Cash App

Cash App

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-10-16
  • Current Version: 2.51
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 105.53 MB
  • Developer: Square, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 224 964


It’s Friday. You wake up to a $15 Cash App notification. A pal paid you back for that pizza you shared. Your balance now reads $172.30. You use your new money to get $1 off coffee with your personalized Cash Card. You even hit up the ATM after. 5PM. Direct deposit hits. Do you buy Bitcoin, or do you cash out instantly to another bank? With Cash App, you decide. SAFE Protect payments with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode FAST Make your first payment within minutes FREE Sending money costs nothing, and we’ll mail you a free debit card within a week



  • Bad

    By eliewriter
    I’ve used this online in the past but now I’m required to use the app. Didn’t work at all, just sent me a message that the transaction was canceled for my protection and that my funds would be refunded within several days. Contacted Cash and the rep was nice, but blamed it on my wi-fi connection which seemed ridiculous because we stream a lot without issues. Unplugged and tried twice more, still failed. I’m uninstalling this app.
  • Screw PayPal and Venmo

    By Alexgerman925
    This is way more simple and they have boosts.
  • Support

    By Glorytori16
    I’ve contacted the support 3 separate times over the span of a week and have yet to get a response. This is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Cash app refund

    By jayybabyy29
    One of the most horrible apps I had ever used ! I used to think this app was great ! Until I came across sending money and there was no option for a refund or no option to cancel the money you just sent. I decided let me just reach out for some help and they have no number to call for assistance. They talk to you through email and take forever to respond . I reached out to them asking for a refund and they told me to make a new account . How does making a new account give me back the 200 I literally just sent ? I looked through there support and I seen they said to dispute through the bank and so I did and my bank couldn’t do anything about it . I don’t understand why on earth they don’t have something to cancel or refund and why they take forever to respond and so now I just lost 200 dollars in nothing! I advise you to use a different app . Worst app ever !
  • Excellent!!!

    By Jakki-O
    I love Cash App it’s so convenient to send money!
  • Thief’s

    By Mattalonious
    Absolute worst app!! If you use this horrible app NEVER keep money on it, transfer immediately. I sold an item and was paid through this app. The buyer decided to say he didn’t make the payment to me. And Cashapp stole the money from me and gave if to him. I was never informed or asked about the transaction. They refuse to respond to me.
  • Took my money again. Fix this!

    By Jackslippers
    I sent $15 dollars yesterday (6/5/19) to an individual and she told me she didn’t receive it but she received the $20 today (6/6/19) which has come to my indications that this company is taking my money or not implementing a design to refund your money automatically if the app has a glitch in transferring money to someone that didn’t get it on that day. I need a response because no one responded or posted my last complaint on this thread.
  • Review

    By fubfhjcd
    Well everytime I go into the app i go into cash support I click verify my identity and says scan debit card once I click on it to scan it loads and it would not let me scan my debit card it keeps loading the same thing “scan debit card “ I don’t know if it’s a bug or not but it won’t let me scan my debit card
  • Coffee shop

    By sara coffee shop
    I use the app when I buy coffee. I go to this coffee shop frequently. I am suppose to get a $1 back for every purchase. I wasn’t verifying that it gave me the $1 until a while after. Which it wasn’t. There support system was confusing, when I finally got through they only refunded me for one transaction.... so I’m not too happy.
  • No problems

    By Devilmac87
    Fast with everything they do, from transfers to sending you your cash app card. Great company all around!
  • Easy as 123

    By finna1010
    Fast, reliable and economical
  • Money

    By Pink82ToyB
    Only thing I don’t like is how I never get my $5

    By LexisHH
    this app is great. I love the custom card and design. The fees are not crazy and I get to manage my own money without dealing with stupid banks. I use cash app to pay bills and save. It would be super helpful if I could use 2 different cards and could alternate when needed. I hate that I get blacked if I need to pull money off of 1 and deposit to another great payment. Could be an easy 5 stars.... Love y'all lol
  • Add prepaid debit cards

    By clowthird
    Y’all need to add prepaid debit cards cause that’s the way most companies pay their employees
  • Cash App is it

