TipSee mobile Tip Tracker

TipSee mobile Tip Tracker

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-07-03
  • Current Version: 1.10.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 35.87 MB
  • Developer: Webcoast Design, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 522


TipSee is a simple yet powerful tip tracker, track your tips and view tip patterns, quickly comparing tips for the week, month, or year. It's a great app for Servers, Bartenders, Hosts, valet, DJs, Dealers (gaming of course!) and anyone else who need to track tips. TipSee is a unique iPhone tips app running local to your phone which means your data is only accessible through your phone. No logins to accounts that might store your personal data to sell to third-parties or leave your information vulnerable for anyone to view online. It also means you should back up your data regularly in case you lose or break your phone, though it's simple to set up Automatic email back-ups in your settings and forget about it! FEATURES: - Quickly add tips to any date - Add notes and easily view them - Easily correct/edit entries - Personalize background - Day Off identification - Change start of work week - Auto backup - Manual backup - Import records to your computer Advanced Tip Tracker App Features: -Track Weekly Income -Advanced Tips app Reporting -Add Hourly Wage -Multiple Jobs -Track Tip Outs -and so much more... Select from three options to unlock Advanced Features: -FREE with ads -$4.99 Ad Free Monthly Subscription -$24.99 Ad Free Yearly Subscription Subscription payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period Subscribed accounts will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal through your Apple app Account Settings after purchase.



  • Needs fixes

    By Linds VI
    App keeps changing my wage for one of my jobs. I can’t change it on the date and it’s correct in my wage set up. Very frustrating. Switching apps. Sorry I paid for this!
  • Nope.

    By NagelzBagelz
    After about a week of having this app and singing its praises, the app forgot who I was and anything I had reported disappeared. My email no longer existed in their system to do a reset or sign back in. Let’s just say I won’t be starting over in case it happens again.
  • Null explanation

    By miabolg
    Heard great views about the app but I cant even open the app without it immediately crashing. Thought it was a weird glitch on my phone so I tried to delete and redownload it and the same thing keeps happening.
  • Lost 4 years of data

    By sorrymsjohnson
    Lost 4 years of data with the newest update and the app crashed for months prior. Emailed them a month ago and never heard back. All done.
  • Used to be great, now disappointing

    By mb812222
    This app used to be my favorite! When I first started using it, it was amazing. The past couple months, it’s been really disappointing. Entering my tips used to take seconds, now it takes at least 5 minutes to make one entry. Every time I click on the add tips button the app crashes. Then I have to rewatch the videos and most of the time it continues to crash a couple more times before it finally takes me to the add tips page. I recently got a new phone, so I tried to utilize the remote backup function to transfer my 3+ years of tip data to my new phone. I have created a remote back up and tried to upload it on my new phone, now the app won’t even open up. It opens and says Tip See and then it crashes. Every single time. Only solution I’ve found is to delete the app and start over. But this still doesn’t fix the issue of getting all my data back in the app.
  • Not reliable

    By ZackToTheFuture
    App is not reliable. I’ve had information disappear and this app really crapped its pants transitioning into 2019. Didn’t seem to know there was 31 days in December 2018. If you entered information on Dec 30 or 31st in 2018 it would appear in Dec 2019. Deleting this app.
  • Lost 3 Years of Data

    By StevenFL24
    I’ve been storing 3 years of tips and all of a sudden last night all of them are gone, along with my backup files! Not happy about this at all. Done.
  • When it crashes, it takes everything down

    By monicalyssa
    I’ve used this app for a while now but anytime it updates or I update my phone, the app deletes all my saved entries. Luckily I send back ups to my email but even then that last back up was a few weeks back. It’s also a lot to re enter my tips manually from that back up. The local backups from manual and auto don’t work, nothing fills in. A lot of people I know use this but I’m tired of these bugs and will be switching to another app.
  • WTH

    By C*Bella
    I’ve been using this app for years to track my tips, I went to go enter my tips for the past weekend and all my information is gone. . . I’ve tried to import my backups and nothing is happening. . . I am beyond angry
  • Needs a lot of work

    By Secundinius
    The worst part is how I cannot track the last two days of the year because it automatically put that info on to the next year. It happened last year, I didn’t say anything, figured it would get fixed. Happened again this year. There is no way for me to add my information for 12/30 or 12/31. It automatically puts it on next year. This ignoring the complete data loss from an update a while back. I won’t complain about watching the ads for a free app because that’s just silly. But the last day(s) of the year bug is annoying.
  • Erased all saved data

    By SleepyyyMar
    Deleted all of my saved tips after not even a month of use!
  • Erased all my saved tips😡

    By marisajade29
    I loved this app at first, then went to enter tips and noticed EVERYTHING from the month of December was gone😡 I use this app religiously to track, and now have nothing. So angry. I used this before and loved it, but will now be going to a better app.
  • Good idea bad design

    By sean12749
    The best part of this app is the idea. The user interface is clunky and difficult to use, would like a better designer to make a better version.
  • Data erased

    By OD'd on AC/DC
    It auto updated and erased all my entries. This has happened more than once. Very slow app also.
  • Having recent trouble with Tipsee

    By Kelsoelektro
    I am unable to use features that made me fall in love with this app. Since recent updates my app is constantly crashing. I used to be able to use the graph feature to compare previous years tips to this year tips... I have been unable to open this feature for months. When clicking on certain things the app closes. I’ll sign back in and the same thing happens again. Unfortunate... I used to rave about this app to everyone. I don’t know what has happened?
  • Ads in the new update???

