World Series of Poker - WSOP

World Series of Poker - WSOP

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-11-20
  • Current Version: 6.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 404.39 MB
  • Developer: Playtika LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 156 271


Play the world’s #1 POKER APP! Join millions of players in the official World Series of Poker app! The most prestigious poker brand raises the stakes with THE authentic poker experience on your iPhone or iPad. Compete to win the ultimate prize in poker; your very own WSOP Bracelet! Do you have what it takes to become a champion? Key Features: ● CHIPS EVERY 4 HOURS – Only at the World Series of Poker! ● WSOP BRACELETS – Fill up your Collectors’ Chip collections & win the most prestigious prize in poker; the WSOP Bracelet. ● TEXAS HOLD’EM TOURNAMENTS – Win multi-level Texas Hold’em tournaments to earn WSOP rings and climb the leaderboard! What’s more fun than being #1? ● EXCLUSIVE EVENTS – Return daily to experience new game modes, free chip events and more, for FREE! ● RNG CERTIFIED – Certified fair hand dealing. The cards in the game are shuffled randomly to provide you the best poker experience. ● WSOP CLUBS – Test your skills to earn your place in exclusive clubs and get elite benefits. Will you become a part of poker royalty? ● POKER RECALL – Challenge your memory and poker skills in our mini-game to win huge jackpots! ● PIGGY BANK – Bet, save and break! WSOP has your back. Save chips on every bet; the more you bet, the more you’ll save! ● POKER STATISTICS – Improve your game with the most extensive stats’ tracking in any poker app! ● TEXAS HOLD’EM OR OMAHA – Your choice! ● MISSIONS – Stay on top of your game with daily and weekly missions! ● PLAY LIVE WITH FRIENDS – Invite your friends to play and make it a poker night anytime, anywhere. ● CONTINUOUS PLAY – Start playing poker on your iPhone or iPad and continue on or Facebook with the same bankroll. ● GUEST MODE – Rock the tables and play Texas Hold’em or Omaha anonymously. Don’t be afraid to bluff! ● FACEBOOK CONNECT BONUS – Pad your bankroll with $250,000 additional chips when you connect your account to Facebook. Start your journey to become a World Series of Poker VIP! ● SLOTS MINI-GAME – Spin and win chips in between hands with the slot machine. WE’D LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Connect with us on Facebook ( and on Twitter ( Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.



  • Addictive

    By Nerocaesar19
    Game is fun but some of the buy ins for the special tourneys are a bit high. Especially since everyone calls on crap hands...symptom of playing with fake money, frustrating but overall a fun game.
  • Bad beats

    By Salt barrel
    There are to many,does not happen that often in real games.i know there are some,but here way to many.
  • Great poker game

    By MtyJester
    Too many in game purchases, maybe it would not be so bad if they weren’t pop-ups.
  • Wins

    By more wins biger pays
    Bigger returns on wins
  • Id0m0722

    By id0m0722
  • Review

    By hdcoots
    Very challenging.
  • To fast

    By Kimau1
    Need about 10 to 15 additional seconds to make decisions about hand.
  • Poker

    By dexbkilling
    Good game
  • #1 Margo

    By #1 Margo
    Lots of fun
  • WSOP

    By toddthomas
    Great game
  • Sooo much fun, love this game

    By The MaJer
    Love this game
  • WSOP app review

    By DirtTbrd
    Like the new daily blitz
  • All. ME. Big E High. BABY C come play with me Pleease?

    By Nengotten
    WSOP is Awesome put a. Hand in and Play with me
  • Hold em

    By trooperpsp
    Great game
  • Fun

    By MR.TROLLS57
    Having a great time playing
  • Rate you.

    By john62040
    Excellent game, highly recommended to all my friends. Best game on the net
  • Flop

    By Tug__boat2
    The best entertainment and practice, this side of a real table !
  • Great App

    By shooeman
    Lots of fun times
  • Great way to learn before going to Vegas

    By SeliDuck11
    Loads of fun and great teaching tool for those that want to play in the big leagues without losing real money.
  • Best poker I played WSOP!!!

    By Louie Louie jr
    I love it!!!!! Yes let’s play!!!win win win
  • Great

    By Bornking87
    Very addictive fun distracting and my stress reliever
  • Bet

    By dawgbox
    Best game
  • Fun game

    By poker.4ever
    It’s a great fun game
  • OB Autry

    By Flatbed1
    Great game “keep on clubbing”
  • Rigged site

    By spades01
    It’s too bad the site is computer rigged. Why can’t we just play with normal hands. The board pairs again and again. Which is not realistic. And the monster hand after monster hand is ridiculous. I can guess why they do this. It makes the games more exciting getting straights, flushes, full houses, trips and any other big hands you can imagine The site is great except that it’s rigged
  • Poker Game App

    By FreeGamer2
    About as good a poker game you’ll find
  • Ericjmc

    By mongo67
    Very fun and nice people to meet from everyone.
  • Games

    By wold an40000
    Best I have played anywhereilll
  • AWESOME!!!!

    By world of wpg
    This game just makes time stand still 😳❤️!!!! Every game, turnemen, rewards, all becomes AWESOME!!!!
  • Loads of fun

    By fujimo434
    I have played other poker sites for years. WSOP is much more interesting and captivating!
  • Awesome

    By viviorviri
    Love the challenge
  • Addictive

    By SuperDobbs
    Just saying! :)
  • Look here

    By Luckypossum
    The game is fun. Seems like there is a lot more drama programmed into the games than real life odds. If you start with a good hand at the flop more often than not a long shot will beat you on the river. I don’t have a clue how to fix that. I play all the time. It is fun even though frustrating a lot of the time. You guys are doing a good job.
  • WSOP limits

    By jacksonjam
    I’m having a difficult time figuring the game out, it seems like at some point in the game I can either fold or go all out. But there doesn’t seem to be an option to choose that a small amount. To me that’s not very realistic if you cannot duplicate an actual game.
  • Fun game

    By Txgurl4ever
    Not much to complain about. Very generous. Great graphics
  • Great game

    By Rumcard
    Awesome game lots of great fun to pass the time and to learn the game better!!! Jon
  • Getting Better

    By BgSarg
    The game still has a lot of ridiculously bad beats, but not near as much as it used to.

