Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App

Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2014-06-29
  • Current Version: 3.4.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 52.48 MB
  • Developer: Relayin Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 822


Foreceipt is an easy to use receipt tracker & scanner app designed to scan & organize your receipts, invoices & bills. Track your spending or use it as a monthly budget planner to manage your money. Our app uses intelligent OCR technology to scan receipts, bills & invoices, which can later be used to monitor finances for personal or business purposes. Why Foreceipt? It simplifies expense tracking & management for you at each step. Foreceipt is one of its kind app, which helps you scan your bills, invoices & receipts. It also helps you create expense report. It saves the data on Google Drive, allowing you to monitor your income & expenses on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Foreceipt is your business & personal finance manager that lets you track taxes at your fingertips! Get ready for tax season, and download the free receipt tracker & scanner app for effortless bookkeeping, money savings management. How to Scan? To scan your receipts and bills using Foreceipt, simply tap the scan icon at the bottom. Place your phone above the receipt on a plain, dark background. Foreceipt uses OCR technology to accurately read the merchant and payment data to convert your paper bills & receipts into digital receipts. You can edit, verify or delete your receipts once scanned. Foreceipt is the most convenient expense tracker. Key features: * Real-time processing - The receipt scanning process is quick. It will save & organize the data immediately on Google Drive. You will not need the receipt after scanning it, as your data is processed in real time * Monthly Budget Planner - You can track your spending, income, & balances monthly. Create categories to manage your financial reporting & budget. This app is a bookkeeper that’ll make money-saving & bank account reconciliation trouble-free * Expense Reports - Foreceipt makes accounting & reporting seamless. Use different filters like date, tags, accounts, & categories to customize your reports. Export & download the expense report in the form of PDF, Google Sheets or CSV file * Reminders - Making monthly payments can be cumbersome. Use Foreceipt as a bill organizer for your expenses. Set reminders for your monthly bill/card payments * For all currencies - Expenses can be recorded in any currency. Use the live exchange rate feature in the app, which allows you to manage your bills on the go, across the world, in whichever currency you require * Cloud-Based - Foreceipt saves data on Google Drive, which makes it accessible from any device at any time. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of storing your receipts for months * Offline Access - Saved data can be viewed without internet access. The app will automatically sync & organize with Google Drive the next time you’re online * Cross-Device Accessibility - The app can be logged into on multiple devices and will keep the data synchronized. Upon making any changes in the app, the updated data will be visible on all devices. Auto synchronization makes receipt tracking easy for both family and business Foreceipt is the most sophisticated and advanced receipt organizer app to scan, track & manage your money & expenses. Organize finance reports, budgets & track tax refund on any devices. Make Foreceipt your personal bookkeeper. Download today to enjoy 50 receipts each month for free. If you want to have more scans, please upgrade to Foreceipt Pro with a monthly/yearly subscription! Subscription Options: $0.99 US$ per month $9.99 US$ per year Note: Monthly subscriptions renew each month, and annual subscriptions renew each year unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Excellent customer support, please visit us for help Foreceipt Term of use:



  • Web synchro

    By Giwanon70
    I don’t have to worry if my phone has small storage bec it syncs all the files in the gmail cloud drive . Thanks for the nice looking reports as well. It’s beautiful
  • New and improved

    By Tomwdndja
    I have used this app for many years and it’s amazing that it keeps improving. The quality of the OCR keeps improving to the point that you don’t have to type much. The scanner automatically fills in the columns for you. Keep it up!
  • Reminder Bug

    By Amin Pahlavani
    In “More/Advanced Settings/Reminder/Remind me to enter receipts” at 08:00 PM, even I turned it off, still get notification sound at this time. I try this option off on 2 iPhones and still get a same sound at 8:00 pm. Please fix it.
  • Restored my account

    By MacA2002
    Really pleased with the support I received on restoring my account...A+++ Service!!!!!! Thank you!!!
  • Very helpful!

    By receipt feedbaxk
    Easy to load receipts. Response time is great via email and their customer support is also very responsive. You can talk and share screen which was helpful when I was having trouble locating a file.
  • Very pleased after 6 months!

