone else (at least for me) is that you can create your budget on a bi-weekly basis (or whatever schedule you’d like). If you’re like me, you get paid bi-weekly and certain expenses you’d like to keep track of with each pay check and others are on a monthly schedule like rent, utilities, etc. but every other app or site makes you use either a monthly or weekly budget. One size doesn’t fit all and spendee gets that. You can even create different budgets that have different cycles so you never have to conform to having your whole budget be on a weekly or monthly cycle. - The categories are nice and the fact that you could assign a budget to fall under multiple categories is nice. - The user interface, at least for me, was pretty intuitive, and I think it is definitely the most pleasing to look at in relation to all the other apps out there. - The transfers feature is great in that I don’t have to create two transactions for different wallets when my money moves around. Cons: - The transfers feature is definitely a pro, but also lacks in that transfers can’t be categorized, which means that transfers won’t show up in any budgets for any wallet. If Spendee could make this happen it would be that much better. - For some reason when I opened the app there were 300+ categories, most of them being duplicates. Which made setup take that much longer because I had to go in and delete all the duplicate categories and then adjust the categories to my liking. - The app is rather useless as a budgeting tool useless you pay for plus/premium. You can only create one budget which doesn’t help at all. They have a free trail so you can test it but you have to dish out some money here after that free trail ends or the app is pointless in my opinion. - My biggest gripe with Spendee is that they doesn’t support Wells Fargo for bank syncing. Which absolutely baffles me considering it’s one of the top 10 most used banks in America. It is the only reason I didn’t give the app 5 stars. The other cons I can look over, but this one is a whole different beast. So for now I guess I keep on manually entering my transactions as Spendee continues to take my subscription money. Overall the app is exactly what I need. Unless you are a Wells Fargo member, then the app has everything you could ask for in a money management app (if you pay for plus/premium).
  • Siri Shortcuts please!

    By Tomi García
    It would be very useful.
  • App is fine but needs some work.

    By apenodA
    That app is one of the smoother ones out there, but the widget provided is useless - it does not update like it’s lost its connection to the app.
  • Love this app!

    By NYinLanka
    So user-friendly! Has made keeping track of my expenses a pleasure. Two suggestions: 1) automatic pop up of recurring expenses names I might type in so I don’t have to type the whole thing every time ie: class, wine, etc. 2) I live where my expenses are entered in rupees but can I see everything converted as dollars (the currency I am most comfortable in)
  • Love the app!

    By Xhsh12345
    Love the idea of sharing wallets and having different wallets! Also love Hashtags! Although one minor suggestion - can we have hashtags on total spending (sum of all wallets) as well? Noticed that only each wallet has separate hashtags. Overall great and user friendly! Love the UI!
  • Limited Bank Synchronization

    By RickP3
    I’ve been looking for a finance app more streamlined and user friendly than Mint. This app seems to have the right idea and I was pretty excited to try it out until I realized it would not synchronize with half my financial institutions.
  • Very shady

    By hfnsktnfmd
    You can not delete you me entire account once you have signed up. They even say you can do it on the web app but that is a lie. Be careful, I’m sure they are selling your data to fraudsters.
  • Wrong numbers

    By brenttheys
    This application does NOT give me a correct view of my expenses. The numbers do not add up...
  • Buena app

    By El verdugo 132
    Muy buena aplicación. La mejor hasta ahora.
  • Wells Fargo?

    By Dmcandelaria
    Would be great except it doesn’t have Wells Fargo so I can’t use it.
  • Te obligan a pagar!

    By JosueWest
    Si no pagas la app se convierte inútil, no la recomiendo!
  • Buggy

    By shawnmaten
    It’s just too buggy, especially with scheduled and recurring transactions. It consistently adds a day to the date of recurring transactions. It’s not correctly including scheduled transactions into the budgets and overview. It’s also calculating more occurrences of one of my scheduled transactions towards a budget than will actually occur within the budget timeline, and the transaction list for that budget is incorrect as well. I would really like it if it worked as intended.
  • Account Connection is a joke

    By SpartanTwoFour
    I just downloaded this app thinking I would try something else, especially after all the decent reviews. Attempted to do account connections, but the instructions are extremely vague on what it is asking for to verify. Obviously you have to enter your bank login info, then to verify it gives you 3 choices: 1. Open the app to verify it is you and receive a number 2. Type in a new number 3. Type in a new number?!?! So for instance, I tried to add Capital One. Opened the app as it says to do, nothing!!! No security number to enter, just nothing!! So what number am I supposed to enter then?
  • It’s a great app BUT

    By Tiana552919
    Really user friendly, very nice design and features BUT there is no way to put aside a savings expense (on the free version) without having it deduct from your balance. When I review my expenses, it looks overstated because I’ve had to enter savings as a normal expense. It’s hard to judge my spending due to this :/
  • Changes entries

    By Al-Svedish
    Horrible app! Spent a month tracking my expenses only to discover the app kept changing the amounts and changing currencies on its own! Wasted a whole month of inputting. Wish I used an excel spreadsheet would have been better.
  • Excellent!

    By EvoMkt
    The best way to keep track of your money! $$$