Reading Eggs - Learn to Read

Reading Eggs - Learn to Read

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-10-22
  • Current Version: 2.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 98.38 MB
  • Developer: Blake eLearning
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 388


Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning learning program that helps children learn to read. Based on scientific research and designed by experienced elementary teachers, it’s proven to help kids learn to read using interactive reading games, guided reading lessons, fun activities, and over 2,000 digital story books. Reading Eggs has already helped over 10 million children worldwide learn to read. The monthly subscription includes full access to: • Reading Eggs Junior (ages 2–4): Toddlers build pre-reading skills such as phonemic awareness and alphabet knowledge with fun activities, games, videos, and read-aloud books. • Reading Eggs (ages 3-7): Children take their first steps in learning to read, covering phonics, sight words, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. • Reading Eggspress (ages 7-13): Continues the learning journey by helping children learn to read for meaning and enjoyment. • Mathseeds (ages 3–9): Develops essential early numeracy skills, covering numbers, measurement, shapes, patterns, and more. • Printable teaching material: Hundreds of printable worksheets reinforce essential skills and concepts covered in the programs. Homeschoolers have access to detailed curriculum guides for grades K–2, as well as lesson plans, assessment tasks, printable certificates, and real-time progress reports. ABOUT THE READING EGGS LEARN TO READ APP TRUSTED: used in over 12,000 schools and trusted by elementary educators. SELF-PACED: children are matched to the perfect level and progress with self-paced, one-on-one lessons. HIGHLY MOTIVATING: the reward system consists of golden eggs, collectable pets, and games, motivating children to keep learning. RESEARCH-BASED: based on scientific research and the most up-to-date learning principles on the most effective way children learn to read. COMPREHENSIVE: Reading Eggs is a complete learn to read system for children aged 2–13 and covers the five essential components of reading: phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. PROVEN RESULTS: our hundreds of testimonials, multiple awards, 91% success rate AND money-back guarantee gives you the confidence in knowing that your child will learn to read using the most effective and results-driven online reading curriculum. SEE REAL PROGRESS: see instant results in your very own parent dashboard and receive detailed progress reports, which show you exactly where your child is improving and where extra attention is needed. LEARN TO READ ON THE GO! Your child can learn to read anytime, anywhere on a desktop or tablet device. Users must log in with their account details to access Reading Eggs. Min requirements: • Wireless internet connection • iPad 3+ • iPad Mini 2nd Gen+ • iPhone 5+ • iOS 9.3.5 • An active trial or subscription Recommended devices and iOS version: • iPad 4+ • iPad Mini 3rd Gen+ • iPhone 5s+ • iOS 10+ To get the best experience, go into your iPad settings, select ‘General’ and ensure that ‘Mute’ is selected under ‘Lock Rotation’. Note: Teacher accounts are currently not supported For assistance or feedback email: MORE INFO • Each subscription gives one child access to Reading Eggs Junior, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, and Mathseeds • The first month of your subscription is free. After the first month, a monthly cost is charged to your iTunes account (see prices below) • Receive a 50% discount on the full subscription cost per month for any additional child subscribed via the Reading Eggs iPad app • Subscriptions renew automatically; your iTunes account will be charged unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current period • Cancel anytime in your iTunes Account Settings PRICING • 1st child: $9.99 USD/month • 2nd, 3rd & 4th child: $4.99 USD/month Family Bonus Discount—Save 50% on any additional children Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions:



  • Great program but...

    By Concerned Customer76
    The program is great and my daughter has learned a lot. However, the sound doesn’t always work. It goes out frequently which is not very good when they are listening for instructions. This problem definitely needs to be fixed.
  • Volume Issues

    By FD8717
    The volume quits working after the introductory video, making it unplayable.
  • Love

    By ETSEED18
    My 5 year old math-brain son “actually loves it” - his words! This is big. My son has shown very little interest in phonics and reading. He is a heavily auditory learner who engages best with audio/visual stimuli. We are a homeschooling family and he leans toward math and science based learning. We have been using Reading Eggs as a summer curriculum in an attempt to get him on track for his kindergarten language curriculum. He even chooses Reading Eggs during his free time! He thinks the videos are funny and he laughs and LEARNS through every lesson. We are hooked. Thank you!!!
  • Great for Summer Also!

