FOX Sports GO

FOX Sports GO

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2013-10-01
  • Current Version: 4.6.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 70.69 MB
  • Developer: FOX Sports Interactive
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 44 549


FOX Sports GO is the best place to watch live sports and your favorite hometown teams from your FOX Sports Regional Network. With FOX Sports GO you can watch local sports and original programming, from anywhere. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the FOX Sports GO app on your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV gives you the best seat in the house. Take FOX Sports GO wherever you are and watch hundreds of LIVE sporting events, including: • MLB • NBA • NHL • College Football and Basketball • High School Athletics FOX Sports GO Is free to download. All you need to do to watch is sign in with your TV Provider credentials. *NOTE: You need to receive these channels in your TV channel line-up in order to watch them in FOX Sports GO. Some channels may not be available for every TV Provider. ***We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices and to opt-out, see www.aboutads.infl/choices. You may also download the App Choices app at This app features Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information.



  • Mari na H S

    By Marina. Grampa
    Its true there is bugs during a telecast but without your. App We would have missed the Southern Section C I F Football Championship. Game between Muir. HS and. Marina HS Marina won its first. CIF. title. I gave the app four stars and I know you will work out the bugs so keep up the good work
  • Replays are generally not available.

    By sudsxyz
    Not what I expected. My tv provider gives me FS1, and I planned to use the app to watch a replay of a particular game on FS1. It is not possible for me to watch such replays. I am deleting the app.
  • Love It

    By Ticketspare
    The App works great for me. Love being able to start a game from the beginning when I’ve missed the start and then catch up to real time. Great way to watch my favorite sports when I’m not in front of my TV. It also allows me to keep tabs of the game when my wife wants to watch something else.
  • Best sports app I have used

    By guile2k0
    I am very impressed with how easy to use this app is. I have never had the issues I experience with the other sports apps whether it was navigating, crashing, lack of useful content. Great job with this one!
  • Fox Sports Go repeatedly freezes

    By Ouzer
    Good luck trying to watch any live sports without any interruption due to the app repeatedly having issues with freezes.
  • Good app

    By townsangst
    Good app
  • Trash

    By jonestl78
    It doesn’t work right stop the Ohio st game in the 4 quarter trash trash trash and I know nobody will probably see this but somebody will see it and I hope they get it together are just stop all together trash 🗑 app trash trash trash 🗑 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑
  • App no longer works

    By Datdudebp6699
    Title says it all. There are no games displayed to even select to stream. Used to be a great app, not sure what happened.
  • Nice App

    By TheTruthEc
  • App is a pain in my neck

    By bigbsvo
    I accidentally signed into the wrong frontier account and it won’t let me view the Stars hockey games! When I log out and log in trying to enter the correct account info it automatically signs me back into the wrong account! What is the point in signing out when it won’t let you sign out??? App is a joke!!
  • Video Error

    By ChillinQuillen
    Apple TV app Only plays for 20 minutes and crashes. You have to delete app and reinstall for another 20 min. Can’t airplay from phone to Apple TV or airplay compatible tv. When you try you get video error We received the following error during video playback: Cannot Play Code -11870.
  • Works well

    By mtsakate
    Love it for Bucks games!
  • fox sports and fox app

    By Mattattack4
    Just make it one app please
  • Never works

    By Charlie Bartlet
    I need this app rarely and when I do it never works. Currently it’s cycling between fox sports and fox sports go when I try to click on watch game
  • Won’t let you sign in

    By kjchard
    When you go through process and suppose to go where you input provider, username and password it takes you to the “download app” screen. And that’s it. Click download it takes you to apple apps. Then back to same screen. Garbage.
  • Great app

    By Lancaster157777
    Love it Best app out
  • Review

    By buggyclub
    Excellent app
  • Worst streaming app

    By asdfghkld
    This is absolutely the worst live sport streaming app ever. The playback would suddenly stop and unable to recover, the frame would just stuck. The user will have to click fast forward in order to resume the playback. None of my other live sports streaming app behaves this way, not even NBA TV, this needs to be fixed
  • 4K support of Fire Tv is lacking

    By Throwbacksf
    App is decent but the 4K streams do not work on the Amazon fire tv. It works on Apple TV but not 4K Fire tv. Please fix
  • What is wrong with fox sports go

    By Junkyarddog70
    Why can’t, remember me, be disengaged. Fix this and I will use the app again.
  • ruined the app

    By Tn3fan
    i used to be able to watch now it wants you to download something that’s NOT supported by Apple rendering it useless for the ipad
  • Crashes like a champ

    By BGBrix3
    This app will not open at all in my Apple TV. Ever since the latest Apple tv OS update (13), every time I open it, it simply closes. Get with the program, developers. Update 20191116: still crappy. Crashes on my Apple TV continuously and I have to delete and reinstall. Not even counting the varied and often poor video quality, this is by far the worst streaming service I have. Get it fixed Fox Sports. 20191125: still crashing and burning on Apple TV. Fix your app!!!
  • Commercials are unbearably loud

    By itsZETIMEtoPARTY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Streaming is great. Be prepared to have your remote handy if you’re casting it onto a device. The commercials are easily twice as loud as the stream and extremely obnoxious
  • Stellar app

    By TrickyPD01
    Fox Sports Go app has all kinds of great sporting events in an easy-to-use format.
  • Used to be great, not anymore

    By Tech nin E 9
    This app was the best sports app hands down! Now fox has disabled the ability to cast to other devices and it’s completely useless just like the fox sports app was. One step forward two steps back as always with their new additions.
  • Worst streaming ever

    By BCal187
    I’m not sure what it is with this app as it seems to be the only app I ever get poor quality streams on. I mean it’s so bad you can’t even make out what’s going on during the game. You know when you watch an R rated movie on tv sometime and they blur out the nudity scenes. Well it’s exactly like that, but the entire game is blurred out. Get your s#*% together fox sports go
  • CFB

