Cash App

Cash App

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-10-16
  • Current Version: 3.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 99.94 MB
  • Developer: Square, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 281 068


It’s Friday. You wake up to a $15 Cash App notification. A pal paid you back for that pizza you shared. Your balance now reads $172.30. You use your new money to get $1 off coffee with your personalized Cash Card. You even hit up the ATM after. 5PM. Direct deposit hits. Do you buy Bitcoin, or do you cash out instantly to another bank? With Cash App, you decide. SAFE Protect payments with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode FAST Make your first payment within minutes FREE Sending money costs nothing, and we’ll mail you a free debit card within a week



  • Just fail

    By jmxp69
    New user, new account, validated ssn, added card, transfer to cash app: Transaction Failed. No reason, no explanation, just “transfer failed”. Cash support: “well, that just happens sometimes” $!&?@ So let me get this right cash app: YOUR HANDLING OF MY MONEY IS NOT 100% Deterministic? Are you kidding me? Your system “automated security block” offers no explanation or remediation from the help desk? Let’s be clear: Your handling of cash transactions should be *100%* deterministic and supported by a help desk that can actually remediate a problem. Not shrug their shoulders and say “try it again in a few days”. My trust in you is in the basement because you are not truthful and you can’t remediate a basic function involving transfer of money your app is supposed to support. TOTAL FAIL
  • Free $5 code

    By matthew.j.m
  • Referral code did not work

    By sysysys85
    Made about 4 transactions in the amount of $100 combined. $10 referral code did not work.
  • Perfect app

    By malenosx3
    Love this app. The only thing is that I invite others to download the app and I never get the “5” they say they’ll give you. Other than that is the best app of this kind
  • Won’t let me do anything

    By Jæde
    First time signing up I was able to send and receive money, now I can’t. I can’t remove my bank card and receive or send out money. Someone sent me money and now it’s asking me to verify and it’s not working and it covers up the entire screen where I can’t sign out or go to settings or anything. It doesn’t give me an option to decline the payment either. It’s frustrating!!! Please help me
  • I still haven’t received my deposit

    By Asa Brandon
    I am very unhappy with this cash app this is the 2nd or 3rd time I had issues with receiving and sending money it is not instant as you all advertise I been emailing you all and did everything you’ve suggest but no deposit as I had surgery on yesterday at the dentist and am in pain and discomfort going through all this it’s very nerve wrecking to say the least I will never ever suggest this app to anyone if you need to send money to your friends or for them to send you money use Venmo I want to also mention that I recently had another issue after not using them for a year I made a purchase from someone on Facebook the person never sent me the items when I finally got a hold to cash app by email they told me we see the transactions meanwhile because I was trying to cancel the payment made to Walkino Perkins in the amount of $117 it sent her another payment i called my bank they said contact cash app I contacted cash app they said go through my bank I called the bank and they said they needed to investigate the charges after several weeks I contacted them they said because it was personal transaction cash app would have to refund me my money til now I NEVER received my MONEY CASH APP SAID THE CASE HAS BEEN CLOSED BECAUSE IT TOOK TO SEVERAL WEEKS WHICH THE BANK NEED TO VERIFY NEEDLESS TO SAY IM OUT OF $234.00 AND THRY CAN FORGET ABOUT ME USING THEIR APP TO GET SCAMMED. THESE TRANSACTIONS WAS MADE THROUGH MY SON’S CASH APP FOR THE $234.00 BECAUSE I HAD SUCH A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THEM SO NOW THEY LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER HE DELETED HIS APP IM VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS
  • Can’t log in

    By Gene_the_hippi
    I deleted the app and now it won’t let me log in , it keeps saying i need to be 18+ but i already had an account and it worked normally .
  • Not has good

    I give one only they should have think about when people ask to paid back they can get theirs money instead of being blocked by the one who request anyway never again Philippe something has to be done to avoided this is too easy for the person to request and block you after Something to learn here don’t trust no one
  • Perfect Sending Money app

    By KneeGas
    I’m on of the first cash app users ever lol but never used it now I got into it more but I love it bruh
  • Great App

    By Nae D.
    This app is amazing
  • .

