Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-12-10
  • Current Version: 1.8.8769
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 137.16 MB
  • Developer: Zynga Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 203 599


Hit it Rich! Slots is the biggest collection of slot machine games based off of some of your favorite franchises! Follow the yellow brick road to Vegas in THE WIZARD OF OZ™ or fight the future with THE TERMINATOR™ slot machine. Hit it Rich! Slots has casino fun and mini games for everyone! Features: ICONIC GAMES – Spin slot machines featuring: - The Wizard of Oz™ - The Terminator™ - Ted™ - Ghostbusters™ - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory™ - Elvira™ - The Princess Bride™ - Mustang Money™ - Dragon Lines™ - Steve Harvey® - I Love Lucy™ - Marilyn Monroe™ FREE COIN BONUSES - Start Rich, and get Richer 10,000,000 FREE coins just for playing - Play Daily Bonuses and Bonus Games to make your wallet even fatter SHARE THE WEALTH - Connect with Facebook and send your friends FREE spins or FREE coins - Extend your stay when you play with friends! It’s fun, fast and easy VEGAS QUALITY & DESIGN - Head to the heart of Vegas with state-of-the art game design, graphics and sound - Each slot machine is lovingly recreated to look just like the real thing! BONUS GAMES GALORE - Play action-packed bonus games with HUGE jackpots! - Choose your destructor in Ghostbusters™ or test your fate with Freaki Tiki 2. There’s always a fun new game to play in Vegas! Facebook’s best slots game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini! Download today and start your slots journey! Additional coins available for purchase. Facebook: Facebook.com/HitItRichSlots Twitter: Twitter.com/HitItRichSlots ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: • This game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling. • The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. • Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service. • For information about how Zynga uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at http://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy. • The Wizard of Oz™ - THE WIZARD OF OZ and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Turner Entertainment Co. (s17) • The Terminator™ - The Terminator ©2017 Studiocanal S.A.S. ® All Rights Reserved. Ted™ - TM & © 2017 MRC II Distribution Company L.P. All rights reserved. • TM & © 2019 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory™- © and ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17) • Elvira TM & © 2019 Queen "B" Productions. All Rights Reserved. • The Princess Bride™ - © Princess Bride Limited. All Rights Reserved. • Steve Harvey® - Steve Harvey© 2017 Beautiful Day Productions LLC. “Steve Harvey” is a registered trademark of Steve Harvey. All Rights Reserved. • I Love Lucy™ - I LOVE LUCY and related marks TM & © 2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All rights reserved. Images of Lucile Ball & Desi Arnaz are licensed by Desilu, too, LLC. Unforgettable Licensing. • Marilyn Monroe™ - Marilyn Monroe™ and the Marilyn Monroe signature are trademarks of The Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC. Rights of Publicity and Persona Rights are used with permission of The Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC. Photo Bernard of Hollywood © 2017 Renaissance Road Inc. marilynmonroe.com



  • Hit it rich

    By never play 4 jackpot again
    I rate u a 0 off to great start 2 bonuses 27 and 37 can’t beat that for ur money . Ur games r a joke to game playing
  • Good games but,

    By Sadsam123,
    Games are good, but lately again trying to get bonus or win any contest or race. Is impossible! Unless you buy tons of tokens, good luck getting to play.
  • Hit it rich

    By Umm nisaa
    Great games
  • Points

    By what will work.
    You want this to be like a real casino so people will buy coins, how about letting us have all of the free spins and coins people send us like a real casino? I will never pay for coins if I can’t have the free ones before they expire. Thanks for fixing this issue
  • Hate

    By 12@5
    I hate this game cause now you can’t even stay up in bonus game cause I think people on here that don’t even play it’s rigged and your never get another dime from me you lose your coins so fast your just out for our money so goodbye forever
  • Tight cold game