    By Gold2Nov
    I downloaded this app to help my twin boys with their reading. While my boys were reading, they were struggling with reading fluently. I purchased both the Reading eggs and math seeds and have seen tremendous growth in both of my boys. Even their first grade teacher noticed a big difference within a few weeks of having the program! Now that it is summer, I am using the program to help my boys keep up with their skills and to hopefully prepare them better for second grade.
  • Fantastic program

    By TempestBeauty
    We’ve been using Reading eggs as a part of our homeschool program for 3-4 years. My kids still enjoy it, and have made so much progress. I appreciate the depth and breadth of material that is covered, both through Reading Eggs and Math Seeds. The only reason I am not leaving a 5 star review is because I have 3 children using the program on tablets, and each day I have to sign in three kids through both sign in screens, for a total of 6 sign-ins daily. It’s quite frustrating and feels unnecessary. I would really, really like to see a “keep me signed in” option - mostly so my kids could be self directed and start their school work without waiting for me.

    By homeschoolof5
    Just an FYI- If you do the free trial through ITUNES (through the APP) you are signing up for a monthly subscription that you will not see anywhere in the app or on the website. It is an ITUNES subscription and you will need to log into itunes to cancel your subscription before it runs out. You can not cancel through APP. For me that meant downloading iTunes on my computer and figuring out how to manage subscriptions there. I did not know the difference and triple checked on reading eggs that I did not need to cancel. Then I was charged for the monthly subscription through apple. There is no way to get a refund ( Reading Eggs will not do so since they consider it "third party"). I am awaiting a response from APPLE but as of now Apple denied my refund request. A subscription through the website is MUCH cheaper. You can still use the app.. Just sign up your free trial or subscription on readingeggs website, THEN log into the APP!!
  • Great for learning reading, terrible to use

    By Lucille2013
    My daughter loves this app. She uses it both at home and in Kindergarten and I’ve seen genuine improvement in her reading skills. That being said, the app’s user interface is kind of awful. We have the app on an iPhone 8 and the text sizes are far too small, as are the buttons. Even my six year old with her tiny fingers has trouble clicking on the correct word sometimes because the buttons are microscopic. And then, I’m many parts of the game, the screen is not centered and sometimes part of the screen runs off the right side. Oh, and the audio volume is very inconsistent; sometimes it’s too quiet then, a second later it’s like an airplane taking off.
  • Great Motivation

    By C&Js Mom
    My boys 8 & 5 really enjoy the reading eggs app. Both the interactive portion as well as the printed worksheets. I’m impressed with how it keeps them both engaged and the progress they make. Compared to some programs we have tried the cost is worth it. Looking forward to continuing to work with the reading eggs program all summer.
  • Fantastic

    By Kayakath
    My grandchildren love Reading Eggs and I do too! The lessons are fun and progress nicely. I also like that ‘games’ need to be earned.
  • Lots of glitches

    By Kehawk7446
    My daughter loves playing this but there’s so many glitches it makes it difficult. It’s often slow to load, delayed, etc. As a parent I don’t like that the app has games and videos that don’t do anything to encourage learning to read.
  • You are a good game maker but it needs more stamps on the paint easail

    By Curtis Rasico
    Make a stamp that is a purple starfish and a cake that cool stuff is good but needs to have bugs squashed
  • Fantastic when it works.