    By Liliana3636
    Is everyone cash app acting up or is it just mine?
  • Cancelled Account

    By mandabear9782
    I had my account for a very long time until a jealous ex reported my account and it was subsequently closed. Yea I got my money off the account but now I understand I can’t create another one because my debit card says “not supported” when I try to add money?? Makes absolutely NO sense
  • 5$ scam

    By reykopr
    I invited a friend to the app and I never received the 5$ they promise for inviting a friend
  • Help

    By letmebuy
    So someone stole my phone an used my card I canceled the card and then realized that the person has the phone so if I order a new card they will know the card info so I canceled the entire account and now I can’t make a new one help! This is the worst thing cash app could do I use this for work
  • Instant Deposit is not instant

    By Josh_759_772
    My room mate sent me the rent money for the month via cash app. I paid extra for the instant deposit feature and got confirmation via the cash app and my bank that it went through. Tried to pay my rent early and woke up the next day to an overdraft notice. My banks overdraft protection had to kick in to cover what my cash app deposit should have. Turns out even through I paid cash app over $10 to have it instantly deposited and I received confirmation that it was successful it was not. The money was in my account but not actually available account yet as the bank had explained to me. I feel that this is false advertising and that I was unfairly robbed of $10 for using the instant deposit feature. Don’t call something instant if it is not truly instant. TLDR cash app’s instant deposit feature IS NOT instant
  • bad app

    By yukkiara
    used to use this all the time and now it’s not even letting me log in, don’t waste your time with this download literally any other app PLEASE
  • Five dollar promotional code

    By Big C dogg
    Can someone please help me with this issue
  • Can’t log into my old cash app!

    By hhdsjfnj
    I just recently got a new phone with a new number and tried to log into my cash app and it is asking me to create a whole new cash app! I have already had people sending me money to my old cash tag which I am trying to recover but it won’t let me go back to type in my email instead of phone number. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it, and it still goes to the add a cash tag option. How do I permanently delete the app from my phone in order to restart it??
  • Never sign out if you have more than one account you’ll never get back in

    By AskTPJ
    Never sign out if you have more than one account you’ll never get back in
  • Hola quiero saber si está app funciona para Puerto Rico gracias si me pueden contestar mi pregunta

    By Yari38
  • Good app to pay with

    By Ccrider88
    I’ve used it to pay rent, buy stuff from friends and pay for services. All without a hitch. Love it
  • Gang

    By lucifurg778
    Send me money if u see this $lucifurg
  • The new update

    By Daejah2001
    i have been a member of cashapp for a long time with no problem, however lately when i try to do the standard cash out they have now started doing the verify by bank and you answer all your security questions and it says it’ll send you a text a text will never come. this has started to become annoying because i’m truly tired of paying the fee
  • Expired drivers license

    By zonneveldz
    There should be an alternative source of identification
  • Horrible Customer Service

    By Kcsupermom
    This app is the absolute worse! I wouldn’t even give them one star but I had to in order to submit the review. Normally if i have a bad experience, i just leave it alone but I want to make everyone aware of what will happen and how much cashapp ignores the customers when it comes to their money.I sent money to someone and the recipient NEVER received the money. When I tried to cancel it it said the app was experiencing difficulties. Then I received another email stating they couldn’t cancel it because it was sent, however the recipient NEVER received it. Myself and the recipient has sent over 2 dozen emails and absolutely no one has replied. You can’t talk to anyone and I’m out of a lot of money. Do not use this app. They do not care about their customers money.
  • Good

    By Stephen Otondi
    Quick and simple
  • Good app

    By We'Slay
    It’s good and convenient. Just wish there were other ways to add cash.
  • No Help

    By SCharnae2
    Cash App is the worst .. No help if an issue occurs!!! Beware!!! I have yet to have my issue resolved regarding $250!!!!!
  • Straight to the point. I love it

    By Lissadior
    You send money to others, and others can send it to you. Funds are instantly available. Also, if you get the Cashapp card you can use the card on day-to-day transactions as long as you add money to it. Strongly recommend.
  • Effective and convenient

    By TDE!
    I enjoy paying people without hassle. ✊🏿
  • Brenda Todd

    By brenda todd
    Quick taking money from my cash app when it send to me
  • Account and money gone

    By Dapperly Disastrous
    Sent my buddy money so he could withdraw it for me and I signed out of my account so he could sign into his and it wouldn’t let either of us get into our accounts now the money I sent him is just floating in nothing? Tried to contact support but they only have automated messages on TWITTER. Can’t even talk to a real person to get our accounts and money back. DO NOT USE CASH APP.