    By Clive3883
    Take this advice from an avid top tier player, THIS IS A GAME this is NOT a slot machine or anything close to it and you would have had to have been dropped on your head a few times as a child to spend real money on this con job. since this is a game and Apple obviously does nothing to filter or stop it, the developers can and do create fake and or planted positive reviews along with creating the illusion that you are playing a live slot machine which again is impossible not to mention illegal. So you are left with two options, play this GAME for free or pay to be entertained-it’s your decision and your money. The reason I’ve never spent one penny on this is very simple, I’m not going to allow someone else to take control of my money (regardless of the amount) and then allow them to manipulate the outcome of a rigged game from the start. I do however have to commend the developers and or company for taking a chance that were enough simpletons out there to support this type of game. it appears their strategy has paid off as it’s quite oblivious there are plenty of sheep out there willing to fund this stupidity. After a while even though I may have accumulated a few billion “free” credits it gets boring when these games go into donation mode and all they do is drain your credits. I can only imagine the extreme frustration that sets in for those who actually pay real money just to watch it all go straight down the drain! I guess there really are people out there in the world with enough money to burn just for the thrill of it. Don’t fall prey to these common crooks just play free credits and call it day.
  • Game play

    By lisa spencer
    We really need a way to earn more coins
  • Continuous spinning

    By Choice 53
    When I tried to collect gifts, when I chose my gift of free spends, I didn’t get the spins, while playing Legends of New York, the game just spin and spin before it stops. It’s not my internet connection it’s in the game.
  • Hit it Rich

    By NavyGirl100
    Cheats you so much it’s pathetic. Don’t play cause they’ll just steal your money. The changes are terrible. You can spin 100 spins and win nothing. Cheats, cheats, cheats
  • Great game

    By ABFCE7
    Love this game, it’s got many choices to pick from.
  • Big kills

    By Razcalism
    Nice job, took 40billion. And not even a promo big win that was promised. E1 the more you make the harder it is to progress. They keep raising the stakes for you to even play their promo’s
  • Hit it rich daily game

    By yor smot
    It is joke! You need creat like betting category 5 which have max betting limits. Based on what is in the point/$ that you have as a player. Ie. I have $ 200,000 but I’ playing against $5,000,000,000,000 and a more big time players...? Look at your last winners all “high-rollers” yor smot
  • Please change back

    By lorenzo way
    What happened to my points did ap update and lost all points
  • Lawsuit coming?

    By Jack Mimble
    Hearing Zynga is about to face a lawsuit regarding fraudulent activity and the Better Business Bureau is to be involved!Its about time as somebody needs to take these thieves down!
  • Spins

    By misty blue eyes
    I don’t like that they have gotten rid of the counted spins. Now it’s either full on or one at a time.
  • Horrible so tired of loosing day after day after day

    By Philip 5555555555
    These positive reviews you see are because sometimes when you hit a decent win they ask you to review the game. Of course you are going to write a positive review after you won something. But what they don’t tell you is how you can spin HUNDREDS of times with no wins at all! I have played this game on and off since it began and I can honestly tell you if you want to play it is not free. You have to pay hundreds of dollars for coins and they are gone within minutes because you have to bet high for any jackpot qualification or to receive the tv, movie collection promotion. If you bet high you loose right away. These games are very greedy and these latest changes have been horrendous all under the guise of bigger better crap. Three hundred dollars worth of coins maybe can get you a half of day spinning, maybe, and betting high does not automatically gain you a big win if you hit the bonus round. It’s very frustrating when you bet high like a billion a spin and get two hundred million. This review is based on years of playing. Also when you first start you will win somewhat, however that changes very quickly. The developers have tightened this game even more since the latest update so beware, and they do not care that their loyal spinners over the years are really upset! So again, why start playing?
  • 👎

    By lgdsrubdth
    Freezes constantly. Can’t even play the game 👎👎👎
  • Tight

    By Echowarchetta
    Trying to accumulate points recently is liken to trying to fill a bucket with water that has a hole in it. Use to absolutely love this game
  • Great