    By Tony 2x4
    Some of the activities take 7-10 minutes to load but excluding that its probably the best app fr my 2 year old so far. The presentation of the activities sticks with him easier than other sight word apps.
  • App keeps freezing

    By MMLFamily
    The math seeds portion keeps freezing. We tried 5 times reopening the app. It keeps freezing or the screen is going blank. Unacceptable for such an expensive app.
  • So bad

    By lol abby
    It doesn’t work 🤬😡😡😡😡👍🏻
  • Nice but has bug in Reading egg

    By JaidosJ
    I really enjoys this program and two of my kids learned alphabet and phonics through this program. This is first time using app though. When I click Reading egg-Play-Alphbet, many times when my daughter clicks back button, screen shows the blank green page. I hope they fix this bug problem. (I have i-pad pro) Also it will be great if they include Readingegg jr in basic subscription. I get this through Charter school
  • Glitchy

    By LiudaC
    My son loves the activities!!! We like it more than abc mouse BUT I can’t make the decision to make a subscription because the program keeps freezing between lessons.... I have to re load the page every couple minutes for it to start working again. Otherwise would subscribe in a heartbeat
  • I love this app ( when it works)

    By SusanMShep
    This is a great app but ever since downloading it and subscribing I am having constant problems with it loading properly and moving through pages. It seems to get stuck quite often and several times I have gotten and “uh oh” error page. I’ve had to uninstall and install several times. There must be some bugs need the app that need fixing. If it worked seamlessly I would give it 5 stars. My son- who dreads reading- likes playing this and doesn’t feel like he’s being taught a lesson by a teacher. Please fix the bugs in this app and I’ll be happy!
  • Best learning app ever by cooper titus

    By cooper268
    I have been teaching for years and I finally found a app that kids love first I thought It was just reading but then looking at it I was like let's give it a try and it turned out it was learning there learning things above there age I teach pre-k and some of them are learning how to read and count to 1000 it's more than a pre-Ker could ever know
  • Great game but the sound needs to be fixed in the app

    By KC3329
    We love this game for our kids they are 3,5, and 7!! The app is terrible it will play sounds for somethings and half the time it won’t make any noise at all. We try closing out of it and that doesn’t make a difference, I end up having to use the computer and it’s to hard on the computer for my 3 year old!
  • reading eggs

    By unspeakably fan
    reading eggs is broke in you need to thex it plz it is so broke in thex it now.
  • Excellent Product....when it works

    By frustratedmuch
    I have been using reading eggs for 3 years now and I absolutely love it because there are so many activities both easy and challenging. However, it doesn’t work well. I downloaded app and 99% of the time there is no audio. Now what sense does it make if there is no audio? My child has been using this for 3 years now and of course she tired of reading eggs so I have to coerce and bribe her to use, only to open the app and there’s no audio!!!!!! Now that was a complete waste of my time to bribe her!!!!! Using it on laptop is much better, but child wants to use her iPad to do her activities, even though there are glitches there sometimes too. I have been having this issue for over a year now. Support sent a response which was not helpful when I contacted them. Please address this issue, as this is one of the best educational app on market today. After this issue is rectified, then it will be a definite 5 star, but for now I have to rate as 2.
  • Great program needs to be better localized for US market

    By Amocat24
    This is a wonderful, phonics based reading program that has done wonders for my 6yo son’s reading in a week. He wakes up asking to play it and I really amazed at his progress. I would absolutely recommend this program to other parents although it does need some updates to really work for a US audience of children. I believe that this program started in Australia and many of the voiceovers are still in an Australian accent. This can be hard for a young American child to understand when they are already concentrating on matching spoken to written words. This issue strikes me as particularly easy to fix as other voiceovers are already in an American accent. The other thing that should be localized is that the program repeatedly shows a picture of “chips” or, as we call them, French Fries and calls them chips. This is confusing especially because in the very next lesson a bag of potato chips are called chips so they did make that change (probably as it didn’t require reanimation) instead of still calling them crisps. I had to keep telling my son what they meant by “chips” in each picture. I have a feeling that the American version of this program is a work in progress being updated on a rolling basis.
  • No sound

