Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2013-07-08
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 37.58 MB
  • Developer: Component Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 546


Call Recorder is the easiest way to record your iPhone's incoming and outgoing calls! Features include: - Record your incoming calls - Record your outgoing calls - Download and share recordings via Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox - Playback controls to skip forward or backward - Rate adjustment to change the playback speed Steps for recording an incoming (existing) call: 1) Open Call Recorder 2) Go to the Record screen and tap the Record button 3) Your existing call is put on hold and your phone will dial our recording number 4) Once connected to our recording number, tap the Merge button on your screen to create a 3-way call between your existing call and our recording line Steps for recording an outgoing call: 1) Open Call Recorder 2) Go to the Record screen and tap the Record button 3) Your phone will dial our recording number 4) Once connected to our recording number, tap the Add call button on your screen to call your desired contact. 5) Tap the Merge button to create a 3-way call between your existing call and our recording line The free version will record the full length of your calls, however, in order to listen past the first 60 seconds the Pro In App Upgrade is required. Please note that 3-way calling is a required phone feature for Call Recorder to work properly. Cellular carriers known to NOT support 3-way calling are: H2O Wireless, Virgin Mobile



  • Love it!

    By GLL$
    Am happy to have it there on my phone whenever I need it.
  • Kokmjj

    By kokmjj
    Always reliable.!
  • Call Recorder Rocks!!!

    By 3kental
    Call Recorder is simple to use and perfect for the job!
  • Nailed it!

    By Bear2618
    While you only have the first minute to use on the “free” part of the app, you can tell if the important part of the call will be captured quickly. If not and it comes later, pay the extra, it would be worth it. Seems like a solid app. Full disclosure! ...I’ve not yet used this app many times yet and I’m a beginner with it.
  • Mohamed

    By a0661148636
    Mohamed el
  • from Guam,USA

    By Tavioka
    what if i am from Guam? would it charge me anything on every recording?
  • I love it 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽very nice

    By 23 big time
  • Indispensable

    By JRatthepiano
    Makes phone interviews a snap.
  • Great app!

    By habanero Patty
    Are use this for recording interviews all the time and it has yet to disappoint me.
  • 902473455

    By 97354573535633
    This is good
  • Disappointed

    By veronicawht
    I buy the app, it’s for iPhones I have a IPhone. It doesn’t tell me that everyone I send it to have to have a IPhone. Unfortunately none of my friends have IPhones. Waste of my money.
  • Best

    By h0tdamndavid
    The best free call recording app for ios12
  • Myphonesucksnametalenlj

    By mynamealreadytakenHowlj
    Great app
  • Owner

    By Buck General Construction LLC
    First time using it so far so good
  • Best Call Recorder for IPhone

    By LVPDoc
    iPhones don’t allow you to normally record your calls. I attend lectures via phone, this app is a life saver.
  • Call Recorder

    By PattiQue04
    Call recorder is a great way to record conversations! You do not need to have a separate piece of equipment to record important and necessary conversations!
  • First user

    By Dabafour
    I am a first time user and hope I enjoy it.
  • The BEST Free Call Record App!

    By Lazio1982
    The best free Call Record App! Works wonders with any & every relationship. When in an argument over what someone says they did or did not say an hour ago, this app works perfectly! And very easy to use so it’s great for me. Doesn’t make any sound while needing to record asap if a call comes in. You just call and merge quickly.
  • Easy to use

    By Unicorn Pie
    Easy to use. Just tell your caller to hold on a second and merge in call recorder as a 3-way call. Or you can call the call recorder number first then place an outbound call to a person and merge the two calls to record.
  • Always works. Never a problem.

    By Christian Ophus
    It’s amazing how valuable something can be when it actually does what it promises without glitches, delays, locking up, etc. Thank you for creating an app that does what it promises to do. Love it. Period.
  • Does not work

    By katfromfl
    Not worth $10, I asked for a refund minutes after downloading and they refuse. I will never purchase their products again.
  • Best App ever!

