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Roomi - Roommates & Rooms

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Roomi makes it easy for you to find apartments, rooms, and roommates in major cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Seattle, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, Portland, Denver, Las Vegas, Toronto, Vancouver and London, with more cities coming soon. Using this roommate and apartment finder app, you can look for the most compatible roommates, rooms and apartments for rent. Finding and connecting with the right roommate is the biggest challenge when you move to a new place. Before you share your living experience with others, it is important to find the right place per your needs and expectations. Getting this app on your device is a must if you want to avoid the grueling process of searching for rooms and apartments for rent that fits your budget, lifestyle and offers a perfect living scenario. What’s the purpose of designing this app? Roomi offers you a one-stop environment where you simply need to enter your location from anywhere & anytime to get a long list of rooms, apartments, and roommates. Though it may seem easy to get settled in big cities, without using a room and roommate finder app, it’s not possible for you to connect with thousands of people who are renting their apartments to offer a great place for shared housing. How does it work? Roomi allows you to choose the safest, fastest and easiest way to move to big cities. What you need to do is simply type the name of the street, area, and city and get a list of thousands of verified listings. In addition, you can post your listings, which is also free. The built-in chat option makes this roommate finder app more popular and allows users to message with the right people in order to find the perfect roommate who shares similar interests and living habits. For the ultimate shared living experience get the app now and make your search for a new place stress-free. Roomi offers a variety of features to simplify your apartment, room and roommate search. Take a look at what Roomi offers: ● Accurate room listing details to ease your search. ● Easy chat & in app messaging with potential roommates to learn more about each other’s preferences. ● Hassle-free search & postings for rooms and roommates. ● The latest news and advice on renting, shared housing and roommates. ● Reliable customer care and 24/7 support. The quick and simple approach with Roomi is the reason for its popularity. To find your ideal living space, this room finder app is the perfect solution, for all your needs. This roommate and room finder app ensures your safety and provides great neighborhoods at affordable price ranges. Download Roomi App and let it handle your short & long term needs for perfect apartments, roommates, rooms, and sublets for rent. This app offers complete transparency and strives to provide affordable and flexible solutions to help you feel like home. For the savviest choices and the best experiences, get Roomi app to find the right home with compatible roommates. Questions or comments: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Press information available at:



  • Great app that just needs some tweaking

    By 2jp3
    Roomi charged me for a background check that they never did/processed. It did not go through because of an “error” on your app, but I was still charged $24.99 for it. I had to contact iTunes for a refund, and Although I do want to do a background check - I am afraid that I will be charged again without Roomi following on their end. Wish there was a filter that allows you to only see listings that do not require deposits. Also, I dislike that I have to constantly state where I’m coming from when I want to request a chat with somebody, same thing with how long I want my stay. I shouldn’t have to repeatedly put this info for every chat request.
  • Works well good to see faces, saves time

    By Briannabrianna
    Add ‘sort by date added’ feature please
  • No one was serious

    By momamazin
    I don't know if the ads are real people or if the accounts are old. I feel I was catfished to spend money on a service or two,like it would matter but it did not.
  • Apps is kind of annoying

    By mhatip82
    They have a nice looking app but these annoying pop-up messages about notifications are killing me. Every click there is a pop-up message.
  • Roomi Review

    By clpru
    It hasn’t worked for me so far. It’s probably a good service for young people. I don’t think it’s a good app for mature adults because if you say you’re wanting a business professional and quiet atmosphere. There is no respond for roommates. You have to pay for background check and to register your ID. The app keeps asking for you to upgrade to a better listing and that’s more money. In a day in my seat five or six people on the app.
  • Stupid

    By jskfibrbsirn
    This app seemed like it covered all the basics but when you go to chose a city, it doesn’t let you specify the state. There are multiple cities called Portland but not in the state I need them in and it is a pain searching to see if they are in the right place or not. You should be able to specify the state you are looking for/ posting a listing for.
  • Doesn’t work

    By Maddy0106
    I was unable to make a listing because the location doesn’t work in the app.
  • Not available in select cities

    By j3ffwang
    Cool concept but not available in a few major cities, including San Francisco.
  • Can’t even have all states involved

    By stormsimba
    I requested for Hartford CT to be added and you guys kept saying you don’t recognize the city... poor app waste of time downloading don’t do it! Only has like 10 cities to choose from.
  • Integrity

    By TheLabDude
    How can you be honest and have integrity if you’re not gonna be able to tell someone exactly what town you’re in when it’s not available it seems to me 40 miles from another major town someone would want to know for traveling purposes to and from work so I don’t understand why they don’t offer locations where they’re able to take your payment for a background check I’m not truly display your location as part of the process. Seems to me like they take $25 from you before you could establish where you live does not seem fair
  • So far so good!

