Daily Budget Original

Daily Budget Original

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-05-29
  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 35.75 MB
  • Developer: C Ruttinger
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 986


Rated 5 stars and loved by thousands of users! Unlike traditional complicated budgeting apps, Daily Budget Original focuses on being simple, easy and actually fun to use. -- SAFE & PRIVATE –- The app does not connect to bank accounts, so there is no need to enter your online banking log in data. Also, we do not sell user data. The data stays on your device only. If you want to sync your data, you can encrypt it before uploading it to the cloud. -- KEY FEATURES ARE FREE, FOREVER -- Many users are happy and saving a lot of money with the free version, without any additional paid features. Free features: Daily Budget calculation, planning & saving for big spending, basic categories for expenses, backup. Paid features: More and customizable categories, data encryption, PIN protection, Multi users via Dropbox, Remove ads, CSV file export, analysis graphs. -- USER REVIEWS –- Beyond spectacular! - This app is so fantastic- as with many other reviewers, I've tried other budgeting apps like Mint. But this is the only app that actually works. It incentives me to spend less money on some days, have extra to spend on the weekends. Thank you for not adding too many bells and whistles! Life Changing - I am the WORST with finances and I've tried other apps, including Mint, which I used for a week and quit. But this app?? It's amazing. I can't speak highly enough of how much this app is getting my life together. I'm aggressively saving, paying off all of my bills and I know exactly what I get to spend a day. I will never NOT use this. I hope it's here forever. Helps you be Accountable - This app turns my financial life into a game that I feel I can win. Daily Budget really works and it's core design sets it apart from other apps. -- IN MEDIA –- “Take the blah out of budgeting” – Seventeen Magazine “An utterly fantastic approach to saving” – Apppicker “Super-quick, easy way to show how well we're doing” - Appadvice -- HOW IT WORKS -- 1. Enter your regular income, like salary or monthly allowance. 2. Enter your recurring expenses, like rent or gym. 3. Enter your saving goal, like 10%. 4. Watch your Daily Budget gets calculated and know how much you can spend every day! *Daily Budget is calculated simply as: (Income – Expenses – Saving)/Number of days in a month. Watch your budget grow as you stay below your daily budget. Now, saving money is suddenly a fun game!



  • Simply Elegant

    By MrLafranchi
    I love how easy this app makes tracking your daily spending. I feel more in control of my finances when using credit cards for all my purchases. It changes my behavior when I know I'm running low on my daily allowance. Thanks!
  • Currency conversion

    By Ricmot
    Currency conversion will make this app a 5* especially for travelers.
  • Best free budgeting app

    By JJp0pstar
    Does all you need it to do without any of the fuss. You can upgrade for certain helpful features, but they aren’t necessary for the app to function. It’s great, so happy I found this! :)
  • Great app

    By user77077
    Helps me realize how much I’m spending
  • Just what I wanted and needed

    By Paulinha1013
    This app takes the fuss out of budgeting and makes it as easy as possible to stay on track with your savings. I have tried mint and other fancy apps and this is the only one I can stick with.
  • Cool app

    By Trospertech
    So far this app has been super helpful with organizing stuff. I didn’t like the $3 for extra icons though, but other than that it is a pretty awesome helpmate!
  • The best app

    By Adrian7991
    Best app ever to stop spending and manage your money
  • Life changing

    By J4142356
    This app is helping me get out of debt fast. I’ve been using this app for over a year now and it does everything it was designed to do. I really love the the stats and graphs. You get to see where your money is going. I found a small bug and I contacted the staff. They replied fast and where very responsive. In about a week from contacting them they sent me a beta version with the bug worked out. If your struggling with money and spending I recommend this app 100%
  • The first financial app that I have paid

    By Jin93310
    Love this! If you don’t wanna connect any of your bank information on any app, that’s the best one :)
  • My favorite budget app

    By Rachaelvairat
    This is my favorite budgeting app. It forces me to use every time I have an expense that isn’t reoccurring and lets me know if I should get that extra chocolate covered croissant at Starbucks. Love that I can add reoccurring expenses. I love that I can save up for big expenses. I wish there was a way I could input my current monetary status and I wish my iPad Pro and phone could sync with each other on this app.
  • Awesome!