    By Lyra Louise
    Easy to use for creating and storing memories!
  • Kind of scammy

    By Allissa Schimdt
    The app itself works well but you have to buy the premium app to be able to listen to more than 60 seconds of your recording. And you wouldn’t know that unless you read all of the fine print.
  • Great!

    By billinchina
    I’m able to record off the phone and use the sound in network radio reports.
  • Waste of time and money

    By OFC. King
    I downloaded this app and put money on it and it doesn’t even work. When you merge the call the app ends the recording. When you try to remerge the call recorder it ends the call again so you end up with ridiculous 3 second recordings. The app will fail you every time! Do not rely on this app! I do not recommend it for anyone needing to record anything ever.
  • Liar is not free

    By trucker20132013
    It’s not free app , so you can record just 1 min, so they push you to upgrade to get full service..
  • Just cause

    By tspacLl
    Thumps Up
  • Iran

    By naderiii
  • Amazing

    By Fazisi55
    So handy and so easy to use. I make guided meditations for my clients on the phone and I’m able to save it and send it to their phone right away so that they can practice. Works great-I have never had a problem with this app. I give it my highest recommendation.
  • Great and official

    By ndhrheur
  • Murfanator56

    By murphanator56
  • SCC Computers

    By EngMANIK
  • Looks like it works

    By moey joe
    Looks like it works
  • Rate

    By tvsgkiuv
    Great product,easy to integrate
  • Jerkeeze

    By Jeekeeze
    Nice program!
  • Long lead time but works

    By Katyclo
    I bought the premium version because the free version doesn’t give you access to your entire recording. There’s a very very long lead time between placing the call and merging the call before it finally connects. That’s disconcerting when I’m placing and recording a professional call Once connected, however, the app works great. I recorded a 1 hour phone call with no gaps or misses in the recording and it’s nice and clear.
  • Worked for a while

    By Yota1377
    Paid for the App. A couple years ago, and have only experienced a glitch here and there. But since the beginning of 2019 the app no longer works correctly. I’ve seen there some sort of problem with Verizon service & the app not connecting properly (or something like that) but its extremely frustrating when you rely on a recording to prove conversation for court purposes. Not happy with it lately & no update as to when this problem will be resolved.
  • Yes

    By dede58e
  • Very good

    By gzrerk
    Just the waiting for the merge takes ahwhile other then that it’s been good
  • Absolutely love it

    By illtryme2
    Can’t get better than this! Free too
  • Simple and effective

    By Hajshajsjsjsjsjs
    Got this after lot of researching.Very easy app and just a heads up , you get 5 hour of recording for $9. So far no problems at all.
  • Easy to Use, Efficient

    By FreddySetGo
    It’s a great tool to have to record calls and then later share.
  • Bernard

    By Antman1973
    The trucking industry is like any other industry in which millions of dollars flow thru it on a daily basis. Very nasty. The call recorder app has helped me on several occasions prove that someone was lying. I believe everyone should have it. Like it or not dishonesty is a major part of our culture and most Americans use it daily. You gotta protect yourself.
  • Not Free

    By Fashion_Lover88
  • Excellent App

    By A. Buford
    This app is simple to use and works exactly as advertised.
  • Call Recorder will hold your recording for ransom!

    By JulieC75248
    Don’t download Call Recorder unless you’re willing to fork over $9.99 for “premium” to listen to your recording. I don’t have a problem paying $9.99, if I feel it will be worth it for me. What I have a problem is the lack of transparency. Rather than listing the price on the App Store up front, I downloaded this “free” app and recorded one phone call. When I went to retrieve my recording, I was only allowed to listen to 60 seconds before the app stopped, saying I could access the rest of the recording for $9.99, basically holding the recording I made in good faith for a ransom. Like I said before, I have no problem paying for an app if I find the cost to justify the value to me. But nowhere did it say in the description what that cost would be, thereby allowing me to shop around for the best product at the right price point for me.
  • Awesome

    By Love Story and Wine
  • There should be an easier way

    By BlueKnightgarcia
    I don’t like how you have to merge the call you should just have to click a button on automatically start recording.
  • Like

    By Dubz103