Daily Budget Original

Daily Budget Original

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-05-29
  • Current Version: 5.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 47.91 MB
  • Developer: C Ruttinger
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 139


Rated 5 stars and loved by thousands of users! Unlike traditional complicated budgeting apps, Daily Budget Original focuses on being simple, easy and actually fun to use. -- SAFE & PRIVATE –- The app does not connect to bank accounts, so there is no need to enter your online banking log in data. Also, we do not sell user data. The data stays on your device only. If you want to sync your data, you can encrypt it before uploading it to the cloud. -- KEY FEATURES ARE FREE, FOREVER -- Many users are happy and saving a lot of money with the free version, without any additional paid features. Free features: Daily Budget calculation, planning & saving for big spending, basic categories for expenses, backup. Paid features: More and customizable categories, data encryption, PIN protection, Multi users via Dropbox, Remove ads, CSV file export, analysis graphs. -- USER REVIEWS –- Beyond spectacular! - This app is so fantastic- as with many other reviewers, I've tried other budgeting apps like Mint. But this is the only app that actually works. It incentives me to spend less money on some days, have extra to spend on the weekends. Thank you for not adding too many bells and whistles! Life Changing - I am the WORST with finances and I've tried other apps, including Mint, which I used for a week and quit. But this app?? It's amazing. I can't speak highly enough of how much this app is getting my life together. I'm aggressively saving, paying off all of my bills and I know exactly what I get to spend a day. I will never NOT use this. I hope it's here forever. Helps you be Accountable - This app turns my financial life into a game that I feel I can win. Daily Budget really works and it's core design sets it apart from other apps. -- IN MEDIA –- “Take the blah out of budgeting” – Seventeen Magazine “An utterly fantastic approach to saving” – Apppicker “Super-quick, easy way to show how well we're doing” - Appadvice -- HOW IT WORKS -- 1. Enter your regular income, like salary or monthly allowance. 2. Enter your recurring expenses, like rent or gym. 3. Enter your savings goal, like 10%. 4. Watch your Daily Budget gets calculated and know how much you can spend every day! *Daily Budget is calculated simply as (Income – Expenses – Saving)/Number of days in a month. Watch your budget grow as you stay below your daily budget. Now, saving money is suddenly a fun game! Terms of Use:  www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/



  • Wonderful tool for staying on track!

    By kpixzle
    This app has helped me stay on track and be more mindful of my spending. I highly recommend!!
  • Don’t buy

    By csmt99
    Don’t buy P.S.....I did buy it A WHILE BACK THE UPDATE screwed it up so again DONT BUY ! So after the update when you open the program it immediately crashes I tried uninstalling and reinstalling still the same it’s on my iPad Pro if that matters . I don’t update it and it seems to work for a few hours don’t know if it updates on its own or what but goes right back to crashing as soon as I open it.
  • Great App

    By TYUnicorn
    Super simple and has changed my spending habits.
  • Great app but needs to show savings

    By Johnny2kenny
    I love this app. It’s been helping me keep on track with my daily budget limits. However I have found it is missing one key feature. Since this is a budget app where you are putting money into savings it would be great if it showed amount put into savings.
  • Good App

    By HotdogHannah19
    Unrelated to my review but you guys accidentally put “uprade” instead of “upgrade” in the side menu
  • Absolutely fantastic

    By Zombieminers002
    Honestly one of the best apps simply because of its nice layout and ability to show you how much you can spend while keeping everything in one nice place. The only problem I had was when each cycle restarted it resets your balance, but with friendly developers I fixed it in settings and we’re back to having the app I love. Highly recommend for anyone needing to force themselves to save more than spend.
  • I need this

    By Rrkate
    Helps keep me on track
  • Helps you save money!

    By Liajf6632
    This app is super simple and really helpful. It’s the easiest way to budget. I’ve used it traveling, sticking to my budget I was able to be abroad for over 3 months with less than 3000 dollars. And I’ve used it for day-to-day living and saving.
  • Simple and efficient

    By RettingPhoenixity
    This app has been my go-to for keeping up with my budget. It’s simple, efferent, and very user friendly.
  • Solution to my budget problems

    By Sirwade83
    Was using YNAB but it was $90 a year and I had to enter in my expenses every month. With this you can clearly see how much you have available each day! Love it. I have never had so much money in my bank account! Thanks
  • Confusing

    By Grady90
    It’s been really helpful so far but it’s confusing especially the analysis charts. For example the accumulated savings chart. When I look at the month of April under the month tab it says I’ll have 305 dollars of savings. But when I switch to the year tab and look at April it says it should be over 500 dollars of savings for April. I don’t get why they are two different amounts. I find all of the charts equally confusing.
  • Very easy to use

    By bride328
    Super user friendly
  • Love it

    By daughtr
    Been using it for over a year now and I love the simplicity!
  • Better than expected. Exactly what I need

    By Baksncnd
  • Simple and effective

    By Nickj8810
    Great app, was looking for a simple way to track daily cash flow without needing to connect 100 different accounts and link personal info- and this is perfect. You input your monthly income and fixed expenses, and it gives you a daily budget. With each day you track what you spent and it rolls over unused cash to the next day. Highly recommended!
  • Hi

    By deckycswanz
    Cool app
  • Math is wrong

    By Big Kohl's shopper
    So I inputted all of my income and expenses. The app tells me I have 32.23 to spend each day. When I multiply that by 30 days, it gives me $290 more money than what I have. Why????
  • Great App!

