Noonlight - formerly SafeTrek

Noonlight - formerly SafeTrek

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2013-10-05
  • Current Version: 2.12.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 135.40 MB
  • Developer: SafeTrek, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 910


Have you ever been in a situation where you question whether it’s dangerous enough to call 911? Instead of worrying yourself with indecision, use Noonlight. Noonlight uses advanced technology to get emergency help to your exact location with just the release of a button. It can be used in moments where you simply feel unsafe, as well as moments where you need immediate emergency help. Here’s how simple it is: 1. Press and hold the button whenever you feel uneasy. 2. Release the button when you have reached your home, car, or a safe destination and enter your 4-digit pin. 3. In danger? Simply release the button and do not enter your pin. Your local police will be notified of your location and emergency. Free Features: • Meeting a stranger? See something suspicious? Now you can tell Noonlight! Simply add information to your Timeline and we’ll share important details with first responders in an emergency. • Prefer texting? If you can’t talk in an emergency, you can still communicate with us via text. • Can’t text or talk? No worries, we’re still sending help to your exact location. • On the move? We update your location even if you’re in a taxi, bus, running, or walking. • On-call team of friendly, certified dispatchers ready 24/7/365 to get you help, asap. Premium Features: • Automatic Crash Response: Using the accelerometer, GPS, and gyroscope on your phone, Noonlight can detect if you’ve been in a car accident and automatically send first responders to your location. Our software has been thoroughly tested in BMW’s crash test facility. • Apple Watch: Get emergency help from your smartwatch. In an emergency, tap “Send help!“ to trigger an alarm. We’ll text and call to verify you need help. If you’re unable to answer, we’ll still send help to your location. • In a panic? Add the Noonlight widget to “Send help!” directly from your lock screen. • Connect your Health profile so first responders have more info to better help you in an emergency. • Connect your Lyft account to send your trip and driver information to first responders when you trigger a Noonlight alarm. • Wear OS: Get emergency help from your smartwatch using timer mode or panic mode. Here’s how: In an emergency, tap Trigger alarm. We’ll text and call to verify you need help. If you’re unable to answer, we’ll still send help to your location. Or set the timer, and we’ll send help if you don’t enter your PIN when time’s up. • Alexa Skill: Need help, but can’t reach your phone? We’ll automatically send help when you say “Alexa, tell SafeTrek* to send help!” *Pending update to “Noonlight” • Nest Protect Integration: Do you have pets or precious cargo at home? We’ll automatically send help when your Nest Protect detects heavy smoke or carbon monoxide. False alarm? Just cancel via text or call. • IFTTT Integrations: From home security to voice commands, Noonlight can send smarter, faster help in an emergency. If you choose to upgrade to Noonlight Premium, you’ll get unlimited access to all Premium safety features and integrations. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase, and will automatically renew at the end of each monthly period. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the current period. Please note, if you wish to avoid auto-renewal, you must turn it off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. We take the satisfaction and safety of our customers very seriously. Please check out our reviews to see how Noonlight is helping people just like you! Noonlight's Terms of Use: Noonlight's Privacy Policy: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Noonlight will only use your GPS location in the background if you have an active alert.



  • Safer already 👍

    By pejaquino
    I kinda want to say “I can’t wait to try it “.
  • Amazing!

    By HelenBond007
    I love this app! It’s so wonderful and makes me feel so safe! Thank you so much for the creation of this!
  • amazing

    By yo daddy's pp
    honestly just wanted to write a review bc i luv the app so much
  • Awesome

    By Fr. VAD
    Feel very safe
  • Noonlight

    By Aqkiakbar
    It’s a great app. It’s a good idea. Was good someone came up with it.
  • Great job

    By VivianLWarfield
    Wow. What a great response.
  • Thank you

    By chinanina11
    This is the best thing ever invented for me and my family love it
  • Noonligh

    By Chiner1968
  • App makes you feel really safe

    By Remoryu
    Fortunately i’ve never had a situation arise where the police were called, but it’s always a comfort knowing that i’m safe
  • Amazing app

    By Catlover4ever247
    Response is right away great in emergencies when you are alone!!
  • Safe as ever

    By Asally1234151
    I love this app it’s easy and I feel so safe with it
  • Really great app

    By Jessicadayyyyy
    This app makes me feel so much safer walking home alone in the dark.
  • Saves me

    By marinar0214
    Thank not rot this app a lot of things have been going on in my town and feel very unsafe till i hit this button and i know that god forbid anything happens to me u will be okay. This is a necessity for everyone. I definitely recommend
  • Noonlight

    By Heffa75
    You are doing great
  • Ty

    By minniekitties
    This is a great app I feel so much safer!
  • Great

    By dmbre
    This app lets you know if you need help. Thank you for checking on me
  • Safe

    By Grandma from California
    Thank You
  • Amazing

    By Weaser7
    This will be put on all my girls phone s. Best app ever.
  • Love this app

    By xmusicaddictedx
    Would recommend to anyone who wants to make sure there safe for home for work for everything!
  • Amazing!

