World Series of Poker - WSOP

World Series of Poker - WSOP

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-11-20
  • Current Version: 6.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 386.42 MB
  • Developer: Playtika LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 149 477


Play the world’s #1 POKER APP! Join millions of players in the official World Series of Poker app! The most prestigious poker brand raises the stakes with THE authentic poker experience on your iPhone or iPad. Compete to win the ultimate prize in poker; your very own WSOP Bracelet! Do you have what it takes to become a champion? Key Features: ● CHIPS EVERY 4 HOURS – Only at the World Series of Poker! ● WSOP BRACELETS – Fill up your Collectors’ Chip collections & win the most prestigious prize in poker; the WSOP Bracelet. ● TEXAS HOLD’EM TOURNAMENTS – Win multi-level Texas Hold’em tournaments to earn WSOP rings and climb the leaderboard! What’s more fun than being #1? ● EXCLUSIVE EVENTS – Return daily to experience new game modes, free chip events and more, for FREE! ● RNG CERTIFIED – Certified fair hand dealing. The cards in the game are shuffled randomly to provide you the best poker experience. ● WSOP CLUBS – Test your skills to earn your place in exclusive clubs and get elite benefits. Will you become a part of poker royalty? ● POKER RECALL – Challenge your memory and poker skills in our mini-game to win huge jackpots! ● PIGGY BANK – Bet, save and break! WSOP has your back. Save chips on every bet; the more you bet, the more you’ll save! ● POKER STATISTICS – Improve your game with the most extensive stats’ tracking in any poker app! ● TEXAS HOLD’EM OR OMAHA – Your choice! ● MISSIONS – Stay on top of your game with daily and weekly missions! ● PLAY LIVE WITH FRIENDS – Invite your friends to play and make it a poker night anytime, anywhere. ● CONTINUOUS PLAY – Start playing poker on your iPhone or iPad and continue on or Facebook with the same bankroll. ● GUEST MODE – Rock the tables and play Texas Hold’em or Omaha anonymously. Don’t be afraid to bluff! ● FACEBOOK CONNECT BONUS – Pad your bankroll with $250,000 additional chips when you connect your account to Facebook. Start your journey to become a World Series of Poker VIP! ● SLOTS MINI-GAME – Spin and win chips in between hands with the slot machine. WE’D LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Connect with us on Facebook ( and on Twitter ( Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.



  • Love app, but...

    By Moneys11
    I love the app prolly a little more than the desktop version, but the issue I have is I am unable to sign in thru Google like I can on the desktop version. On the desktop version is has 3 options of how you want to sign in: Email, Google, & Facebook. I created and have most of my accomplishments on my desktop and thought it would be able to transfer over if I sign in thru this app but it created a whole new account when I tried to sign in thru the email option on this app.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By 1starchar
    Game does everything it can to get you to purchase chips.
  • Lots of fun

    By Razz's boy
    Great game
  • WSOP is Money hungry

    By Johnny Utah poker face
    I lost 30 million over close to 100 hands in a row because you want me to pay a site that you cannot make real money at i use it as practice But I do think this site is trash
  • Amped

    By El glingo
    Save your money or you will find yourself in a loop of buying chips over and over again. This game is like the others, they are all designed to steal your hard earned cash. It is the sole purpose of the game to entice you into spending your money. You have been warned, they are all petty crooks! DON’T BUY CHIPS OR YOU WILL LOSE THEM QUICKLY! KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM YOUR POCKETS AND WALLET. THE GAME IS A MONEY GRAB.
  • Yess

    Best online poker site
  • Lukashe

    By lukuhere
  • Search friends

    By bright blue stitch
    So I was exited to play and I love this game but I’m trying to play with my dad and I can’t have Facebook and my dad doesn’t have Facebook and we wanna play together and can’t Ghent in the same game and I don’t like playing without my dad so if you could help and add a search button so you can lookup people and play with them without Facebook that would be the best please come back to me soon if you do I’ll be very grateful and sure will my dad and maybe others so get back to me soon and thank you for your service.
  • Game

    By alanda05
    Great and fun game
  • If you love playing Texas Holden poker this is where you want to play

    By beaver 1950
  • Great app

    By love it 2623
    I play it every day I really like the how it set up I would it rated it a 5 if hand a coach on how to improve my game
  • Disappointing

    By knbsbsj
    This site has fun features but overall it’s not real poker. No online gambling site is going to replicate real play. They’re out for profit and that’s it. When it comes to gambling, nothing is done out of love, it’s all geared towards people’s addiction. Also, why in the world would I pay the extra wheel when it constantly hits the same 2 slots? Almost always after and after the big money slot. Seems you choose two people in the room and give them all the hands and unbelievable river cards. Happens too often to feel like real poker. World Series of Thieves!!! I WILL NOT BE REST ASSURED!! Your site is rigged, fraudulent and you have people get on here and leave ridiculous 5 star ratings with terrible marketing lines. I counted 78 hands, played only 14 hands because I could barely muster above an 8, only had a pair 4 times. The odds are absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!! As I watch the same 2 to 3 people win hand after hand after hand. But rest assured. lol
  • Unrealistic