    By whycashapp
    I don’t understand why they would allow you to do bitcoin transactions and then shut your account down and say you can Never open an account with them again!!! All my transactions was honest and non-fraudulent so I don’t understand the concept!
  • Cash Appp

    By Sadielovettlove
    I love it!!!
  • Snap

    By snaptruth
    Thanks Snapchat 😌
  • Nice

    By kayveeeeeeeeeee
    Pretty cool ig
  • Complete scam

    By pissedcashappuser
    Cash app allows users to purchase bitcoin but randomly will ban you for using this feature, avoid this app like the plague.
  • amazing!

    By fangirjdksk
    love it!!!!
  • Worse customer service and unreliable!

    By Gtr.strayer
    Downloaded app at customers request to complete payment. It has now been 5 business days after cash-out transaction and money is not yet on my account. To make things worse, the only way to contact them is via support option in app however two messages have gone without response and money is nowhere to be found!
  • Bad

    By lightskinmaddie
    Fix your app!!!!!
  • Upset

    By Sutsuri
    Literally just downloaded this app after so many recommendations. I will never use it again. The bank that my friend has doesn’t use zelle . So she asked me to use this. So I downloaded it because I’m stranded with no gas or money . And this app not only didn’t give me the $200 she was trying to send me . But also took it from her account and told her she’ll be getting it back Tuesday . Woooowwwwww thanks a bunch .
  • Not supporting Discover bank

    By varanusai
  • Missing payment

    By kitkaaat96
    My friend tried to send me money to my cash app & they showed me on their end that is says pending but I have received no notifications that they sent anything. I tried to call customer service and nobody is available, he tried to call and apparently someone picked right up. I want to know where my money is and why this app is messing up
  • Why SSN

    By #askingforafriend
    Why do I have to enter personal information when trying to transfer $5? It’s asking for full legal name, DOB, and full SSN.
  • Not working

    By shealuv89
    I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s not working
  • Customer service is the worst

    By iSurfSchool
    Been trying to access my account and this garbage app doesn’t work. Someone sent me money and I can’t get it. Customer service only responds via email which is old and archaic and so slow. Everything they have suggested so far has not worked and they refuse to get on a phone and rectify the situation. This is has been going on for nearly a week and I am still no closer to getting my money. Do not use this app! Customer service is horrible!!!
  • Great potential-

    By Ereqis
    So far this is a pretty good app. I am simply playing with it before I trust it with any real money. Phone support would be great and reassuring-the future is still a ways off, when dealing with your money, you want someone to talk to trust me, I own a business. I didn’t receive my promo $5 bucks or the referral $5 for signing someone up with my promo, but that’s not a big deal to me. It may be to someone younger though. Bitcoin! Awesome! Can we add Bitcash to this app? Also the ability to spend or transfer Bitcoin IS the way of the future and would be a great feature in the next Cashapp update. One last recommendation- keep the app simple, that is a very nice feature. Thanks and I’ll be keeping an eye on this very promising app.
  • Venmo is better

    By lovesmiles09
    It takes way too long for the money to get to your bank account when you choose the free option. Venmo has free transfers and the money gets to my bank account a lot faster.

    By blo02
    If I could give it zero stars or half a star I would! Can’t emphasize enough how terrible this app is. Customer service is non existent. They advertise receiving $5 for referring contacts or being referred but won’t even give the option to enter the code to receive the $5. It won’t let some do the things necessary in order to finish setting up the account. If you’re lucky enough to even get your account set up, it’s nearly impossible to get money off of the app. It won’t let you send payments to some people. Sometimes it will even steal your money when someone tries to send you a payment, it will let them send it but you won’t receive it. Then with the crappy customer service you won’t be able to get anybody to help you with any of these problems. I hope some of you actually read this and save yourself the headache.