    By KSL1
    Been using TipSee for a long time. Just had an ad pop up on me when editing. Now I have to buy it to get rid of ads? Used to be a great tool. Real shame.
  • App quality has definitely decreased

    By ElizPittman
    I've been using this app for nearly 4 years, if not longer. In the past year its really gone down hill. About a year ago it updated its self and I lost all my information, luckily I had it backed up and I have it on a spread sheet in my email, but 3+ years is a long time to try to reenter especially with the new issue that has began. Now, every time you input your tips for the day it automatically shuts the app down. It saves the data but you have to reboot the whole app. If hate to go to different app,but I've been waiting about 2 weeks to see if this bug would be fixed and it still isn't. I check frequently for an update but no luck yet.
  • Keeps crashing

    By O0ohthatgirl
    Needs update, keeps crashing after putting in tips for the day!
  • Failed update

    By klccbw
    I have enjoyed the app but the latest update has caused my app to crash after inputting anything. Very frustrating
  • Please update!!

    By MMango21
    I really love this app. But sense the update it forecloses as soon as I input my info in. I go back to the app and its enter but still is super frustrating. Please fix and I will change my star rating.
  • Bartender Blogger Hates this app

    By heathermarief
    I am a bartender that also writes a bartending blog. I used to recommend this app on my blog and to my followers but the app crashes all the time and the $5 a month just to enter a tip is ridiculous. Will be switching to TipMule.
  • Update failure

    By nadeaum
    I’m app now just closes out after inputting my info and pressing add. It shuts right down every time now. I love the app but I’m frustrated with it after this update. Please help.
  • Keeps crashing

    By Joselg05
    After inputting a days worth of tips the app crashes. It didn’t do this before, now I think I need to find a new tip tracking app.
  • Tipsee

    By mimiluvdomo
    Best tracking tips~ thumbs up
  • Hope you have only one job.

    By Lwhgnjshshuu
    This is great if you work one job. Say you work two shifts at two different jobs- can’t input it (or it’s so unintuitive that I still haven’t figured it out). Say you work different jobs with different hourly wages. Too bad. It LOOKS like you can adjust job pay individually but it actually just affects all the data. Also, whenever I use this I get like fifteen emails after I close the app saying that my information has been backed up. Awesome. All my slightly incorrect information has been saved a million times. I even paid for the premium. I’ll just start looking for another tracker.
  • Love it❤️

    By Chippylovinme
    Really helps me keep track of my tips I made every month. I just started using it this month and it’s been very helpful. Love the app no ads no annoying buy features. Like I want to buy a house next year and this will help me keep up with money I make each month and this year!
  • iPhone X still can’t use

    By sandyh624
    It’s been almost over a year my iPhone X still can’t open this app, it used to be one of my favorite app
  • The best app ever!

    By Nathano96
    This app is amazing, super easy to use. Seriously a financial life saver! I just started in the service industry and everyone told me to download this app, stoked I did.
  • Stop with the prompts

    By flcx
    There are WAY too many prompts/warnings about logging into our Remote Backup account and about unlocking the Pro Features in a single session. If I use the app for about five minutes, I will see each of those prompts three times. That is simply obnoxious. You’re not going to make people want to pay for your app by constantly badgering them with a pop up box they have to exit out of. Also, I had to stop using the Remote Backup feature, because of course that was also horrendously buggy. I’d get like four emails every time I’d use the app. I needed it to stop.
  • Grade c-

    By # Planet Earth
    Looking forward to deleting this app.
  • Gone downhill

    By Hlandrews91
    I’ve been using this app for years. Unfortunately it’s gone down in quality and I’m very unsatisfied and will be switching to a new app. I never had any problems until there were all these new updates. Twice now I have lost all of my data! I use this information to do my taxes so I need a reliable way to log my info. Yes they added a feature to remote backup your info but when I did that I received what looked like an excel sheet of my data. Not usable at all... they have been nice and fixed my data the first time it was lost but in currently experiencing the same issue and it’s been 3 days without resolve. I hate to make the change but I can’t trust this app anymore.
  • Truly Amazing

    By Mfer12
    The app itself is GREAT! They have made many improvements over the years and it just keeps getting better. What could be better than the app itself? THE SERVICE! If you have any issue at all they respond quickly to your emails and do their best to resolve the issue. They will not quit until the problem is fixed. GREAT communication altogether. Great app, great developers. A+++
  • Get it together..should be simple