    By @Postive
    Love this app, so simple and effective.
  • Just what I wanted

    By dcodom
    Simple. Keeps track of my cash amount. Doesn't need access to anything. Love this app.
  • Terrible, icons limited. Please fix.

    By Jeanine's Review
    Cannot reuse the default category icons to set custom categories for example, household icon, fuel, etc. limited icon selection to create detail categories. Please add this function for users had paid for app. Please allow colors to be changed on icons and allow sorting of custom categories based on names. Currently it is very hard to read and disappointing to know I cannot do much after paying for the app even know it’s said we can do custom categories with custom icons.
  • Great idea but few problems

    By thecooltparks
    I’m looking for a budgeting app and I bought the full in-app purchase and it won’t transfer/closes the app immediately on my iPad (original setup on phone). If I try to upload data to iCloud, it closes the app down and I have to reinstall it/start over. But, other than that, it’s awesome! Anyways, I’m excited to see what happens and I’m hoping we can get it to stop closing on my iPad because I’d love to use it on both phone and iPad.
  • Loved loved loved

    By Petrick23
    It shows daily how much you can spend and control yourself thats great
  • Fantastic

    By M. Bejarano
    Love the app. Helps everyone on any type of income.
  • I love this app. No more excel!

    By Kikiela
    I love this app. Once I finally got the hang of it l, it was like budgeting for dummies. I bought the pro version so I can see all the information. I recommend it. My only critique that I think the developers should update is...when entering a big expense to be set in the FUTURE that is not dispersed, but set to occur on a specific day....it disappears. The expense is accounted for in the charts but there is no way to return to that expense and delete it or edit it UNTIL the said specific date arrives and it is official added to transactions. If a mistake is made, without being able to delete these transactions, it messes up the charts with future assumptions that shouldn’t be there.
  • Best APP hands down

    By DinaInNewYork
    I absolutely love this app! I tried so many and could not keep up and they were so confusing. This app is so easy to set up and keep track of your expenses, I absolutely love it and recommend it!
  • Account amnt

    By UrlVlaster
    I think you guys should connect cards to really see the numbers just a thought. Love this app tho really helps with saving
  • Great!

    By Priscilla1102
    This app made budgeting fun. I now feel that I’m in full control of my finances.
  • Makes Budgeting So Simple

    By jrc0818
    I’ve tried out various budgeting apps over the years, and this one is by far my favorite. It really takes the hassle out of figuring out what you can spend out of your expendable income without accidentally spending more than you’ve earned. Recent updates have also made even sleeker and easier to use. My only suggestion is that I’d really like to be able to search in my transactions list. Sometimes I like to go back and see when the last time was that I made a certain type of purchase and a search feature would take the hassle of scrolling the whole list.
  • I finally feel like I know what I’m doing

    By mseana
    The only thing I would change is making the “big expenses” factor into the daily budget
  • Love it!!!

    By ryson5
    Such a great app
  • Save dat dime

    By T.pha
    This app is helping me rethink those soy lattes and shopping trips I used to treat myself with. Seeing a daily balance has been really useful!
  • Darn

    By Chriscooker
    This app is exactly like the app I wanted to make. But this one works way better than mine.
  • Great so far

    By Dragonkinfolk
    Easy to use and view. Really liking it. We’ll see if this keeps me and my 19 year old daughter on track.
  • Best way to stay true to your budget!!!!!!

    By Sil G
    Best way to stay true to your budget!!!!
  • Great app

    By kirwinian
    Love it
  • Great app!

    By SalsaChip
    This apps seems super nice. I’ve only had it for a couple of days but I’m loving it. However I wish more features were free. It’s disappointing when an app designed to help you SAVE money is making you purchase add-ons to help you budget even better.
  • Big Expenses Not Reflected in Daily Balance

    By JackieU.
    I really love this app, however the daily balance being inaccurate is a pretty big deal. My daily budget is ¥56 but my “big expenses” use ¥37.25. Therefore the daily balance should reflect the difference, however instead, it says ¥34.50, when it should read ¥18.75. That’s a pretty big difference and a pretty big oversight. I can understand why distributed big expenses don’t show up in the budget tab, but they absolutely should show up in the daily balance one. Currently, to get an accurate read of how much I have left, I have to go to the transactions tab.
  • Excelente app

    By GiancarloDaSilva
    La parte gratuita fue mas que suficiente para mi
  • really helpful

    By jackastah
    was better without ads
  • Awesome!

