OBD Fusion

OBD Fusion

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2013-06-02
  • Current Version: 5.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 88.13 MB
  • Developer: OCTech, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 503


OBD Fusion is an app for your car that allows you to read OBD2 vehicle data directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. You can clear your check engine light, create customized dashboards, read diagnostic trouble codes, estimate fuel economy, and much more! OBD Fusion is also available for Apple Watch! Is your check engine light on? Do you want to monitor fuel economy and usage in your vehicle? Do you want cool looking virtual dashboards on your iPhone or iPad? If so, then OBD Fusion is the app for you! OBD Fusion is used by professional mechanics, do-it-yourself mechanics, and vehicle owners who want to monitor their vehicle and daily driving habits. Drive smarter, improve your fuel economy, and keep your engine healthy! IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have a Wi-Fi ELM327 compatible scan tool, OBDLink MX+, Carista BLE adapter, Tonwon BLE adapter, Veepeak BLE 4.0 adapter, LELink BLE adapter, Viecar BLE adapter, Lonauto adapter, Vinli adapter, Vgate iCar Bluetooth 4.0, BAST BLE adapter, Kiwi 3, or Automatic car adapter (Pro or 2nd generation) to use this app. OBD Fusion is not compatible with generic ELM Bluetooth scan tools and 1st generation Automatic car adapters. Checkout the full list of adapters here: https://www.obdsoftware.net/software/obdfusion OBD Fusion supports all OBD2 and EOBD vehicles sold worldwide. Not sure if your vehicle is OBD2 or EOBD compliant? See this page for more information: https://www.obdsoftware.net/support/knowledge-base/how-do-i-know-whether-my-vehicle-is-obd-ii-compliant/. OBD Fusion can also connect to some JOBD vehicles through advanced configuration in the app. Please contact us for more details. OBD Fusion is brought to you by OCTech, LLC, the makers of TouchScan and OBDwiz. Now you can get the same great features for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! OBD Fusion has a ton of features, including: 
- Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and your Check Engine Light (MIL)
- Real-time dashboard display with fully customizable gauges - Performance calculations for 1/4 mile and 0-60 mph track times - Fuel economy MPG (US and UK), l/100km or km/l calculation - Full diagnostic report that can be stored and emailed - Real-time graphing of multiple signals 
- Multiple trip meters
 - Log data to CSV file and email CSV files - Create custom enhanced PIDs - Includes some built-in enhanced PIDs for Ford and GM vehicles - Display Boost pressure in real-time - Display Engine Horsepower and Torque - Display calculated Air-to-fuel ratio - Display battery voltage
 - Read freeze frame data
 - Fully customizable units, including English, Imperial, and Metric units
 - Real-time graphing - Over 150 supported PIDs
 - Displays vehicle information including VIN and calibration ID
 - Emissions readiness for each US state - Find out if your car will pass emissions inspection 
- Oxygen Sensor Results (Mode $05)
 - On-board Monitoring Tests (Mode $06)
 - In-performance Tracking Counters (Mode $09)
 - GPS tracking - plot vehicle parameters on a map in real-time - Integrated Dropbox functionality - Available in English, Czech, French, Italian, Spanish and Greek - Manufacturer specific Enhanced Diagnostics are available for certain vehicles through In-App purchases. * Some features may be limited based on the adapter that you are using. OBD Fusion with the Automatic adapter is currently limited to reading SAE PID data only. OBD Fusion with the Vinli adapter is currently limited to reading SAE PID data and trouble codes only. ** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. OBD Fusion for Apple Watch includes the following features: - View statistics about your last trip - View quick information about your vehicle - See where you parked your car on the map - Set parking meter time on your watch and easily check the time remaining on the parking meter



  • Great for the $ works on 4S iPhone

    By Jetinjeff29r
    Buy this and and a Blue tooth OBDII reader and your pretty well set. Live data. Switch between OBDII compatible vehicles. It knows which one you are plugged into. Only one I found at the time that did Blue Tooth for IPhone in this price range. Works on my old 4S
  • No customer support or response.

    By burgieman
    This app was recommended by several WiFi dongles so I bought it. It doesn’t cover my 03 Dodge and there is no way to get a refund or a response from the developer. It also consists features that are free in other free OBD apps. Don’t waste your time.
  • Kiwi 4

    By rv6flyer
    This worked great with PLX Kiwi 3 but cannot get it to connect with the new Kiwi 4. PLX is no help at all.
  • Excelente

    By y2krichard
    Muy buena app
  • Not working

    By hoss_87
    It won’t work on my iPhone how do I get a refund?
  • Worst App

    By Wilohw
    Dont work and dont clear the codes worst 9,99 i pay for
  • Not bad

    By jeep mech
    Works fine would like to have the ability to add more instruments Would like to add oil pressure gauge
  • Consistently does not connect to Automatic adapteR.

    By Sardonick007
    Waste of money. Problem still all over the forms OBD fusion does not connect to Automatic adapter consistently seems like a waste of money to me. No estimate of when it’ll get fixed and no remedy.
  • Impressed!

