Noonlight - formerly SafeTrek

Noonlight - formerly SafeTrek

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2013-10-05
  • Current Version: 2.12.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 135.23 MB
  • Developer: SafeTrek, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 026


Have you ever been in a situation where you question whether it’s dangerous enough to call 911? Instead of worrying yourself with indecision, use Noonlight. Noonlight uses advanced technology to get emergency help to your exact location with just the release of a button. It can be used in moments where you simply feel unsafe, as well as moments where you need immediate emergency help. Here’s how simple it is: 1. Press and hold the button whenever you feel uneasy. 2. Release the button when you have reached your home, car, or a safe destination and enter your 4-digit pin. 3. In danger? Simply release the button and do not enter your pin. Your local police will be notified of your location and emergency. Free Features: • Meeting a stranger? See something suspicious? Now you can tell Noonlight! Simply add information to your Timeline and we’ll share important details with first responders in an emergency. • Connect your Health profile so first responders have more info to better help you in an emergency. • Connect your Lyft account to send your trip and driver information to first responders when you trigger a Noonlight alarm. • Prefer texting? If you can’t talk in an emergency, you can still communicate with us via text. • Can’t text or talk? No worries, we’re still sending help to your exact location. • On the move? We update your location even if you’re in a taxi, bus, running, or walking. • In a panic? Add the Noonlight widget to “Send help!” directly from your lock screen. • On-call team of friendly, certified dispatchers ready 24/7/365 to get you help, asap. Premium Features: • Automatic Crash Response: Using the accelerometer, GPS, and gyroscope on your phone, Noonlight can detect if you’ve been in a car accident and automatically send first responders to your location. Our software has been thoroughly tested in BMW’s crash test facility. • Apple Watch: Get emergency help from your smartwatch. In an emergency, tap “Send help!“ to trigger an alarm. We’ll text and call to verify you need help. If you’re unable to answer, we’ll still send help to your location. • Wear OS: Get emergency help from your smartwatch using timer mode or panic mode. Here’s how: In an emergency, tap Trigger alarm. We’ll text and call to verify you need help. If you’re unable to answer, we’ll still send help to your location. Or set the timer, and we’ll send help if you don’t enter your PIN when time’s up. • Alexa Skill: Need help, but can’t reach your phone? We’ll automatically send help when you say “Alexa, tell SafeTrek* to send help!” *Pending update to “Noonlight” • Nest Protect Integration: Do you have pets or precious cargo at home? We’ll automatically send help when your Nest Protect detects heavy smoke or carbon monoxide. False alarm? Just cancel via text or call. • IFTTT Integrations: From home security to voice commands, Noonlight can send smarter, faster help in an emergency. If you choose to upgrade to Noonlight Premium, you’ll get unlimited access to all Premium safety features and integrations. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase, and will automatically renew at the end of each monthly period. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the current period. Please note, if you wish to avoid auto-renewal, you must turn it off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. We take the satisfaction and safety of our customers very seriously. Please check out our reviews to see how Noonlight is helping people just like you! Noonlight's Terms of Use: Noonlight's Privacy Policy: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Noonlight will only use your GPS location in the background if you have an active alert.



  • Best app I ever got

    By Ninjaangel1
    Get this app and sleep safer at night. We live in a bad neighborhood and whenever we hear something. I push the button while my mother takes the shotgun to check it out. I forgot my number one time and they called me the second the timer reached zero to ask if I was ok. If I wouldn’t have picked up the police definitely would’ve came and that’s reassuring.
  • God forbid you need them, they’ll be there!

    By Genna R
    I’m 4 months pregnant and got into a car accident in a snow storm. I didn’t know where I was and I was so scared. The people who caused the accident drove away so I felt as though I was very alone. Immediately after the crash, Noonlight called me and texted and assured me help was on the way. They were so swift with action. I felt safe knowing they already had my exact location from my phone. The police and ambulance arrived and noonlight stayed on the line with me until they came. I want to thank Karen who kept me calm and collected during the entire ordeal. I also want to thank noonlight for being there for me
  • Good app

    By paigey710
    I think you should have longer to put in your pin
  • Great App

    By O keef love
    Makes your feel very safe and protected. I’ve never felt more confident going anywhere until I got this app.
  • David561719