    By Tillman10
    Game love it
  • Elvis forever and beyond 💕

    By Trazor❤️
    Loving Elvis tunes while I play❤️
  • Gary

    By Gary #1
    I am so much done with trying to get ahead with this game. I seriously think that they want your cash, that may allow you to succeed. I’m close to deleting this game and look for another way to get entertainment. I know you don’t like read negative comments but your game stinks. I spent 2 BILLION points to attempt to complete a challenge and fell short (ridiculous).
  • Hit it rich

    By Jeskue
    I spend so much money playing both of your games wizard of oz but I’m the idiot for doing it but I just think we’ll I’m going to win enough to play for a while cause I do like your games but as of today I’m not going to waste my money on you I know you hear this over and over and you could care less I have had quite a few friends stop playing your games and if enough of us would stop these two games would end up like black diamond not enough people to play that game you weren’t making any money so you pulled it I know you have to make money and you do a ton of it listen people if and when you get tired of not winning on these games let’s take a stand and quit complaining and stop playing and watch what happens it will take a while but they will end up like just like there other game black Dimond or keep playing but don’t spend a penny no matter what and they will start to fill it just play and collect free tokens there are so many other games out there that are just as fun to play and if you want spend money on them but we’re the ones that have to make a difference or don’t complain and waste money and never win enough to really have fun the only ones that really wins are the people that have spent so so much money and they will always be the ones that wins me I’m tired of not winning hardly anything so let all your friends know tell everyone play for free and let’s see what happens remember no one would spend money on black Dimond witch was there game and it went under I give this game 0 stars for being cheap
  • Great

    By Warrior 2020
    Great games
  • Free spins

    By sarahlynn68
    Good afternoon,just wanted to state something about receiving free spins.I don’t think it’s right to limit our free spins bc if we don’t use them the next day they expired so why can’t we use our spins without y’all limiting us
  • Player

    By Loser of this game
    I don’t know what y’all did but. Kay every day & in the last couple of weeks this game has gotten terrible. You can’t get bonuses on any of the games. I went from billions to a hundred thousand.
  • What What! Awesome games

    By T-5teph
    I’m hooked. I’m a daily player. A large variety of games to choose from. Go play to see for yourself
  • So frustrating but I’m hooked

    By cidsgirl
    It really is mindless fun! I do love when the randomly multiply our total credits that amazing. The only negative thing I can say about Zynga is I wish the games were looser. Cidsgirl
  • Hit it Rich

    By stuart woods sr.
    Fun game. Bet big and win big!
  • Not happy gamer

    By Dirtbikin
    Don't get enough points to play . Don't win enough to keep playing . They must know I don't buy points so they are trying to get rid of me. Getting boring loading free points just for a couple spins. Time to delete game and find a new one that pays better so I can play for awhile. Well I won a little back and then the game kept dropping off. When it came back on the bet amount some how automatically raised itself so I would loose my points pretty sneakily. Now I can get enough points to play..
  • Thank you!

    By Happykathk
    Have really enjoyed these games. I was in the middle of free spins and something went wrong. When I logged back in the credits I earned were saved. Thank you so much😊
  • Tight slots

    By Hoefull
    Great job with slots but wins are few to advance you so takes the fun out of it. So won’t play much ,20 billion is a lot to go backwards . This morning June 8, tried the daily rush contest again in a long time, had 27 minutes to play before it ended. Showed I was in first place but it kept adding minutes more then usual and thought it strange. It always stopped you when the daily game was over. But when it ended showed me in first place with the new daily game. So never got my winnings and it does not show who won the game . Been disappointed in the changes.
  • Facebook will not let me play hit it rich

    By Mike 1947###
    I’ve been with HIRich for years and spent hundreds of dollars. Now it wants me to connect with Facebook again... it seem to be locked up... What’s going on?????
  • Game

    By 8Sweethearts
  • No Win Beauty

    By JMH, gambling fool!!!
    Need to change your name to, No Bonus, No Big Win, or maybe just Always Broke 🤔🤔🤔
  • Fix the fricken game so it quits cheating

