Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter

Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-12-11
  • Current Version: 7.4.201
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 331.67 MB
  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 454 762


The best bubble shooter game! Blast bubbles, save baby pandas! Play now for free! Plan your every pop to rescue cute baby pandas! An evil baboon has kidnapped & trapped precious panda pups in the jungle. Blast, match, and pop bubbles to help beat him & return the cubs to their worried mother! Work your way through increasingly challenging puzzles and employ the power of the elements to help you in your Panda Pop quest. Use epic bubble shooter power ups to free the pups… combine them for even greater effect! FEATURES: 2000+ levels with uniquely challenging obstacles Check back often for new events and free rewards Use power ups to make smart moves Match 3 bubbles & fill lanterns to create supercharged matches PLUS: This game is social! Connect to Facebook & play Panda Pop with friends! Enjoy special rewards & events all the time! Connect seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms! Get poppin' on your iPhone or iPad today... LIKE: On Facebook to get the latest news and rewards! FOLLOW: @playpandapop SUPPORT: Please Note! While Panda Pop is free to play and enjoy, some in-game items and functions can be can be purchased for real money. If you don't want this option enabled, please disable in-app purchases. DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Chart-topping hits include Cookie Jam, Sugar Smash: Book of Life, Juice Jam, Genies & Gems, and so many more! Check out our other free match 3 puzzle games! You'll love to swap, match, and crunch through ever expanding levels and events. Check back often to see all the new candy, cake, and sweet treats that we've added! You'll love to crush through each sweet puzzle. Begin your adventure on one of our free match three puzzle games today!



  • .

    By .sanmm
    Great game but the bubbles change color as I’m throwing them and it changes to colors that I can’t use and makes it harder to beat the level
  • Great but format doesn’t work with phone

    By xhennet
    I love this game. It’s as simple as that. But I have the newest iPhone X and it doesn’t fit my screen properly, the game is zoomed in and I’m unable to close out pop ups or select anything therefore I’m always forced to close the game and restart. Super annoying
  • I love panda pop! 😄😃🤗

    By margoferrill
    Panda pop is amazing-challenging and a free fun game!!! You should totally get the app because you can be mature or crazy while playing the game...amazingly impressive game!!! Age:10. Grade:4th Sincerely, Leita Clark
  • Good but new update is annoying

    By Amtf2191
    I really like this game and am somewhat addicted. However, the newest update changed the super aim and made me so annoyed. Instead of the bubbles lighting up with the super aim, there’s a jagged predicted bubble line that shows where it should go and isn’t accurate at all. I liked the dotted color line and the highlighting the color bubbles. This change has made me slow down playing and using that feature since it frustrates me. It’s not one of the first games I go to when bored now and it makes me want to stop playing soon. Also there are some glitches where the bubbles about to be thrown change colors. This happened before the update. I would have a green or any other color and I would throw it only to realize it changed to blue or something other than green. That was really frustrating as well. Makes me rethink the game...
  • Not terrible

    By Ccrushnomo
    Graphics are nice. Game play really blows. Deleted the game at level 230 when you have exactly 10 balls and 6 different colors in the iPhone version. Oddly enough, all of the solutions on the web start that level with 12 balls, go figure. Developer is just lazy as there are many levels with no strategy at all, you just keep playing until by pure blind luck you get the right colored balls to finish a level. Many better games available, I’d skip this one
  • Lots of fun

    By L.Roy74
    Really like the game it’s lots of fun.....
  • Glitch in game.

    By termite 33
    The last 5 times I have played the game it shuts down on me. I get right to the point where I can win the level and off it goes. I have wasted 100’s of coins. What’s going on??!

    By OnceinaLifetimeWoman
    Almost every time an ad plays, the game crashes and has to be restarted. It keeps on freezing up and the levels have to be replayed no matter how very close you are to winning the level. I don't mind the ads, but they should not cause the game to freeze up and then crash. The ad that causes this game to crash each time is the Billionaire Casino Slots 777 ad. Please fix.
  • Have to pay to win later levels

    By MissZoeMae
    This game was super fun but after a while you literally can’t win without buying special objects because of how the later levels are set up. Disappointing but not surprising.
  • Being playing this game over 4 years now still love it

    By Sharmane t
    Let’s go panda pop I’m still playing panda 🐼 pop everyone
  • Fun way to pass time.

    By BaseballRodeo
    Great game when you're stuck waiting somewhere. You can stop play and puck up where you left off hours or days later.
  • Alaiha

    By ashianced7
    Sweet Last name is lundin

    By YaManzenem
  • Keeps crashing, can't even play

    By Ms Mexi
    I am done. Unable to play for over a year even after installing all updates. It continuously crashes and loses my lives. Extremely frustrating. Uninstalling!
  • Warning!

