• Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2013-11-26
  • Current Version: 4.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 136.13 MB
  • Developer: Mega Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 966


MEGA provides user-controlled encrypted cloud storage through standard web browsers, together with dedicated apps for mobile devices. Unlike other cloud storage providers, your data is encrypted and decrypted by your client devices only and never by us. Upload your files from your smartphone or tablet, then search, store, download, stream, view, share, rename or delete your files any time, from any device, anywhere. Share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time. The encryption process means we cannot access or reset your password so you MUST remember it (unless you have your Recovery Key backed up) or you will lose access to your stored files. End-to-end user-encrypted MEGA video chat allows for total privacy, and has been available through the browser since 2016. It has been extended to our mobile app, with chat history accessible across multiple devices. Users can also easily add files to a chat from their MEGA Cloud Drive. MEGA offers a generous 50 GB free storage for all registered users with bonus achievements, and offers paid plans with much higher limits: PRO LITE subscription: €4.99 (US$4.99) per month or €49.99 (US$49.99) per year gives you 200 GB of storage space and 1 TB of transfer quota per month. PRO I subscription: €9.99 (US$9.99) per month or €99.99 (US$99.99) per year gives you 1 TB of storage space and 2 TB of transfer quota per month. PRO II subscription: €19.99 (US$19.99) per month or €199.99 (US$199.99) per year gives you 4 TB of storage space and 8 TB of transfer quota per month. PRO III subscription: €29.99 (US$29.99) per month or €299.99 (US$299.99) per year gives you 8 TB of storage space and 16 TB of transfer quota per month. Subscriptions are renewed automatically for successive subscription periods of the same duration and at the same price as the initial period chosen. You can switch off the automatic renewal of your MEGA PRO subscription no later than 24 hours before your next subscription payment is due via your iTunes account settings page. To manage your subscriptions, simply click on the App Store icon on your handset, sign in with your Apple ID at the bottom of the page (if you haven't already done so) and then click View ID. You'll be taken to your account page where you can scroll down to Manage App Subscriptions. From there, you can select your MEGA PRO subscription and view your scheduled renewal date, choose a different subscription package or toggle the on-off switch to off to disable the auto-renewal of your subscription. For more info, please check our website: https://mega.nz/ Terms of Service: https://mega.nz/terms Privacy Policy: https://mega.nz/privacy



  • Fix bugs

    By tcastro918
    The app would mess up and not load also the screen would go black and and it wouldn’t work
  • Descarga en segundo plano

    By noonmaster69
    Mega es una buena aplicación, pero le falta algo que la hace única lo cual es la descarga en segundo plano, lo que realmente espero que incorporen ya
  • Question for the Devs.

    By Hahahahahahahahajahja
    So I have 4th cloud space and it seems the system is calculating everything wrong. Says I’m currently at around 3.5tb and after I added up everything myself it only comes out to around 2.2tb. Is there something I can do about this? If I’m paying for X amount of space and I can’t use that space because the app isn’t working properly then I’m not sure what I’m paying for exactly.
  • Question for the Devs.

    By Hahahahahahahahajahja
    So I have 4th cloud space and it seems the system is calculating everything wrong. Says I’m currently at around 3.5tb and after I added up everything myself it only comes out to around 2.2tb. Is there something I can do about this? If I’m paying for X amount of space and I can’t use that space because the app isn’t working properly then I’m not sure what I’m paying for exactly.
  • Space problem

    By Aliyacchh
    I loved this app but in start I enjoyed 50 gb space but when I download again they give me only 30 plzz increase space
  • It's good but one thing

    By jwheisnavsibs
    It won't let me save videos and picture's when someone sends me a file link and I want to save something. I've been retrying to re-save the thing but it isn't working and it says its saying but It isn't saved.
  • Sharing Extension

    By Craigwd_2000
    Everything else works as expected except for the fact that the Sharing Extension which allows for downloadable files to be uploaded directly to Mega doesn't seem to always work right under iOS 9.3.5. My device is a First Generation Wi-Fi White 32 GB iPad mini too. The web browser which your Sharing Extension currently has issues with is the final build of Chrome for iOS 9 too. Please fix this bug and I will even generously add another Star to my review too.
  • ...