    By ChicagoSid 23
    I love this app. I used and complained about PayPal for years. I have never had one complaint about Cash App. Keep up the great people first approach guys.
  • $10 coupon: WRBPRMD

    By HappyXmas❤️
    First of all, if you haven’t used Square cash yet make sure to enter the reward coupon "WRBPRMD" on the sign up screen to get a $10 bonus after you send your first transfer over $10!!!! Enter it after it asks for your number. If you’ve already signed up you can enter the reward coupon on the profile menu if you scroll to the very bottom. The service itself exceeds the competition found in PayPal and Venmo in its ease of use. Sign up is super easy and very convincing for friends, particularly when out to dinner in NYC where asking the waiter to split a bill is like pulling out your teeth. I like the fact that I can send money to anyone even if they haven’t signed up with Square yet. The app is simple to use, swift and clean. There are two options for transferring money to your bank. Either instant deposit which takes a small fee, or the next day. Or you can keep the money in your account, and use the square debit card for any online purchase. You can even request a physical debit card and use that anywhere. The app itself seems secure, especially with the touch ID integration for quick payment. This app has changed how I exchange money with friends or even new acquaintances!! I've even started using it to pay rent directly to my landlord. Welcome to the new modern era. Square cash is now my go to for quick payment transfers to friends and family. Overall you should definitely give it a try, especially with the $5 bonus it gives you!!!
  • QR code unique to account - non contact seamless payment.

    By chvlumb
    developers love the app 5 stars but is that feature super propitiatory or apple make things difficult? Faster way to add + pay non contact besides sharing real name, phone number or cash tag. quick response implementation difficult or expensive to implement global system wide?
  • Great app

    By olsni
    The best app ever!!!
  • Poor customer service

    By Sammy224467
    I used this app and have been trying to resolve a fraudulent transaction, but NO one answers me. The only way to contact them is by messaging NO frustrating and will never use this payment method again ever
  • Lost Money - Customer Service Unresponsive

    By JeannaGonzalez
    I have a “cash out” that never deposited into my bank account. I contacted customer service with little help to resolve the matter. It’s now been over a month and the support team no longer responds. At this point I’m out the funds without any way to recover them. I would not recommend using this for any significant amount of money. I’ve used various apps that are similar in nature and never had issues with receiving deposits from my account.
  • Scam scam scam

    By jmanmoneyj
    This app is a scam do not use its a bunch of people that cant even spell they are unprofessional as hell i wish i would have read the reviews before I downloaded this beware beware beware
  • J-Ibarra

    By $pepe2377
    This APP makes my social life so much easier! Love it.
  • Dang it.

    By Skalicki
    I wish I would have read more reviews about this app before using it to send payment to a friend for a purchase. Cash app says the transaction is completed, the money is withdrawn from my bank but my friend doesn’t have her money. Who do I contact to figure this situation out? Costumer service is nonexistent.😡
  • Works well

    By Kmccar
    Works good
  • Searching

    By Tornado sirens
    I can’t find anyone when I search for them
  • BE AWARE!!!

    By beautifulgod
    I will not be surprise the “FBI”and “cash app” be in the same sentence . On the news cash app will be shutting down scammers are finding a way. By calling your phone getting your information to get into your account. They got my mom transferred her money out her cash app to mines . They was claiming they were working on her account due to some fraud activity. They unlinked my number changed my name to “deltoro squad” I have my friend to take a screenshot to show to the police. My mom is unemployed now she is out of money. They use a TextNow number. This is a warning for others I’m deleting mines and going to zelle God bless
  • Deleting data so you claim.

    By cwsmith93
    I am attempt to uninstall and then reinstall the app.. I was under the impression that if I did so I would have to re enter all of my information as claimed “deleting will lose all data” nope the app kept all my information. And still won’t allow me to send money. Sweet.
  • 💯

    By Jarvis'T Rico Curtis
    Back messed up now
  • Improved App logic

    By J-Sweg
    Although kind and reasonable, I wish there were was to revoke unfair payments if service is not received
  • Almost perfect.

