World Series of Poker - WSOP

World Series of Poker - WSOP

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-11-20
  • Current Version: 5.20.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 336.01 MB
  • Developer: Playtika LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 121 250


Play the world’s #1 POKER APP! Join millions of players in the official World Series of Poker app! The most prestigious poker brand raises the stakes with THE authentic poker experience on your iPhone or iPad. Compete to win the ultimate prize in poker; your very own WSOP Bracelet! Do you have what it takes to become a champion? Key Features: ● CHIPS EVERY 4 HOURS – Only at the World Series of Poker! ● WSOP BRACELETS – Fill up your Collectors’ Chip collections & win the most prestigious prize in poker; the WSOP Bracelet. ● TEXAS HOLD’EM TOURNAMENTS – Win multi-level Texas Hold’em tournaments to earn WSOP rings and climb the leaderboard! What’s more fun than being #1? ● EXCLUSIVE EVENTS – Return daily to experience new game modes, free chip events and more, for FREE! ● RNG CERTIFIED: Certified fair hand dealing. The cards in the game are shuffled randomly to provide you the best poker experience. ● WSOP CLUBS - Test your skills to earn your place in exclusive clubs and get elite benefits. Will you become a part of poker royalty? ● POKER RECALL – Challenge your memory and poker skills in our mini-game to win huge jackpots! ● POKER STATISTICS – Improve your game with the most extensive stats’ tracking in any poker app! ● TEXAS HOLD’EM OR OMAHA – Your choice! ● MISSIONS – Stay on top of your game with daily and weekly missions! ● PLAY LIVE WITH FRIENDS – Invite your friends to play and make it a poker night anytime, anywhere. ● CONTINUOUS PLAY – Start playing poker on your iPhone or iPad and continue on or Facebook with the same bankroll. ● GUEST MODE – Rock the tables and play Texas Hold’em or Omaha anonymously. Don’t be afraid to bluff! ● FACEBOOK CONNECT BONUS – Pad your bankroll with $250,000 additional chips when you connect your account to Facebook. Start your journey to become a World Series of Poker VIP! ● SLOTS MINI-GAME – Spin and win chips in between hands with the slot machine. WE’D LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Connect with us on Facebook ( and on Twitter ( Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.



  • Not random..

    By Xddvtvvjyvv
    Suspect if i bought chips i’d get chips.. rare to soin more than 500k.. that’s predictable.. so are winning games.. or not winning.. now missions are not updating.. win the norm 500k on wheel and still 88k on mission from last spin.. yeh.. right
  • Rigged!

    By JB1871627
    Stop being so rigged and I will change review.
  • WSOP poker

    By Linda 100m is all
    I’m on a winning streak again! Hopefully I can finally get to 400 million.
  • Don’t

    By Ang g mane
    Don’t play this game unless you like being asked to buy chips every time you open the app or back out to the menu. I get asked no less then 7 time to buy something I don’t want and get angry and close the app.
  • Unrealistic, but ok to kill time

    By mpm713
    Hands aren’t realistic, not real poker action. Ok to kill a few minutes, lots of options.
  • Great game

    By Keyversmith
    This game is awesome. Most realistic poker game there is. I won’t play any other poker site. This is the best!
  • 2nd review in 2 years

    By guestefb02846000
    Well, I hoped (funny) after the last review they might get the idea. It’s fun while your winning but if the algorithm doesn’t want you to win then you won’t no matter what you do. Any game that relies on an algorithm to dictate winners and losers just blows! It’s all about money. Don’t waste your time...
  • WSP

    By Daxx5222
    Great fun game to play. It’s fast moving.
  • Ja

    By Voja€
  • Pop up

    By Clamm77777
    More annoying pop ups for in app purchases than any other app in the world 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 The chat function allows every illiterate racist moron to post. You can’t ignore them.
  • Slow response

    By Gad Fly
    I like the games. However, since your last update it takes forever to get to a table and to leave a table. Trying to leave after a hand is so long that you pay a blind unintentionally because of the sluggishness. That is unfair. wSOP treats some of its players by taking them on hamster wheel rides.
  • I have a few suggestions

    By Smelli-gol4
    It would be nice if there was an even faster table than fast table. Less time between bonus chips would make game more enjoyable. More time to earn club rankings or more time before lack of play decreases club rank. I wish there was a way to identify which players are already your friends when playing the same table. Finally some of the tournaments require far to many conservative wins to earn a ring. Why not just have one tournament with multiple bracket style round and winner get the dang ring. Other that it is a pretty good game.
  • Wsop

    By bjh61
    There is nothing random about it. Every hand has one player with a pair. Another with two pair. Another with a straight and so on and so on. This game is totally rigged. I wish there was a game that played more like the real deal.
  • Update issue

    By UncleChubs
    I updated my game and after I updated I lost all my money ..... I was able to get money back after I restored my phone From back up so now I don’t wanna update my game
  • The FB group lounge is the best part!

    By Mark12345-
    This game has it's pluses and minuses but overall I like it. If it were not for the FB group called WSOP Player Lounge, the wins would not be as enjoyable. The graphics are great and the events they hold are really cool too. I especially like when they have the Crown Royal event. It’s my favorite. 👍👍
  • No advance thought betting

    By Thorr1957
    What I’m seeing on these tables is just stupid betting. It appears (to me) that most players are playing (as I am) with house chips. They have nothing invested so they bet recklessly because they have nothing to lose. I’ve seen more hands after the river where the players stayed with no suitors, no connectors, nothing! But continued to raise the pot hoping for other players to muck their hands. For me, there is no entertainment with this style of playing. Hopefully I can find some tables where there is actually a game of poker being played. If not, meh, I’ll find a different app.
  • Excellent Game!

