DoorDash - Food Delivery

DoorDash - Food Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2013-10-10
  • Current Version: 3.1.68
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 184.94 MB
  • Developer: DoorDash, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 920 919


Food delivery anywhere you are, from a family picnic in the park to your date night at home. DoorDash offers the greatest selection of your favorite local and national restaurants — more than 110,000 menus across 800+ cities in the U.S. and Canada. New restaurants and delivery locations added daily. Spend more time doing the things you love — we’ll take care of the rest. YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS Choose from a huge variety of cuisines, from your favorite sushi spot to the comfort food you crave. EASY ORDERING Food is just a few taps away. Get your favorite meals faster with quick reordering. Plus, group ordering makes entertaining a breeze. SCHEDULE DELIVERIES Advance ordering allows you to get your food when it’s most convenient for you. REAL-TIME TRACKING See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times to traffic to weather, we’ve factored in all the elements that come between you and your food. NO MINIMUMS Order as little or as much as you want. PAYMENT Conveniently pay via Apple Pay or credit card. WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Five-star service gets you what you need, right when you need it. ABOUT DOORDASH DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities. We do this by empowering local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live. We started by facilitating door-to-door delivery, but we see this as just the beginning of connecting people with possibility — easier evenings, happier days, bigger savings accounts, wider nets and stronger communities. Currently serving over 800 cities in 78+ markets in the U.S. and Canada including: Atlanta, Austin, Bellevue, Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Orange County, Pasadena, Palo Alto, Peninsula, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Toronto, and Vancouver. National partners include: Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, The Cheesecake Factory, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jamba Juice, Panda Express, Moe's Southwest Grill, P.F. Chang’s, Denny’s, IHOP, Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa John's, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Boston Market, Red Robin, Applebee’s, TGI Friday’s, Red Lobster, Qdoba Mexican Eats, El Pollo Loco, Noodles & Company, Buca di Beppo, White Castle, SmashBurger, Schlotzsky’s, and many more. Visit to learn more. $1 delivery terms and conditions: Valid only on orders with a minimum subtotal greater than $10. First-time users only. Offer valid for 30 days after customer’s first order is delivered. Limit one per person. Other fees, taxes, and gratuity still apply. All deliveries subject to availability. Must have or create a valid DoorDash account with a valid form of accepted payment on file. No cash value. Non-transferable. See full terms and conditions at



  • Awful

    By MechaSonic
    Worst customer service of any delivery app.
  • Too many issues

    By jnasty020
    I’ve not had as many issues with ANY food delivery as I have with this app. The premise is fine but I’ve wasted so much money on this and 2 times I didn’t even get the food. It’s actually ridiculous.
  • New to this app

    By Brittney Casey
    I just recently moved to a bigger city . We didn’t have anything like this in the small country town that I was living in. This is so convent and helpful. This is a great app! Very thorough
  • Help?

    By ReginaRLE
    I’m trying to set up my account but I keep getting error 400. What gives?
  • worst food delivery app on the market

    By EdwardLawrenceTush
    highly recommend using uber eats instead of this joke of a service , and terrible. would give zero stars if i could , do not recommend.
  • Food was cold yesterday and it took longer than it was supposed to take

    By pimklove
    If mill.
  • Review

    By rilizz
    You guys should change your tip policy so we don’t have to tip the driver until after the food is delivered. Also, you shouldn’t have the driver deliver other orders once they pick up your food. My food is cold sometimes when I receive it.
  • Use my referral code

    By Alohabxbxnsj
    Become a DoorDash driver! Work flexible hours and earn an extra $50 after 200 deliveries. Apply here: or “S2VHEZ”
  • Very impressed!!

    By courtlyncav
    Way better service than Waitr!!!! My order was delivered 15 minutes earlier than expected and was still hot. DoorDash is our new go-to for food delivery!! Very pleased with their service!!
  • The best delivery service ever created

    By Ahmed1_Ahmed1
    DoorDash is the greatest delivery service in the market. The dashers are willing to go above and beyond to deliver your food. Also gives employment to 18 years olds which gives the opportunity to have a work and life balance.
  • Ok

    By adnkasjd
    Love how easy it can be to order food but the app glitches all the time and is extremely slow.
  • Don’t understand how it’s top rated

    By Lynnbirdd
    I never write reviews but I am just confused by this app. I’ve had a few issues with orders not arriving. When I’ve written to Door Dash Help they redirect me to go through specific buttons but I’ve never gotten the help I need. This last order is what made me write this review. I’ll admit that I made the mistake of entering the wrong address. I had forgotten to change it after ordering at a friend house. I spoke to the driver about it and they said they would still deliver it to me. I sent them the correct address yet I never heard back from him and my food was never delivered. If they were not able to do it it would of been okay, but I don’t understand why they said they would deliver and then just not do it, or at least tell me they couldn’t. The help options are not much help for this situation. I’m sad to say this but I’ll have to delete the app for now. Just seems unprofessional :(
  • Come one man