    By Squashhead
    The amount of customization on this app is incredible! You can adjust every little detail on the gauges. I haven’t used it for anything but monitoring every day system performance, but it works great. Connected to my Veepak Bluetooth OBD2 connector without a problem. It’s a great looking app.
  • Can’t reset Maint Reqd light.

    By tdtran1963
    Can’t reset Maint Reqd light on 2006 Toyota Sienna.
  • Get Rich

    By Kcservices
    The best I’ve found so far.
  • Very awesome but not perfect

    By Joe333344joe
    I’m having trouble with the app disconnecting from the OBD link. Also I wish you could drag gauges from one page to another in the dashboard.
  • Doesn’t work on BMW X5

    By Kinerkj
    This app will not clear codes on a 07 BMW X5 4.8i. Code is PO420. Tried to clear it a number of times.
  • Its what you are looking for

    By The_ddub
    I was looking for an app that connects to a low price, non-proprietary OBD dongle and this is it. Its a great app with customizable displays and also reads trouble codes. I was able to set up a dashboard that shows me the info that I want to see and thats what makes this app so great. Its similar to Torque Pro since Torque Pro is no longer supported on iOS. You won’t be sorry you got this app!

    By kroslackmx1
    This device works great! Everything I needed it for
  • A good product that has served me well for years.

    By NotAPreppie
    I like the ability to add custom PIDs as well as the extra ones that can be purchased. My only complaint is the lack of CarPlay integration. Now that iOS 12 is out and CarPlay is open to 3rd parties, I’d love to be able to display this app on my dash.
  • Much better with Veepak than WiFi

    By Daniel4844
    Much easier to connect and use wth Buetooth and map function woks with cell phone data.
  • 1997 Mazda Miata obd2

    By 68421814
    This app works ok. It’s not bad, but could definitely be improved. particularly the powertrain module that I’ve paid for that it will not connect to. As well, there are some glitches when you swipe side to side trying to adjust things. Designing the dashboard is pretty fun but could use some more features and designs. Other than that just totally works with my BAFX products OBD2 diagnostic interface module.
  • B Clayton

    By BK Clayton
    Trouble getting Bluetooth to link with phone. Trying another brand. Many to choose from.
  • Didn’t get it to work right and no one answered my calls

    I’m giving it 1 star bc nonOT HELP
  • Developer did an excellent job!

    By Mlo166_yahoo-com
    The developer thought of everything necessary to allow full flexibility of PID functions, editing formulae, network connections, and display profiles. Now, the app includes moving map types with selectable log types and performance logs, and much more! Wow. I recommend all RV travelers to use this app!
  • Can’t use on multiple cars

    By nativewisdom.net
    This app is good for grabbing codes, but all the rest is just gimmicks. It doesn’t save a drive history like it says and you can’t just plug it into different cars— say you your wife and two kids or whatever. Each time you put it into a different car it asks you to manually reset year, make, model , etc. it won’t let you just save profiles. Payed $10 for the app, then they wanted $10 due to my specific car. I’m not against the app, just warning others that it doesn’t do all that much.
  • dashboard doesn’t read

    By bmwzhp
    app doesn’t actually connect with car. can’t get the real time data from the computer so the dashboards needles just don’t move. should def fix whatever issue this is
  • Seems pretty cool

    By Geddy'sUncle
    Had it in my little Ram1500 ecodiesel only since yesterday. I can now monitor boost pressure, exhaust-gas temps before and after turbo pretty easily. There are a couple dozen other parameters I could watch if I do chose. I haven’t demanded that many additional interrogations and answers, so, I don’t know what it takes to overload it and get slow updates, but, for what I want to watch, this little system seems to work pretty well.
  • Does it work with the new IOS 12.1

    I just purchased this app for my Vgate icar2 elm reader I have a option to update my phone software to iOS 12 so I would like to know if it will work on the new operating system if not I won’t update my phone
  • Know before you go

    By fair shake
    App gives you the knowledge you want before you take your car to the mechanic. Works easy and well
  • Good program, needs some work

    By Jim Worm
    This works well with my OBD2 dongle. The information seems accurate and helped me when buying a used car by showing me the error codes, which I showed the dealer. He then gave us a new battery based on the report with no change in the price of the car. There are a few annoyance. It does not connect with the Bluetooth with out some finagling. Once the phone is turned off, it loses the connection. The data does not seem to be saved. Once I use it on another car, the data for the first car is lost (or I can’t find it). It “forgets” vehicles so I have to to re-enter the information when I change cars. It would be nice to be able to download the information to a desktop for storage. Overall works well for diagnostic information but it would be nice to store each car’s information and be able to reference it later.
  • Wast off $10

    By cbmuth99
    I first downloaded a free app. Thought if I bought one I would have more options and I was wrong 👎🏻
  • Requires v.2 ODB

    By larryp1941
    Ordered this app plus the add-on Lexus PIDs. App says it requires V2 ODB. My scanner is an ODB2 which appears to use v1.5 protocol. Not enough details on the h/w or s/w to indicate this might be an issue. I’m out $40 and still can’t monitor my Lexus.
  • Cool app

    By kmk6272
    This app works great and has some pretty cool features. I highly recommend it!
  • Please add 60-130 timer!!!!

