iConnectHue for Philips Hue

iConnectHue for Philips Hue

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2013-04-29
  • Current Version: 3.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 34.89 MB
  • Developer: Crossfire Designs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 459


iConnectHue will bring out the best of your Philips Hue lights! Organize your Hue Lamps: Assemble groups for rooms, areas or special purposes. Light up your party, dinner or bedroom in your favorite colors and moods with easy to use drag & drop-functions! Want to go to bed? Just start up the integrated sleep timer and close your eyes. Intelligent timers only act when you need them. Have you got a Hue Tap, Dimmer, Friends of Hue switch or Motion Sensor and want more flexibility? Colors, scenes, sleep timers, reminders, brightness, blinking, on/off and even color animations (optional)! The motion sensor can either turn off or return to the last state of inactivity. Philips has made it "app of the month" 3 times: iConnectHue was made to be powerful, but still solves complex tasks with ease. This all comes in a nice clean package. It's possibly the only app you will need for your Philips Hue Lights! THIS IS is the iPhone version! "iConnectHue HD" for the iPad has even better usability thanks to the larger iPad screen. Get more information about all the fantastic possibilities on https://iconnecthue.com PLEASE NOTE: If you have any issues, please contact our support instead of giving a negative rating. Our team will try hard to solve any problem that you may encounter. Why iConnectHue? • Full feature set - control almost every aspect of your hues - and constant updates • Family focus: Scene sharing, family geofencing (first one turns on the light, last one off - optional), group hiding (animation sharing requires same iCloud account) • Everything non-music related happens on your bridge - your iPhone can stay off! • Upload color animations to your bridge. No more empty batteries, everybody w/ iConnectHue can stop them! • Create beautiful Magic Scenes, color your home - they work in every group and are super easy to create • Drag & drop colors from one light to another • Multiply the possibilities of your Hue Tap, Dimmer and Motion Sensor! More flexibility than any other app on the market (details: https://iconnecthue.com/features) • Create the iOS widget you want! Add scenes, switches, sleep timers, reminders, light states and dimmers, motion sensor temperature and more • Access your lights and timers when not at home • Powerful timers: Start them by time and day, by condition (group on/off or presence - with optional Automation), use colors & scenes, use random offsets, at sunrise or sunset time • Instant timers: Darken lights when you go to bed, let your lights remind you (blink), transition to scenes • Include your Living Colors / Living whites and 3rd party lights into your Hue system - iConnectHue can find most of them via Touchlink! • Find new lights & devices, add lights from other bridges, update your firmware • Integrated tutorials and FAQ make it easy to understand the usage and to solve problems • Supports every Philips Hue hardware and most if not all 3rd party lights To allow further development, additional modules are available via in-app-purchase: • Automation turns off lights when the first arrives and the last left, plus individually by user • Animation Upgrade for unlimited animations, upload to switches, use them on your Apple Watch, widget & timers • Discotainment - sync your lights to music with Hue Entertainment and make your home a Disco • REAL multi bridge support - control multiple bridges with just one app, without switching between them • With Watch Plus you can give voice commands (also old bridge), control your groups, adjust their brightness and load their scenes, start sleep timers • Additional animation and Magic Scene packages • All in-app-purchases shared w/ iPad version, if same iTunes and iCloud account used It's less than a single Hue light. App development costs time and money - have a look what app development means: https://iconnecthue.com/app-costs It can do much more than Philips' app: https://iconnecthue.com/features/#comparison Terms: https://iconnecthue.com/terms/eula_en.pdf



  • I want to love this app, but I can’t

    By Pincomark
    Why is something so simple so complicated. The new remote access feature just doesn’t work. It doesn’t like it when I am home, and likes it even less when I am away.
  • Still the best!

    By janiemac13
    This and the Due app (for reminders) are still the best money I ever spent in the App Store. I’ve tried a bunch of Hue apps since slowly going all-Hue over the last 4 years, and have also checked out Philips’ allegedly improved app(s), and iConnectHue is still the best. Most intuitive interface, smartest use of features and constant fixes. Best widget. Have reported 3 minor issues to the developer at times when I got the latest & greatest iPhones through the upgrade program, and he personally responded to test his fixes with me within days. Three times!! Who does that? The best, that’s who.
  • Best Hue App!