    By Kleydelman
    First time using it and my driver gets a flat tire. Yeah right. Sounds like the driver didn’t want to wait for the food
  • Awful

    By JLHRN1234
    Both times I have tried to use this app I have waited 30+ minutes tracking my order only for it to be canceled for an unknown reason. Extremely disappointing for a nurse working a 12 hour night shift with no access to a cafeteria and a limited time frame to eat.
  • What the hell

    By door dashis trash
    Whoever is writing 5 starts drives for this company. I’ve had multiple times where drives tell me to drive to where they are and meet them. Literally the exact opposite of the point of this company. Let alone a couple times when I tell them I’ll meet them they have been selling drugs to people. It may say 20 minutes but it will take 3 hours. Door dash highers low life thugs that spit in your food and decline orders below a 25% tip. Deleting the app and leaving this review as my last drop. DON’T USE THEM. THEY ARE TRASH.
  • Fast

    By victoriadiaz36
    Easy to use. Eficiente 👌🏼
  • No car details

    By ShortyXShorty
    I didn’t like that you don’t get details on the car like car make and model and license plate number so you know when the driver is approaching. Other than that the app is fine

    By TmarrieE
    The first time I was understanding, but twice? Ridiculous! Both times I tried to file complaints that my order never arrived via the app and NOTHING WORKED. I had to search for a number to call to get any kind of help and BOTH TIMES THEY DID ALMOST NOTHING. They reordered the meal and gave a $10 credit and hung up on me. They don’t care about how much time and money they steal from their customers, the business ordered from, or even their own company. Use any other app. This one is garbage.
  • Orders

    By ADzeke
    My last orders have been wrong. Haven’t gotten what I have asked. Getting better thou
  • All around bad service

    By sundtkb
    I’ve used them a couple times now and at least half of the things I ordered get canceled at some point but the money doesn’t get refunded till 5-7 business days. Also got my order wrong. The food looked disgusting and all they did was give me some (not all) of my money CREDITED. After I use the credit I’m deleting the app and never using it again.
  • User experience not that great

    By daksh28799
    User experience not that great
  • Slow updates

    By moxxxxie
    App was good at first but it’s slow to update when the dasher is on the way.
  • Food is upcharged

    By Respectmefu
    Don’t buy into their scam. The food on the app is more expensive than buying it at the restaurant.
  • Awesome service

    By Amilious
    Great service. Don’t have to leave my house
  • Door dashing and slappin

    By swagmuffin32
    So good wow door dash or die. Jk Ill use other food services too if they, like, have other choices I wanna eat. But yeah door dash brother 🤟
  • Scam

    By never will use doordash again
    Ordered a large catering order from Chipotle. Door dash never picked up the order. Yet they sent me texts That they delivered and charged me $25 delivery. I had to go pick up the catering. What a scam!!
  • Cancel

    By cccfgitefhstgd
    Order cancelled and we were never told.
  • Cant order between 11 and 12

    By devon.lee1
    I like to hang out with my friends, we like to have a few drinks and watch tv. We would like to order food. But instead, any restaurants open until 12:30 doesn't have the option to order with ASAP as the time. Instead of delivering ASAP between 11 and 12 at night instead it offers me options for after noon the next day. But if I wait until at least 1 minute after midnight suddenly it's open again. Though here I am waiting until the dasher comes around. Usually after 1 am may I add. Where I finally get some food I would have been happy to have at midnight attempting ordering at 11. Rather than being told no.
  • Worst App

    By DJD unplugged
    Worst app ever. ots to
  • Good times

    By bhud0817
    Enjoy DoorDash late at night or when I’m home with my kids. Easy and efficient
  • Marcus is great!

    By Awesome first experience!
    Marcus was here faster then any place I’ve ever ordered from he was really nice and I didn’t feel uncomfortable when I approached him! The food was hot and amazing. I loved how I was notified when my driver received the food and when he was approaching.Great first experience I will be using door dash again!
  • I Love DoorDash It’s Amazing!!!!

    By LadiiRedBandit
    Best App Ever With Great Customer Service
  • Awesome

    By Kidzone Employee
    I love it. It is so convenient. Tip well ;)
  • First time user, bad experience!!