    By innerchef
    I love this app but for the past week it has played no sound for my son and constantly logs out to were I need to login. I have deleted and reinstalled is with no success.
  • Love the content, hate the bugs

    By KassRose19842002
    So often the sound quits working in the app preventing us from doing lessons. Also the button that says the words is too close to the picture and when the child tries to hear the word he ends up accidentally choosing the picture and often getting it wrong.
  • Won’t load or even download

    By Rimom05
    I have an 8+, it is fully updated. I have a membership through my children’s charter school that is valid. The app would not load. Said something about no connection to host server, and wouldn’t load. So I deleted to reinstall and now it won’t even download. I have over 3/4 storage left in my phone so not that.
  • Horrible Cancellation Process

    By another disappointed clieng
    Buyer beware - A simple click to sign-up but the monthly charge is not easy to cancel. Good luck getting a refund for the months of 0 activity on a subscription that was supposed to be cancelled.
  • How do I cancel this?

    By ImVictoriasMom
    It’s good. I’m sure it would work if the kids were invested. 11 yo wasn’t impressed and the 5 yo was easily distracted by the amount of options. How do I cancel this?
  • Great lessons... but kids get accidentally signed out all the time

    By llamaluvr12345
    Once the kids are doing their lessons, everything is great. It’s getting to that point that is often the problem. We have three children signed up on a family plan. When one child finishes, the next child needs to press “Logout” to get back to the dashboard and select their avatar. There’s a bug in that Logout button where, if you accidentally tap it twice (easy for young, small hands), you get entirely logged out of the app and the parent has to sign in again. One of my kids brings this to me to log in EVERY DAY. More recently, I’m wondering if there’s another log out bug, as my kids swear that they’re not pressing the logout button twice, yet it’s taking them to a page where we need to log in and then log in again! I brought this up to support, and their only response was to use the child-specific password that takes you directly to their avatar. This doesn’t work because then I would need three different iPads for my three children. Four year olds should not have to deal with passwords. There is nothing particularly high-stakes about the data this app is storing, so I’d appreciate if it could keep us logged in a little longer.
  • No sound

    By Carrie B 304
    I like reading eggs and math seeds, but the app has no sound! And yes, I tested my phone with another app. I’m rating the app, not the program. If resolved, it would probably be 5 stars.
  • Great app, sound needs fixing though

    By mcn31l
    This is a really good app, my son has really taken a shining to it. We have some of the books so it is a nice transition. My problem with the app is that you get half way though a lesson and the sound drops out. This is very annoying as each lesson has sound to say what is required and It really does take the fun out of the app.
  • Love you dad

    By dfkfkfkdkdd
    So my dad got me this app so I could learn and it got me learning and now I am a A+ student in my class thank you dad
  • No sound

    By DairusB
    I have downloaded the app multiple times and updated all that I could. Yet still no sound and no way to play.
  • ITS JUST GREAT but........

    By Lena Oxten
    Awesome but the reading eggs express is for like school and a child like me well just Id add A little more detail But still Awesome App!♥️
  • I need help with the volume

    By Vale3348
    I installed the app and also deleted and reinstall the app. In cant find how to fix the volume. Can someone tell me how to fix it Thanks
  • No sound:(

    By Mandersmarie
    It works for a few lessons, then no sound at all. It happened months ago, so we stopped using it. Then we tried it again, and still same problem. The graphics work great, but can’t figure out why the sound keeps stopping. My son loved it when it worked.
  • Why

    By Only1Shine
    My son failed a test any test on 75%
  • Great

    By HaiLiMeiYu
    Great! My children love it.
  • Homer app is better

    By Tink1991_33
    This is a very busy app for kids. The homer app is more streamlined and the graphics are newer. Overall unimpressed
  • Doesn’t work on iphone

    By Dizia0208
    No sound when logged in and doing lessons but works fine on ipad
  • Helped my struggling reader!