    By Dave5617192889
    Love it one of the best safest helpful useful apps there are and it’s extremely accurate with timing and location definitely trust worthy
  • This Actually Works: Personal Story

    By Dhankin3
    I’ve used safe trek for a a few years. Around the first time I downloaded it, I wanted to test if it worked. I wasn’t anywhere unsafe, just in my own bedroom. I held down the button as if I were somewhere unsafe, and released......I forgot my passcode. Next thing I know 911 is being called. I hurry to hang up. Next, I get a text message asking if I’m safe, and then a phone call from that same safe number. This thing works. I nearly died that night from embarrassment and a heart attack, but I’m glad to know it truly works for those who may be in an actual unsafe situation.
  • Great App

    By innuhu. z.szzzzz
    I feel safe having this on my phone. I tend to feel unsafe in the evening or when working late and this gives me a piece of mind. Thanks so much
  • Terrific app!!!

    By Buglegirl1000
    Peace of mind in an app! Please give it a try. It is just terrific! Thanks!
  • Linda

    By Linda late at work
    Wow I’m impressed, I had forgotten my PIN number, so I was one second late entering the correct one and I mediately Received a text stating I see you canceled your alarm I’m glad you’re OK. That really makes me feel safe and connected when I’m out alone! Thank you!
  • Noonlight

    By gabsjksjsns
    Great app, recommend for everyone!!!! Great for kids, Uber rides anything if every in fear use noonlight
  • Amazing 😉

    By snapquin Brenda
    I am in love with the app because if I’m home alone and I hear noises I just grab mi phone and go on the app and I fell so safe THANK YOU 🙏🏼 SO MUCH 😍🥰😘😘
  • Good

    By jennh quach
    If can really keep you safe
  • No Use For It

    By DitzyChicCharm
    I always said Month to Month that I was going to delete this App because nothing was going to happen. I kept in my Head that you just never know. I deleted this App just 2 Months ago and I’m continually being charged for it. Please remove me.
  • Jacobs

    By Noahs458
    You guys are great. Thanks I feel safe
  • Felt so safe!!

    By CariGuerrero
    Thanks to Noonlight I can finally walk without being so scared to my car after work. Although I always check my surroundings, all I have to do with Noonlight is simply push the button until I feel safe then put my 4 digit passcode when I have made it safely. Great app for everyone!
  • Beyond grateful

    By PearlJeanie
    This app will save millions. Bravo. Thank you. I am Beyond Grateful. Pearl.
  • Ur great

    By me the brat
    Ur doing a great job I feel safe
  • Ok ig

    By fish_n_chips (movie)
    I love this app so far because sometimes the police will have to ask multiple questions and I get that it’s for safety but for the speed that they ask the questions, there is a chance that it may be too late. Buuuttttt sometimes it will let go off it’s self. And that’s a
  • It’s ok

    By TCBParker
    No one ever sends me a txt to check up on me.
  • Peace of mind just in case

    By CharlesREDIPHONE
    It’s good to know you have an assistant Incase if emergencies. Sometimes 911 can’t know your exact location and if you also don’t know it could take important minutes to locate you. Knowing this app sends your exact location is the best thing ever

    By Haily and the pugs
    I live in a high crime area and mostly I’m alone so having this makes me feel a lot better. Recently I had to press charges on some kids from my school because they wanted to rob me and go to my house and cut the power and do terrible things to me and so I’m in fear most of the time they will send a friend to do it since the police have them in custody. So now whenever I feel unsafe I can just quietly hold the button and release when I feel is safe again. I’m honestly so thankful there is a company that does this.
  • A

    By Gig dunno
    I like this product it downloaded by its self which was pretty weird so I actually tried it and it makes me feel better. I don’t know if it actually works because I haven’t needed the cops. But I like it so far it texts me every time I use it says glad your safe.
  • Safe

    By luv4aesthetics
    I feel ten times more safe while walking to school
  • Everyone needs this app

    By ShDill8
    I am not one to write reviews, however, I believe everyone needs to see it. Especially with being a female, I always get sketched out walking alone at night. I often call someone till I get where I’m going. This app truly erased that need. I hold the button until I feel safe and if I don’t enter my pin, they’ll call & send help. This is an app I think everyone needs.
  • Safety