    By Esantif
    It took an hour for the food to arrive. Food was cold and order incomplete. Don’t use it!!
  • Terrible first experience

    By first and last-time customer
    Driver sat at the restaurant for nearly an hour before bothering to ask about the status of our food. Turns out they never got our order. So we wait another 30-40 mins, and the driver shows up with only half our order. Call the restaurant, and they are super apologetic saying the drive left before the full order was ready, offered to take care of us next time we came in. Don’t see why they should have to when it seems like it was Doordash’s fault...
  • Competitive

    By micro jackson
    Good alternative to other similar apps. Great food options and decent fees
  • Decent app

    By RAZ)v(aTAZ
    Door dash is my go to food app. They could be better. Postmates lets you tip after the delivery. Which is a better way to prevent drivers who don’t pick up everything, or don’t read the order.
  • Door Dash

    By viavintage
    Haven’t had any issues with door dashes services. I definitely recommend them as a reliable service.
  • Horrible service

    By JcStro
    Placed an order an over an hour ago and the driver got a flat tire(crap happens) and there is o way to make arrangements for another driver to deliver the food. There is no way to contact customer support to resolve the problem. Not OK!!!!
  • uhh

    By deo$$$
    im a first time customer and it randomly decided to revoke my free promos :/ even though i have yet to order food
  • Sweeetttttttttttt apppppppp

    By davo1531
  • Upcahrge

    By Joejoe2389
    DO NOT. I SAY DO NOT ORDER FORM POSTMATES!!!! They charge on top of what the cost of the food from the restaurant is. So if X restaurant cost $10.00 for burger. Postmates charges extra $6.00 for the burger plus a delivery fee.
  • Stuck in a trap of credits

    By Pandalessons101
    I only used a food delivery service because of my working situation. The very first time I used DoorDash would have been my last. I ordered $35 worth of food, on a Friday night and they ended up having a crash nationwide within the system so I got my food extremely late. They ended up giving me credit for the food I ordered. Because of that, I kept using my credit til it ran out. The last time I ordered, I had about $10 of credits left and paid $10 with my debit card to buy lunch to have delivered to the store I work at for me and some associates Because I work in a mall, I gave very specific directions on how to get to my store. Instead of contacting me, through either SMS or DoorDash, my Dasher claimed to have left my food somewhere stranded in the mall and left. I wasn’t able to go looking for it because it was a busy day, and I can’t leave my store without a manager to hand over to. I was livid, and contacted DD who claimed it was MY fault and refunded me that “one time.” Because of that I got $25 of credit put onto my account. I used the last of that credit tonight, and my order ended up late and was missing HALF of the entire order. So they gave me $15 in credits. The only reason I keep using the app is because I have DD credits, but their customer service is absolute garbage. I suggest picking a different delivery service.
  • Best delivery app on the market bar none!

    By Rubylabooby
    I've tried every 3rd party delivery app and none come close! Lowest delivery fee, the fastest drivers (professional too) and the best restaurants! LOVE DoorDash!
  • The Best!

    By Tauielofa
    DoorDash is far better than Grubhub and post mates. They are always on time and you get minute by minute updates.
  • Very disappointed

    By pdarn111
    I order food from five guys through door dash and it was a nightmare and food never arrived! Keep in mind the restaurant is only 15 minutes from my house and I was quoted 45 minutes for delivery (which seemed reasonable). After what seemed like forever, I called the restaurant they said the food had been ready and sitting on the counter for 1.5 hours and still had not been picked up. They called me back 10 minutes later and said someone from door dash finally showed up so they remade my food so it would be fresh (which I greatly appreciated). I waited another 20 minutes and still did not have my food delivered. I called door dash directly and their records showed it was delivered even though it wasn’t. They tried calling the dasher several times but could not get ahold of them. After over two hours and still no dinner, I had no solutions and had to go get something else to eat for dinner (at 9:30 at night). Very irritated at their service and will not use them in the future for any deliveries.
  • Nightmare

    By AWESOME GAME 250518403
    They should think of changing the name because my courier was not even able to come to my door. I waited an hour for delivery and while I was checking on the status of my courier, they completed the order. I tried to go to help and say that my order wasn’t received and the chat button isn’t working. Currently waiting on my refund, too bad they can’t refund my time.
  • Waited an hour and a half and the driver was nowhere near the restaurant.

    By jxndndksjks
    I will most definitely never order from this app again. I ordered my food around 7:30 pm. I ordered food from a restaurant that is maybe 15 minutes from my home. It’s now 9:03 and they sent a driver from Chicago to come get my food. She never made it to the restaurant. I can’t believe how horrible this service really is.
  • Awesome

    By jncross88
    Really comes in handy! Thank you!