    By Barry-w
    I’ve been using this since release. I have three rooms using hue bulbs and this easily helps me set different zones for each room. And each room I have settings for different things. Love it
  • Basic Features Locked Behind Pay-Wall Scam

    By eunichs
    I really wanted to like this app. Truly. But as others have said even the simplest of tricks up this app has to offer cost $2 after already spending $5 for the base-level app, which is basically only a menu of items you could actually want to use, and their insulting pricing to shell out activate them. This is literally along the lines of the same bait and switch BS that big developers like EA and PopCap Games play for quick cash grabs on half baked implementations that require constant dev cycles to fix. Still, I have paid a lot more on the App Store for much less, so I figured I’d give it a shot and buy a couple unlocks on the features I wanted to see how everything panned out. But before I did, I noticed the most insulting thing I’ve ever read put by the developer at the bottom of the app description. A link to the most egregiously pathetic and deceitful list of excuses of the developer trying to substantiate an explanation for the cutthroat levels of greed that they exploit iOS users to turn a profit. When you see a developer this entitled and how they firstly insult customers with pay walls to unlock content. Dude; you’re not a console game with DC! After seeing that, even though I halfway excepted it already, I went ahead to check the reviews to see how many people actually agreed to this pricing mechanism... and what do I find? A sociopathic developer abusing his right to respond to customers, starting fights in the review and attempting to make them like fools because they bought an expensive Hue ecosystem but are cheap skates that don’t want to pay $100+ to do a couple of features that all the others already do for free, and poorly on a lot of them I might add. Total complete joke of a company. Fights with customers all the time in the reviews of their own app! 😂😂😂. Disgusting pricing and gouging tactics in use at every turn... yeah no. Pass. In fact, I think I’ll just write my own and do all of this with Hue and others brands all through their APIs.
  • Most USEFUL & comprehensive of Hue apps

    By Kenn M
    Continued updates keep this app ahead of the pack. Many Hue apps may do many things but this actually adds real value with useful “complications“ (to steal a term from Watch) or “rules” that can handle many more possible conditions than the Home app or any app that I’ve tried on the AppStore (I’ve tried most everything related to Hue & LIFX). The inclusion of visual goodies like fades, animations, and magic themes is wonderful but I personally bought this app (with add-ins) because I needed a good way to handle both Hue & LIFX lights with a few Hue sensors to handle multiple, sometimes complicated, scenarios without having the sensors walk all over each other. @@ Developer — continue the terrific app work and the most welcome and extensive online documentation! You are most appreciated!
  • Best gets better, constantly!

    By Michael_McDonald
    Constant updates with awesome features! Seriously THE app if you have Hue products in an Apple ecosystem.
  • The best app for Philips Hue, Full Stop, Period!

    By Bmax2019
    Wow! The lightning possibilities are endless! As a proud owner of over 40 Hue bulbs (and growing) this app is far superior to anything out there. Come on in now, the water’s warm!
  • Absolute garbage

    By Katamai
    Extremely powerful with horrible UI that makes it useless. To top it all, it's charging for pretty much everything, even stuff that is advertising as base level. I couldn't even get a refund even though i deleted it after 5 minutes.
  • Nickel and dime: buyer beware.

    By jsaenz
    For 4.99 you get access to very few features and a lot of paid add ons. Skip this app. I wish I had read some of the developers responses to negative reviews before I bought the app. These tell you everything you need to know about the limitations of the app and the attitude by which it’s being developed. Read them for yourself and see before you buy.
  • This is my go-to app for Hue lights.

    By Mocha Palms
    I can’t believe all the features found in this app. Some of these features won’t be found in other apps and are POWERFUL! I can’t say enough good things about this app and the developers continue to improve it.
  • Umm I pay 4.99 and STILL have in-app purchases?

    By Nobes
    What a joke. I feel ripped off already and have only had the app for ten minutes
  • It keeps getting better!

    By MadMadMikey
    Every update brings more functionality. It's truly the best app for Hue that's available. Hopefully Amazon Echo support will be coming soon?
  • Good set of features but slow to implement device support

    By DillonJFontaine
    This app has a good set of features for the devices that are supported. I’m giving it a negative review because they are very slow to implement support for new products, witch makes it a bad replacement for the default app. Friends of hue switches was released quite a while ago and this app still doesn’t support them. So I have to keep going back to the original app. I don’t think most people want to wait months to a year or more to gain access to devices in their primary app. If you don’t mind using this app on the side it’s really great, but if your looking for a primary replacement app... not so much.
  • Ridiculously complicated