    By Spark Consulting
    Easy to use and convenient for on the spot tracking of both expenses and income for small business. Reporting and backup features are nice,too.
  • Best yet

    By LexieLou330
    Worth all 99 pennies a month or 999 a year! Sorry if my maths wrong that’s why I use this app best expense tracker yet!
  • Great app

    By Annahammy
    Why not get paid for what I do anyways, and it’s great cause I always lose my receipts.
  • Great app

    By MeanDean11
    This app is the very first of its kind to completely cover absolutely everything that I would ever want it to cover and more. I’ve looked at them all and this one is the very first that is perfect for me. Great job! Very impressed! I will tell everyone about this app!
  • Nice

    By sir celtor
  • Try another

    By Legiwen
    About 25% accuracy
  • Not working accurately

    By HNY WHT
    I literally have scanned 4 receipts in the last 10 minutes using this app and it has only processed 2 of them. Yet, even those 2 didn’t have the correct merchant name or dollar amounts. This was a waste of my time and now I am also worried that I will be changed due to the app saying there is only a 14 day free trial once I signed up. However, there was NO indication of this in the description of the app before downloading. Very misleading and not of proper use at all to consumers for the purpose as promoted.
  • Great App!

    By Roski1
    I really like this app. It helps to organize my receipts and keeps track of my bills over the course of the year. I especially like that you can customize categories and synch your phone to the desk top. Once you have all of your information imported you can export it in an excel file. RH
  • Perfect

    By Tevin Noel
    This is my very first app review ever and I had to write a review because this app is Great! It's been just what I've been looking for to help me transition from using paper to electronic records. In addition, I love that my electronic receipts are accessible from my Google Drive (hopefully it's not to bad on storage space) but I give this thumbs up. Side note: I think you should increase 100 scans to maybe 200 scans a month (that is more realistic terms in terms of everyday life) ie. 6 receipts per day
  • It’s a joke

    By Mr Camel
    I had barely got signed up and had not even used the app and it asked me to sign up for the pro version bull crap to that!!
  • Perfect solution

    By Jennylynn456
    This app has been a perfect addition to my side business. It is slick to use on the go. It has because a welcoming habit to scan receipts right after a purchase.
  • Don’t understand why they are getting good reviews

    By Ankurbhandari
    Clunky software - does not syncs between the app and online version. Misses expenses - different report in app and online - I have just wasted an hour trying to figure this out - no resolution. WASTE OF MONEY - LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE
  • Support

    By BnB 1098
    The best support from Gordon
  • Forces you to sign in with google

    By Witch-me
    Used to like it. I don’t like apps making me do something I don’t want to do. I don’t recommend this one.
  • Puts Spending into Perspective

    By FortShafterGuy708
    I have to say I’m impressed with this app. I’m one of those people with numerous bank accounts and believed that bank statements would be enough. However, using this app is helpful to track spending in all accounts, and it helps me to stay organized. I love that I can store all my receipts here, it creates a chart for me to see my percentages AND budget. Highly recommend. My only Con is that its not a free app but it’s actually really cheap, $9.99 for the entire year is not bad at all! That is like a cup of coffee and doughnut, you won’t be disappointed
  • Good but

    By couda1
    Terrible exporting reports, all u get is random codes, bunch of numbers and letters, I tried iPhone iPad and pc none of them work. hope to be able to download reports off iPhone or iPad instead of desktop.
  • RIP OFF!!!!

    By Michael.crusher.walker58@
    Do not trust these people. I paid for this app and they wanted me to pay again! For an “upgrade”. All my receipts were lost because I trusted them. Do not copy my mistake. Steer clear!!!
  • Loved it but...

    By mlbdl9691
    Went to upload some e-receipts and somehow all of my tags got wiped out on the app. The app is also a little quirky/not intuitive in moving from screen to screen. But, it does the basic job. Just don’t wipe out info between UIs.
  • On the fence

    By Maui Kid
    I like the app and it seems to work well, however to me it would seem more productive to be able to print reports from the iPhone or iPad using AirPrint instead of going to a desktop, I’m also not sure about allowing the app access to my google drive for the obvious security reasons. 3 stars for now!
  • Income Tax

    By Rimardo
    Helps with doing your taxes
  • Easy to use app!

    By theBeerAuthority
    I really appreciate an all comprehensive app that is easy to use especially useful during tax time as well as keeping track of everything based on category. The scan function is tops! Highly recommend.
  • Requires Unlimited Access to Google Drive

    By Michelle Branch Rocks!
    This app requires far too much access to google drive, not only can it view, edit, and delete ALL files stored on your drive, it can also see the information of people you share files with. There is no reason it should require that level of access. If it simply required the ability to create a single folder and only access that folder, I’d be all for it. I keep a lot of files that the app has no business accessing.
  • Loses receipts. Deleting

    By Rico425
    Deleted after 2 days. Loses everything & sends reminders for non existent credit cards
  • Work as intended!