    By CMD6793
    Easy to use and very helpful in curbing spending habits.
  • The best way to budget. Really

    By Garylovespizze
    The layout is very intuitive and easy to understand. The UI is simple but gorgeous. I especially like the feature of “Big Expenses” where you can plan to pay for a future big expense or make up for a big expense by distributing the cost over the next time period that you decide. You could technically do everything on this app by yourself on an excel spreadsheet but I like having the convenience and the simplicity of the UI telling me exactly how much I can spend each day in order to stay within budget.
  • Nice app

    By S1depocket
    Helped organize my buget and let me see it all in one place.
  • Actually Useful

    By lawrence9788
    Great budgeting app. We actually use it. Simple and straightforward. I have recommended it to anyone who would listen.
  • Great

    By Johnyfas
    Would love to have an Android app so my wife could share this account and we both see the same thing.
  • Great App but one problem....

    By Stormsle
    I love this app and didn’t realize how much I needed it! It really helps me visualize my spending & saving trends. I like how it can show you how saving will give you more money in the future. One thing I am frustrated with is that it seems like I can’t get my “big expenses” to be taken out of my daily budget on the balance screen. I’m pretty new at this, so maybe I missed something... but the big expenses seem to only appear in the transaction section. Unfortunately, this is a pretty major setback as it affects my budget and savings, ultimately showing me that I have more money to spend than I actually do.
  • Would love a never repeating option

    By EmieX3
    I really enjoy this app, I began using it probably 3 or months ago and it really makes me stay on top of how much I’m actually spending. I immediately enter any purchases I make into the app. My only issue with the app is the regular income. I am paid on a two week basis however the income amount changes each pay period and thus when I have to select a repeat it screws it up, despite having selected a specific end date. I wish there was a “never” option of repeat so I could simply put in my amount for my two week period and then once that one is up, put in my next one and so on and so forth.
  • Love the simplicity

    By Awesomezuniga
    Love this app and how simple to use it is only suggestion I have is work on an Apple Watch version it would be nice to have a quick way to see my daily budget without always having to pull out my phone. Other than that love this
  • Great but

    By buffaloooomi
    Really excellent app and has helped hugely with my savings. Problem being though that my monthly income changed mid month and I couldn’t reset it with my new amount without getting a serious error cause the app thinks I didn’t get any money for the rest of the month. Have to go through the rest of the month without a real awareness of where I am.
  • Incredible App

    By Samurisam97
    Most apps like this want your bank info as well as other personal information. This one takes your information from you. As a college student working in fast food and also getting some extra money from odd jobs here and there that is perfect. Plus the daily allowance is incredibly useful, and a refreshing way to help budget money. It’s really cool to see and think “Ok I’m doing this thing this weekend so I should try and save up my allowance so I have more money to spend on the weekend”
  • Very helpful

    By Sarah040104
    This app makes me feel more organized in my chaotic life and you can get all the most useful features for free
  • Great App!

    By Morris2000
    Great App.
  • Great App

    By RoxySurfRider
    This app is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. I like that it quickly calculates my daily budget and incorporates creating a savings budget too. It also has this cool feature that allows you to plan and save for big expenses such as vacations or a big purchase like a kayak!! I highly recommend this app if you need a bit of support budgeting.
  • Good app for keeping track of spending

    By Lilyana1729
    Good for keeping track of spending & savings
  • Consistently good with improvements every update. Still room for minor improvements.

    By iGookin
    I’ve really enjoyed tracking my every day finances with this app. It gives me an easy way to see where I am with my budget. Traditional apps that designate a lump sum to budget categories are difficult for me to consistently input my expenses. Adding extra incomes is easy and painless and tracking big expenses divide the budget in a clear and specific way. I will be using this app as long as they continue to improve the analysis data!!
  • Amazing App

    By Benjamin Belsky
    This app helps me realize more how much money I spend, I would love to see the developers add a widget for the IPhone to make it easier and faster to add and subtract your money. Anyways lovely app and highly suggest it
  • Flf appreciated

    By flf appreciated