    By emmjaykay
    One word: ADDICTING!!
  • Game player

    By DownTownJudy Brown
    Awesome game love to play almost every day I have all my friends and family members playing too.
  • Game doesn’t fit screen

    By Kkkkenzzie
    The game is out of my screen space on my iPhone XR
  • No more

    By Extintion
    I’ve had enough of your shenanigans give me colors I need or I will file a complaint and sue y’all for pain and suffering because this is way to unbelievable
  • Live thus game

    By Mgny3
    Fun and challenging
  • Animecatgirlmeow

    By noctis+prompto
    Could use more challenging levels
  • Panda Pop

    By Naiya O
    This game is awesome!!! You guys should download it!🤩😊
  • Game problems

    By oldladypanda
    What is with this game all of a sudden. The super aim stops before it gets thru all the open spaces and I was playing the super swap and used all four then when the screen cleared, the only ball I could see to play was the one she holding. What a cheat!!!
  • levels

    By Londypancakes
    i am currently on level 519 , i’m not deleting the game only because i got that , but the levels ya’ll claim to be “ hard “ are not hard we just don’t get enough bubbles and i don’t receive awards like i use to on the game😔
  • Good time

    By goo goo dollywood
    Enjoyable to let off some steam!!!!
  • Rho

    By lala rho
    I’m addicted.
  • Great game

    By hissychrissy
  • Favorite Game!

    By soulmusiqluva
    I’ve been playing this game for a few years, and if I had to ask for any changes — it would be to have more opportunities to earn rewards in order to advance to higher levels. Some levels take me weeks to move beyond and I lose patience.
  • Kalaysha lawrence

    By sistaOsoul
    This is my favorite game it’s fun it doesn’t freeze up it’s fun and addicting it’s good for little kids and big kids and adults it keeps your brain going this is one of the best games I have ever played other than tina bubble pop game from toys and me
  • Pooh

    By W4djf
    Habit forming!!
  • Amazeballz

    By Lovemysavior77
    Addicted for a few months now. Always something new and different sections and levels and prizes to help you out.
  • Panda Pop

    By Tehonil
    Relaxing and rewarding
  • The display is larger than new XR screen?

    By Bugs2003
    Is this being addressed, rather a pain as I can not see the edges to bounce balls off them correctly. I have latest update!
  • Great game!

    By Rewritegirl17
    Lots of fun
  • Review.

    By fedup127483
    I used to love this game. I made it all the way past level 680. But since I don’t spend any money within the game, my success is sabotaged. For example, I’ll have 1 panda left to save and I’ll need 1 green bubble to make that happen, I’ll have 8 bubbles left and all of a sudden they’ll change from multiple colors to all blue. Also when using the super aim, I’ll line the bubble up to a certain place and it won’t go anywhere near the selected place. I used to just put up with things, because I love the game, but enough is enough. I finally deleted it today. I’m just so sick of it.
  • Bluekid

    By BigDick6623
    I love this game
  • Fun for young and old

    By SunnyT54
    Super cute and easy game to play and have fun with.
  • Customer service non existent!!!!

    By pbean55
    I had reached a high level when my game started to continue crashing. I ended up back at level one. I sent two reports on support and received back a generic email that I’d be contacted back within 72 hours. Never heard back. Checked my junk mail too. No response. Very disappointed.
  • Good until level 60+

    By Livinsharknados
    It’s honestly a good game until you get to level 60+. After level 60, they start getting near impossible to do without buying micro transactions. Shame on you panda pop
  • Super hard

    By Sanaz. Farhadi
    Not good game
  • Panda Pop

    By Ms. Reea
    I Love Panda Pop, I enjoy this game very much and appreciate that we can download it for free. I play this game maybe too much but I just Love this game.
  • Panda Pop is not Allowing My Facebook

    By DocBlackHawk
    This was my favorite game, and it is a wonderful game. However; my Facebook is not working on this game, yet it works every where else! Customer Service is not very good about responding. I have paid a lot of money into Panda Pop and stopped using it for six months. (Not because of the game or the Producers.)
  • Panda pop

    By Kady5
    I am addicted. Love this game. Pat k.
  • Panda pop

    By jillsiepoo11
    So easy to play anywhere and it’s always challenging I’m addicted!
  • Lv it

    By Dtcoghill
    I like the Strategy you have to use in order to free all the pandas. It’s a fun app and I highly recommend it
  • Fun stuff

    By Crookedbreeze
    I’m sure it’s going to get harder as it gets older but it’s a great distraction from all the other going on,s
  • Bugs

    By coqui792
    For the last month I have had to delete and reinstall the game every 2 days. I will attempt to open the game and get kicked off. Why is this happy?! 😡
  • Panda Pop

    By C See
    Fun game!!!
  • Panda Pop

    By Mem P.
    I love it and I’m addicted to it
  • Fun game

    By Username choosen
    Mildly addicting