    By Jon-Scott Nielsen
    December 31, 2017 is a day you should be able to put in amounts
  • It’s nice

    By Elijahbear
    I love this app to keep track of my tips but it irritates me that it won’t let me sign into my account and and I updated the app and all info is deleted from the entire year!!!!
  • Another glitch

    By derekprelude2
    Tired of this app Trying to put nye tips in and will only put in 2018. Finding a new app
  • Do Not Update

    By Katlover08
    The 12/31/17 update wiped out my database.
  • Wow

    By ThoJos1103
    This app hasn’t been allowing me to use the summary page for the last week, and today I installed the update thinking this would be the fix and I opened the app to discover that everything was gone. Awesome.
  • Super helpful till it's not

    By TvWayne
    Used this app almost 3 years, pretty convenient, till all of the sudden, for no discernable reason it just loses all your info. It's the end of the year, I go on to add tonight's tips, the whole month is right there, enter tonight's and boom, it's all gone, this year, last year. And it hurts cause of how much this app makes you depend on them. If I can't get my info back somehow, I'm over it. Any recommendations for a better ie dependable one?
  • Excellent

    By Qui edge
    Just about all the associates in our business use this app and are very satisfied. They also have a great support team. The app had a minor issue and it was resolved in <48 hours. And it worked the first time.
  • Won't show me summary!

    By Vallemaritza91
    Love the app however every time I try to look at the summary it closes out
  • Deletes Your Entries When You Update

    By Greenie247
    Second Edit: The developer responded on this thread below my last edit review stating that they received an email from me on 12-08-17 where I said the problem was definitely with my phone and not the app and was signed Greenie K. That is FALSE. I have not sent an email since August 2017 when I needed help, in which my info was never correctly restored, I deleted the app in September and I would not sign email correspondence with my online review name, I would use my real name which is not Greenie and there is no K anywhere in my life. I hope your company just had a mixup and my email and personal info have not been compromised. EDIT: I received the response from the app developers and I stand by my initial one star rating. It's great that some of the users have been able to retrieve their data from the restore feature. However, I lost my data 3 times in about a year, and restore didn't put the correct info on the correct days. Losing info once is understandable, things happen, but 3 times in a year isn't dependable enough for my needs. I've used this app since fall of 2016 and I'm done. I thought the first two times that my data disappeared was my fault for possibly not backing the app up correctly. When I attempted to restore my entries, they were put onto incorrect days or the amounts were wrong, or both. I happen to drive by my bank and make a deposit almost every day (to avoid needlessly wasting cash) so I sat down with my bank statements and paystubs and spent 2 hours reentering my data for January through July. When I updated 3 days ago, ALL of my entries were gone again. Don't waste your time like I did.
  • Very helpful app for servers

    By Swimmingolive
    I've been using tipsee for 3 years and love it. It breaks your tips down into hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual income. I love that I can compare how busy one month was compared to the year before. Recently I had some problems opening the calendar feature but the tech support was very helpful and it was resolved quickly. Also, make sure you send yourself back ups of data. Overall I highly recommend this app!
  • I can't live without TIPSEE!!

    By Sherrein
    I have used Tipsee for over 3 years now and I swear I've made more money because of TIPSEE. It's soo easy to use and view how much I've per hour, day, month year. I can look back on my previous entries from the year before and see what days I should pick up or take off. I've been able to pay off my student loans, I'm happy to say because of Tipsee I am Debt Free and now saving for a house!
  • Great app

    By Setrovitch
    This is a great app for tracking tips and hours. I’ve been using it daily for a few years now. You can look back through history to see daily tips and leave notes as to what was happening on that date. If any issues arise, support is a quick email away. Response is always within a few hours. Love the app.
  • Support team

    By PharaohMeena
    I have been using this app for the last 4 years... Recently with the new update, it began to crash...I contacted the support team...they contacted me right away, and they even offered to give me the beta version of the app. It was much helped me prove my income to get a brand new apartment. Thanks again Cal. You guys are the best!!!
  • Stopped working

    By tico monge
    I used the app for almost two years and it was great, until a couple weeks ago it just stopped working and it doesn’t even open. Please help
  • App worked great before the update

    By Vipweez
    I have sent 2 emails over the last 10 days and I have yet to receive a response. My app won’t open after the last 2 updates. What can I do to get it back up and running? Please help! Thanks
  • Love it but after update I can't get on

    By Icarly2001
    Absolutely love this app. I've used it well over 2 years. There have been a few glitches here and there but still really like it. Worked at the same place 17 years and this helps me truly track the industry trends etc. Can't access it after the last update. A little disappointed. Honestly I dread updates with this ap because of the problems.
  • Newest update

    By Ariel z
    I use this app every day and it really helps me budget myself more accurately and keep track of what I make...but, I can’t even open it since this latest update. 😞