    By dertyaqua
    I’ve been a Hue user since they came out approx 5 years ago. I’ve tried many apps for Hue and while this has most as far as customization it is way too complicated even at its simplist functions. There are endless options and steps required for most cool features. It’s overkill in my opinion. Maybe that’s your cup of tea.
  • Ripoff

    By review345555
    $5 app and then nearly everything in the app costs more money to use.
  • Worth 100+ dollars

    By AlexandreCzeczko
    I have 45 hue lights of all kinds that I have been purchasing over the years and just recently discovered this app and it’s amazing. Several things that I had just accepted couldn’t be done(light animations, grouping across rooms, advanced setting for remote controls or timers, etc) are available and work beautifully in this app. For those complaining about the in-app purchases, I believe this app is easily worth 100+ dollars.
  • Suddenly it cannot find my bridge

    By Radmom05
    The app worked great for a few months. Now, however, it keeps saying I'm not connected to the bridge (I am). Now it won't work at all.
  • Scam. Don’t get scammed

    By clarkams
    You have to pay to use anything. Buy the actual 1$ hue pro app from Phillips. Again, to do anything, you have to pay 2$, even to create your own setting (lol). Don’t do it. Big scam. Make your own “hues” for free with any other app. This is a knockoff designed to trick you into thinking it’s the other app. You have the wrong app. This is a scam.
  • Greedy

    By Music!Man?
    Be prepared app works great and is super functional but after paying $5.99 for the app they charge you for every single feature you want to use after that. It’s like you pay $6 just for a trial.
  • Rip off!

    By mgallagher
    This is a $5 app that nickel and dimes you for functionality that should have been included. I feel like I bought a half finished demo. This app is deceptively marketed. Nearly every feature after you buy the app requires an additional in-app purchase! Greedy devs selling half a product. I want a refund. USELESS!
  • Even With a Few Bugs Still the Best

    By TransRapid
    Developers are responsive, bugs are always annoying but overall this app is far more feature packed than anything else.
  • Terrible money grubbing interface

    By BiggerTexan
    Complex hard to use interface and wants in app purchase for basic things.
  • Everything you want is an upgrade

    By Drawer feller
    This app was highly rated and recommended but not free. I’m fine to pay for an app but out of the box it isn’t anything special. EVERYTHING you want the app to do is an upgrade. Seriously, I am happy to pay for an app; I’m not a Millennial. But unless you want to pay a separate charge for every little scene or feature, skip it.
  • What Philips Should Be Doing

    By DarfNader
    Simply put, this app is made by people who actually use the Hue ecosystem in a manner most like a average user. That is, they want features beyond the minimal (or hacking) functionality offered by the Hue hpp. Counterintuitively, the flow of this app is much more smooth and well thought out as the Hue app. Sure, since it is using the Hue bridge API it is face with some of the noisome limitations of the Hue ecosystem, it does a very good job of working around them in clever ways. While the developers recommend only using this app to control your Hue devices, I have found the with certain restrictions you can safely use Apple Home controls and some other third party apps without too much difficulty. The only thing you need to be careful about is keeping your programming lean so you don’t exceed the Hue Bridge’s wimpy resources. Understanding how it works (RTFM!) will help here, but honestly right from the get-go you will be able to build a MUCH better lighting setup for your home in the first 15 minutes you pick this app up. There are a few minor gripes about the app like how the you can’t enter numeric values for for things and have to do everything with sliders, or how the freestyle grouping can be both a blessing and a curse when you’re trying to find out what group is animating your lights, but overall you can build a wonderful interface to control your home that is completely customized with relative ease. A NOTE ON THE PAY MODEL: while the app is free, use of advanced features costs money. It might feel like nickel and diming, the total cost isn’t that severe considering what it does. P.S. I will warn you that once you get this app you will find yourself replacing every bulb in your house with a Hue bulb when you get this which can put the hurt on your wallet! Just be mindful that older Hue bulbs don’t support the full color spectrum (no green) so do your research before you buy!
  • Buyer’s Remorse

    By ian-eagle
    I thought I would get more from a $5 purchase. They put limitations on the free animations that come with the app, so you have to pay more money to actually use them effectively. I really hate this app- can I get a refund?
  • Great app for Hue... lots of customization

    By DJeTron
    Certainly one of if not the best app for hue lighting. The ability to customize hue switches in this app far surpasses the native app. The design and flow of the app could certainly use some work though. Not very intuitive. Five stars if the app where a little easier to use / navigate.
  • A money pit

    By heltemes
    This app really makes me mad. Basically, you pay money to open the app in order to find out that you have to pay a lot more money to get the features touted in the app description. To the developer- this is a shameless and pathetic money grab. In app purchases for anything other than very basic control? Really? Everything I wanted to use this app for is an in app purchase. But I paid for the app. Now it’s useless because I’m not giving you another penny. I want my money back. Maybe think about changing your pricing around so you don’t gouge your customers who download the app thinking they’re going to get the features you lost for the price paid just for the app itself.
  • More hidden fees than an airline!