    By HumbleAC Guy
    Top notch !
  • Rule an cheating

    By ndstructive
    Consistently when I play this game your rules and regulations don’t Apply if I have a king 3 and you have a king TWO Someone needs to check the settings on my guys to the wins and losses because sometimes you split the money evenly were two players and yeah sometimes you take it away if the person has a king 3 and the other person has a king to which is what you’re supposed to do but you don’t do that every time is the person with the highest kicker
  • WSOP

    By BenzoniMatthew
    Excellent game
  • Ripped off over night

    By SwagNation
    I had $680.000.00chips when I turned my iPad off . Woke up the next day they were gone .Not fair I paid $25.00 for them
  • Trash

    By They only want your money
    Your site is trash. Your only goal is money.
  • READ! Detailed Review

    By RockyRoots
    PROS: Fast pace keeps action moving at brisk pace. Large population of players means you can get games on most tables 24/7 (HOWEVER, games may include Bots or contracted "Prop Players"). CONS: The games are COMPLETELY RIGGED. Nothing is random about the cards dealt, and as others have noted, at some point, you WILL start to lose regularly, and there is nothing you can do that will change that inevitable outcome EXPECT for regularly buying chips - even the world's top 10 best poker players would not be able to find a complete work-around to WSOP's system. Regardless of any "certification" and assurance by Developer of "cards dealt completely random", it doesn't take much time for an experienced poker player to see the algorithms at WSOP (like almost evert "free" poker app) are not random, but are biased in favor of those who regularly buy chips, and the RNG produces hands that have no relationship with real hand-dealt poker hands. After the one-week honeymoon period where winning seems effortless, the good fortune changes rapidly to just-losses UNLESS you buy chips regularly (apparently there are those who spend hundreds of dollars a year on this App). WSOP's RNG is programmed to support winning at first to give you taste of how fast you can move up in levels and accrue chips, and the app offers quick boosts-ups like Piggy Bank to get you used to buying chips (cheap at first, they increase in price). As you progress, your min. buy-in levels go up, forcing greater chip bets and inevitably greater losses; which in turn forces more chip buying (at increased levels and price); etc etc etc. There are now long periods where I get absolutely no playable hands starting soon after I stopped paying to open my "Piggy Bank" bonuses. I moved up to Aces V level in a few days during the Honeymoon. As soon as I stopped paying ever increasing amounts to open my PiggyBank of earned chip bonuses, I starting ALMOST NEVER winning. Folding every poor hand only delays the inevitable. Strategies are almost worthless, as the App is so blatant about miracle river beats, and Prop Players and/or Bots, it makes no dent in the pre-determined outcome. Mind-numbing is the statistical impossibility of so many bad/losing hands being dealt to any one person (or "miracle" River beats), and markedly in contrast to the start-up period. Quite the sophisticated money-making app, with the "special games" (some only for those "qualified" that also increase greatly the risk/reward ratio, and chip buying (trust me, the "house" always has the advantage unless they want you to win for a while to get you to go-big and of course lose big). Strictly for pretend-poker (delusional at that) entertainment, and no way is this a good poker skills-building app (true of almost all poker apps). Graphics are dated and could use a conversion to 3D, and addition of avatar customization of physical characteristics, wardrobe and accessories (this is rapidly becoming the standard in the industry) . Multiple Buy-Chips pop/up ads come up when you open App, and when you change games or attempt to leave the app. WSOP's "Mission" is to make a "substantial" profit for Playtika LTD through chip buying. Understand that this App (like most) utilizes "FAKE PLAYERS" players (meaning BOTS and/or contracted players that are in some way working for Playtika). You pay for chips and/or endure constant pop-up ads, and the App WILL prevent you from winning at some point. There is NOTHING you can do about that except buy chips - At WSOP, be prepared to "pay regularly" in buying chips in order to survive and progress. In general, this app just won't let you advance and build chip stacks past a certain level. The reality of free poker apps, is they aren't free for most people - so either look elsewhere (poker training simulator), choose to never buy chips (and then wallow at lowest levels and STILL get rigged hands), or buy chips and get temp preferential boost (but realize and accept that this app is not really free, is rigged, and try not to let it bother you that it will take a long time to progress in levels unless you DO buy chips which means continual output of cash, with the buying cycle required getting shorter and shorter, and you will be penalized with bad cards if you buy chips, but then stop buying chips). This is a common tactic used by every networked poker app I have tried. They vary on control level, but all are rigged to get you to spend money. How this industry-wide process passed through local, state and Federal regulatory watch dogs (without AT LEAST requiring full disclosure of what is REALLY involved) is beyond me.
  • Great game

    By Duolingo crash cars
    Fun when bored
  • Good

    By Zizi_moghani
  • Pop-up ads

    By LunchTime82
    A really fun, and eye-catching poker/Omaha app. They give you plenty of chips to play with and it’s pretty easy to pick up and play. The only thing that sets this back is the somewhat annoying pop-up ads that happen every once in a while. Other than that, a great app!
  • Poker at its Best

    By abctsciqprucn
    Great game.
  • Poker fun

    By kopfejager
    Pretty good site for free poker. Often times algorithms take over though.
  • Awesome game!

    By Mamma Net
    Some players are a tad snotty, but the game is fun.