• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-12-10
  • Current Version: 3.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 197.69 MB
  • Developer: Playrix Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 241 035


Never Fishdomed before? Then take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of match-3 fun! Engage in challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique twists as you decorate tanks to create cozy homes for your lovely fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Hey, your finned friends are waiting for you—SO DIVE IN NOW! Features: ● Unique gameplay: swap and match, design and decorate, play with and take care of fish—all in one place! ● Hundreds of challenging and fun match-3 levels ● Explore an exciting aquatic world with amusing 3D fish, each of which has its own personality, that you'll be excited to meet! ● Fish tanks you can liven up with breath-taking underwater decor ● Amazing graphics all yours once you grab your scuba mask ● Buddy-diving time: play with your Facebook friends! Please note! Fishdom is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu. Enjoying Fishdom? Learn more: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Questions? Contact our tech support at



  • Can’t stop playing

    By Ergot65
    Be careful, once you start,it’s hard to stop
  • Enjoy the aggravation

    By Winningoptions
    I have been playing this game for quite a while now so feel qualified to comment both positively and negatively. Positive: The game is a challenge on many levels and very entertaining on some levels. The challenges do not always progress fairly. The time bombs seem more difficult to explode when surrounded and when there are multiples counting down at the same rate it feels like the game is fixed for one to lose several times promoting use of the tools on more than one occasion. The aquariums are cute but once the stars have been met and one levels up they are in the past and truly clutter. It would be nice to have a holiday aquarium when a holiday is promoted rather than clutter an existing aquarium. When squid, time bombs and other challenges need to be met it seems only fair all appear on the game board as soon as others disappear...,not wait for a predetermined amount of moves. When one wins an hour or more bonus it would be nice I’d the timer stopped when one isn’t playing and the time be put on hold or the unused time be converted to tickets. Tickets to purchase specialty fish at extreme tickets counts make it useless to try to save enough. Therefore unfair to all players!
  • 18+ advertising on a 4+ game lost you a star

    By s54jasmine
    It seems Fishdom just became rated 18+ when you show an ad with naked women at 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon. Now I can no longer allow my 7 yr old granddaughter to play your game on my phone. I don’t want to see that ad either. Get a brain Fishdom and Facebook. You’ve made a lot of money off me with this game and my spending money on products that are advertised during the game. If that ad isn’t removed I will delete the game on all my devices.
  • High levels stink

    By Lovejaina
    This game is all fun in the beginning levels. Then it starts. No matter how many aids you pay for and use you can’t possibly win. Not even close. The tank is full and you cannot add any more fish. Must start a new one. This is SUPPOSED to be fun, not expensive and frustrating. I don’t mind paying for a helping aid but it should HELP.
  • #1

    By Ms Parkay
    Love this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏼😜
  • Disappointed

    By Bigbadmom247
    I play the game sometimes for hours just trying to beat one level and it has become frustrating not being awarded the gold and silver tickets. The seasonal fish are valued so high and are impossible to obtain. I’m very disappointed with that aspect.
  • 👉👂🏻👇

    By Hollipocket
    All I have to say is the Makers of the game need to Listen to the people All the complaints are the same they’re losing a lot of players because of all the same reasons they need to read the complaints thank you for listening I do love the game once they do fix the game I will redo the stars happy holidays🤶🏻🎅🏽❄️🎄🎁
  • Best Game Available

    By eastermost
    I have downloaded, enjoyed, and then deleted many games once I tire of them. This one keeps my interest. I love that I can “visit” friend’s tanks to see how they’ve decorated.
  • Mom

    By Davey.s
    Great game
  • Pricey

    By dmbug
    Love the fish personalities and aquarium features. Really spendy to keep playing.
  • Fishdom

    By Designer. De. ' Sign
    I just LOVE this game, my fish are adorable, I often feel they really talk to me, I had a fish once. We had lots of conversations, in fish language, I guess. But he always had something to say!😉❤️ps. I would love it if I could talk to my fish 🐠.🤗😉😘
  • Reset the game

    By Kleellllyy
    I have asked you now for the third time and it still haven’t worked. I get disappointed from your game setting. I’m thinking to delete this game and download an other one, where I have fun with Thank you
  • I Love this Game 💕

    By Karisready9
    I cannot seem to stop playing this game , every opportunity I’am playing the game ! I really enjoy all of the challenges that this game has . I may not always like having to spend money to beat a level , yet I really enjoy playing it a lot a lot 🤗😁👏
  • Fun game

    By Dante doodle
    Really fun!!!
  • You need Money

    By Bonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Otherwise you can’t play for long unless you get good at it but you can’t get good at it cause it wants money. If you don’t pay you are limited to play. Too bad
  • G

    By dskerns
    Make it hard for us to get special fish or items for the holidays without buying not fair who play the game faithfully
  • So fun!

    By Mpinksunshine
    The aquariums are interesting and the games are different enough that I have a great time. Nothing scary or sexy just good fun
  • Excellent!