    By tooanxious
    I work late nights in a bad part of town, this really helps calm me down and make me feel safe! Thanks so much! I recommend to everyone
  • Someone on the account that shouldn’t be there

    By hopmeadow
    please tell me how to remove this person.
  • Immediate and thorough response!

    By Still among the living
    I love it...
  • Love Love!

    By BGarce!
    Whenever I feel unsafe I always go to this app! It can be a small thing or sometimes walking and I overreact over my own footsteps. I love this app and now matter how many times I change my phone I always have this app on it! Thank you so much!
  • Safety

    By ashevshsndj
    This is the best app for when you have to walk alone or feel uncomfortable in a situation! I love this app and feel empowered and safe when I press the button!
  • It works!

    By Bugs need correcting
    I’m so impressed. I accidentally hit the emergency button and realized it too late. Immediately I received a phone call from Noonlight to see if it was an actual emergency. I informed them I accidentally hit the button and the alert could be canceled. I had to give my 4 digit code to confirm it was actually me who they were speaking to. Man, I’m impressed. And this was all on the free app. Thanks Noonlight!
  • Response

    By The White Tribe
    I had woken up at 6:00 a.m. and was grabbing stuff off my bedside table including my phone. I didn't know that I had opened the Noonlight app and had triggered the alarm. I got a text and a call from Karen asking if I was ok! I hope I never need to use the app for a real emergency, but glad to know that they are there if needed! Thanks Karen and Noonlight!!
  • Great app

    By danmiddddlebrooks
    Everyone should try this app.
  • Feeling Secure

    By Horrible (v 2.5)
    Great app for security. Also have it on my iwatch.
  • Awesome app

    By Brigitte95
    Very good
  • Noon light

    By SlothKnight
    I don’t normally mess with reviews but I’ve honestly gotta say that this is quite possibly the BEST app (and useful), that I’ve ever seen!! With all the crazy people out there and the fact that any one of us can have a medical emergency (and they never happen in a convenient place), this app is a must have! Both of my parents are elderly and in poor health, so I’m installing Noonlight on both their phones TODAY!! Thanks 😊😊
  • Accidentally pressed my alert

    By Sydney-VegasCedar
    I was immediately responded to with help being on the way and several text messages. A real person called me to see if I was okay and to help me cancel the alarm. I feel very secure knowing this app works.
  • On top of it!

    By deadratrujillo
    Thankfully no real emergency just an accident but you guys are all over it! Feeling safe 👌🏼
  • Looking good

    By 13wil96
    Everything seems to be working just fine thank you for your service
  • Sorry

    By Flipp reader
    I hit it by mistake so sorry but response was instantly again I’m sorry
  • Best app to stay safe and call help

    By whatever isn't already taken
    Whoever thought of this is much appreciated by many I’m sure. The fact that you can add details about things that you feel uncomfortable with in the event that something happens and they automatically get sent to the operator who can track your location and immediately send help, is priceless. I really appreciate how well thought out this app is. I would highly recommend this app to any teenager and anyone going on a date or meeting anyone they’ve never met before or if you just have a bad gut feeling. By putting your thumb on the button and informing the person that you feel unsafe with that 911 is immediately contacted and informed of your location if your thumb happens to come off the button for any reason, its enough of a deterrent that in my experience the person just left.
  • Works Great!

    By Nana10100000
    They respond very quickly!
  • I’m fine

    By cam bean
    This is amazing I was lost in a store and could not find my parents!!!it helped me a lot
  • Help

    By interested38
    My alarm keeps going off and I am no where near it.
  • Alarm

    By myjbug
    Have not had to use but am glad it’s there should I need it
  • Love it and its features

    By Luis the peace
    Haven’t had to use it yet but I signed up for the instant trial for $5 a month is not bad. It gives me the piece of mind that I am safe and protected and if I can’t call 911 all I have to do is press a button.
  • Awesome

    By Obarrett15
    Don't get it messed up
  • great company

    By nsndndhsksmns snsndnxjckkxkxkx
  • Hi

    By angrygirldog
    Hit it on accident
  • Helps survivor of violent crime/home invasion

    By NolatoLA
    I’m so grateful for this app... 2 years ago a stranger broke in my home through a window while I was asleep( I’ll spare you the gory details) and this app helps me have the courage to walk into my home alone every night. Unfortunately I can’t carry my handgun everywhere (California 🙄), but this is next best thing. Every child, female, elderly, should have this app.
  • Best app

    By keepitlowkey101
    I love this app!!!!
  • Love it because my sister is worried about me of where I am

    By dilinia3388
    Same reason
  • Flo’s

    By Flo's ride to Long island
    I wish I could get my girls to use this !!!
  • Safe feeling!

    By Anacrica
    I felt safe while holding this button inside my pocket. Thank you!
  • Thank you for being there for me!

    By texas70
    This app makes me feel so safe. When I’m on walks or by myself and feel unsafe, I just open the app and hold the button until I get home or feel safe.