    By lje5870
    Why is when you hit the stop button it only stops after a winning spin passes. I hit the stop button and 10 seconds later it stops after a bonus or big win passes then the next time I hit it it stop within 2-3 seconds just before a big win or bonus. I know the games is meant to be fun but when you want us to buy coins to play then you need to fix the fricken game.
  • Bad odds

    By jdb1961
    Had over 90 BILLION coins. They did an update and the odds are so bad I have none left from trying to complete the challenges. When you spin over 100 times with zero payout it stops being fun. I deleted the app
  • Make the games easier to win

    By snopy jr
    You give me coins it but you take them right away come on let me stack them up
  • Beyond annoying

    By Brandiboo319
    Every time I collect my daily bonus the game encounters an error and restarts. After it restarts my coins are gone but the game registers that I collected the bonus. What a scam. UPDATE: it’s still happening, I thought it was a one time thing and it just continues to happen.
  • Thief’s

    By martinsandy1
    That’s all there is to it.
  • So dissatisfied

    By 2blackcats434
    Your lucky duck games are horrible... get all but the bonus. Nope go thru tons of money no bonus, but buy coins pops up...tired of your money hungry ways, want to win... just keep buying coins... nope I am not supporting you
  • Ohhhh, yeah!

    By Mddddddddddddddddddatf
    If you are looking for that distraction, you need to pace yourself, you can spend the money wisely and bid low if it’s just for the distraction. I’ve lost people too like the last player wrote, and sure they need to make money, but it’s a good lesson in letting go, sometimes I come in just to collect gifts and bonuses and I have won jackpots, and races, but I don’t try to break the bank doing it! I love that the hosts are gracious and actually try to improve their service based on them. I get irritated when I’m held up by a duck video, but as annoying as all those pop ups are, I’m sure their sponsors foot a large part of their operating system. If you have spent enough money to have bought a car, or take a nice vacation, you’re doing it wrong. These are not the only games out there, I play quite a few. When I’m winning and having fun, I ride that wave; if I’m losing horribly, I move to another beach for awhile. Over all, if it wasn’t entertaining, we wouldn’t be here! Thanks for the delightful distraction - Hit it, but you don’t really think you’re gonna get rich do you? BTW, I let my Mom who is dying of cancer play my games, it’s a great distraction for her as well.
  • Fort WallyWally

    By FortWallywally
    Not fun anymore someone has messed up And did wrong in improvements should Loose their pay get new implooyees and Quick
  • Great game and prizes

    By Slot player2
  • Casino slots great

    By studbubbles38
    Some of the games
  • Locked games

    By Purple Reign 1983
    How is it possible that games I have unlocked r locked again. This is not fair. I unlocked sex in the city and frank sinatra. Now it is going to take a while for me to UNLOCK AGAIN. I spend a lot of time and bought a lot of coins to unlocked these games.
  • Why is it wanting to update and Charge me

    By omg i cant belive this
    After playing for years I can’t even get to the games it ask me to update . Thin wants my Credit Card info to charge me. I have always played for free since when do I have to pay?
  • Great game

    By Jessebof82
    Fun slots.
  • Tired

    By Mastervader1980
    Like game but I’m tired of failures. I’m supposed to get bonuses for collecting cards or other things and if I don’t get it and report it I don’t get a response. Or what happened just now where I tried to submit and issue and even though i filled out the form entirely it some how would not even submit. 🙄 “great customer service” is a lie
  • Tired of losing

    By Court66Carter
    So this is I’ve tested this over and over. If you bet small amounts the payouts are a tad more freaquent. If you bet 2mil to 40mil a spin then payouts aren’t as frequent. One time I had 6 billion and started betting 100K a spin. It literally didn’t hit once when I bet high. Not once. I’ve bought into this game to support developers and enjoy the game. I honestly love this game but will not let myself play a game that is such a constant loss. I honestly have better luck in Vegas. At least there I get comps and cash lol I’ve bought into this game a very good amount of times and honestly would have kept doing so if it was a constant loss. I’m done with purchases with this game and thank you for the experience.