    By Yngtut
    First off let me say that this game is addicting, but don't expect it to play anywhere near close to real poker. The cards are not randomly dealt and you will see more bad beats in 20 hand then you will all year in real cash games. Favors certain players at certain times. For instance you can have pocket aces and someone can have 10, 2 offsuit and will go all in and win more times than not. You will fold hands like 7, 2 offsuit only to see 7, 7, 2 on the flop. Promotes horrible poker habits and ridiculous play. Targeted at getting you to buy chips. Play with caution!!
  • Terrible

    By Everc73
    This game is CONSTANTLY freezing. I've lost hands more times that I can count because the game freezes. It is annoying, maddening, frustrating. It makes me mad as %#$&!!!!! Terrible.
  • Vs

    By love2bluff&muff
    Great. Very real feel.
  • Good game

    By josiah48
  • Tournaments are made to rob you and they are slow to pay

    By sfgolface
    I have been waiting for nearly a week for two different tournament payouts. The Face Off tournament ended over a week ago and they are still waiting to award prizes. VERY slow paying out for tournament wins yet they will start a new tournament without paying out the previous one this preventing you from being able to play the next tournament because you are waiting to be paid. And if you email them all they will say is thanks for your patience and understanding. Very very very slow paying out. And it’s unfair to have to wait over a week when you are owed over 5 bil in chips
  • Poker face

    By deegicals
    Good game to pass the time with.
  • Turn into bad sport

    By fellbad
    Bad .no longer is this no good you have heard name times that it been go down hill .second best hand no matter what you do .i had to see on my Owen same people win no matter .they. Set in same seats and do all the winning .it was a good game at one time but now it down hill .i will not bring nobody here or tell them about it .it not fair at all .i don’t know if someone set it for I can’t win .i only have felling .who it might be .
  • Atir brew

    By Atir Brew
  • Poker fun

    By ray_rocha
    This is a very fun game!
  • Bathtub

    By texrex0
  • Cool

    By Gmagg5
    It is fun and you do not loose any folding money
  • Lnew

    By mattieft log
    I find when spinning the wheel it stops on a dime when I am about to hit a million. Can only get 450000. Rigged. Cards stink ..
  • Fun

    By DMABoudreaux
    Fun version of Texas hold ‘em. Good learning tool.
  • Hollywood1

    By Hollywood Jerry
    Great Game!!!
  • For Poker Lovers

    By LCD Squared
    This app is great. The only thing I don’t care for is that sometimes the dealer deals a series of crappy hands and that gets a little unrealistic at times. If they could fix that glitch I’ll give it 5 stars!
  • Free WSOP poker app.

    By Viper63sr
    Fun game ,chance to play poker without losing any money.
  • Player

    By Bigsmilestwo
    I love too play this game. Excellent fun when bored..
  • Action moves very fast

    By CDRStout
    Not much time to think about the hand, nor see results at the end of each hand. Must concentrate a lot...
  • Hold em

    By Dog of Hell
    Simply one of the greatest Texas hold ‘em apps there is.
  • Fun game

    By Lniebels
    You do not have to purchase just friend folks and send chips to play
  • Great site and players

    By none spurrex
    Well ran site
  • WSOP Review

    By bogursounder
    This game is soooo sweet I love to play with the great players that show their skills and all the different hands.
  • WSOP

    By Savageks62
  • Sorry you feel that way, it is the programing

    By DrWhat?
    After breaking 1.3b, bottom10%,90% time, one playable hand every other hour that wins, the rest are setup to loose
  • Great game

    By kevinwidner
    So much fun!!!
  • Hey

    By d-lete
    Fantastic game.
  • I win a lot

    By james harmon
  • Algorithms designed to encourage buying chips

    By Jontona
    Don’t listen to the developers....the algorithms are designed to maximize betting and force chip purchases where possible. If you do buy chips, all of a sudden you find your sell losing great hands from players having even outrageously bettter hands. I lost 1.4 billion losing a full house to someone elses bigger full house. Next hand, same thing. Got KK, the person had AA. Next hand QQ, a player had J4, and JJ hit, beating me. I use to play real money till Supreme Court shut down the cheating off shore organization. WSOP of course say they don’t cheat, but don’t believe it. Don’t buy chips!
  • Great poker

    By Panyioti
    Good poker app. Hopefully soon will be able to play for real $$ in NY
  • Syke

    By honkeykcjinez
  • Great

    By AB599
  • Bluknght3

    By ESPN: dog UFC: owner
    The reviewer who goes by Bluknght3 I agree everything he says and everything that’s had happened to him has happened to me.
  • The game is fun but,

    By 2fly1
    Don’t buy chips because they’ll screw you big time! And that is why they get a low rating from me
  • Fun

    By Katzjamr
    A lot better and more fair than the rest, real, crazy poker like life
  • Poker

    By imsaltyicanrjustskipthisstep
  • Store Manager

    By zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzxxxxxxzz
  • Fake

    By ace.234524
    Clearly rigged system, everyone wins with bad hands and you always lose with best hand preflop. It’s almost ridiculous how you can play 200+ hands and only “win” the hands you fold on