    By Ipadphan
    Thanks for supporting older iOS (9) that was the deal-maker for me.
  • Worst customer service

    By Instagrow2018
    Downloaded The app, I started to use it and wanted to chat with other persons but asked to verify my a foreign person I have a foreign ID and I tried to upload it about 10 times, every single time the ID was's been in the month.I tried to reach the customer service but no one answered me until now, I wrote five times.
  • Best platform to het roommate ever!

    By GiustozziMauro
    I can only tell you to try it, and you can prove it for yourself my review.
  • Can I re-write my resend?

    By Need a roommate asap ok?!
    I’ve yet to find a roommate but! I did want to say that in my experience of writing to multiple people, I’ve been quite annoyed with this simple flaw in the app. When you message someone remember that that’s ALL you have a chance to write because they give them three days to respond. After those three days pass and you want to perhaps reach out to them again, it automatically “resends” what you’d already written. Doesn’t give you a fair chance of perhaps fixing a mistake that you might’ve selected incorrectly in the past or yknow... describe yourself in a better way than the first time around. It’s been really irritating and has made it harder for me to find a roommate I think.
  • Found a room in NYC!

    By ByteMastr
    Crikey mate, this Aussie just found the perfect pad for my new job in New York!
  • Great service, safe service, needs to get more listings!

    By Benjamin Mandel
    I able to find a sublet with in 4 days of using the app. Everyone is verified as actual humans with real listings for sublets which is invaluable. People were fairly responsive and everything was as advertised. The experience compared to craigslist is a dream. Only complaint is that there were very few listings in Manhattan. Brooklyn was well saturated though.
  • Creating account

    By VanessaNicoleR
    Unable to upload or take a picture of my drivers license. Logged off and back on & even deleted the app and added it again.
  • bugs

    By Liars for Hire
    Bugging in the app right now

    By sehoetonin
  • Worthless

    By bobiradze
    Piece of garbage. No one ever replys and the ones who reply are idiots who has tons of rules. If im renting a private room, i have a right to stay in my room as long as i want. What does it mean: you have to leave home during the day every day cuz some idiot works from home? I dont give a duck if he works from home or not. Got myself 1 bedroom apartment for the price of 1 private room in Craigslist. Craigslist is still the best. Roomi if i could give 0 star i would give. You asked to verify myself, my background check to which i spent money. Thats how they make money I guess.
  • Only useful in 26 cities

    By Otaku GenX
    Looks Ok from the first page then, useless. Nearest place is 14 hours by train. Build a better backend and database before releasing.
  • I love this app, wish they did push notifications

    By iMsBianca
    This app is almost perfect, all it needs is the notifications (banners, badge app) and it will get 5 stars. Found a lot of potential roommates with this app!
  • Great concept but

    By iamnotwriter
    They did very good job but I don’t understand having this much good quality App with so many small errors that any developer can understand and they haven’t changed those; seems like someone is not doing their job right. UI 8/10 App 5/10
  • Horrible

    By fhrhehehrurhdvrududidurhf
    They need to fix the ID upload . It does not work I have tired a number of different photos and still nothing work. It was a waste of time to download !!!!
  • So much lag

    By turtlework
    I can never tell if my messages have gone through which has cost me apartments as well as the opportunity to rent out my apartments. It’s a terrible app.
  • Too many bugs

    By 4m4nd41987
    Freezes all the time. Sends duplicate notifications. Needs to be fixed.
  • Ok

    By SwaggDaddyMo
    I honestly think the app is good and i do kindaaaa enjoy the app. The one thing that pisses me off and rates this a 1 star is because it’s insanely annoying to filter and look for specific boroughs but still have other places thrown in there that are not in the freaking borough you’ve selected which defeats the purpose of a FILTER. There’s no reason I’m putting harlem and getting places in the bronx and Long Island like wth this NEEDS to be fixed asap smh this is why I’m going to navigate to Trulia because it’s straight forward and to the point. I do like this apps format and great background checks on the listers but for this reason I rather deal with Trulia
  • Thorough but easy

    By Lovely K.
    Helped me find a roommate 2x!
  • Nonstop notifications

    By thfygnkyngdthfggdgkigfbhudf
    They ask you if they an send you notification every time you read a message, whether or not you say yes. When you are hopping back and forth between a bunch of messages it gets incredibly frustrating
  • App doesn’t work

    The website is pretty good, but the app just literally doesn’t work. Cannot see any messages, just get errors.
  • App Lives Up to the Hype

    By nadroj.t
    I’m writing this review from the comfort of my new apartment, that I was able to find via Roomi. The app is incredibly ideal: super clean, easy to use, and displays relevant information. I love how Roomi verifies you via multiple forms of identification. Although I didn’t use it, the “Instant Book” feature, it looks like a really useful tool, especially if you’re in a time pinch. The best part of the experience for me was I spoke to no more than 3 people on Roomi. Met up with the 3rd user. Loved her and the space. Applied, and was moved in within 6 days, right on October 28th. Brilliant.
  • Don’t get your hopes up... make this a last resort