    By ThomasOb
    The app charges you extra for basically every little feature. It’s 2 USD for a rainbow, 2 for this and 2 for that. Prepare to spend way more than the initial price if you want to use the features that they advertise on the App Store. Everything seems to work pretty well, though.
  • Full of purchases add ons. Not a fan

    By mojomanflert
    Full of purchases add ons. Not a fan
  • Best all round app to control lights

    By Kathrynelise.art
    I really like this app, and the discotainment I think is worth the few extra bucks. But I would ask the developers if they could add in the ability to set up Siri commands. For the most part you can use Siri suggestions to do automations in the shortcuts app... But specifically what I'm trying to do is have it set up so I can use Siri to turn on and off the discotainment and automatically play music. And I can for the most part, but I can't select any specific lighting preset for the discotainment. It will just turn it on with whatever lighting set up you had it on last. It would be more fun if there was a way for me to say something like "hey Siri, let's have a christmas party" and in shortcuts it opens the discotainment feature, select the Christmas themed lighting setting, turns it on, then plays my christmas playlist. For now, I just can't be that specific.
  • If I could give this less than a star,

    By where ios fails
    If I could give this less than a star, I would. You pay $5 for then there are what feels like hundreds of options for in app purchases. Why I would buy an app.... just to spend more after..... to unlock what I thought I paid for. The developer of this remind me of EA sports in the matter that you continually get bent trying to unlock things you thought your originally purchased. Also for the music integration the best you could come up with was using the microphone to measure the sound, absolutely horrendous app integration
  • Money Pit...NOT WORTH IT.

    By Amcdnl222
    Yes, this apps has tons of features but its gonna nickel and dime you to death! Everything I wanted to do with the app was additional charge - oh and not to mention you have to pay separate for iPad version. NOT WORTH IT!
  • Horrible app!

    By Bad_Andy_77
    The help bar is constantly display at the top which prevents the user from accessing key feature of the app.
  • Great app! Great service!

    By Fkjr2
    I use this app pretty much exclusively now. Thank you for great features and remote access. Cheers
  • Discotainment ( sync music)

    By Venugopal P
    If you are looking for sync music you have to pay $3 more for this option..they don’t mention this upfront..you have to consider this before buying this app
  • Best Hue App

    By Tommy__________
    -Nanoleaf support would be cool -Dreamscreen support would be incredible
  • Have to pay for discotainment and animation

    By jared10k
    You pay 4.99 for an app that has all the same stuff as the philips hue app. Then they charge you 1.99 for discotainment and do animations. Not worth it.
  • Doesn’t work with edge case network setup

    By bsandvik
    Disclaimer: My setup is not typical. But there’s no reason this shouldn’t work. I have installed Hue lights in our vacation home which is located in an area with very limited internet connectivity, but AT&T has great (40mbit/s) 4G LTE connection. The always-on network connectivity is in place for the alarm system, cameras, and to control the Nest thermostat. When we are here, however, we use our own cellular devices for internet use. In order to be connected to the house network while also benefit from fast cellular internet, I have set up the WiFi network on our iPhones without configuring a router or DNS. This means that I can access things like the Chromecast and Hue bulbs using the default Hue app, but traffic that routes to the internet goes over LTE. When I downloaded the app and started it the first time, it did not find the Hue (latest gen) bridge. Suspecting my setup being to “blame” I switched iPhone WiFi to automatic mode, and it then found my bridge immediately and I paired it by pressing the button on the bridge. Everything worked at that point, and I reverted my iPhone network settings back to what I wanted. At this point, there should be no reason for my iPhone with IP could not talk to the bridge with IP without going to the internet. The default Hue app works as expected, by the way. This is a lengthy review hoping to trigger a response from the developer. It seems like the app does everything I want it to do, but for now it is useless to me.
  • Had high hopes

    By dzntz94
    Couldn’t be more disappointed in this purchase. App is clunky and annoying to navigate. Setting up groups is a huge pain as it just pulls groups that were previously made and doesn’t allow you to add any from within the app. No easy access to brightness faders, you have to click on your group to alter anything. For 5 dollars I feel as through they should’ve been able to improve on what philips offers for free.
  • This should be a free app if you charge to do anything in the app.