    By Jame$ Taylor
    Great app for watching CFB
  • Predators

    By Shipley40
    Every time I sign in to watch the Nashville Predators, it removes them from the FS SOUTH and don’t give me the option to watch even tho I am supposed to be able too.
  • Lots of restarts

    By dudeaj
    I like the ability of the app. But I really do not like the repeated restarts I have to do. Then I have to watch 3-5 minutes of commercials before I get back to the game. Very frustrating. I have quit the app and listened to the radio multiple times this season.
  • Update needed

    By Phatastic
    Please update for iPad Pro; does not fit the screen. The picture is actually smaller on the 11-inch iPad than on the older 10.5-inch iPad, which doesn’t make any sense.
  • Useless

    By PanthersFan45
    I see some people raving about it but from my standpoint it’s the worst sports app. I cannot get it to work on a new iPad. Keeps prompting for adobe flash player to be installed and it gets stuck. Oddly enough the app works on an Xbox One well. Go figure.
  • Fix the time scrubber

    By brizzle83
    Once it’s gets part way through a game, there’s no way to grab the playback scrubber to jump ahead or back on the newer iPhone because it grabs the home button instead. Really annoying. Please fix!
  • If it works it’s okay

    By Snappy Ducks
    If it works it’s okay. When having very good service or connection to WiFi many times poor resolution. Every time reopen app or coming from fox sports app wants to log in. When never logging out. Guess it’s going to getting deleted if these developers can’t get a good update.
  • Not worth downloading

    By Holland2012
    This app has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair, in other words it’s not worth using.
  • Would recommend Fox Sports go to anyone.

    By Golflover48
    I love my team. I love Fox Sports go coverage.
  • Can’t watch local sports

    By The fin reaper
    It says log in to your cable provider to watch stream local sports but when I do the game I want to watch disappears. Pointless!
  • Regional channels unavailable

    By AltrdPrcptn
    The whole point of this app is to watch regional games, but I’m not allowed to watch FS Wisconsin so Bucks games are unavailable. Deleted.
  • Spurs game disappeared??

    By Brzdoza
    Was just watching the Spurs vs. Trail Blazers game when I got a text message. When I sent out the message and go back to the app, the game disappeared and the app is saying that the game isn’t even going on even though it obviously is. My night is now RUINED because of this bug and I have NO WAY to watch any where else. Fix your interface Fox!!
  • Stream pauses during commercials.

    By RuthlezBeatz
    Live games are always pausing and it’s annoying.
  • Always a let down

    By jnfjvjleufnei
    Consistently not allowed to watch games that I should have from my Directv account. Says I have access but then says unable to play. The same account is used on my laptop, and I am able to watch for 5-60 seconds before it buffers and doesn’t restart. I repeatedly have to exit full screen and refresh the page. I know it’s not a WiFi connection issue because the page refreshes immediately and starts the stream right away. However, the stream continues to stop very quickly without fail. This has been the case for two months now. Extremely frustrating and disappointing for such a large corporation like FOX.
  • Go wings

    By mitten madness
    As a Red Wings fan I love that I can watch the games while living in California
  • Too confusing!!!

    By EmVee85
    I hate the fact that now you can’t stream anything to your tv from the app on your phone.

    By AllEyesNorth
    I used to always stress out as a college student wanting to watch Timberwolves basketball games... without nba Reddit streams what would I do?? Luckily FOX SPORTS HAS WOLVES FANS WITH THE HOOKUP. Gotta love them for that. Will name my firstborn Foxsports after them.
  • Please fix your app

    By Diggity42
    App hasn’t been updated in 5 months and says Copyright 2018. I can no longer stream anything. It pops up asking me to use to sign in and then pops up a window in the app telling me to download the app. So inside it’s own app it’s telling me to download itself. I’m signed in with my provider, but doesn’t do anything.
  • Airplay???

    By akv186
    What is going on? Why can i not stream on airplay?? Code 11870 just pops up every single time i try to airplay from iPad and iPhone. Worse than MSGGo, at least that app streams to airplay
  • The worst

    By Jinglemybells
    Poor vídeo quality. Always freezing. Can’t rewind or ff without freezing. Been happening for years and they still don’t fix it. It’s the only way I can watch my favorite NBA team so I’m forced to deal with it
  • Great app high quality

    By Brandon Brekke
    I love this app to death! I’m a huge Timberwolves fan. Well, at one point in time that wasn’t the case. I would follow the Timberwolves, you know, check the box scores and ask real fans how they would do on any given night. I was that “fan”... until this app came stumbling into my life. Now I can watch and do watch them on a very regular basis due to the notifications and the overall ease of use of this app. Now, I’m not sure how you feel about Fox as a whole, but they do sports and they do it well. Especially, in the new era. Where other companies, not to name any names *coughs NBC* have struggled in this area Fox has embraced it and did the ground work necessary to make it work. A lesson to every one out there nothing good comes without hard work. Another side note I love the World Cup and this app kept me so stupidly connected to the World Cup that all my soccer fan friends couldn’t believe the amount of ridiculous info I would spit at them. In an age where you can feel so easily left out because you didn’t catch this or didn’t catch that. This app eases the FOMO that we all hatefully and in my opinion unnecessarily experience on a daily basis. Thank you Fox or what ever third party you hired. Keep up the good work, who knows maybe I’ll give Fox News a chance. Hmm... Maybe I’ll just stick to sports for now!
  • Freezes every 5 mins

    By Jamesnao
    Always gets stuck on the same repeating garbage advertisements. Close the app and restart it. Fox always has weak apps..
  • Sign in

    By Joe blow3
    Can’t sign in so it is useless