    By DoubleChanceAss
    It says I should open up to MEGA app and when I press it. It goes to the App Store, but I already downloaded the app! Please for the love of god go to the APP, not the APP STORE.
  • Buena

    By omnv012
  • So bad

    By Guilherme1312
    Very bad u guys are making us download this app and I can’t f use it, I got an iPhone, when I click open with the app it dose the open anything it just bring me to the apple store again and again.
  • 👎👎

    By crnhskr25
    The app won’t let me login😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Thank you

    By bakerbot564
    So thank you
  • Download “stops” when using other app

    By niko_dej
    As the title suggests, downloading stops even when using a browser. I don’t have this problem before. I could use apps and the download is still running in the background. Now I have to keep the Mega app open all the time just to finish my download. Please fix this!
  • Nice but it needs some fixes

    By Majd_1
    On my iPhone Xs max the app doesn’t work when the screen is off Please fix it as soon as possible
  • Issues

    By ironsides137
    After the latest update my files do not load anymore, I have tried different settings and still nothing. Even when I try to upload new files, they still won’t load when I open the folder. I have lost almost 20 GB’s worth of files because they won’t load or download.
  • No Follow Up of My disappeared ID!

    By MelodiesListener
    This app delete my account. All of data that I uploaded since the first time this Mega was launched is gone. Recently when I tried to save an article to Mega app I got an error message that said either my ID or my password was not correct. So I tried again after I looked at my notebook where I always write my IDs and passwords. But I still got the same error message. Even after I entered my recovery code I still couldn’t log in. I have logged and saved files to this app successfully within a few weeks before this incident. Later I wrote en email to Mega Support and I got an automated machine response. It said one of their consultants would reply as soon as possible but they have never replied at all even after I sent a follow-up email. Later I tried to make a new account with the same email address and guess what the Mega App accept the same account ID. Usually, an app won’t accept a new ID if it has already present in the system. That’s why I know that my account has been erased.
  • Really wish we didnt have to pay

    By Tierrr
    I love this app and I use it for editing (Downloading giveaways and scenes) but i can’t download anymore because of the fact that we have to pay for plans just to download a simple video. I know that you guys have to get money somehow but this is just ridiculous
  • I can’t get it back!

    By Helpme47!!
    I was trying to download something to my camera roll that I added to this app and now I cannot download anything or send anything to my camera roll. I worked hard on the projects i put in MEGA and now I cant get them back because it says “Depleted transfer quota” If there is a way to fix this please let me know so I can get the projects I uploaded back.
  • Keeps crashing

    By Marla Sing3r
    Last update keeps crashing on login. I have to uninstall and reinstall to make it work. Please, make it work again!!
  • Small glitch but it’s great

    By john of sweden
    It’s a great app but I found whenever I try to use a browser extension site on the phone it takes me here instead of the actual app which I do have, besides that annoying thing there but it’s great at what’s its suppose to do
  • Stupid app

    By Alyssa⛸
    This is probably the worst app I have ever downloaded, it never works
  • :/

    By Donii1092
    The videos don’t open at all. It’s nerve wrecking for me, I was really excited to finally be able to watch something but nooope. Not working. Please fix the issue :(
  • Only Data

    By Rokko25
    I love mega but unfortunately isn't working with my wifi, it will only work if im using my data idk whats going on :(
  • Crashes on login

    By Tanner Kell
    Crashing as soon as I login to my account. Other than that great app
  • Fantastic (updated 2019)

    By radloot
    (Update) Since I first gave a review, MEGA has gotten even better. The desktop client is excellent, browser interface is great. Overall a much more fluid experience. However, the Android app is still better, simply because of the ability to quick-scroll in the photo gallery (on iOS you cannot for some reason). I’m curious if there is a reason it doesn’t have it. I really don’t understand why this isn’t part of the iOS version. That alone is my only current iOS feature request. Other things I’d like to see: 1. As for overall, upload speed for me is usually under 1MB/s for some reason. Increased speed somehow would be a major plus. 2. In the browser, I’d love to see a gallery mode (like the one on mobile) sorted by date/day. 3. Also in regards to a gallery mode, it would be awesome to be able to sort it to see only videos, for example. Thank you for your continued great work MEGA. — Previous review: Really excellent app and service. I’ve tried a few other encrypted, privacy-minded cloud companies, but the others are either outrageously expensive or very slow. MEGA isn’t quite as fast as non-encrypted competitors, but functionality is quite close. The photos tab is the best among the encrypted services (some don’t even offer that). I do have some things I’d like to see, though: 1. Gallery view toggle/enable for all folders 2. Some sort of quick/fast scroll in photo viewer. And potentially some way to jump to different months or years. If you have a lot of photos, it would take an eternity to scroll normally down to 2011. 3. Improved fluidity (again, mostly related to viewing photo gallery) - it’s good, but it stutters a little In any case, I will likely be subscribing soon! Thanks for the hard work and keep pushing.
  • Dont work