    By crewof9
    When I got my 10 year old tested at Sylvan they told me she was only reading at a kindergarten level. Tutoring sessions were going to cost $50 per hour. And these were not one on one sessions. We decided to keep working at home. We tried Explode the Code, which my kids called “Explode the boring.” Then I read a review of Reading Eggs from Amy at Raising Arrows. We signed up for the free trial & my kids liked it! In a year’s time my daughter went up 4 grade levels in reading! Another has become more proficient and a 5 year old has learned to read. They are able to work independently with the occasional need for help. Can not recommend Reading Eggs enough!
  • Fantastic App

    By Landon4567
    My 4 year old loves this app. It keeps her interest and she loves the fun atmosphere of the app.
  • Best app out there for the price. Plus mathseeds

    By ReadingEggs Ambassador
    Our daughter used reading eggs before kindergarten. By age 4 she was reading. She loves to get the new characters. We also started her on Mathseeds, and a year later she has only 60 maps left to go before she finishes the program. Amazing. Recommend to all parents. Also makes a great tool to earn rewards if you are that type of family.
  • Love it

    By xoKhi
    My daughter actually came home from school begging to download reading eggs. She is 7 and I’ve never seen her so excited about an app for education! I recommend it for all young children
  • My son can’t get enough!

    By Melissa04873
    My 4year old son asks to play this everyday and he is learning so much from it! It is fun yet super educational!
  • Love the app...

    By Sally NYC
    Recommendation by a kindergarten teacher with 30 years experience. The app assessed my children’s skills and then indicated which lesson they should get started on. They very much love the app and don’t see it as “work” or hard. It’s allows them time on the ipad which is a treat!
  • Great for struggling and advanced readers alike

    By NKadilak
    I have been through dozens of so-called reading and sight word apps for my kids. I have a 7-year-old with a learning disability and a 5-year-old who is advanced for her age. They both have enjoyed this app immensely. The placement test was very nice, and the program is balanced between word families, sounds, and sight/high-frequency words. It contains the repetition and feedback struggling kids need to feel successful. I am an early childhood educator and I would recommend this app to literally anyone I knew with early-elementary-age children.
  • Free app not really free

    By mike/shan
    Downloaded because it was free but only a short trial is free and then you have to pay a monthly fee.
  • Sound doesn’t work

    By BodyBodhi
    The sound doesn’t work on the placement test. Since she can’t hear anything the app probably thinks she needs it easier than she does.
  • Great for young readers and math learners

    By Systems_Guy_MI
    We cannot say enough good things about this app. We purchased some of their stand alone apps and they are not well thought out. This is truly a self directed learning app. However, we use it in a tutored type mode where we direct and advise my son whom is 5. Our input and coaching add so much value to the learning experience. It has boosted his confidence tremendously. He was in pre-k this past year and read a book to the class. That was within the 30 day trial. Go to their website or call them for the best subscription price. You simply use that Account to login to app. For mathseeds I recommend you go to lakeshore learning or amazon and get some dry erase number lines and a blank portable dry erase board. Again we are coaching and directing my son. You can go so much deeper with these simple tools. Another nice to have tool is a dry erase factor family triangle, bar model and number bonds. To supplement you can print out worksheets from the app. We highly recommend this as it exercises their fine motor skills and reinforces lessons learned. We punch them and put in a 3-ring binder. There are occasional bugs in the app or specific lessons. We always back out gracefully to the main dashboard and have never lost progress. We have had a lesson repeat here and there, you can open the sidebar and manually move it ahead if unlocked. The English is UK based and hardly an issue. Couple small word differences you can explain if you are in the States. As an FYI we used the endless reader and endless math apps starting a six months. He was bored at 1.5 years and done within them at 2.5 years. The reading eggs app and the multifaceted education paths within the app have helped my son achieve nearly 2nd grade level in math and reading and he hasn’t even started kindergarten! Spend time with your kids and help them achieve what they might not have otherwise.