    By Loulou2886
    My favorite game...always a way to move forward. Make your fish family, so much fun!
  • I love Fishdom so much 💖💋💋💋🎉🎉🎉

    By Ozobeme
  • All day fun in Fishdom

    By Soontobenanatothree
    I absolutely love this game! It is a challenge the further you go, but it is a blast!
  • Awesome

    By LADIESMAN3947474848
  • Great fun for an APP

    By Rcheva007
    This is a great app that is fun playing there games while earning money to buy different items for you Aquarium or Aquariums. You need to name all your fish, feed your fish while keeping your tanks clean. I play this App with my grandson and it's great to see the expression on his face as he beats the games and see him purchase the items for the tank. The nice thing is that it doesn't cost very much at all to play.
  • Helps

    By Starship Garcia
    Helps to calm me by keeping me engaged
  • Love the game

    By Elizacat234
    It’s fun, colorful, and addictive💜💜
  • Showing porn in adverts is not appropriate

    By JillyBeat
    Think the title speaks for itself.
  • Too hard!!

    By Gaga@332
    I am going to stop playing because the game has become so difficult that it is no longer fun!
  • Stuck at level too long

    By CheckersTruBlu
    This game was fun at first but it gets stuck at higher levels and the Golden Tickets are useless because you can only but the Really STUPID looking fish. I don't want to see those fish swimming around my game. They are a complete waste.
  • An ok game

    By Lexkire
    It’s an ok game, currently having issues with my tanks. I put some items and fish away to move to another tank but can’t seem to find out how. 🤔
  • Fun Addictive Game

    By PT2004
    Fun game that is slightly addicting. Don’t like that I have to buy to play at times but I guess that is what is expected with a free game.
  • In app video advertising

    By DebG59
    I just saw a very disgusting ad for a game pretty much promoting pornography! 😡😡😡. I may delete this game if I see that again! There is no way to close out of it!!! Very angry!
  • Upset

    By EliFaSAD
    I don’t appreciate X-rated adds!
  • Lots of fun

    By Peep67
    Addictive but fun!
  • It’s fun BUT......

    By Not doing this!
    The only thing that is very irritating, you get apx. 3 diamonds when you win a game that go into the “bank”. To get them out you have to PAY for them. I don’t think that’s right, you win the game, receive something for winning, then have to pay to use them.
  • Paying

    By <("<) (>")>
    It’s a fun game. Nice and relaxing but having to pay 2.99 to unlock the gems I already earned by beating levels is a bit unfair
  • Mi mejor juego

    By sambita005
    Me gusta mucho pasar mi tiempo jugando es muy bueno, gracias por compartir👍🌹
  • Been playing all four of the evers and love it!

    By uhmerikin
    Level 2235 here and somehow it never gets old. When I need to hit the can and drop the kids off at the pool, know what I’m playing? FISHDOM. When I’m soaking in the tub and the diver’s bubbles pop up top, know what I’m playing? FISHDOM. After the boss man walks by, know what I’m playing? RDR2. Just kidding, it’s FISHDOM. It’s a great game and I 100% endorse it. Devs- you know where to send the check. I joke, I joke... (or do I?)
  • Awesome fish game

    By Teterry
    Love this app, I play it all the time!
  • Love it

    By mjnbrown
    Probably too much!! It’s a great game because every level is different, so you have to figure out how to beat each level. Plus, no ads!
  • Awesome App

    By Bobknow65
    A lot of fun
  • Fishdom

    By grandmamaoffour
    Indeed Fishdom is a favorite. Even though I do not buy any thing, I am able to enjoy it. This game on my second iPad has a problem in the Hawaii tank. I am grateful for the availability of staff to assist. In fact, this option is a tribute to your investment in an outstanding game!
  • No update

    By Tinzelmoon
    I am writing again because I haven’t seen the update for the Christmas season. I am reading reviews that it is harder to get items just like the Thanksgiving scene. Why make it so difficult for your players to receive the items you created for us. I didn’t even attempt to play the last one and if see this one to be even harder I doubt I will try this either. Please listen to your players
  • I hate this game!

    By Alta May
    This has been one of the most fun games that I have played. Right now I am up to level Seven hundred and something. You don’t have to spend a dime to play this game. There is always something happening where you get to play for hours! And you get fish tanks to boot. The only reason I hate it is because I’ve got to sleep sometimes. And I have to go to work! When I am not doing any of those things, I am playing this game.
  • Love this game

    By kiriko1
    Love this game!
  • Love the game

    By have knocker
    Do you not like all the advertisements it’s getting to the point where they take so long one right after the other can’t even play the game especially if you’re a tight schedule
  • Love it

    It’s addicting and unfortunately the way it’s set up you have to spend money...
  • Fun

    By nameless in IN
    Love the fish and how they interact with each other. Such cute expressions! I must say that I dislike having to pay to collect the diamonds!
  • Enjoy game

    By Gmaw 11
    Love playing the game. Just think that if you “earn” diamonds in Fishy bank you should Not have to buy them. They are earned. Would like to see more gold and white vouchers given out.
  • Broken tank

    By marge hunt
    I would like to thank you fishdom for taking the enjoyment out playing this game. When the levels are so hard you get more stress than enjoyment from playing it is time to move on. Stop being greedy thinking people have money to feed your wallet.
  • Timed games are stressful.

    By really ?2
    The TIMED games are stressful. I play to relax and I do not enjoy the stress of beating the clock. Apparently others have complained about the timed games as well. Please remove them.