    By deliveryman27
    This app is the best it works soo good design and simplicity of it! I will definitely upgrade after the 14 day free trial. $9.99 for the year Wow! Get it! Great for tracking business receipts and personal. ****BOOM*** :)
  • Recommend

    By Norriskat1
    It's makes so much more worries of faded receipts

    By elishayaya
    I paid the $10.00 for the yearly membership, I have been using the app since June. Yesterday all of my data was gone I am talking hundreds of receipts. I am livid. I deleted the app and started using Wally hopefully it works better then f oreceipt.
  • Great App!

    By CharlestonRandy
    Really great app for keeping track of my daily receipt tracking.
  • Unacceptably SLOW

    By Chopshair
    This app is in need of some speed and ability to create your own categories. This is not hairstylist friendly. I’m able to complete a wax service in the amount of time it takes to upload a receipt. Unacceptable
  • Awesome app

    By MrGrumble
    Easy to use
  • Solid but lacking

    By Steve938
    I really enjoy the scanning features of the app. However, the app is now making me upload the receipts to google drive. In the past I had been able to email the receipts. This is a major negative for me but only because I’m not a user of google drive.
  • Great but...

    By sedonachocolate
    Great app, very smart, but... I wish they allow modification of categories!!! Then it would be a 5 stars.
  • Great

    By 7ameado
  • Requires access to all your Google Drive files

    By Mdmom715
    To use this app you have to give it permission to see, write, and access all your Google Drive files. If you have proprietary client files in Google Drive (or just value your privacy), how are you supposed to use it?
  • Not working anymore

    By Micky922
    I used this app last year (2018) and it worked great. No I’m getting an error and app will not open.
  • Can’t use without internet

    By albeez34
    I could do what this does on my google drive, no need to download this app. Besides it takes forever to come up.
  • Life saver!

    By Results4you
    Since my encounter with the IRA a few years ago, I was encouraged by my replacement CPA to save my receipts in a shoe box for about 5 years. I’ve done that since. At least till a year ago. The problem with the receipts is the ink fade-away over time. Since finding Foreceipt I was reluctant and optimistic at the same time, but nonetheless gave it a try. Today I’m glad I did. Having digital receipt copies today is priceless. I would however like to see an improvement and functional budget feature in terms of recurring bills and also selected category sum.
  • Great App

    By MathesC71
    Out of all the apps I’ve tried this is the best. I just wish I could email receipts like on Expensify.
  • Foreceipt

    By Pemdebbie
    Great app
  • Disappointed

    By ugh561
    Cannot do much without upgrading to the paid version. Does not use OCR for receipts details.
  • Skeptic

    By Cdj4722
    I was skeptical about continuing with the free purchase of this app, when I was prompted to agree to let the app have full access, edit, create and delete to ALL my files stored on my Google Drive. What?!!
  • May work for some

    By Trikimi
    I couldn't get the ORC to work. I was having to type in most of the info. I’m lazy, I’ll own it. I just wanted a simple way to keep receipts for info and returns. This app could be a valuable way for some to budget and track their entire finances. My need is for simple receipt tracking, organizing and uploading. His isn’t the app for that.
  • Access to your entire google drive

    By cgirlc
    Was excited to try this but the app requires you to give it access to your ENTIRE google drive account and allow it to delete ANY file in your drive. If you don’t use your google drive for anything else, I’m sure that would be fine but if you do use it on a regular basis, giving an app access to all of your private documents is never a good idea.
  • Cure for a headache

    By tystyx
    I’m so glad I bought this product. Over a year ago, I decided I would start saving receipts and coming up with a personal budget. I managed to stick to saving the receipts, but as they kept piling up, I kept putting off recording them. I finally decided to look into ways of recoding the hundreds of receipts I had without making me want to jump off a bridge. I read a bunch of reviews and Foreceipt was the first app I tried. I’ve already entered tons of receipts a lot more quickly than I thought I’d be able to. The OCR isn’t 100% accurate, but no OCR will be until AI really gets moving. It’s still very accurate, the ease with which the app lets me update the things it doesn’t get perfectly, and all the extra filtering, sorting, budgeting, customization, cloud storage, and bulk editing features (when using the web version) makes this a five-star app in my book. Their support seems to be great so far too. Their online documentation is thorough, and they corresponded with me very quickly when I had some questions about subscription.
  • Great app

    By Alan,
    Great app to keep track of your budget including income and expenses. I have been using this app since 2016. I tested all the free related apps and didn’t like any of them because they did not provide or was not as simple as Foreceipt. In addition to the app, there’s a great support team behind it, I used them multiple times including GoToMeeting support with two members trying figure out when my data folder was deleted by accident. Please keep up the great work!