    By peg0819
    By far the best poker app.
  • Aces

    By Witch1953
    The most fun I’ve had with my pants on.
  • BUY NOW, FOR 60% OFF!!!

    By Big sheezy
    I’ve been playing this poker app on and off for some time now. Unfortunately it is the best poker game in the apple store, still, somehow! The gameplay feels legit, same as when I first installed the game. The difficulty curve also feels appropriate even though I’m sure there’s an algorithm that favors the weaker player. The biggest issue I have is the IN YOUR FACE, BUY NOW, WASTE YOUR CASH ADD for this garbage in game currency every time I do ANYTHING. It’s become pathetic.
  • Don’t waste your $

    By Polar roller
    This App favors people that have played forever. The algorithm is just a joke. Especially in high stakes hands. Don’t ever slow play or you’ll lose big.
  • WSOP

    By Agent Smooth
    Fun, interactive and realistic.
  • Wsop hold Texas Holdem

    By jq383@$#
    Crooked site If you don’t buy chips from them They won’t let you win
  • David C

    By pila66
    It is very fun game. I like it very much
  • Rigged

    By MaGoo1315
    How is it possible that over the course of 100 hands there are 3 straight flushes, 9 full houses 7 flushes? Not only that, but in most cases the losing hand lost on the river and in a “clean” game the odds of this happening are less than 0 percent. This of course happened during one of the “special” events where you are expected to be dumb enough to bet large amounts on marginal hands. If I’m wrong please have the decency to respond with an explanation, and don’t repeat the nonsense about your certification. You never provide details about how those stats are collected or the size of the sample.
  • Amazing game

    By Ambro04
    If you are into poker get this one it is the best on the market 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Fun to pass the time

    By Kelly McLaughlin
    I enjoy this game I’m not a very good player so the chip giveaways or great thanks WSOP
  • Chip buying

    If you wanna win, you get the advantage if you buy chips because you’re not gonna win otherwise
  • #1 Poker App

    By XxRakkMac101xX
    It’s simple. This is the best app out there to play Hold em. That is all.
  • Nice Game

    By NhanDDS
    I’ve been addicted to the games for a while. Fun and excitement! Unfortunately, since the super spin feature added to the mega spin, it’s getting harder (and rarely) to hit the Jackpot.
  • 3

    By Meeeeeeeeegamer
    The way this game is designed makes players wonder as to the authenticity of it. Many complain that it may be rigged or something close to that. Other games seem more authentic and real.
  • Great game

    By Jerl1111
    Play every day
  • Rigged

    By juzf
    I play On several sites for different poker apps, this one by far is the most rigged App I have ever played on. Unless you’re buying chips your odds of winning are very minimal. It will let you win until you hit a certain point and then it’s downhill.I play with several friends who sit by my side As a experiment we watched each other’s hands, and what the actual screen showed us was totally different. If you like wasting your time and are a donk then this is the perfect place for you.
  • We’re off to see the river

    By for your eye's only
    What else can you say except KEEP IT UP and thanks for the remarkable job you’re all doing Great game love it too death Singed GREATFULL
  • Awesome game

    By TunkyJamez
    This game is very fun and competitive and I just enjoy taken break and playing a little poker while at work and before bed
  • Fun game

    By Redmice
    Love this game have a lot of time & nothing to do join us at the poker table u won’t regret it enjoy 😊
  • Too repetitive

    By Habber Sack
    It has gotten to easy to tell what the flop cards will be based on the hole cards dealt. Need to reprogram to make deals more random. Otherwise, people will lose interest and find other apps rather than buy more chips.
  • Ann

    By geiwhite
    Excellent only desire a bit quicker
  • WSOP

    By Oneshot235
    Fun and paced perfectly.
  • Random?...

    By onaha
    Nothing random on this site...only paying players win.
  • Great game

    By poker suks
    Really enjoy this app Great game
  • Shooter2000

    By shooter2000
    Great game
  • Very fun! My new winter hobby!

    By johnboy cameron
    I’m addicted
  • A

    By Mikeduda1989
  • Joker allowed to bet $30m a hand on 25k table.

    By nevadaaaaa
    Site does nothing to get rid of bad players betting ridiculous amounts on every hand. Their fake reporting system is worthless. Watched three hours tonight while one player, Joker, was betting tens of millions on a small play table and just stealing blinds. Reporting did nothing as WSOP doesn’t care.
  • Too many ads, casino always tops this game

    By hittingthecasino
    Used to be fun to play until you put all the nonstop pop up garbage, I just wanna play poker, you should have a classic version.
  • WSOP

    By Da Scribs
    Just a great thought out platform, responds fluidly. Bunch of people talking smack and having fun.
  • TXP is still #1 for me

    WSOP is #2... Positives: The tournaments & mostly friendly people. Negatives: To many attempts to sell chips & not a very generous wheel. Overall; I rate it a 4. Very good for a free game.
  • Great game, no debt

    By The__North__Star_________
    This is such a great game to play with friends, family, or players around the world. Whenever you hop on there will always be tournaments going on it’s perfect. You don’t have to spend real money. You will always be given money every 4 hours!!
  • Hit or Miss

    By Bufb88
    The algorithm is all over the place but somewhat consistent. You should know when to play & not play but in a game of chance you always end up with consistently bad or good cards at the wrong/right times. If this game was actual cash I can’t think of a better platform COMPARED to other poker apps. Had a major issue with payments & it showing up in my account & if you have this issue than be prepared not to have it handled by Playtika. Also since the missions follow your progress, be prepared to spend a lot of time on the app if you don’t plan on shoveling out some money.