    By twitter.com/djuiceman
    Dont work on iOs 9. Application down after i try to login. Please restore old version for iOs9.
  • Bug

    By 5secsinsta
    The app keeps freezing and not letting me tap on stuff. I don’t know if this is just a bug or what but it won’t let me tap on anything when I open it. If there’s a way it could be fixed that would be great. Otherwise, I love the app <3
  • Loop

    By Infernogaming
    Great storage app and a great site. My one problem is that after a video ends it closes it and you have to wait again for it to load other than that fantastic app.
  • Why app keeps crashing

    By Ticonci
    It keeps crashing on iPhone 7
  • Yemen

    By Ali-Dahan
    تحت التجربة
  • Developers pleAse read!

    By asapchy
    This app is amazing it helps me very much the only thing that’s annoying is the fact that we have to pay for extra storage space. I’m a teen,14 to be exact. And I don’t have money to pay for extra space and my family will not pay for it. I’m basically saying that it would be nice if we didn’t have to pay for extra storage but I understand that you need to make a profit.
  • Great!

    By brunnolsr
    Please add compatibility with Files app I want to move many things to the app and I can’t because there is no option to do it.
  • Add background downloads

    By Bgbq888
    Please add a feature that allow us to download videos pics etc while the app is in the background. Its outrageous to think that I should keep the app open when my phone is an iphone x where an oled screen would suffer burn in if I let it open for so long. In short, add a feature that allow transfers to continue when the phone is in the lock screen. My review is going to be 5 stars as soon as that feature rolls in. Thanks for reading.
  • Love it when it works

    By damiframa
    Awesome app but when i come across a link on Facebook for a MEGA link and i click it it redirects me to the App Store please fix this
  • Stuck logging in

    By 12hourdrive
    Please fix. This won’t let me log in. Just spins a loading wheel
  • F

    By YellowDarkness
  • Do not use this app!!!! They’ll delete your files!!!!

    By Bullshznit
    I got this app because it was free and because I needed storage space. After a month they came and threatened me saying unless I bOught a plan of theirs then they were deleting my pics and files!! What a joke! This app is complete bull. DO NOT LOSE YOUR-IMPORTANT FILES LIKE I HAVE
  • Quits working all the time

    By str33tcarnameddesire
    I have to delete and reinstall the app a couple times a week because uploads just quit working.
  • Que buenos zeldas me pasan aquí

    By grasaxd
  • Cannot upload manually from iPhone

    By Youonlyarenejtls
    The app was great at first but suddenly 2 months from now, there is I cannot upload manually from iPhone anymore. Extremely frustrated!
  • Good

    By DJ_DeepBlueEyes girl
    Ik the app is good, but I can’t rlly figure out how to use it. I can’t figure out why it won’t let me watch a video I downloaded on to it from another person who uses Mega.
  • Won’t download video

    By PAC!!!
    I’ve increased my iCloud storage but mega keeps saying the file I’m trying to download is bigger than my available space which is incorrect. The file I’m trying to download is only 2GB. I have over 48GB remaining. Also when I try to play video through MEGA it won’t load properly and the video just continues to buffer indefinitely. Please fix this.
  • Invalid Password

    By VahidMoshiri
    No matter how i try, changed my pass twice, works good on desktop, but can't login on app, always get invalid user/pass error.
  • Crash

    By david la rosa
    I can’t login in my account.
  • Who else uses this only to read Jojo?

    By Ace of Wolves
    Makes it easy to read on the go.
  • I have a question

    By Aria✨
    The mega app is super good right now! But I have a question, since my pictures are on the mega app, if i delete it would it be deleted on the mega app?
  • It was okay

    By appreviewer12340720389
    I was trying to import one video to a file and it kept saying my storage was full, I had imported 9 other videos but I deleted those i don’t know why after I deleted the 9 other videos it still wouldn’t let me play that ONE video, and it was super slow. Overall it wasn’t the best.
  • App doesn't open

    By JeffMurnahan
    App doesn't even open for you half of the time. Fire whoever is working on your app and hire someone who knows what they're doing
  • Crash

    By elirs75
    Too crash on start Keeping problem after install 3 times