    By kashna❤️
    This app is convenient and almost amazing, but is a little tricky trying to add friends on.
  • Never using again

    By first reviewwwwd djdndndns
    Changed settings by its self and automatically deposited money that someone just sent into a bank account I don’t have anymore. Took about an hour and 30 notifications from them to fix it. Why would anyone use this when you can Zelle or Venmo
  • Is there anybody there?

    By Blackberry38
    This app functional but the CD is crap!! They closed my account arbitrarily without and specific explanation. You can speak with anyone on the phone and I’ve emailed them multiple time without a response explaining why my account was closed. The app functions fine BUT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTENT!!
  • Unprofessional

    By Vss619
    I have tried to resolve my issue for a couple of weeks now and still no response. Going back to Venmo
  • Takes money, but doesn’t send to recipient

    By mntsRcalling
    Just found out that neither of the two payments I have sent to my cleaning service have been received on her end. But there sure was no issue taking the money from my account. I checked out TrustPilot (same issue repeated by lots of people) and felt I needed to warn anyone considering using this app.
  • Love

    By JackieA1948
    Love love love this app... makes life so much easier!
  • Lady porter

    By cardreader2018
    Love this app it makes it easy to send and receive money without the hassle of the really expensive charges you pay going to other places. It makes it easy for my customers to pay me and it makes it easy for me
  • Wow!

    By Savannah13332222
    Love it !
  • Why no teens

    By cj up now
    I feel like the app is good but why can’t teenagers get the cash card it would be perfect for them and a good concept
  • Terrible

    By Dmoneu2790
    When disputing a transaction they want a police report nobody has time for that ...I say just stick to pay pal at least you can talk to some one directly
  • Terrible customer Service

    By H20slsman
    I usually don’t write reviews, but I just had to in this one. I couldn’t withdraw my bitcoin for 1 week. I sent multiple emails to get help, and not one response. You can’t call and there wasn’t even a way to text. I had to sell the bitcoin and cash out. The only reason I got the app was to buy bitcoin and send it to my wallet. They say they respond in 24 hours. Last email was 5 days ago and still no response. You have been warned.
  • 5 star

    By yahurdddd
    Mane this app fire yahurdd cashapp me sum money
  • Doesn’t work

    By 23MR23
    So options supposedly arent working So why even bother listening as option Instead of wasting time trying to wait on msgs for no reason. After going back & forth just to get another msg that its a known issue im basically SOL cuz they have no clue when & how they’re going to fix it
  • No refunds

    By brett0511
    They don’t help get a refund for services not provide by who ever you payed
  • Help

    By Dora Sauceda
    It is not letting me get a card after I put my adrees it just keeps saying soory but we can’t send you a card because i haven’t put my ID but it’s not letting me to
  • Soup sandwich

    By marcusj3000
    The verification process is an absolute mess of a chewed up soup sandwich. You guys probably need to just give it up and stick to what you know which isn’t this. You customer service is is pretty much a black howl of nothingness as well with standard replies and no looking into issues. I hope someone else does better and comes along.
  • Furious

    By furiousuaer
    Worst app ever apple robbed my cash app double charged for what was stolen and no one is trying to help me figure out what is going on card was stolen then I canceled the card because of all the charges requested new card and apple stole from my new card that I don’t even have yet and charged the same amounts it stole from the card I shut off very bad app in terms of protection
  • Great App!!

    By Ping pong advice
    Quick cash and easy to use, love it!!
  • Need urgent help from CashApp developer

    By Mikey1169
    Hello, this is Michael Rodriguez, im emailing you this because I’ve been sending numerous emails to CashApp about this issue but i haven’t got a response yet. This message is regarding to sending payment to an individual about an item i was supposed to get but i never got it, im trying to get my refund of 275$ from This individual but he has declined to send me back the 275$. I have evidence to support this issue. Please respond at your earliest convenience.
  • $ShilohBaines

    By $ShilohBaines
    Cash app is an amazing app! You can instantly send transfer someone mo ey for only a 1% fee. This app has come in handy for me SO MANY TIMES! @CashApp or anyone reading this, if you feel like you want to, feel free to send me some extra cash. I'm 20 and plan on going to come in the fall. I'm saving towards getting a used car for myself so I could definitely use the help! 😂 Try this app though! You won't be disappointed!!! 🔥👌🏽