    By J2daON
    *DO NOT BUY THIS APP!* I bought this app because it said it would let me play my music and have Discotainment. It also said I could make my own animation. Well yes you have to buy the app for $5 and then another $2.99 charge to unlock the music and $1.99 for EACH CUSTOM COLOR ANIMATION. Don’t buy unless they make it a subscription model or make it free with just in-app purchases. To have both is just a money hungry app where they purposely put limitations on it so you can buy EVERY SINGLE THING if you want the app to do what it says it “can” do. If the developer believed in itself they would set the price of the app higher if they can’t cover the costs. You get functionality of a free app for $4.99 that you spend on this one. Not worth the headache, but apparently the developer has plenty of time to get on here and write novels in response to other people complaining of the same thing! Don’t argue with customers, that’s never a way to do business.
  • Delivers very little functionality for the $5 base price.

    By Duncan Beard
    I expected this app to be somewhat decent given Philips’ recommendation and the high user reviews. I was disappointed to see that almost all features are locked behind more paywalls in the app. It would be another $10 at least to enable everything. Music syncing IS NOT included for $5. If Apple didn’t make refunds such a pain I would return this app.
  • The EA Games of apps

    By Tinderplaya
    Okayish app, but you pay 5 bucks for it, and then get super limited functionality unless you shell out MORE money through in-app purchases, with the minimum amount extra being $2 for each additional feature. Hell, you can’t even add a second hue bridge without shelling out another $4. There are free apps that do most of the stuff this thing nickles and dimes you for, and the only features that would make it worth a full 5 smackers are extra $! My smart home friends were considering buying this app and I got it as the guinea pig. Luckily for them though now they know to stay away unless they’re looking to drop like 20 clams on getting most of the features and presets. Sad!
  • Crashes

    By Biga034
    Paid the 2.99 for unlimited disco play now crashes every time waste of money
  • Great for old phone users.

    By Lol pic lover69
    I checked the app out because it was iOS 10 and later. My phone is a 6s+ and updating anymore would slow my phone down. At first I thought my only options were to spend a grand on a new phone or buy a smart hub and have everything I say be recorded. Both options were way more expensive than this app. I can't speak for it in comparison to the Hue app...because I couldn't even download it. I needed iOS 11 to turn my lights on. The user interface is straight to the point but gives tips to ensure you figure it out. Love it, you saved me the disappointment of returning my bulbs and saved me the frustration of buying more products.
  • Pay $4.99 to only have pay again in-app

    By Surdivit
    This is the first time I got tricked into buying an app that basically gives you a few features and the majority of other features are in-app purchases. Don’t waste your money and read fine print buried somewhere in description.
  • The ONLY app you need for Hue

    By TheBoomer
    WOW! I’ve tried many other app’s and have been EXTREMELY pleased with iConnect! Phillips should buy this app from the author, or better yet, hire the author to continue to add functions and make things easier! I have 2 hubs in different parts of the country and can manage EVERYTHING oh so easy!
  • And it keeps getting better!

    By Larceny1
    I've tried a lot of Hue apps, along with hundreds of home automation apps. IConnectHue still surprises me with new features constantly. By far the best light app I've used yet! Been using it for a year now. The only thing I would update would prob be the user interface. But it's difficult to get all those features into something clean and simple and intuitive. Fantastic animations.
  • Y’all greedy

    By Bunnybear123
    You make me pay $5 for this app and then continue to make me pay for more animations and scenes? Stupid app and waste of money
  • Features you want behind paywall

    By The jwire
    The initial purchase of $4.99 unlocks just a little more than the free hue app itself. Turn the lights off/on, change color, dimmer, adjust switches. There are some free features that are on useless timers or one free trial which isn’t enough to see if it does everything. So you are paying for nothing new. Everything else you want costs extra and even certain features within a feature cost extra. Say you want the animation feature; well now you gotta pay $1.99 for each set. I would pay an amount to unlock everything but after paying $4.99 already the app dev is a bit greedy here. The perfect hue app search continues.