    By Wolf Wynter
    Oversaturated! You can perfectly fit the mold of the type of roommate that someone is looking for and when you message them, they never get back to you. This would frustrate me in the beginning, but I had to tell myself that the reason is probably because the listers probably get dozens to hundreds of requests. It’s nice to look here, but if I’m ever looking again in the future, this would be my last resort. They say Craigslist is filled with scams (which I believe), but if you can ween them out, you may find something great. I made the mistake of using these new apartments search apps thinking I would find something and was very disappointed. I found a brand new renovated apartment on Craigslist within my first search. My lease is signed and I move in Oct 1st 2018.
  • Fake postings

    By postyyy maloneyyy
    Mostly fake postings
  • Needs improvement

    By Sabermoto
    This app doesn’t work for me. There’s no way to indicate which specific regions/towns/neighborhoods that you want to move to. This means a lot when you’re trying to find a place in a big city like the ones this app caters to. You are able to search for housing posts in a specific area but you can’t find roommates that also want to live in a specific area so finding roommates is hard because there are so many to filter through and you don’t know where people are looking at going unless they indicate in their description. You should also be able to make it so that the opposite gender cannot search you or message you...because some men on here apparently think this is a dating app...the thing I did like about the app, though, is the fact that you can indicate 420 friendly, which is helpful and progressive for this type of platform.
  • Good!

    By UrbanStudiesGeek
    I’d love to see more search features, for instance, preferred train/bus lines (like StreetEasy), south-facing windows, and distance from a certain address. Posters should be encouraged to post as many photos as possible and given suggestions on how to best show their place. Additionally, I’ve noticed many postings are inaccurate (it’ll say 2bed/1bath then in the posting the poster writes its a 3bed/1bath, or it’ll say “whole place” but will be for a single bedroom in a shared apartment). Lastly, this app will be great once more people are on it!
  • Very bad customer service

    By nri account
    Trying to get myself verified from a week, they reject it without reason. When I ask, they say they will contact another company that does verification. I get a notification from the app, but when I click, it goes no where.
  • Views = notification badge Please stop.

    By saymylastname
    I don’t need a notification badge for every curious person who views the listing. This will discourage me from listing more. Messages are sufficient.
  • Best app for finding roommates in SF

    By Rabigupta
    Find verified roommates in SF. Love the app. Worked for me :)
  • Very easy to use

    By Bosspal
    This app is very easy to use and I love the UI. Perfect for someone moving to New York City!
  • Boo yah! It worked

    By Rsb2334
    Listed my room. Received 15 request in less than 5 days. Great for finding a roomi or finding a room!
  • How?

    By 4F4469A3B
    How is this up and coming with 10 cities out of the entire US? And isn’t a city system a broken way of doing things with the US as large as it is? Rest of the world uses location tech. Keep up. Can’t use. Don’t bother unless you want to live in only a purely tv level known city.
  • Good amount of options

    By Henry432
    Solid options to choose from in terms of location and amenities. Most people got back to me right away. Love the built in roommate verifications.
  • Easy to use

    By Larry_west
    Glad to use a service that verifies the rooms! Glad I am actually talking to real people!!
  • Found my roommate!

    By Bageler738
    App was easy to use and efficient
  • Not enough places

    By Quicksilver7716
    Possibly a good App however it is completely unusable due to the limited amount of cities. Not available in my area.
  • Groups

    By koabal85
    Great concept but what if youre looking for more than one person to move?
  • Great app

    By laurenmarie88
    Easy to use. They made sure your profile was complete before posting it, so you knew more about others right away. I like that you can message for free and also select favorites.
  • Too much information to fill inform

    By wnakery
    No I think I doesn’t likes the app!! Very blocking for looking around! It seem keep a lot’s of informations! It is hard to figure out at the first time after download app. Then I have to delete it. I’m not sure is real!! Take a lot of informations. I just Be aware!!
  • Found a great roommate in NYC!! Would use again!

    By inlovewithNYC
    I moved in with my new roommate on August 1st and I love her! Honestly, it worked out so much better than I could have ever imagined!! We get along so well. I also used Roomi to find a sublet before finding my current roommate. Overall I had a great experience. I reached out to a bunch of people and about half responded back. I even had people reach out to me to be their roommate. Personally, I had better response rates on Roomi than I did on Craigslist. FYI, you don't have to pay for that background check - I too was confused about this but there is a way to opt out. The software people should make that clearer and not feel like you’re obligated to pay to use the app. I would absolutely use Roomi again if I ever need to find a new roommate. Very happy with my current living situation - it’s in a great location and with someone I'm compatible with!