    By bulletsrider
    Thank you for this app

    By Qqq44221
    And it works.
  • Thanks. Brilliant app

    By Pedrolicious44
    Great app
  • Safety

    By izzy02184
  • Fine

    By christine furlong
    I’m good
  • Best App Ever

    By Alw1750
    Worth the money. The app is real. They respond within 10 seconds of lifting your finger and are able to connect you to emergency services. Get this app, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Great

    By pellis7
    So good to have security
  • Noonlight

    By redpony2013
    This is a great app to have! I walk a lot and tend to leave my phone at home as I don’t want it stolen from me and now I don’t have to. Thanks‼️‼️‼️‼️
  • Great app love it makes me feel super safe.

    By K A Y A🌞
    Great app makes me feel super safe
  • Essential App/Peace of Mind

    By amberdakota1463
    I LOVE this app! It provides so much peace of mind for me & my family!! I used to have a code word with my mom so if I was in trouble, I'd call or text her that word & she'd call the cops but I'd need time to do that & with this app, I don't have to worry about that anymore! I go on walks a lot & I'm always nervous when it's around evening but now I can walk without being scared. It also makes me feel so much safer when I'm home alone! I can't think of a more essential app.
  • Safe

    By thesaftymaster
    No matter what if you are just feeling unsafe or maybe home alone and hear a weird noise this app really helps me feel safe and it will do the same for you.😊
  • Great

    By Piper_❤️🙄🌹
    So good
  • Trauma psychologist for kids and teens

    By Always & Abbey
    This is tremendous! Have you addressed the concerns on the Review below? Can you explain a bit further that scenario?
  • Great app

    By Love_Dream_Smilee(:
    I was walking back to my apartment in the dark because I ended up leaving a friend’s apartment super late and this app made me feel a lot more secure. I was still super aware, but it was comforting to know someone would be alerted if necessary.
  • Really fast

    By morhacoo
    I love the app!
  • 5

    By Ur Supreme Being
    No problems. It is an exceptionally designed to be user friendly; easy and simple!
  • This app makes me not too scared to walk him at night.

    By Lauratigerlily
    I just got off of work and I sat in my car for probably 30 minutes because I was too scared to walk from my street-parked car down the street to my house in LA. It’s 1:30 in the morning so I didn’t have any friends to call to keep me company on my walk, and I also didn’t have my pepper spray, but then I remembered that I had this app. I opened it and put my finger on the button and was instantly confident enough to walk myself home. Thanks for this 💗
  • Make me feel safe!

    By Keeley WS
    Love this service! They’re super prompt on calling and alerting the police if needed. Makes me feel way safer to have this quick option!
  • Grrrreat Job Friends!!

    By iLoveGaia
    Thank you, thank you for so graciously handling my accidental call! It’s Wonderful having my Royal Blue Button! I Feel Loved!!! (And I Am Love) 🙂♥️✨
  • I'm 12 with lots of anxiety MUST HAVE APP

    By re-viewer#1
    Knowing I can get police help within seconds without talking on the phone makes me feel safe. I’m 12 and I have tons of anxiety and panic attacks so this makes me feel so much better. I love how’s there a free version for those who can’t pay! It makes me feel so safe! I have never felt more safe before in my life! And I love how they can still make some money off this app even though its kinda stupid that you have to pay for safety but again they need to make some money off the app! I love how they added a free version because I’m too embarrassed to ask my dad to pay. Thanks Noonlight!
  • Useful

    By Nichole Courtney
  • Grown Man; Tested to Test

    By Nicholas Sleeis
    Wow. State Trooper came to house. 6*
  • Best app

    By petikyannelli
    If I had to delete every single app from my phone except one, this app is the one I would keep. It makes me feel safe in so many situations, from creepy Uber drivers to a walk home late at night. Thanks to the creators of this app!
  • K

    By odhzWhw
    I love this app so much
  • so safe!

    By yagurljos
    so my mom and dad live about half a mile apart and it was dark and i had to walk home by myself and this creepy guy was following me at every turn i took so i remembered i had this app on my phone so i took it out and held the button until i got home and it made me feel so safe to know i could get help if i needed it !!! love this app!!