    By The Queen Of Glitter
    This app is really nice! Im saving up for a Mac book and it helps me see how much money I have in my wallet! Everytime I spend money I can decrease it and I can also add it!
  • My money is organized

    By lizbethlo
    I really like this app. You can add and subtract from your current amount
  • Great app

    By Shea912
    Just wish there was a way to link you bank to it
  • Finally getting my budget together

    By bbasher12
    This app is exactly what I need in my life to get the budget I truly need. There’s a few features I would love to see in the app though just to make it that much better. First of all some sort of refund feature so you don’t have to put something as extra income when you get the money back for it. Also perhaps a way to input a range of what your next projected paycheck will be and edit it to the exact number once you get it. Most people are not payed the exact same amount every week and we could have a few hours of overtime or a few hours less than projected. I know we could just go back and edit it, but having an idea of the range and being able to plan accordingly for it would take the guess work out of our budget that creates gaps we didn’t plan for.
  • Useful

    By Oof🥔
    Easy to use and helps me know how much money I have
  • Please have a connect to bank option

    By LargeMeat&Lonely
    I love your app and use it every day, but I end up forgetting to enter things into my daily budget. Please please please add the option for it to sync with bank transactions. I get you’re a small team, but something like Plaid may make it easier or more affordable? Other small apps I know use it, and I’d love it if it were an option I could turn on.
  • Daily Budget App

    By Justadva
    This is a very good app to keep your spending on track base upon your income and expenses. I would highly recommend if you are a person like me that should have more money saved but can’t account for expenses.
  • Cool App

    By charinaisabel v
    Can you guys add days to the dates please?
  • Pay

    By Whitney122
    I love the app but wish the app supported variances in pay. Every two weeks my pay is different so the app doesn’t account for it.
  • Great app

    By Daniel5478
    My favorite budgeting app. It’s easier to know what I actually have to spend each day vs monthly budgets.
  • Pattyjj661

    By pattyjj65
    Excellent app!!!
  • Super helpful & easy to use!

    By Donoho_59
  • Very good

    By ya mom lol
    Very helpful use it all the time
  • Yassssssss! Get this app

    By DaniDoo10
    I love this app so much it helps with my business and I’m only 14 years old so I literally love this app and if u are trying to save money get this app I’ve already save 122$ y’all get this app now !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pretty sweet app. Very handy.

    By Windcaster42
    This app really motivates you to track what you spend on a daily basis. Wish there was a way to have a joint-type account with my wife so she inputs what she spends and I do my part.
  • easy and aesthetically pleasing

    By AJ Dodge
    I’ve used this app on and off for budgeting, I enjoy the simplicity of it and how flexible it is to set up. I didn’t want anything too complex or hooked up to my bank account. To organize a simple money-saving budget for free, this is my app of choice.
  • Love this app!

    By chloebell55
    I like how what you don’t spend rolls over to the next day; it keeps you on track on your daily spendings but also helps you save for some bigger items. Also love how it takes out savings FIRST!
  • My Unorthodox Use Case

    By Tommy J, W,
    So I’m actually in college with a semester-based stipend for food bought on campus. The way the university deals with this “meal plan” is quite clunky, so I decided to get my own budgeting app and work out the budget myself. I mainly care about portioning out a bit of the meal plan each day for big events and such, but the app is also quite functional in that I can transfer all of the collected finance data into a CSV spreadsheet! Returning to the meal plan, the way the app tries to set up my budget as more income-based than allowance-based is probably useful for most use cases of this app. However, my meal plan is essentially just a gift card that I swipe on campus, with a fixed amount at the start of each semester. In order to get around the “income” problem for this app, I essentially just have the pay period (a setting in the income options) to the duration of the semester. From there, the app calculates how much you get every day, and just gives you that fixed income for as long as you wish. I’ve found that basically for August and January, when I’m not spending meal plan for half of those months, I just subtract all of the accrued savings and continue on with the semester! Overall, love the app. Easy to use. Also has a good Internet forum on reddit.
  • Very good app

    By Asstorygoeson
    Easy to use. Clear and minimalist UI. Only feature I would like to see implemented is the ability to create my own expense categories (or sub-categories within existing broader categories).
  • Good app but...

    By crazy hobbit
    Too many restrictions, disappointed. You can barely use this app without buying premium options.
  • My favorite budget app

    By AVRds2020
    Easy to use and much better than the other budget apps out there.
  • Great!

    By Tweengalinga
    Awesome app really helps track spending and gives you guidelines
  • This app is really good

    By jellyenderson
    This is really good for people like me :) who always forget what did they buy or what did they spend their money on... and i love the way that this app is free and u dont actually need to connect your bank account to it u just put ur things there and you are good to go! Great job !
  • Quite handy

    By Josy2805
    Helps to keep track of spending on a daily basis
  • Easy to use

    By kalisnanny
    I was trying to use another budget app that was kind of confusing. Your app is very easy to use and understand.
  • La palma v2

    By la palma v2
  • Updates made it even better

    By acase1412
    It’s a very intuitive app. And the increased functionality makes it perfect for tracking (and controlling!) daily spending - definitely worth purchasing.
  • I like it

    By jenjabean
    Simple. Free. I actually use it.
  • Great app

    By Angelx808
    (2/5/2020) Still a great app in the free version. I had just upgraded to get the rest of the categories. I like the fact that we have full control over how much we minus from the daily budget. Gives you that responsibility to always check on your finances and where it’s really going. You can set your budget wisely and efficiently and so far this works great!
  • Simple and efficient

    By Sutlive
    Fantastic app that provides a very clean and simple look to really give you an idea of what your daily spending budget should be. Absolutely love it
  • Great

    By Hey🐍
    Love it.
  • What I needed for free is better than I thought

    By Redheads rummy
    I am trying to keep track and get out of debt this is easy to track my spending and planning out budgets