    By BigbabyKP
    Please add the ability to time between certain speeds. Great app!
  • Satisfaction

    By InterestinglyMe
    The Carista adaptor works fine with a 2004 Impreza WRX with the OBD Fusion app. They will allow you to view things like engine temperature, boot/vac pressure, a/f ratio (calculated?), coolant temperature, O2 voltages, intake temperature, etc. Maybe the KIWI3 is faster but, the money saved could go toward an Accessport
  • Bunch of snakes

    By mrich2019
    So the app is $10 bucks and the thing to get it to work is $30. That’s a lot! However, if you want to actually get use out of this and clear/ read codes, it’s an EXTRA $10! Why would you mislead us? Just make the app $20 or don’t charge extra to make it worth something. The interface is crappy and needs a huge makeover. Fix it, and you’ll get recommendations.
  • Great Customer Support

    By Squirrell223
    Fast customer service and very helpful, well worth the cost of the app.
  • Pretty cool

    By AlohaRicky
    I thought modern cars were uncool coming from my 22re, but this thing impressed me.
  • Good app

    By Faxanidu
    I had a knockoff and asked for a refund and they responded. I actually just ordered one from the recommended list. So I'm keeping the app.
  • It seems fine but.....

    By TomB212
    I think all the gauges and everything about the app seem good but I can’t get the gauges or anything to work when the engine is on. Is there something to enable that?
  • More options then you can imagine!

    By my nickmame is fine
    I needed transmission fluid temperature for my 2011 Camry. Easy!!
  • Cleared my dashboard warning light.

    By Dangernoodle2000
    I have a Ford pickup that misfired triggering an engine warning light. I purchased this app to go along with an Elm327 OBDII device. I was able to connect easily with the reader by WiFi, run the diagnostics, and see 4 warnings. The motor had misfired on 2 cylinders, which triggered the dashboard light. I used the app to clear the errors and turn off the dashboard warning. BUT, there were 2 “permanent” warnings that remained in the diagnostics. I disconnected the device, drive a few miles, reconnected, ran the diagnostics again and the permanent warnings were gone. I couldn’t be happier.
  • Not happy with what’s included

    By Jrice27AF
    This app has a ridiculous amount of sensors and monitors that let you get an in-depth look at how your car is running. I purchased this app for 1 specific reason and that was to monitor transmission temp with towing stuff with my Toyota 4Runner. I paid the $9.99 for the app and that was not included in the “basic” settings. I then paid an additional $9.99 for my SUVs specific expansion pack which included an additional 100 different setting. This app is cool if you want to clear codes but it definitely lacks basic necessities. If you really want to monitor your vehicle correctly, buy a cheap android tablet at Best Buy for $40 and download Torque Converter. It a way better program but isn’t offered on iOS operating systems so I guess Apple users are stuck with this. I really wish I could get my money back.

    By Fluttercatbat
    This is actually a very very good OBDII Code reader. My dads old $200 scanner can’t quite do what this can do. Even though this reader reads about every second, so it’s a little slow here and there but that’s not really a problem. I would really suggest this scanner if you want to sweep for codes or try to even tune your car.
  • Very Nice App

    By Crankyfool
    Very informative and simple to use.
  • Great customer service and app

    By Keithnorr
    My adapter micro Mechanic wasn't working with this app so I contacted support and they ended up adding it to the list of supported devices. Great customer service and the app works great and it is very helpful for fixing up my old truck.
  • It works

    By VWsubby
    It’s simple accurate and inexpensive
  • Fantastic DIY Diagnostic Tool, especially for Drive Cycle confirmation for emissions test

    By Lonegm
    This app, combined with the Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Bluetooth reader was awesome. I have two cars that were struggling with California’s obnoxious emissions testing. I did not want to pay hundreds of dollars on a professional scanner, but wanted to confirm the drive cycle was reset on both cars. This did the trick for $30 total ($10 app, $20 reader). I see a ton of other functionality that will come in handy. I had no connection problems with either a Volvo or Acura.
  • Will not connect to my vehicle

    By Aaanc5kids
    So far this is useless to me. I just want to scan codes on my Ford Excursion.
  • Very Happy

    By Notsoblind
    Paired with a $30 VeePeak Bluetooth module on a 2018 F150 2.7L, 10speed Auto, Ecoboost, I am very happy. Does most everything I wanted. Had to play with settings to finally get current gear to work and Turbo RPM not working but all other 10 or so specific parameters I was wanting work great.
  • Good app

    By couple MB owner
    Helped me a couple times already and works great, i wish it had graphs ti see a trend on sensors.
  • As of 9/5/2018 update

    By Mobile Luke
    CRAAAAASHED! As soon as opening with iOS 11.4.1